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November 30, 2022 33 mins

Tired of feeling toxic? Want to know what to do about it? But then there is all this confusing and conflicting health information. It’s overwhelming. The onslaught of information as you try to be your own best advocate. You know your body is toxic, you know your hormones are imbalanced but what to do?  This is why I’m excited to present a 2-part series with Dr. Koz where we are going to give you the nitty gritty of how to balance your hormones and detox. Dr. Peter Kozlowski has a fantastic way of educating so that you and I can understand all of this information easily. In this first podcast, Dr Koz and I unpack the relationship between hormones, thyroid, the pancreas, insulin response and the adrenal glands. He discusses the fact that a vast majority of us have hormone imbalance and why. We address adrenal fatigue and the controversy since experts argue if that is even a real thing?

If you are tired and toxic, then it’s time to Get the Func Out - Balance your Hormones and Detox. It’s all today on the Healthy Harmony podcast!

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Peter Kozlowski back to the podcast.  He is a Functional Medicine doctor with offices in Chicago, IL and Bozeman, Montana.  He is the author of Unfunc your Gut and his newest book Get the Func Out.  You can learn more about Dr. Koz at

Just a friendly reminder about the Holiday Survival Guide and Fav Things list. Clearly you guys are loving the Fav Things list that I put together for you. And I love hearing the feedback how you are using the survival guide to help you beat stress and combat those cravings! We cannot be dominated by sugar this year and we cannot wait until January to get back on track!

So, if you have missed it, you can still download the free Holiday Survival Guide and Fav Things list. Access the Holiday Survival Guide and Fav Things list here

Here are some other links you may need

Dr. Koz's previous Gut Health series on the Healthy Harmony Podcast

And his newest book Get the Func Out - Balance your Hormones and Detox can be found here

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Tired and Toxic coming out on December 14th!!

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