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March 16, 2021 27 mins

Are you hyper aware of your body’s imperfections? Are you or a loved one struggling with disordered eating? You are not alone! It affects so many of us. In our Western culture we are obsessed with weight and body- almost all of us are too obsessed of how our body looks and how it’s functioning or not functioning.  Psychotherapist EMDR Practitioner Angela Taylor joins Jill de Jong and explains that shame and grief are the triggers and birth ground of disordered eating. She also describes how to recognize the signs, how to best address and support others suffering from it, and reveals the best ingredients for the road to recovery.  It’s about being more, not less. It’s about feeling more, not less. It’s about feeling safe to be ALL of you.

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Episode Timestamps:

1:11 What are some signs that we need to be aware of indicating disordered eating

5:00 The power of shame and your mental state

6:15 Disordered eating and finding your healing path

7:34 What are some of the most common events that lead to eating disorders?

8:43 Grief caused eating disorders

9:27 Do lack of security and control lead to eating disorders?

12:36 What are the dos and don’ts when offering help to a friend of family struggling with an eating disorder?

15:15 Eating disorders and the use of numbers

18:00 Becoming the chosen one to be vulnerable with

19:00 Mothers helping daughters with eating disorders

21:44 Can you address to someone that you’re worried?

23:29 What are the most important steps to the road to recovery?


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineering by: Steve Riekeberg

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