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January 26, 2022 31 mins

Are your (new year) goals body and health related? Has it been hard to reach your goals in the past?

This week’s guest, fitness trainer Emily Eckstein, will help you get focused and explain how you can improve your mindset around losing weight, body shaming, and loving yourself. This is an invitation to go deep within and get vulnerable with yourself, because knowing your WHY will be the driving force of your actions.  

When we put in time and energy working towards a goal and we don’t see the desired results quickly, we get discouraged and feel unmotivated. We need to reevaluate our mindset and the way we invest time in ourselves in the long run.  

Emily and Jill also talk about other success factors such as: scheduling workouts, setting monthly goals, and choosing exercises you enjoy and make you feel good. We function better when we feel good, so let's keep moving and raising our vibrations!


1:55 Is it worth making excuses?

2:40 Importance of scheduling in what’s important

4:30 Mindset before physical goals

7:55 Top tips making lasting goals!

11:30 Finding your “why” to your goals

12:54 The power of being honest and vulnerable to yourself

13:36 Goals are like a marathon. No need to sprint off the bat

15:15 Emily’s journey into fitness. Healthy?

19:26 Emily’s like changing moment when she was hit by an 18-wheeler

24:22 Mindset tricks to help you start to believe in yourself

27:55 The energy you put out into this world, comes right back


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Hosted by: Jill de Jong

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

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