Ironing Out The Wrinkles

Ironing Out The Wrinkles

We’re smashing stereotypes and revolutionizing the way we look at aging! Despite living longer, healthier lives, the thought of aging can still be daunting for many of us. So..... Ros and Cate are here to help you embrace the beauty and wisdom that comes with getting older. Whether you're looking to reinvent yourself or simply seeking support and guidance to navigate life's changes, our expert guests provide insightful advice, showing you that it's never too late to live your best life. Ironing Out the Wrinkles:


November 13, 2023 69 mins

Ep38. "Embracing Impermanence: A Buddhist Journey through Death and Dying" with Ven. Lozang Tsultrim (Australian Buddhist Nun), from Karuna Hospice Service

In this season finale episode of "Ironing out the Wrinkles", Ros McMaster and Cate Shaw speak with Tsultrim, an Australian Buddhist nun and counselor at Karuna Hospice Service in Brisbane, about the Buddhist philosophy of accepting impermanence and letting go...

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Ep37 Stacey McCray - "Starting Over at 50: Embracing Change, Finding Joy, and Building a New Life" (mental health and self-care, community building, dating, and embracing aging).

In this podcast episode, Ros and Cate talk with Stacey McCray, who shares her personal story of starting over in her early 50s. After leaving her successful career, her long-term marriage ended unexpectedly, and she vacated the home she lived in ...

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Ep36 "Men's Emotional Health After Retirement: Exploring the Benefits of The Men's Shed Organization with Stephen Look"

Relationship breakdown, retrenchment or early retirement from a job, loss of children following divorce, physical or mental illness…. These are just some of the problems that men may find difficult to deal with on their own.  Most older men in particular have grown up in a culture where they don’...

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"Dismantling Ageism: A Manifesto Against Society's Last Acceptable Prejudice with Ashton Applewhite, Ageism Activist & Author | Embrace Aging, Combat Prejudice, and Foster Healthy Aging" Our guest Ashton Applewhite, an internationally recognized expert on ageism, joins us to discuss how ageism is a prevalent and costly issue affecting the physical and mental health of older persons worldwide. Ashton challenges the...

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Ep34. "Understanding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Causes, Treatments, and Expert Insights with Dr. Chris Gillespie" (incl. incontinence, constipation, and defecatory difficulties)

This episode is a must-listen for anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, and seeking to learn more about the condition, its causes, and potential treatments.  Dr Chris Gillespie, a specialist colorectal surgeon, joins as a guest to discuss c...

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Ep33. "Pain and Perception: A Closer Look at Why We Hurt - Insights from Dr. Daniel Harvey on the book co-authored with Professor Lorimer Moseley

For those of you who feel you can’t joyfully run towards older-hood because you’re suffering through chronic pain… we haven’t forgotten you… help is on the way. Today we’re joined by Pain Scientist Dr. Dan Harvie, to discuss the book  "Pain and Perception: A closer look at why w...

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  • PART 1 - Crime Prevention & Home Security for Older Persons with Sergeant Kimberly Richter Nth. Brisbane District Crime Prevention Unit

    The fear of crime can have a significant impact on the quality of life for older adults, so it's essential for them to recognise risky situations and take precautions to protect themselves and their property.  To help us help you in achieving this, today we’ve invited Sergeant Kimberl...

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PART 2: Detecting and Preventing Elder Abuse: Insights from a Brisbane Nth Crime Prevention Unit with Sergeant Kimberly Richter

Following Part 1 episode on Crime prevention and safety, Sergeant Kimberly joins us again to discuss the important issue of elder abuse and how to detect, prevent, and intervene in cases of abuse. Australian research suggests 1 in 6 older Australians experience some form of abuse, with psychological abuse ...

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"SAVI: A Model for Emotional Well-Being in Adulthood"

Today, with the help of or guest Susan Turk Charles, we’ll be discussing a fascinating model for understanding emotional well-being in older adults.  It’s called the Strength and Vulnerability Integration model (conveniently shortened to SAVI).  Susan, a Professor of Psychological Science,  and her team developed the SAVI model as an intervention to improve the mental ...

