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February 8, 2022 38 mins

In Episode 4, Cortes digs in and settles on the coast. He encounters a new people, the Totonacs, and discovers their conflict with the Aztec Triple Alliance.

Part 1 – The Totonacs

Cortes learns of the Totonacs, who invite him to meet Xicomecoatl, leader of the town of Cempoala. Cortes learns of their subjugation by the Aztecs, and the anger they hold for Moctezuma.

Part 2 – Cempoala

Cortes passes through Cempoala on his way North. The Spaniards are stunned by the beauty of Cempoala. They stay a few days before moving on.

Part 3 – Quiahuitzlan
Having spotted a mountain town from a coastal exploration, Cortes marches for the town, called Quiahuitzlan.

Part 4 – Worry in the Capital

With Cortes suddenly established on the coast and allied with their Totonac subjects, the Lords of th Triple Alliance began to feel the severity of these foreigners intent.

Part 5 – Building of Villa Rica

Under the command of the new Chief Justice and Commander Cortes the foundations of the town of Villa Rica de la Veracruz were laid.

Part 6 - Loyalty to the Totonacs

Cortes strikes a deal with the Totonacs to support them in independence from the Triple Alliance in exchange for indigenous support of food, labor and intelligence.

Part 7 - Sinking Ships and Shipping Traffic

The most legendary sub-plot of the "Conquest of Mexico" is Cortes sinking his ships. See below, Episode 4 Breakdown - Sinking Ships, for more historic outtakes for this famous incident.

Part 8 - Garay

A rival arrives off the coast and a confrontation occurs as Cortes seizes several men from the Garay Expedition, out of Jamaica.

Episode 4 Credits
Written, researched, performed and produced by Jeremy Lipps.

~ Music ~
Intro Coda, acoustic guitar by Valentin Sosnitskiy
Fourth Imaginary City by cryptic scenery
Daniel Birch,
Early Morning Breakup
Sustained Light
The Gates Are Locked

Surreal Forrest
intro by lost dream
guitar percussion by bangcorrupt 

~ Sound Effects ~
jungle-tropical-birds-and-insects by mikeypme
marching by webbfilmsuk
walk on dirt road by mikeypme
water-lapping by ceivh93
mercado 05 by dobroide
timber tree falling by matt_beer
big bad dogs 5 by robinhood76
horse whinny by inspectorj
ocean waves relaxing waves tranquil geo by davidgtr1
canadian horse running by vero marengere
horses whinnying by leandiviljoen
horse snort by bruno auzet
foley natural water jump mono by nox-sound
Splashing footsteps by soundmary

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