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May 22, 2024 41 mins

Imagine waking up every day feeling fatigued, battling mysterious aches, and wondering why your health is spiraling despite doing everything right. What if the root cause was something you chose to enhance your confidence? Today, we're unraveling a hidden health crisis affecting countless women worldwide...Breast Implant Illness.

Joining us is renowned expert Dr. Robert Whitfield, who will shed light on how the toxins from breast implants can disrupt our hormones and overall health. This is a conversation every woman needs to hear, whether you have breast implants or are considering them. Stay tuned as we uncover the surprising truths today on the Healthy Harmony podcast.

Heads up...this eye-opening podcast will get you thinking about toxin exposure and detoxification strategies. These vital topics are covered extensively in The Hormone Huddle in both the Detox Module and the Thyroid Module. Book a Discovery Call to get your questions answered and talk about your testing options

Learn more about Dr. Robert Whitfield and Breast Implant Illness at

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