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October 24, 2023 36 mins

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Welcome to Legacy Matters: Conversations on Faith, Family, and Future. In Episode 4, we embark on a profound exploration of "Faith in Education." This enlightening 30-minute episode delves deep into the intentional integration of Christian faith into the academic curriculum and daily life within a school community.

Our hosts Blake Fuller, Director of Communication, and Head of School, Jeremy Sandefur, begin by introducing our exceptional educators: Morgan Kulig, a 4th-grade teacher, Madi Gullion, middle school English teacher, and Josh Smith, high school English teacher. We discuss the role of faith in education, how it shapes young minds and hearts, and its impact on character development.

Our guests share their journeys to The King’s Academy (TKA) and Christian education, emphasizing their passion for fostering a faith-based learning environment. The discussion centers around the definition of "Faith in Education" as the integration of faith into every subject and interaction, emphasizing that faith and learning are inseparable.

From exploring themes of redemption and moral choices in literature to discussions on worldviews, ethics, and critical thinking, our educators highlight practical ways faith is interwoven into their classrooms. They emphasize the importance of encouraging open dialogue with students who may come from diverse backgrounds or lack a faith foundation.

The conversation extends beyond academics, revealing the comprehensive role faith plays in school life. The nurturing of faith involves mentoring students, collective prayer, and upholding Christian values. TKA offers numerous opportunities for students to put their faith into action through service projects, missions, and community outreach, emphasizing the practical application of their beliefs.

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