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January 16, 2024 33 mins

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In this episode of Legacy Matters: Conversations on Faith, Family, and Future, host Blake Fuller engages in a warm and insightful discussion with Assistant Athletic Director Sean Jones and special guest Mr. Craig Connatser. The focal point of the conversation is "Raising Christian Children," providing a compelling exploration into the integration of faith into family life.

The episode unfolds over 30 minutes, where Blake and Sean delve into Craig's family history with The King's Academy and the impactful roles played by his wife and children within the school community. The emphasis lies in understanding how family dynamics contribute to shaping a child's faith. 

Moving beyond history, the conversation becomes practical, with Craig sharing insights into seamlessly integrating faith into everyday family activities. Emphasizing consistency and natural conversations, he underscores the importance of making faith an integral part of the family experience.

As the discussion progresses, the focus shifts to the evolving challenges parents face in maintaining their children's connection to faith. Craig shares valuable perspectives on addressing societal influences and peer pressure through open communication and fostering a safe space for children to express their thoughts.

The conversation also explores the long-term impact of instilling a strong Christian foundation in children. Craig paints a vivid picture of his family's journey, witnessing their children grow into compassionate individuals dedicated to their faith and community.

The conversation seamlessly aligns with the overarching theme of Legacy Matters, encapsulated by the school's motto, "Faith, Family, Future." Join the journey that resonates with the core values of Legacy Matters.

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