It's like this Podcast with Dr. UeJin Kim, MD

It's like this Podcast with Dr. UeJin Kim, MD

Hi, welcome to It’s like this podcast, your common sense mental and spiritual talk show. My name is Dr. Uejin Kim, a dual board certified psychiatrist from Texas. In this podcast, I explain mental and spiritual concepts with fun analogies, real stories, and positive message so that you can, not just survive, but thrive. My goal for you is to gain understanding, acceptance and healing so that you can know your worth and live the life you were meant to live. **Disclaimer: This site's content is not intended to diagnose or treat any disorders but rather for informational, educational, and empowerment purposes. Please consult with your physician or mental health provider for specific medical and mental health needs. Our connection via social media platforms does not constitute a patient-physician relationship.** Dr. Kim's private practice: Speakpipe to send Dr. Kim your questions:


May 23, 2024 38 mins

In this episode, Dr. Inna Conboy and I have an open dialogue about 

  • the impossible standards of perfectionism in parenting
  • how social media expediated parenting burden
  • how to embrace the concept of "Good enough mom"
  • the benefits of not being perfect
  • how to find your "style" in parenting
  • what to do when you mess up in your family

This episode is a perfect example of the vulnerable human connection... which is w...

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“God as your Parent” 

Lay Care Ministry Training

Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX

April 25, 2024


It is always a privilege to share what is on my mind and heart. This is the follow-up talk to my last one, God and Your Parents: Why Your Childhood Matters.” This time, I analyze how God models perfect parenting while he guides Moses to face his core beliefs. I also describe Exposure therapy, a therapy model used for phobias and fea...

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Sometimes what society requires of us is... too much. Be more and do more mantras are taxing to our mind, body, and soul. The result is a cluttered, depersonalized, and chaotic mess. Enter "Marie Kondo." She revolutionized the concept of home organization. What if we apply that to our personal life and our mind life? 

Instead of "what sparks joy," can I ask you: What grounds you? What brings you to the ...

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Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are carrying mental health inheritance and debt from previous generations—habits, preferences, coping skills (or lack thereof). I have wise and insightful patients who say "My parents did that because of their upbringing. But I want to deal with mine so I don't pass it to my kids." Wow. 

Dealing with your mental health debt takes sacrifice, effort, and uncomfortable per...

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My first meeting with a financial advisor was an earthquake. I was stunned and discouraged at the consequences of my past/current choices. However, the numerical and clear goal provided comforting guidance for my future choices. 

Now, I view myself as a mental health "retirement" advisor. I can look at your past and current habits and see if it is giving you the best "return on investment" for you. This...

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I am starting an easy-peasy short episode series called Mental Health Hacks! I use these insights or tips and suggest them to my patients.  I hope you find them helpful! 

Dump list is a great hack for people (like me) who can't keep the to-do list straight... and the brain reminds me ALL the time,  EVERY time... especially when I lay down to sleep. When my body is not busy, my brain gets busy. 

Our brain remi...

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“God and Your Parents: Why Your Childhood Matters” 

Ask the Doc Event, January 9, 2024

Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX


It was an honor to speak again at the CBC Ask the Doc event. In this talk, I relate mental health concepts under Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attachment theory with our life timeline. I also utilize the concepts to understand Moses, a biblical character, and study how God, as a parent figure, responds to ...

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My husband Nathan and I cannot be more opposite. I am living for the future and always planning. He is in the present enjoying the ride. I am a realist and a pessimist. He is a dreamer and the ultimate optimist. We were and are so polar opposites that our mutual friends were SO surprised when we started dating! 

Well, how do opposites work (and not work) when they are parenting together? In this episode, we share how our d...

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Each chapter of life teaches us different lessons but can different chapters work together? 

Nathan and I have been married for 10 years with almost 6 years of parenting. There were a lot of ups and downs. There were fights and celebrations. Even though it is difficult, we believe that parenting and doing life together as a couple brought out (and continues to) the best in each of us. In the next few episodes, Nathan and I...

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In this episode, I am sharing the conversation I had with my older son after he punched his brother: creating a safe and accepting environment where he and I can explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviors together... and the risk if you don't do this as a parent. Parenting is hard as it is and this will be an example and a guide for you to use in sticky situations. Love, Dr. Kim

#parenting #childrenmentalhealth #trauma...

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Most people say "Oh, I had good parents." Then I ask, "Oh, did you tell your parents about you getting bullied?" They laugh and say, "No, I can't tell them anything like that."


Because it wasn't the place for that.

But,  guys, isn't that sad?

This started my life-long journey to know what it means to be a parent that gives my children a ch...

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This is the FIRST episode of the series "Parenting like you should've been parented." I am so excited to sit down and talk with you about the concept that you should be familiar with from Season ONE Episode TWO: Cognitive Triad. Did you know that we can use the same Triangle to explain the CRAZINESS in the parent-child relationship!? Such a simple concept but has so much depth. If you learn to "de-code" you...

Mark as Played
February 14, 2023 4 mins


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**Disclaimer: This site's content is not intended to diagnose or treat any disorders but rather for informational, educational, and empowerment purposes. Please consult with your physician or mental health provider for specific medical and mental health needs. Our connection via social media platforms does not constitute a patient-physician relationship.**

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In this episode, we go through the process of healing after trauma. This process can start within days or years of traumatic events. You might have heard many different ways to "heal" from traumatic events, but how do you "do" it? What can help or hurt the healing process? Let's talk about that. 

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**Disclaimer: This site's content is not intend...

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December 29, 2022 22 mins

In this episode, we are going to break down Trauma. 60% of men and 50% of women have had at least one traumatic experience in their lives. 1 in 7 children have experienced abuse or neglect last year. So I know this episode will hit home with a lot of you guys. It affects everybody, not only just the victim but the perpetrator and the families and friends involved. But I want to kind of focus on trauma. And I want to explain trauma ...

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This episode was supposed to be launched in early 2023 but I thought it was fitting to release it early due to another loss of a public figure due to suicide. As a mental health provider, sometimes stories and cases confuse me and throw me off. Why? How? What? Psychiatrists, more than other medical field physicians, are supposed to be more familiar with and an expert at understanding suicide. But, the more training I get, the more ...

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Trauma can happen anywhere... but what if it happened in your home. What if this was "just the way it was" for generations? What if calling it trauma risk losing the world you knew: your family? Today Jenny and I talk about cultural and generational trauma: how to differentiate toxic to non-toxic cultural traits and how you can move forward sensibly and re-write the narrative. We are both Korean American but I believe the...

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What if I told you it was possible to know your purpose, your worth, and your meaning in life while you live on this earth? What if I told you that you can know that in 8 weeks!? Knowing your purpose, meaning, and worth sound like a divine pursuit that takes a lifetime to learn... too bold to claim that you can know all of that... but what if it is simpler than the world make it out to be? What if your purpose and worth are not som...

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In this episode, I am working with Dr. Ted Williams. I met Dr. Williams during my training and he became my mentor in psychiatry in many ways, in private practice and incorporating faith with work. As I am “growing up” as a baby attending psychiatrist, he was amazing at being vulnerable and encouraging. My husband and I continue to benefit from his mentorship. Dr. Ted Williams is the founder and a Board Certified child, adolescent ...

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In this episode, I present you an inspiring woman that continues to support and inspire me in my journey as a person and as a provider, Dr Kirleen Neely. Dr. Neely has worked in the mental health field for over 25 years. She is a founder and CEO of Neely Behavioral Health, host of Drop the BS podcast, educator, researcher, counsellor, and public speaker. In this episode, Dr. Neely and I will talk specifically about your Back Story....

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