Mindset Bootcamp

Mindset Bootcamp

Welcome to the Mindset Bootcamp podcast. Storytelling by Nerissa J. Persaud.Nerissa J. Persaud is the Founder and Chief Ignitor of the social initiative Ignite the Human Spark, mother to two, dog lover, author and on a mission to help the world rise above burnout. Join the series of little pieces of wisdom to raise your vibrations, break mental barriers and promote a better world to live and to work.Together we have the opportunity to heal, overcome, evolve and do better in an ever-changing world.


October 12, 2021 15 mins

Nerissa shares a personal story battling burnout from the crippling 911 call to deep reflection on recovering with a new perspective. She shares 9 truths to consuming a better life. You won't want to miss this unfiltered experience of gratitude, life and finding a new beginning. If you're experiencing burnout, anxiety or feel down and out,  you won't want to miss this episode. 

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It's now just about a year since starting Ignite the Human Spark and we have all, had to dig deep and find our strength, grit and determination to keep going. To find our purpose and through it become more than serving of ourselves but serving of others. I share here a  small message of thanks and hope and I implore you to keep going and fighting for what you believe in. Never allow momentary setbacks to strip the thunder from...

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January 7, 2021 7 mins

A special reflection as we take hard lessons to build a brighter tomorrow.
Reflecting on 2020 through all the webs of conversations and trauma something incredible manifested; our resilience- the resilience it took of us to carry on. It is proof that we can go beyond. -” To igniting the little everyday sparks that keep us going!”

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November 17, 2020 6 mins

You have to believe you are enough in moments of crisis if you are to see yourself through. In this episode, I go deep into a personal trauma that would forever change my outlook and yet again remind me in 2020, you'll get through this too. Wherever you are listening from, whatever your story; trust and believe there is more to your story. You are capable of more.

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September 30, 2020 3 mins

As we approach the final months of 2020 it is tempting to fall into wishful ideas of 'wanting this year to end.' But the real questions that will prove the most beneficial are the ones we intentionally choose to ask ourselves that challenge our mental position to do better, be better and evolve together. Join me as I share my thought as we carry on, reflect and find a better way after 2020.

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September 21, 2020 5 mins

Developing our mindset resilience has become the crux of our ability to evolve, and 2020 has been anything but forgiving. Still, it is our responsibility for the direction we choose, and we do have a choice. We can choose to be consumed by the totality of a year that pushes us to 'lack', or we can use our resistance to our advantage to grow our resilience. To become the solution, to love, care and propel hope within our e...

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August 29, 2020 5 mins

We have the opportunity to look inwards and, it has never been more important than it is today for us to rethink our strategy and approach to navigating a lifestyle that brings us joy and fulfilment. The key to that is self-discipline. Join me as I discuss all things self-discipline in a powerful five-pillar framework to get the clutter out of our minds and way. 

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August 11, 2020 56 secs

Welcome! I am so happy you're here listening. I've wanted to start this podcast for a while but timing plays a big part in anything we set out to do. The experiences we have all had to endure living through a pandemic, making decisions for our children, keeping the motivation and wondering 'what's next' is the crux of why I started this podcast. I wanted a space where we can without the glitz and glam, get ...

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As many around the world stage struggle to navigate their careers and everyday lives during very uncertain times, making key decisions can be met with a reduced sense of confidence in who we are and what we have to offer. Being entirely intentional about where you are and what you've done is a part of the process to super-boost your confidence. 

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