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January 5, 2023 44 mins

In Episode 3: Push Button People, hosts John and Libby Modern consider the scene of Lancaster, PA and reflect upon their encounter with the Amish encounter with machines. Who are we in this push button age? Honing in on the devices of domestic bliss and the algorithms of religious tradition, this episode features segments on the trade in raw milk between Amish farmers and Orthodox Jews (Rachel Feldman), breast pump telepathy (Emily Ogden), the thinghood of dishwashers (Annette Aronowicz), the war on dandelions (Lancaster Conservancy), push button parasites (Kerry Mitchell), mechanized intimacies (Tomas Matza and Nicole Heller), and the comforts of big brother (Nielsen Family Band). Composed of original music, lo-fi beats, and cutting edge scholarship, Machines in Between is sponsored by Infinity 88. Public humanities never sounded so good.

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