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January 2, 2024 24 mins

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In the ninth episode of “Legacy Matters: Conversations on Faith, Family, Future,” titled “Shaping the Future: Youth Ministry, Church Camps, and Faith,” host Blake Fuller and guest Dominic Kendall, the Youth Pastor for Connect Church, delve into the profound impact of youth ministry and the role of church camps in shaping the future of young individuals.

Dominic shares his journey into youth ministry and discusses its role in nurturing the faith of young people, fostering a sense of family within their faith community, and helping them lay the foundation for a purposeful future guided by God.

The episode also highlights the transformative experiences of church camps and retreats, which allow students to escape the routine of daily life and enter a faith-based community that feels like family. These experiences deepen their faith and create lasting connections, embodying the values of faith, family, and future.

The discussion further emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation for faith in youth ministry and provides practical steps for listeners interested in engaging with youth ministry or exploring church camps and retreats.

This enlightening episode concludes with a heartfelt note of gratitude to Dominic Kendall for shedding light on the incredible importance of youth ministry, church camps, and retreats in shaping young lives. Tune in for an inspiring conversation on faith, family, and the future.

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