Level Up Leadership

Level Up Leadership

This podcast is for chronically busy leaders and small business owners who are ready to get out of the weeds and start leading. Each episode will have micro leadership lessons to be 1 % better each day. Hosted by Kate Peardon, CEO at Zenith Journey.


September 27, 2022 12 min

What was your New Year's Resolution? Are you still working on it, or perhaps it's been abandoned with a little mental note to think "I'll try again next year". We all do a bit of self-sabotage, but when does it start to cause havoc in your work and personal life? In this episode, learn what self sabotage is, why we do it, and how to take action towards change.


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    In today's episode, I'll be sharing "how fear controls us" through a story about swimming with whales. Tune in for your one tip that you can apply to your life and to your work straight away about how to be able to better control fears and emotions that pop up for you.


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    September 13, 2022 4 min

    So you've got two people talking AT each other, not listening, wanting the other person to listen, because if they just LISTENED to you, they would see it your way, and realise that you’re right.  We have all been there.

    Today's podcast takes a lesson from the book "Edge: turning adversity into advantage" by Laura Huang and award-winning Harvard Business School Professor.

    In the book, they observed then interviewed mo...

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    September 6, 2022 10 min

    What is happiness? Does happiness at work make our employees more productive? Will we be more profitable? Will we have an edge on our competitors? Will this help make a positive impact on the world around us?”  What is the criteria for happiness at work? We are going to be talking about the topic of happiness and how it impacts us on a work sense and the concept of Procedural Utility - is happiness reaching the destination where yo...

    Mark as Played
    August 31, 2022 8 min

    What can the beginning of a season or the beginning of a quarter mean for you and your mindset? If you think about the beginning of the year, often that we have this idea of a fresh start and a new chance to start things. We might have big goals for our life or for our business or for our job and full of fresh energy. But sometimes when we think about this as just happening once a year, it can easily fall down the slippery slide an...

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    August 9, 2022 14 min

    Negative feedback. Love it or hate it? It won't surprise you to know, most people hate it. In today's episode, we're going to be covering four key things about negative feedback. Number One: why negative feedback is so hard. Two: discover how open you are to feedback. Three: four quick ways to improve your openness for feedback, and Four: how you can give feedback to your team.


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    August 2, 2022 10 min

    In the movie Training Day, Denzel Washington plays a rogue detective character and he tells his new protege, in effect "this is chess, not checkers". He means the job is way more complicated than it seems. It's fast, dynamic and with lots of moving parts. 

    This is a similar analogy for leadership. So how does thinking about chess help you as a leader? Wise leaders that think in the idea of chess, they manage relationship...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever asked a child “Did you make any friends at school today?” The reason we ask this question of children nervously is because we know that school without friends can be a lonely and hostile place. With friends and the other hand, it can be really good fun. And so you can work. But what are some of the common pitfalls that we can come across with friendships at work?  Are work friendships a good idea, or a terrible idea? 


    Mark as Played

    Building a business often means building a team.  But sometimes when we hire people, we then realise our clients only want to work with us, not our team. Eek. Today’s episode we’ll go through five options that you can implement, today, to improve the relationship between your clients and your team, plus a few mindset blocks that can stunt our team growth. 


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    July 5, 2022 11 min

    One of the most common questions I get about leadership is this: Are leaders born, or made? It is the common "nature versus nurture" question, which we will be going through in today's podcast.  So in any good debate, you need to hear both sides. Side One: leaders are born, Side Two leaders are made. 

    We’ll look at data from sport (do big feet mean you’ll be a good swimmer?), twin studies (if leaders are born, are identi...

    Mark as Played

    Have you ever had the experience when you ask someone to do something they say yes, but it doesn't get done? Maybe you asked someone to do a report or perhaps you've asked someone to hang out the washing. But despite on the surface, they say, yes, it doesn't happen. Why is that? Today, we're going to talk about one magic word that can make a difference to how you phrase this question to get more action. It is someth...

    Mark as Played

    The great thing about having your own business is that you get to design it. Hello, freedom. But sometimes we get so busy, we forget to make the most of this freedom.  Did you start your business doing “all the things”, and now working out how to grow so you have more freedom and flexibility?  Today’s episode is for you. 

    There are three business models - Solo, Hero and Agency.  Where do you fit, and where do you want to be? Once yo...

    Mark as Played

    What can we learn from dating that applies to leadership? The friendship ladder and the relationship ladder are two different things. You can’t move up the relationship ladder and expect the top rung to be a relationship.  It’s a completely different ladder, and you need to jump from the friendship ladder to the relationship ladder (at the risk of falling into the nothingness in between!)

    Being technically great at your job is like ...

    Mark as Played

    In today's episode, we're talking about something that leaders tell me they do when they interview a potential candidate. And let me tell you, it seems like a great idea. But in this episode, you'll be understanding why this approach is not a great approach to have in your interviews.

    A lot of leaders have said to me that during an interview with a potential candidate, they like to put their candidate under pressure to s...

    Mark as Played
    May 31, 2022 6 min

    Today's topic is who should I hire. And typically people will talk about wanting to hire a specific job. And I want to talk to you about two different options of how you can think about this. 

    We will also look at the 'skill and will' matrix of what your strengths are, so you can hire someone that complements your skills. 

    There is a free mini course that goes through five questions to ask yourself prior to hiring your fi...

    Mark as Played
    May 27, 2022 6 min

    How do I know when it’s time to hire? 

    In this episode, we’ll be looking at how to know when it’s time to hire in your small business. 

    I’ll run you through questions you can reflect on to determine whether now is the best time. It all comes down to the type of business you want to grow. 

    We’ll explore the different business models you can use to find where your priorities lie and what your ideal business looks like. 

    So, ask yourself ...

    Mark as Played
    May 27, 2022 9 min

    In today's episode, I'm going to share with you the number one thing people talk to me about in their one-on-one coaching. This is leaders, this is small business owners this is people that are CEOs of big businesses.  When you get to this point of leadership, when you were in charge of your business and people - It's lonely. 

    Leadership is lonely. When you're responsible for people and business you lose that feeling...

    Mark as Played

    In nature, all organisms are drawn to sources of health and energy so you’ll find that plants will always grow towards the light. 


    Humans are no different. We all know that person that feels like sunlight and others are simply drawn to them. Leaders who incorporate positive leadership embody this natural effect and people will naturally want to follow them. 


    In this episode, I’m discussing what plants can teach us about leadership....

    Mark as Played
    May 25, 2022 5 min

    As a leader, your strengths and weaknesses will dictate your leadership style. Understanding the strengths of your team members will ensure they feel valued and fulfilled in the roles they are given.


    This is a very important part of being a leader. 


    In this episode, I’m discussing the strengths of your team and knowing your role. Ideally, you’ll have ⅔ of your role in your sweet spot and use your strengths, and ⅓ will be the tasks ...

    Mark as Played
    May 25, 2022 9 min

    What is positive leadership? 

    In this episode, I’m exploring what positive leadership entails, positive psychology, how they connect to focus on your team’s strengths and why you should look at using this leadership method in your workplace every day. 

    There’s a very common myth that leaders are born - you either have ‘it’ or you don’t. But leaders are not born - they’re trained. I’ve seen people becoming leaders across all types of ...

    Mark as Played

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