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April 19, 2023 44 mins

Dr. Christian Gausvik is a Cincinnati based Family Medicine & Geriatrics physician. Dr. Gausvik completed his undergraduate at Xavier University. He went on to complete his medical school training at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where he was awarded the Leonard Towe Humanism in Medicine award, the Geriatric Medicine Award and the Community Service Award. He published numerous posters on clinical quality improvement in the geriatric care setting and presented nationally at the American Geriatrics Society research meetings. He also completed training at the Geriatrics Institute at Boston University Medical Center.


Dr. Gausvik went on to complete residency at The Christ Hospital in Family Medicine. He was elected chief resident by his peers, served on the Graduate Medical Education Committee and in 2019 was named Ohio Resident Leader of the Year by the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians. Dr. Gausvik continued to publish research on older adults, social isolation and health outcomes, interdisciplinary medical care teams and improved communication throughout his training. After completing a Geriatric Fellowship Dr. Gausvik took a full time role with The Christ Hospital Health Network in Primary Care where his focus is geriatrics and LGBTQ+ health.


Dr. Gausvik has volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association for over a decade, participated in global health trips to South America and received local and state awards for his advocacy activities. He founded the Giving Voice Foundation in 2019 after organizing Mimosas for Memories annually since 2016.



  • Sexual Orientation and Gender are two categories in the LGBTQ+  Grouping
  • Gender is can be separated into three categories: Sex, Expression & Identification
  • Supporting children is key to building into the parent's relationship with any child who is questioning who they are. 
  • Good first questions to get conversation started  is "tell me about your story"
    • If your intention is from a good place, grace will be given if you mess up

Contact Information:

  • Giving Voice Foundation
    • @GivingVoiceFDN - Instagram and Facebook
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