Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey

Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey

Focused on wisdom, strength and hope for re-emerging leaders globally, my content will add value through engagement and a sense of belonging. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Stewardship + Legacy for changemakers, influencers, living legends & vivid visionaries hungry for quality diverse content, conversation around less discussed topics, creating connections and relationships with like hearted people. A circle of influence, transcendency of leadership in the world and stars.


June 22, 2022 11 mins

60th Anniversary Bermuda Captives 2022:

Catherine Duffy, Author of “Held Captive” (2003) sets out the development of international business thanks to the captive industry setting the foundation for that we celebrate its 60th year.

What Intrigued Me:

Cathy is a civic and community leader, diversity equality and inclusion advocate, and the first woman Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter in Bermuda. As a 40+ year veteran of the Bermu...

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Jill Husbands encourages young professionals seeking an insurance-sector career to consider beyond the big-name insurers and reinsurers.  Why not check out opportunities in the “quiet industry” that being captive insurance, which was pioneered in Bermuda by the late Fred Reiss. With 100’s of captives, the Bermuda captive insurance markets continue to be of global significance.

Jill Husbands:

🏛️    Lloyds of London first female broke...

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From Coal to Steel 🏗️ of yesteryear, now 🌿 Cannabis, Ξ Crypto Ξ, and Cyber show how Captives evolved through to the present.


📚 Held Captive (2004) by Catherine R. Duffy 

🌐 Bermuda Captive Network 

Bermuda Monetary Authority 

Business Insurance 

▶️ Captive Glossary 

About th...

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May 18, 2022 17 mins

Heart💖Centered Connector Meredith Bell, is an author who is purposeful about growing strong leaders, teams and creating tools and opportunities for peer coaching made simple.   

What Intrigued Me

00:05:27 The qualities Meredith Bell admires in men today in the corporate world today.  

What Inspired Me

The qualities Meredith Bell admires in women today in the corporate world today. 

About the Guest

Meredith Bell, author, speaker, podcast...

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May 4, 2022 29 mins

We are kindred spirits, helping women's voices be heard. Mary E. Knippel is an intuitive book mentor and writer unleashed inviting you to ✍️ unleash your story worth writing!

Do you have an impact story to share?

Do you wish to leave a legacy of life’s wisdom that stands out from the competition?

  • Define and communicate your value?
  • Establish your expertise in your field?
  •  Transform your readers into clients and customers?


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☯️ Leaving a healthy planet for future generations of all species is front of mind with Environmental 🌎 Stewards 🟢 who all bring their wisdom, strength, and hope to inspire you on your conscious journey as a values-led leader.

About the Guests

Paul Quaiser talks about human sustainability.

Rae André speaks about climate change and inspiring leaders.

Steve Weinstein shares about climate and ESG.

Eyes on the Sky team members raise awar...

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What challenges the high achieving You?

How do You go from "busy & stressed" to "happy & productive?” 

Join me in conversation with Geneviève Pépin for some inspiring wisdom.

Bullet Points

  • What Intrigued Me: Trading busy & stressed to being happy & productive sustainably! 
  • What Inspired Me: 😂 Achievement through joy not stress. 

About the Guest

Geneviève, accredited life coach, certified mindset ...

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📚Dancing with Your Muse: Inner Magic to Release Fear and Embrace Creativity (2021)

🤷 What Inspired Me

📚This heartfelt, motivational guide speaks to the fear of having a dream and chances of failure. You are not alone in this fear.  Dance with your muse and progress past the fear fencing you in to achieve your goals without inhibition.

About the Guest

Gilda Joffe is an Executive Presence & Mindset Coach for high-performing female...

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Celebrating International Women's Day (IWD) with Katarina Hoskins the founder of IWD Bermuda, Jonathan Reiss, Felicia Rickards, Jannat Maqbool a Mother, twin professional leaders in the marketplace Lorene Phillips and Pearline McIntosh and Karen Grace.  Join us in conversation on this global day celebrated for 110+ years.  

Let’s choose to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Let’s joi...

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Make a DATE with yourself and take a fresh journey of self-discovery! 

