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November 28, 2023 19 mins

Founder of Clark Media, Tommy Clark, joins the show to talk all things B2B marketing. Tommy started his career at Triplewhale before jumping into the agency waters. He also runs the popular marketing newsletter, Social Files.

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Pritesh Vora, VP of Marketing and Growth at Sprinto, joins the show to talk about his three-pronged strategy for growing a B2B company. Pritesh has worked all over the world and brings a lot of experience to the show.

Check Sprinto here: https://sprinto.com/

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In this solo episode, Jordan talks about shifting the perspective of your executives from seeing the marketing department as a cost center to a profit center. 

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Creative consultant and agency owner, Kevin Rapp, joins the show to talk about his journey building a personal brand on LinkedIn. Kevin talks on how to be your authentic self, without selling your soul on LinkedIn. 

Kevin's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-rapp-consulting/

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We have the CMO of SocketLabs, Lauren Meyer, join the show to talk about how to empower communities. Lauren and her team help uplift email marketers, so we dig into the tactics they use at Socketlabs to do this.

SocketLabs site: https://www.socketlabs.com/

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Jordan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanscheltgen/


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We have Sean Matson, former Navy SEAL team Platoon Commander, on the show to discuss his transition from the Teams to entrepreneurship. Sean’s the cofounder of two brands (Matbock + CardoMax), and takes principles he learned in the Navy and applies them to his business.

Check Matbox here: https://www.matbock.com/

Check CardoMax here:

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We bring on Blue Light Media agency cofounder Mikhail Alfon, to talk about how his journey as an agency owner. We get into the current status of marketing, creative and how important it is to have a creative outlet outside of work.

Check Blue Light Media here: https://www.bluelight.media/

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We bring Chi Thukral on the show today to talk about how brands can execute social media campaigns. Chi, works on the social media team at Hubspot and runs her own agency. In this episode we get into how she thinks about brands and trending content, memes, and brands growing on social.

Check Chi's website here: https://www.itschithukral.com/

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In this episode we sit with Dennis Behrman, VP of Marketing at One Model, to talk about his 25-year career in marketing and the lessons he's learned along the way. We specifically get into how he approaches, runs, and validates marketing experiments.

Check One Model here: https://www.onemodel.co/

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Filip Luneski, VP of Marketing at Lucid Green, joins the show to talk about the hurdles that the cannabis industry is going over. Filip brings experience from alcohol companies on a global scale, and takes that experience forward into his role with Lucid Green.

Check Lucid Green here: https://www.lucidgreen.io/

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We have 20-year friends, Lauren Berger and Marla Felton, who join us to talk about how they integrate their friendship and working lives together. Hear their story, and how they are building a cookie company centered around community and wellness.

Get REAL Cookies here: https://realcookiesco.com/

REAL Cookies Instagram:

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David Vogelpohl, CMO of Fastspring, joins the show to talk about his first year in the CMO position. He breaks down his lessons along the way of his journey, and what you can take to help you grow in your marketing career. 

Check Fastspring here:

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Jordan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanscheltgen/<...

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Charlynda Scales joins the show to talk about her life and journey as an entrepreneur. From starting a company to honor our Grandfather, to going through a divorce and pivoting her entire business in a short span of time, Charlynda has been through the ringer. But as she says, “Rock bottom has a trampoline.” She lets us in on her experiences, and how she’s bounced back in life.

Get Mutt’s Sauce here: https://www.muttssauce...

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Social media coach and creator, Erica Schneider, joins the show to talk about creating an authentic presence on social media. Erica pushes back against douche-bag social media advice and gives alternatives for people on how they can leverage social media for their businesses.

Erica's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericasmyname

Erica's website: https://poweryourplatform.carrd.co/

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We have Mike Gottfried joining us on the show to talk about his business, PCKL, a racket company serving the pickleball community. We talk about his brand’s organic growth, how/why pickleball is exploding and what his company is prioritizing moving into 2024.

Check PCKL here: https://pckl.com/

PCKL ball community:

PCKL Instagram:

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Aaron Bours joins the show from Tel Aviv to talk about positioning yourself as a must-have versus a nice-to-have. Aaron is the VP of Marketing at Hyro, helping the company grow through several rounds of funding. Hear Aaron’s story, and how he approaches brand positioning.

Check Hyro here: https://www.hyro.ai/

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Jordan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin...

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Have you wondered what’s legal and not in social media marketing? We have advertising attorney Robert Freund join the show to discuss some legalities around social media advertising. We get into Memes, usage rights, and agreements with creators/brands.

Check Robert's Website here: https://robertfreundlaw.com/

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Branca Ballot, VP of Marketing at Glide, joins the show to talk about how to leverage the power of focus in your marketing campaigns. 

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Hear the story behind Good-Dee’s Baking Mix, and how Deana Karim is building the company. We get into her ‘why’ as well a touching story about how she is navigating a tough family situation, and using the company products to instill joy.

Get  Good Dee's here: https://gooddees.com/

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Fernanda Sampson-Gómez joins the podcast to talk about how she started her agua fresca brand, Celzo. Originally from Mexico City, Fernanda knew she wanted to give people in the USA a taste of her home with Celzo. She also talks about the hurdles and support she’s faced/received as an LGBTQ founder.

Celzo's website: https://www.celzodrink.com/
Fernanda's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fernandagomezvazq...

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