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Meet Gena Alston, a vibrant and dynamic woman who has spent over 30 years exploring the meaning of life. Gena shares her wisdom on aging graceIully, spirituality, and the importance of taking care of our bodies. Born and educated in England, Gena spent most of her early life in the theatrical world until a serious accident redirected her passion for ice skating. Now in her 70s and living in Brisbane, Australia, Gena is a working Cl...

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Moving Towards Healing: Tools for Overcoming Anxiety and Depression with Lee Heath, Founder of Mending Minds Counselling Service

Welcome to this episode where we delve into the issues that lead to states of anxiety and depression and tools for moving towards healing using a system known as the 'Human Givens'. Our guest today is Lee Heath, the founder of Mending Minds, a counseling service. Lee has extensive knowledge and e...

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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Adult Children: Breaking Free from the Enabling Trap Today Psychologist Suzanne Linkroum, Clinical Director for Waypoint Wellness Center in Maryland USA, is discussing the importance of setting healthy boundaries with adult children. It is natural for parents to want to help their adult children, but sometimes, good intentions can lead to unintended negative consequences. Suzanne provides us with val...

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The Importance of Pilates and Stretching for Older Adults: A Discussion with Pilates Instructor Jade Cassar

Introduction: As we age, it's essential to keep fit, but many forms of exercise can be hard on our bodies. Pilates has become a popular exercise option for older adults looking to stay in shape while reducing the risk of injury. Pilates focuses on controlled breathing and quality of movement, making it an excellent choice...

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The Reality of Retiring Without a Plan with Retirement Coach Pauline Field

Retirement can be an exciting yet daunting transition for many, especially for women who may face unique challenges. In this episode, we chat with Pauline Field, a retirement coach who specializes in helping women navigate the transition into retirement. We discuss the definition of retirement, when is the right time to retire, the importance of being prepar...

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Learning from Aboriginal Culture: The Importance of Elders and Community with Christine Luck

Aboriginal culture is centered around respect for the land and its elders, who are viewed as knowledgekeepers and cultural authorities. In this episode, Aboriginal woman Christine Luck shares insights into the role of elders in the community and how they are important to family functioning. We explore questions about what makes an Aborigina...

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"Embracing Retirement: A Personal Story of Leaving Palliative Care and Living Life to the Fullest with Marg Buckley"

The concept of aging is changing, in that being older is often now considered to be a time for rejuvenation. If one is to look up the word “Rejuvenation”, it means to have a renewed life, time to process, new energy, and add more vigor to something one values. But not everyone is so convinced of that… and g...

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Crafting a Fulfilling Retirement with Your Innate Strengths: Exploring the Fiksdal Strengths Process with Steve Fiksdal

In this episode, we discuss how our innate strengths can give us the ability to craft a new direction for ourselves, especially after retirement. Our guest, Steve Fiksdal, lost significant vision at the age of 55, and after a 34-year spring break, he returned to college to complete his B.S. degree in Organizationa...

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GENERAL ADVICE WARNING – The information presented by Rachael Ooi in this podcast is purely for discussion purposes only and is not the delivery of personal advice, therefore you must not act on it as such. Prior to acting on any information contained within, you should seek advice from a professional authorized adviser that takes into account your own financial circumstances, goals, and objectives.

Retirement income is a major con...

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Understanding Dementia: What It Is and What We Can Do About It

According to recent statistics from Dementia Australia, dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia, and there are currently over 400,000 Australians living with the condition. With such alarming figures, it's understandable that many people fear developing dementia, especially those over 55.

To help us understand this complex condition, we're joi...

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"Driving Miss Daisy: Providing Transportation and Support for the Elderly"

Lack of transportation is a top unfilled need for older adults, leading to missed appointments, delayed care, and poorer health outcomes. Driving Miss Daisy, with the motto "We are family when the family cannot be there," is a solution for elderly individuals who require transportation and support. Mark Maiden, the owner of one Driving Mi...

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