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June 14, 2022 67 mins

In Episode 9, Cortes returns to the Valley of Mexico, bringing with him nearly a thousand refreshed Spanish soldiers, and tens of thousands of Tlaxcalan warriors. A brutal siege would grind the Mexica down until their ability to resist was done. This would be the end of Mexica power and culture in the valley.

Part 1 - The March to Texcoco
Cortes returns to the Valley of Mexico and is welcomed by a young prince.

Part 2 - The Players Are Set
With Cortes camped in Texcoco, backed by his Tlaxcala and Acolhua allies, and Cuauhtemoc and the remainder of the Mexica in Tenochtitlan - the sides were set.

Part 3 - Siege of Tenochtitlan
Cortes tightens his grip around the island of Tenochtitlan, squeezing the life out of the Mexica inside.

Part 4 - Mexica Abandon Tenochtitlan
With their forces depleted, their food gone, the Tenochca Mexica abandon Moctezuma's Palace, the Sacred Precinct and the rest of Tenochtitlan and head north to shelter with their Mexica neighbors in Tlatelolco.

Part 5 - Cortes Gets Routed
Feeling eager to close out the siege, Cortes' men charged into a fatal mess, nearly costing Cortes his life.

Part 6 - Amaxac
Now down to their final sliver of land, their final people, the Mexica huddle in a place called Amaxac.

Part 7 - The End of the Mexica
The remaining women, children and elderly were allowed to leave while the leadership is taken into Spanish custody, marking the end of Mexica power.

Part 8 - The Valley After the Mexica
Cortes immediately began work on a new colonial city, burying Tenochtitlan beneath.

Part 9 - Mexico Today
A brief discussion on my personal views of what Mexica is today, the legacy of the Mexica andother Indigenous people, and the concept of mestizo.

Episode 9 Credits
Written, researched, performed and produced by Jeremy Lipps.

~ Music ~
Away by Meydän
Surreal Forest by Meydän
Fourth Imaginary City by cryptic scenery
Daniel Birch,
Breathe by Daniel Birch
Sustained Light by Daniel Birch
Fourth Imaginary City by cryptic scenery
Fuego de Mateo by Down for the Count
Guitar Percussion by Bangcorrupt
Taiko drum sequence for looping the sacrifice by Infinita08
Intro coda acoutsic guitar by Valentin Sosnitskiy

~ Sound Effects ~
All sounds procured at - Thank you to the creators below for their contributions.
splashing footsteps1 by soundmary
foley natural water jump by nox sound
horses by arnaud coutander
walk on dirt road by mikeypme
Canadian horse running by vero-marengere
horse galloping by max headroom
horse snort by bruno auzet
horses whinnying by leandiviljoen
arrow cutting through the air by bruno auzet
ancient old time battle combat horses snorting... by ylearkisto
ambient battle noise swords and shouting by phranzen
the rain falls against the parasol by straget
forest stream between mekhanizatorov settlement and akhtyrka vilage moscow region by halfofthesky
water-lapping by ceivh93
rain by idomusics
soft wind by florianreichelt
fire 2 by pushtobreak
horse whinny by inspectorj
coopers hawk by blimp66
walking2-gravel by tec-studio
lost dream intro by unknown user
Mexico City street vendor with street sounds by kdceduk8
taikodrum-41-hz by tarane468
panther by xhwzq6gv
pain-schwester by repdac3
walla Cuban men yell bball1 by kyles
three cannon shots by originalmaja
sailing boat bow wave close perspective by pfannkuchn
wood chopping chopping hard wood with metal axe by guntherdorksen
timber tree falling by matt beer

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