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November 7, 2022 58 mins
Have you ever felt resentment at another’s good fortune? Today, Will and Jon talk about one of the “7 deadly sins” - Envy.  Why it hurts us, where it COULD be HELPFUL, and what we can do to keep it in check when needed.   Follow us on YouTube… and subscribe make sure to hit the little bell to get notified of new content… the new link is simply 00:00 How Envy Destroys You 03:00 Will leads Opening Grounding Practice (~1 min) 04:00 Defining Envy 10:00 Comparison 14:00 Competition vs Envy 19:30 The positive side to Envy 28:30 The negative side to Envy and spinning it into Gratitude 34:00 How to spot Envious Behaviour 40:30 How to overcome Envy 55:00 Jon leads Closing Gratitude Practice (~3 min) --- Support this podcast:
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