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June 15, 2021 21 mins

You know what to do. You really do. You know what to do to get healthier and take control of your weight and overall health.  But there is a big difference between knowing and doing! That is where you get stuck! Want to know why you get stuck and can’t move forward? Are you tired of wondering what gets in the way? I’m going to be candid here. You are sister! YOU are getting in your own way! Want to know how I know this? I’ve struggled with the exact same thing! I get in my own way. I know better, I really do. So, since we have established that both of us struggle with the same self-sabotage, how about we chat about some effective ways to move forward?

Today, I’m laying out the 5 healthy lifestyle habits of successful women. What does it take to be an overcomer and get out of your own way?

Now that I said the "5 healthy lifestyle habits of successful women", I understand the tendency to look at that and automatically feel stressed, overwhelmed and start comparing yourself to others and feel inadequate.  I get it.  That is my tendency too!  But you have to realize that is self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.  Listen with an open mind and determine to get out of your own way!  As Maya Angelou says...when you know better, you do better!

Before you go...this is TIME SENSITIVE!!

You promised yourself you would get rid of the puffy. That you would start exercising again, drink more water, lose the weight before the summer. But time went by so fast, and you honestly didn’t have the time. Or the energy. You didn’t know where to start. To take control of your health feels so overwhelming! You have failed too many times before. Do you need some help? Need to know where to start? I have something just for you.

Stop the Chaos - 10 Day Starter Detox starts June 21st. It is a simple, easy approach to kickstart your body towards detoxification, hormone balance and weight loss.

WAIT, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking in terms of extremes. A harsh detox where you have to avoid everything, and it is virtually impossible. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT that kind of detox! This is the basics, the absolute essentials that you need so that you understand how your body detoxes on a regular basis. 10-day detox is a lifestyle detox.  It is the essential foundation that you have to master if you want to move forward!  Click here to learn more

Here are the other links that I promised you...

FB group : Functional Medicine for Weight Loss - Mind, Body, Soul Wellness for Women

Can't wait to see you in the group! You will love it there!

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