International Teacher Podcast

International Teacher Podcast

International Teacher Podcast is hosted by Matthew Judd, Kent Arimura, Jacqueline P. Mallais, and Greg Lemoine. New Episodes are published bi-weekly on Fridays or Saturdays. Listen to first-hand experiences from across the globe about international schools, certified educators, teaching overseas, and living in other countries as expatriates. We interview educators and administrators all over the world to discuss travel, teaching in their schools, overseas educator job fairs, taking your expat family internationally, expat schools, and much more.


March 2, 2024 40 mins

Let's talk about Finances! Mark Zoril is the Founder of PlanVision and our guest for this session. Greg and Kent have no clue about money, but JP found Mark years ago. We finally have him on our show to give Greg, Kent, and our listeners some guidance!

You can get started with Mark's website: and listen to his quick but vital episodes from his podcast at

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Marcos is proof that being a successful international teacher is possible, even if your mother tongue is not English. Marcus' fist language is Portuguese. He shares his journey with us during this fantastic episode.

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February 10, 2024 64 mins

Let's talk about Professional Development for Leadership. Our guest, Dr. Renata McFarland is a breath of fresh air and has so much to share. Join us as we discuss the importance of student learning, empowering local teachers in international schools, and how your school can bring Dr. McFarland to your international school for professional development.

Dr. McFarland already has a vast following, but thrives on "paying it f...

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The Cat Guy and JPMint get deep into Latin America with Mark Webber. With over 23 years in the Latin American teaching arena, Mark has a lot of advice for new and veteran teachers. Not only is Mark active as a teacher and administrator - he also runs a consulting business - FREE to teachers wanting to discover Latin America.

Mark can be found at

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February 3, 2024 60 mins

Join us for this interesting episode about leaving the international classrooms and hanging out your own shingle as a consultant, a data consultant. Ryan is an uprooted Canadian teacher and principal that has lived and taught in China and Korea. Greg leads Ryan down a bit of a techie and Artificial intelligence sidetrack, but it's well worth staying to the end. Ryan's interrogation story is hilarious!

Ryan's expertise ...

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January 24, 2024 76 mins

In this Episode of the ITP, Sharon Dent, our guest with a rich background as an "army brat," shares her journey from being a journalist in Kansas to becoming an international teacher. Her global teaching career, influenced by a lifelong exposure to travel, includes stints in Turkey, China, Laos, India, Chile, and Thailand. Sharon discusses balancing her professional life with personal pursuits, such as a year-long break w...

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You will definitely have the travel bug after listening to this! Don't miss this exciting World Travel episode!

Kim is an international teacher that has taught in the North Western USA, Vietnam, Guatemala, and now in Thailand. Kim and her wife, Robin, took a year off to travel to 36 countries in 365 days. Kim joins us from Chang Mai, Thailand to share their amazing trip.

Hear about lots of food, proboscis monkeys, and KEENs. K...

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Welcome to Season 4 of the ITP. Join us for this entertaining interview with Chris Lang. His rollercoaster story starts with teaching English in Japan and threads through Oman, California, and Colombia (as well as a few other places). His candor is refreshing and informative. You will certainly laugh during this episode!

You can reach out to Chris in Bucaramanga, Colombia via LinkedIn @


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Don't miss this episode. All four of us are in on this one to talk about the recruiting season. It's January and the international teacher recruiting season is in full swing. It's not over.

The second half of this New Years show is a roundtable (except Matt, who doesn't like New Years) of stories from around the world. Kent drinks Jack Daniels with older Grecians in Greece. Greg skips up to Canada. JP dons her mint ...

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December 23, 2023 57 mins

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and welcome to our ITP Host Only special episode. In this episode you will hear us share about no less than a dozen different countries while we have a discussion about spending the holidays overseas. Sometimes we work. Many times we travel.

Halfway through the episode, Matt the Family Guy (who jointly founded and created this podcast in March 2021) joins us after a year and a ...

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December 16, 2023 58 mins

Ricardo, a distinguished educator, originally from Panama, earned his National Board Certification while teaching in a public high school in North Carolina. Ricardo brings a wealth of international teaching experience to the "International Teacher Podcast." Ricardo not only holds a Master of Education in Spanish but has also expanded his teaching horizon across various other countries. His journey continued to Oman, back ...

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In this captivating episode of the podcast, (Greg the Single Guy has internet problems) host Jacqueline Mallais engages in a lively discussion with Annette Gubbles, an experienced international educator currently based in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Annette's journey in international teaching is as inspiring as it is diverse, having navigated the challenges of online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic to now leading ...

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4 Countries, 3 Coup D'états, a Pandemic in a Pear Tree"

In this podcast episode, we delve into the extraordinary global journey of Debbie, an international educator with a rich multicultural background. Born in Peru to a Japanese-Peruvian father and a Japanese-Brazilian mother, Debbie's life journey is a remarkable tale of cultural fusion and adaptation. Her early years were spent in Brazil, where she was raised and ed...

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John's story resonates with the current trends in global education, where international teaching positions are in high demand. The conversation underscores the need for educators to adapt to diverse cultural and educational environments. It also highlights the value of continuous professional development and networking within the international education community.

Ultimately, the interview serves as a compelling narrative of th...

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This interview was recorded originally on May 5, 2023. Since then, Anna and her husband have moved and settled into UNIS in Hanoi. Her website has been published at Click on the link and browse her site while you listen to this fantastic episode. You can thank us later for introducing her to the world of International Education! Really! This is one to share out!

Anna, a certified psycholo...

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James Joubert is the Head of School at the Curaçao American Preparatory School on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. He is originally from South Africa, so Greg asks him to verify the rumor of why elephants are on the Amarula Bottle - elephants get drunk off the ripe amarula fruit. (Don't believe it? Watch this! We googled it right after recording this episode. Funny, but actually just an entertaining myth.)

All this t...

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If you love children's picture books, you need to listen to this episode! International educator, A.G. Allen, joins us from Mallorca, Spain to laugh and tell the story behind her best selling children's book. Every teacher needs a copy of her book and every parent should read this to their children.

Enjoy a copy of her book.

There Are Dinosaurs in the Library!

by Ag Allen (Author), Octavio Cordova (Illustrator)

Other link...

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Amaris left the USA in 2010 as a single woman for her first year of teaching, on a whim. Korea, North Carolina, married with Kids in Egypt. Listen as we dig deep into her experiences as an American Woman of Color teaching overseas. This is an excellent episode to listen to!

Amaris Miller is currently an ESOL consultant.

Follow on her social media:

TikTok: themerge_consulting

Instagram: themerge_consulting

The Merge Cons...

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“Young man”, he said “I have traveled 5,000 miles to give you possibly the opportunity of a lifetime. If you have those to squander, more power to you!”

In 1977, Keith Boniface left for the “beaches” of Tripoli to teach overseas. He is now on his seventh official retirement after 39 years overseas. Keith, “his excellency”,  had to actually write a list of the positions he’s held because it’s so varied. 

Not only was he a teacher, K...

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We have discussed this before, but now we have added a bright new cohost. Jacqueline of JPMint joins our team with many years of overseas experiences, not only with a woman's perspective, but as a Canadian, a veteran international teacher, an administrator, a recruitment coach, and a consultant for international teachers.

JP starts off by quizzing the boys on what makes a great candidate but doesn't hesitate to join in wi...

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