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August 23, 2023 20 mins

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Welcome to Legacy Matters: Conversations on Faith, Family, and Future! In this inaugural episode, join hosts Blake Fuller, Director of Communications and MS Principal, and Jeremy Sandefur, Head of School, as they unveil the heart of The King's Academy. Through candid conversations, you'll discover the purpose behind this podcast and its alignment with TKA's mission of nurturing servant leaders.

Explore what lies ahead in the podcast format, with engaging topics ranging from The Christian School Difference to Faith in Education. Get a sneak peek at special guests, including parents, students, teachers, and experts, who will grace the microphone in future episodes.

Discover the personalities behind the hosts as they share their roles and unique perspectives within The King's Academy community. Delve into the school's motto "Faith, Family, Future" and witness how it practically shapes the TKA experience. Uncover the rich history of The King's Academy, a time-proven landmark in the community since 1880.

As Blake and Jeremy wrap up this introductory episode, they leave you eagerly anticipating the captivating conversations that lie ahead. Tune in and subscribe to Legacy Matters: Conversations on Faith, Family, Future on your preferred podcast platform to engage in insightful discussions that celebrate TKA's shared values.

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