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February 15, 2022 39 mins

In Episode 5, Cortes marched inland toward Tenochtitlan and passes through difficult terrain and battles on his way to finding a new and powerful ally.

Part 1 - Departing Cempoala

Cortes and his men depart the Totonac town of Cempoala and head into the lush highlands of the Sierra Madre.

Part 2 - Deserts, Valleys and Volcanoes

The Spanish expedition reaches the desert highlands and the men suffer from hypothermia, dehydration and hunger. 

Part 3 - The Fight to Tlaxcala

Several local people, including the Otomi, attack the Spanish.

Part 4 - New Allies in Tlaxcala

Cortes makes a powerful new ally.

Part 5 - Staying in Tlaxcala

The Spanish stay in Tlaxcala for two weeks, recuperating, eating and learning of another Aztec enemy in the four cities of the Tlaxcala Federation.

Episode 5 Credits

Written, researched, performed and produced by Jeremy Lipps.

~ Music ~
Intro Coda, acoustic guitar by Valentin Sosnitskiy
Fourth Imaginary City by cryptic scenery
Daniel Birch,
Early Morning Breakup
Sustained Light
The Gates Are Locked
Away by Meydän
intro by lost dream 

~ Sound Effects ~
jungle-tropical-birds-and-insects by mikeypme
marching by webbfilmsuk
walk on dirt road by mikeypme
mercado 05 by dobroide
timber tree falling by matt_beer
big bad dogs 5 by robinhood76
horse whinny by inspectorj
canadian horse running by vero marengere
horses whinnying by leandiviljoen
horse snort by bruno auzet
soft wind by florianreichelt
walk on dirt road by laurent
army marching by craigsmith
cold breeze ambiance by siyamahlobo
campfire sound by sterckxs
forest stream between mekhanizatorov settlement and akhtyrka vilage moscow region by halfofthesky

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