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May 8, 2024 1 min

Experience the enchantment of "The Velvet Voices Library," a captivating new show from Love & Danger Studios, hosted by Madame Mallory. Dive into the world of ASMR, audiobooks, and fascinating stories that will leave you spellbound. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with Mallory starting May 19th! Don't miss out—subscribe now for a sneak peek and mark your calendar for the grand debut!

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Celebrate New Year's Eve with Jett, Aimee, Mallory, and Leah in a no-holds-barred podcast episode! These inseparable friends spill the beans on their unconventional meeting, share wild stories including a bizarre urine baptism, dish about cheating exes, and dive into the hilariously unexpected world of "submissive worms." Stick around as the ladies dream up plans for a future girls' trip, all while toasting to fri...

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🎁 Unwrap the laughter and tears in this special holiday edition of Love & Danger! Join hosts Carrie and Jett as they dive into wild and crazy tales of holiday gifts sent in by their amazing listeners. From the bizarre to the heartwarming, no gift is too extraordinary for this festive episode!

🚑 Get an exclusive update on Jett's journey as she shares insights into her recent tumor removal surgery, highlighting the triumphs...

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Get ready for a festive rollercoaster as Jett and Carrie dive into the wild world of holiday chaos! In this special episode, they share jaw-dropping listener-submitted stories that redefine 'crazy holidays.' From unexpected surprises to hilarious mishaps, no tale is off-limits. Plus, the dynamic duo spills the tea on their separate 'Girls Night' escapades, unwrap their 2023 Spotify Wrapped playlists, and so much mor...

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Join hosts Jett Breedlove and Carrie Danger in this captivating episode as they sit down with two of the members of Truss, a dynamic band making waves in the music scene. Dive deep into Truss's journey as they share insights into their evolution, growth, and the diverse range of influences that have shaped their distinctive sound. But that's not all! The conversation takes an exciting turn as Jett and Carrie discuss the up...

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Join hosts Jett and Carrie in a whirlwind of workplace hilarity as they dive into your submitted stories of on-the-job mayhem. From wild customer encounters to unexpected surprises from a department store dressing room, no tale is too outrageous! Our dynamic duo also spills the beans on their own unforgettable work escapades, adding a touch of personal charm to the laughter. Tune in for a dose of comedic relief and stay tuned as th...

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🎙️ We're back, and we've hit the reset button! 🔄 After a brief hiatus due to a few bumps in the road (thanks, YouTube algorithm), we're excited to announce the re-release of a fan-favorite episode that got flagged for, well, quoting some iconic movie lines! 😅 In this special episode, join us as we discuss upcoming ideas that are sure to keep you hooked, dive into some juicy "Am I The A**hole?" stories, and...

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Buckle up for a wild ride on this special episode of Love and Danger! In this episode, Carrie and Jett welcome guests, Daniel and Derik, as they each take turns in the Love and Danger Fantasy Fret League Draft selecting different musicians to craft their own ultimate band! The best part is that YOU DECIDE THE WINNER! Be sure to head over to Love and Danger's Facebook page ( @LoveNDanger) and vote for who you believe drafted th...

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In this electrifying episode, hosts Carrie and Jett dive headfirst into the world of music with two exceptional guests, Mikey and Dennis, from the up-and-coming rock band, Bittersweet Revenge hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.

Learn about their inspirations, their thoughts on the changes within the music industry, and their relentless dedication that has fueled their rise in the Cleveland music scene. Discover the secrets behind their c...

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Join hosts Carrie and Jett in this captivating episode as they delve into the fascinating world of friendship and group dynamics, all while exploring the incredible stories sent in by their listeners. From spine-tingling ghost encounters to shocking tales of murder and scandalous cheaters, these stories are bound to leave you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out on this thrilling and thought-provoking episode that will chal...

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October 4, 2023 70 mins

In this lively and hilarious episode of Love and Danger, your favorite duo dives deep into the world of relationship deal breakers. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of laughter, insight, and unexpected revelations!

Carrie and Jett kick off the episode by sharing their personal journeys with sobriety from alcohol, shedding light on the ups, downs, and unexpected perks of a life without booze. But wait, there's more! The episo...

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Join us for a captivating episode as hosts Carrie and Jett sit down with two legends, Josh and Tom from the Fifth Wheel band. With three decades of musical excellence under their belts, the band is gearing up for an epic anniversary concert, and in this exclusive interview, we dive deep into their extraordinary journey.

Get ready to uncover the secrets behind their unique songwriting style, hear about their most memorable moments o...

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In this episode, Jett becomes vulnerable and opens up about a difficult time in her life and relationship. Carrie and Jett also discuss some music news, future goals, and so much more!!!

** This episode could be difficult to listen to if you have experienced infidelity in a past or present relationship. Everyone's relationship is different. If you have, and choose to proceed in listening to this episode, we hope it helps or, a...

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First, we discuss how the first recording of episode 6 was deleted and how technology hates us. We then take on this week differently by skipping the granny timer and the news and deep-diving right into this week's topic of Relationship Juice and Cheating.

Go on a journey with Carrie and Jett as they share their own experiences and discuss a bit of a touchy subject.

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August 29, 2023 63 mins

In this episode, Carrie and Jett dive deep into the AITA threads to find the juiciest stories and to make a determination. Throughout this episode, you will learn about the Cleveland Music Awards, our sponsors, and hear some personal stories from the ladies! Be sure to listen to this episode to be prepared for next week's: Relationship Juice episode!

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August 22, 2023 73 mins

In this episode, Carrie and Jett face off against the granny timer, discuss the chaos of what was Woodstock '99, announce sponsors, and get to the bottom of this week's AITA story! *This episode does contain explicit content and does contain triggering information regarding Woodstock '99 that some viewers might be bothered by. We have included the thumbnails to guide you around the triggering parts. Please be advised, t...

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In this episode, Carrie and Jett answer the remaining questions asked by their social media followers. They also announce the winning name for Carrie's Ford Escape, introduce the Granny Timer, Jett goes into the penalty box, and so much more!!!

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In this episode, Carrie and Jett dig deeper into the questions submitted by their social media followers. They will also touch on their experiences in therapy, and discuss their love for music, and so much more!

Timestamps (approximately):

0:00 Intro

0:40 Theme song of the day

4:05 Cleveland Guardians

5:36 Carrie’s Weekend Recap

7:08 Jett’s Weekend Recap

9:49 Tell us you theme song playlist

11:00 Question...

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In our first episode ever, we start to answer the first half of the questions followers submitted on our social media pages over the course of the last month.

Timestamps (approximately):

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:09 Welcome
  • 0:35 What's it all about?
  • 1:29 Main Focus
  • 3:06 Love What We Do
  • 6:56 Lonely Doing a Show
  • 11:32 Karaoke Discussion
  • 15:02 Which band would you tour with?
  • 19:52 Movie Discussion
  • 22:53 Favorite Hype So...
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