Modern Day Human

Modern Day Human

Evolve beyond your perceived limitations; align with your highest frequency; and activate more clarity, power, and purpose in these rapidly changing times. This podcast explores what it means to be human in our modern day world, and how we can transcend the limitations that we have believed in for so long. Universal wisdom, positive perspectives, and spiritual insights are offered to help keep your evolution and expansion top-of-mind. For further support with activating more joy, freedom, and fulfillment as a modern day human, you can explore the resource section in the show notes. Hosted by Brian Bruce


January 25, 2023 10 mins

This episode includes:

  • The critical requirement for feeling fulfilled in life;
  • What we are really seeking when in pursuit of finding our life purpose;
  • Helping yourself before helping others;
  • What is needed to belong to a community;
  • Questions to help you help others

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


Mark as Played

This episode includes:

  • Defining what a block is in relation to your life purpose
  • The reason blocks are so effective at obscuring your path and purpose
  • The 5 Blocks that stand in the way of uncovering and pursuing life purpose
  • Questions to help you uncover the specific beliefs that are holding you back
  • How to create a power statement to counter the energy of a block
  • The signs that you need support with strengthening your life purpose
  • <...

Mark as Played
January 11, 2023 12 mins

This episode includes:

  • Definition of Passions
  • Two viewpoints about pursuing passions
  • Two essential components of passions
  • The difference between passions, hobbies, and obligations
  • Two different kinds of passions

Referenced book in this episode: 
"So Good They Can't Ignore You" by Cal Newport (2012)


Mark as Played

In this episode, Brian talks about:

  • The definition of life purpose
  • Why it's challenging to uncover your life purpose
  • The difference between your job and your life purpose
  • How life purpose can open opportunities for fulfillment beyond one job
  • 5 Questions to give insight on how well you are aligned with your purpose.
  • A reminder about conformity and your potential to create a life that reflects who you truly are.


Mark as Played

This first episode of Season 2 covers:

  • The internal awakening many of us are feeling
  • Stepping into a life that feels more authentic and meaningful
  • The importance of self reflection in uncovering life purpose
  • A powerful tool that is useful in connecting with inner guidance
  • Inspiration to help you continue opening to the possibilities for your life


Mark as Played
October 17, 2022 12 mins

We all experience negative emotions. This episode offers 5 steps to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way. Specific talking points in this episode include:

  • The difference between feeling your feelings and acknowledging them
  • The role mindfulness plays in dealing with negative emotions
  • Emotions as a measure of alignment with Spirit
  • How long it takes for your body to process negative emotions
  • The difference between feeling and i...
Mark as Played
October 9, 2022 8 mins

Many people strive to focus on the present moment, but there is also power in the past and future. This episode focuses on how to use the past and future to raise your vibration. Specific talking points in this episode include:

  • The power of the past and future
  • 3 instances of the past which are helpful
  • Red flags to watch for when diving into the past or future


Mark as Played
October 2, 2022 15 mins

This episode looks at 5 common causes of fatigue with suggestions on how to move past each of them. Specific talking points in this episode include:

  • The difficulty "people pleasers" face
  • The modern-day plague caused by our busy lives
  • The habits and conditions for restful sleep
  • An easy way to consume more light
  • 6 ways to reduce and eliminate toxins in the body


Mark as Played
September 26, 2022 13 mins

This episode looks at how guilt and shame holds us back and offers a perspective with an intention to help heal these feelings that we often bury.  Also in this episode:

  • The difference between guilt and shame
  • How they relate to our true selves
  • How guilt and shame thrive
  • What it takes to heal guilt and shame
  • Releasing victimhood
  • Two types of guilt
  • Looking through the lens of love


Mark as Played
September 18, 2022 9 mins

This episode offers a perspective on relationships based on energy including:

  • Soulmate contracts
  • How we call relationships into our lives
  • The role of free will in relationships
  • Why it's OK if a relationship ends
  • What we are all ultimately trying to learn


Mark as Played
September 11, 2022 13 mins

This episode explains the nature of the ego and the critical role it plays in the evolution of our soul as well as:

  • our identities as avatars in the physical world
  • the 3 components of our avatar
  • the 4 levels of our ego
  • how our soul sets the conditions of our ego
  • the major twist that can happen on the ego's path
  • 3 reminders to help align with spiritual guidance

Brian also shares the message he received about the role of the e...

Mark as Played
September 4, 2022 11 mins

Brian talks about 4 steps that can help to establish a consistent spiritual practice.

  • Prioritizing the habit of a spiritual practice
  • Personalizing it to fit who and where you are right now
  • The importance of practicing non-judgment
  • Asking for assistance from your higher self

And also shares a quote that helps when establishing anything new in your life.


Mark as Played
August 28, 2022 8 mins

Brian talks about the idea of a life plan and the importance of trusting it:

  • The plan made before we are born
  • The relationship between ego and higher self
  • Why we might experience stagnation in life
  • How to stop stalling and move forward in life

And shares his favorite quote that helps him to take the next steps forward on his path.


Mark as Played
August 28, 2022 9 mins

Brian talks about the key to instant transformation:

  • The two components of change
  • Why change is so difficult for us
  • The key to instant transformation
  • The effect of small changes vs. big changes

And shares a message received during meditation about personal transformation.


Mark as Played
August 19, 2022 8 mins

Brian talks about the pivotal point we are at right now as a collective, and how we are all being called to become new versions of ourselves. 


Mark as Played

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