Sophrology offers an alternative holistic health approach to develop clarity of mind using this dynamic. Build better sleep habits and gain inner happiness. Learn to know yourself. 💪🏽🤍🤟🏽

About the Guest

Lani Puriri is a sophrologist based in Raglan New Zealand.  She is a Mental Health Professional. Applying holistic strategies to determine human experience and...

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Dr. Michelle St Jane believes with great hope that each of us through our leadership serves as examples of what a new legacy for the future could be.

By sharing her leadership experiences over the decades, she hopes to create a path and future for those on a conscious journey by sharing the complexity of transferring the wisdom. 

She shares, “that it is in the depths of times endured and enjoyed that our contributions and learnings t...

Mark as Played

Interviewing Dr. Michelle St Jane, the founder and content creator of the Life & Leadership Podcast in response to her audience requests since the podcast started.  Her friend of 30 years, Thad Hollis, gratefully accepted the challenge to ask about her life story, learnings, and future hopes.

Knowledge Bomb

Sleep 🥱is your 🦸🏾Super Power🦸‍♀️ 💤💤 Ōura Ring provides deep insights about your health statistics.

Mark as Played

"Get mentally tough. Go from workplace STRESS to SUCCESS." - Deb Lewis, Colonel USA Ret.

If you are not immune, why not grow your opportunities turning stress 💦 into your superpower! 🦸‍♀️

What Inspired Me?

Stress 💦 used for your success can: 

  • sharpens your attention on what is possible
  • look beyond the challenges and into the present
  • create a culture of health 
  • enhances your wellbeing

What Challenged Me?

  • The America...
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“Time is what we want the most, but what we use the worst.” - William Penn

There are newly emerging fields, such as spiritual and contemplative studies, peace studies, and transformative leadership worthy of our attention.

Scott J. Spears believes life is a puzzle piece. Piece it together and organize it with time management, life organization, and self-connection.

What Challenged Me?

The risks of being a human doing: 

  • long work hou...
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Learn, Lead and Lift: How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness is for those:

  • who is curious to learn more about how to have an empowering mindset as a leader? 
  • who is interested in unique insights?
  • who is ready to make a positive impact through leadership?

What Inspired Me?

Wendy Ryan’s book: Learn, Lead and Lift: How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness.

  • I was intrigued by the deepening of my understan...
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A great time to rewild your health. Awakening your body to its pain-free power so you can lean into your legacy. 

Nicole Parsons is passionate about supporting women leaders to find their personal path back to health and reclaim lost energy to create a massive impact in their life and business. 

About the Guest

Nicole Parsons is a Health Transformation Coach, Postural Alignment Specialist whose mission is to align women with the pain-...

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Human Design and the Gene Keys, each two very different interpretations of the same algorithm, can be harmonized.


  • What could happen if you are involved in creative collaborations?
  • Could you unlock the true nature of prosperity through the liberation of your mind?
  • What could happen if you opened your hearts to others and the wider multiverse?

What Intrigued Me?

  • Being on a conscious journey of self-exploration to disc...
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Today, we are living in a world of unique opportunities to be intentional optimists and unconventional leaders.

We are all role models in:

  • how we show up as global women leaders, 
  • how we choose to thrive in the world of work, 
  • how we pivot into new opportunities, and 
  • how we contribute and lean into legacy.

What Inspired Me? 

  • Andrea Johnson builds community and lives in authenticity in order to have the freedom she values.
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Imagining if you could record your voice, create 🎥 video, upload images, 🖊️ write or dictate letters and share important information and ⛲  memories with your loved ones, as well as post to a future date to 💓 celebrate any future 💓 occasion in one easy to use the intuitive award-winning app.

Why not develop a Life legacy that securely stores:

Life story, memories, thoughts, wishes, and important or meaningful information privatel...

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Do LOVE the idea of restoring our world as your career? 

Are you interested in 🟢revitalizing and 🟢 regenerating? 

Storm Cunningham, a green leader, is passionate and on purpose with his 🟢 Reconomics Process as the path to Resilient Prosperity.

  • redeveloping 
  • revitalizing 
  • regenerating 
  • restoring 
  • repurposing 
  • renewing 
  • reconnecting

Knowledge Bomb

  • The UN declared 2021-2030 Decade On Ecosystem Restoration.

About the Guest


Mark as Played

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