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December 8, 2021 31 mins

Is life feeling a bit rough? This week's guest, fat loss expert and high-performance coach, Natalie Jill says that every vision starts with a decision and when we focus on our obstacles, we get stuck, but when we focus on our opportunities, we get unstuck. You can become an entirely different person by changing your thoughts, actions, and habits. Life can deal us unforeseen challenges, disappointments, and occasional crushed dreams. But we are resilient and capable of powerful transformations, which all start with a small decision! Natalie also shares the power of creating a vision board, how to kill the FAT (False Assuming Truth,) and the importance of an anti- inflammatory diet.

Episode Timestamps:

2:04 How did Natalie become a master at shifting her mindset?

3:20 What was the spark the changed Natalie’s life?

5:50 The power of using a vision board

8:27 Natalie journey and diet to becoming a fitness model at 36

10:45 Natalie’s two pieces of advice to her younger self

11:30 Advice on pushing out the negative thoughts that control our mindset

13:45 Mindset is the most important thing to accomplishing goals

15:50 Natalie’s game-changing nutritional advice? Hint: eating anti-inflammatories are key

16:50 Having muscle on your body is key to preventing injury as you age

19:36 How to lose that stubborn 5-10 lbs

21:00 Crowd out the bad stuff with as much good stuff as possible

23:10 Natalie shares how she was able to save her marriage by changing her approach and perspective

26:50 What are some keys to ‘aging in reverse’?

28:15 What foods hurt us the most?

29:08 Natalie introduces her exciting new program that is starting in January!

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