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May 10, 2023 66 mins

Do you know someone who is aging? I bet you do, as we are all aging! This episode is key for anyone who understands the importance of planning for your future when it comes to how you plan to age in place. This episode will help you understand home care a little better and what conversations you may need to have with your loved ones about what plans you should have if care is needed in your future. 


Vicki Hoak is a dedicated and long-time advocate for the home-based care industry. She expanded her influence from the state level, serving as CEO of the Pennsylvania Homecare Association for 20 years, to the national level when she joined HCAOA as Executive Director in November 2019. Vicki sets the Association’s strategic direction and leads the charge for the industry on a number of key professional and policy issues.


Key Points

  • Three Types of Care in Home
    • Hospice - End of Life Care
    • Skilled Home Care (home health) - episodic care to get you better
    • Non Medical Home Care - proactive care to keep you in your home safely
  • Conversations with loved ones on what you want if you have a medical issue will help your loved ones know what decisions to make if an emergency happens
  • Proactive home care helps reduce hospital readmissions and keeps people in their home setting for longer. 
  • Non Medical Home Care is more than just family funded pay source
    • VA funded have 8 million people who are eligible for assistance with care, but only about 150,000 take advantage of this benefit.
    • Medicare Advantage Plans are new sources of paying for health related services. 
  • Home Care is being recognized by the president and congress right now
    • Elizabeth Dole Act
    • Executive Order regarding health care and home care home base
    • Credit for Caring Act
    • Home Care for Seniors


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