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April 27, 2021 39 mins

Women’s Health. You hear that term and automatically think, I don’t have time for my health I’m too busy taking care of everyone else’s health. As women we are trying to do it all. And I mean everything. We are burning the candle at both ends…the kids, the spouse, the home, the job not to mention all the other obligations and the state that our world is in. The stress, anxiety, exhaustion and the feeling of overwhelm has become your norm. You desperately want to make changes, but who has the time? I hear you, my friend. And that is why you are going to absolutely LOVE these simple and realistic tips to take control of your health and your life. Today we are talking with Women’s Health expert and Naturopath Dr. Andrea Maxim on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

Dr. Andrea Maxim is a Naturopath that has been in practice over 10 years. She is the owner of 3 practices across Southern Ontario.  Dr. Andrea wrote the book, MAXIMized Health, and has been featured in local newspapers, podcasts and cable TV shows. Her expertise is impressive. What I love the most is how she identifies with what women are struggling with the most and maps out simple yet specific actions that you can take today to regain control of your health and your life.  You can find Dr. Andrea at

I’m here to help you overcome the overwhelm! I’ve been where you are…tired, stressed, holding on to extra weight, stuck in survival mode, just trying to get by. I’ve been there. And I know, like I was, that you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You are done with the feelings of toxicity, weight gain, brain fog, unmanaged stress, low energy. You are ready to take control of your health. But honestly, you cannot add ONE more thing to your To Do list. Making dramatic diet changes is just completely out of the question right now.

That's why I created Stop the Chaos - 10 Day Starter Detox. This challenge is broken down into simple, realistic, action steps. This will encourage you that, yes, you can do this!! Together, we will layer 5 key habits to jumpstart your health, hormone balance and weight loss. It starts May 3rd and you will receive daily emails, and check ins with recipes, tips, tricks for detoxification.  Have questions?  Need to connect? Just private message me. You can find me @inspirehealthyharmony on FB and Instagram.

And I’m always hanging out and supporting a beautiful tribe of women on the FB group page...Functional Medicine for Weight Loss - Body, Mind, Soul Wellness for Women. The link is

PS>>>>>Time is of the essence!!  If you are raising your hand saying YES, I need this Detox, I'm ready!!  Head right now to You will be so glad you did!!!

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