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January 30, 2023 38 mins

Who are you and who are we in this age of mechanical reproduction? In Episode 4: Binary Spirituality, co-hosts John and Libby get down to business as they ask big questions and entertain small conspiracies. Libby presses John about their sponsor Infinity 88 and its elusive CEO Kelvin Trinsel while John reveals disturbing new facts about the Rosary 1653. Featuring segments from Susannah Crockford, Cory McAbee, Amber Mann, Dennis Herbert, Jeremy Seedorf, and the Nielsen Family Band, episode 4 culminates in the world premiere of “Stan,” an old-time radio drama produced and performed by the Infinity 88 Players. Based on real people and true events, “Stan” revolves around electric shock therapy, the Michigan Institute of Psychosynthesis, and the promise of becoming yourself for the first time. Come listen to how the drama unfolds and the cultural critique flows. For up is down and you are me and we are thee in this topsy-turvy ride through the loops we make and the loops that are made from us. Public humanities never sounded so good.

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