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April 19, 2021 13 mins

Consider this…Do you feel sluggish? Tired? No energy? Having frequent headaches or bathroom issues? Are you bloated? Have some brain fog going on? Do you feel heavy, you cannot lose the weight? Do you just feel toxic? It may be time for a detox!

Listen in as I unpack specific ways in which the body naturally detoxes.  This gives you a great indication of those health habits that you need to be paying attention to so that you can support the body in the detoxification process.

Don't worry, this episode is not filled with a bunch of science mumbo jumbo.  Just simple facts about your body that you may not have realized.(Hint - the body detoxes while you sleep?!)

If you relate to ALL the symptoms of toxicity then listen up, sis!

I have developed Stop the Chaos - 10-day Starter Detox Challenge. I created it exactly for YOU...

The woman who feels overwhelmed by adding ONE more thing to their To Do list. That making dramatic diet changes is just completely out of the question right now. That's why we're going to Stop the Chaos together with my 10 Day Starter Detox Challenge. It’s simple and straight forward. It encourages you to implement and layer 5 key habits that will help your body detoxify and get you jumpstarted to hormone balance and weight loss.

In this Starter Detox we are looking at Hydration, Foods to help you detoxify, Foods that are making you toxic, Sleep, Stress. You receive daily emails with powerful tools, recipes, tips and tricks to jumpstart your body towards detoxification, hormone balance and weight loss. This Detox Challenge starts May 3rd and I don’t want you to miss it!  Interested but have questions??  Let's connect via pm on Instagram or Facebook @inspirehealthyharmony or email  Are you beyond ready and have been waiting for something like this?  Go ahead and sign-up girl! Go to

Links I promised you...

Amazing FB community of women - Functional Medicine for Weight Loss - Body, Mind, Soul Wellness for Women

Podcast - A Toxic Body Cannot Lose Weight Part 2 - What your Poo Says about You

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