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May 2, 2024 79 mins

Galadriel Stineman is an American actress, producer, writer, and highly sought after acting coach. Best known for her wide-range of notable characters in projects such as Ben 10, Until Dawn, The Middle, This is Us, and Shameless, Galadriel has been a familiar face to audiences for over a decade.

As a writer, Galadriel has several treatments and screenplays in development, as well as two successful novels published under the pen name Willa Frederic. In addition, Galadriel has quickly become a go-to "script doctor," helping several successful screenwriters troubleshoot plots and character development, as well as utilizing her education in copy editing to fine tune a polished product.

In 2013, Galadriel began teaching and coaching actors at a professional level under master teacher Michael Woolson, a protege of Larry Moss. Over the years, Galadriel coached countess notable actors to series regular roles, multi-picture film deals, and first breaks. In 2017, Galadriel began career consulting, and is now highly in demand by creatives looking to make progress in their fields, with proven plans for everything from building a new team of representatives to re-branding within the industry after coming off a genre specific role or project.

Eventually, Galadriel partnered with fellow teacher and actor (and husband) Kevin Joy to found their own studio, where they currently accept new clients by referral only. Industry hopefuls who would like to work with Galadriel will find her master technique course on Udemy, a course which is the highest rated acting course available.


Where to Find Galadriel:

Instagram - @GalaElf
Books - Willa Frederic
Coaching - Stineman Joy Studios
Udemy Online Class (w/ coupon code)

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