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February 25, 2024 31 mins

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Sinda has seen the hand of God in her life since before she was born. From hearing stories of her miraculous adoption as a baby and being sealed to her family in the temple Sinda knew Christ was there, but she became even more certain as ministering angles came into her aid later when she was pregnant with twins and really struggling to care for her other children. Sinda testifies that we truly are "His Hands" here on the earth and stresses the importance of not just acting on promptings we may receive to serve others, but also being ok with allowing those around us to help us in times of need! 

Please reach out to me if you are interested in sharing your story! I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

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Lily (00:06):
Hello everyone and welcome to.
More Than Coincidence,Remembering Jesus Christ in your
Story as the author andfinisher of our faith, our
Savior writes personalexperiences into each of our
lives which can later strengthen, empower and bring us peace
upon reflection.
This podcast is dedicated tosharing these anchoring memories

from everyone's unique storiesin order to collectively
remember and testify of thereality of Jesus Christ and His
presence in our lives.
I'm your host, Lily, and I'mvery excited to share these
experiences together.
So tonight on the podcast wehave Cynda.
How are you doing, Cynda Good?
Will you introduce yourself alittle bit?

Sinda (00:48):
I'm Cynda, I'm a mother of five.
They got little twins in thereand I'm a baker.
And yeah, I don't really knowthat's.
All I really ever say aboutmyself is that I have five kids
and I bake hey you know what,your cinnamon rolls are renowned

throughout the neighborhood, soI think that that's good.

Lily (01:14):
It's great, it's the prejudices.

Sinda (01:16):
Yeah, I like to read.
It's all there really is aboutme.
You're like friends.

Lily (01:25):
Hey, me too Awesome.
So then, cynda, what memoriesdo you have that you reflect on,
that prick your heart andremembrance of our Savior Jesus

Sinda (01:34):
So I've been pondering it a lot, because I kept
postponing on you.
I just couldn't think of whereto start and so I decided to
start at the beginning.

Lily (01:50):
It's a great place to start.

Sinda (01:55):
So these aren't things that I remember per se, but have
been told many times to me.
So I was adopted and parts ofthe story that go in to me being
There is a lot of spiritualevents surrounding it and I know

that I have a pretty closerelationship with the Savior and
Heavenly Father, except that Itake it for granted a lot and
they have to constantly remindme that they're there to help me
, yep, because I want to doeverything myself.

Lily (02:40):
I can relate to that.

Sinda (02:46):
So the first story I was told was that my mom had a
hysterectomy after having fivechildren and it was just like it
had to be done.
It wasn't a choice, it wassomething that she had to go
through, and afterward she kepthaving a dream of me, of a

little blonde girl you can't seeme, but I'm blonde and a little
blonde girl that kept coming toher and saying that you're
supposed to have another childand you need to get going on
that, and she's like well, but Ican't.

Lily (03:29):
Like physically.

Sinda (03:30):
no, I physically can't have another child.
Yeah, I'm supposed to do.
And so they decided my parents,ok, well, we're obviously
supposed to adopt because Ican't have a child, and it took
them about five years to get me.
Wow, because I am six yearsyounger than my closest sibling,

and so they told me it wasabout five years, no-transcript
The other side of that story isthat my birth mother and her
family that were trying todecide what to do because she

was very young and already hadtwo children.
So I think I think she was stillonly 18 when she got pregnant
with me and already had two kids.
So yeah, that's a lot for an 18year old.
And that they this was backwhen the church had LDS adoptive

services, right, and they justhad such a strong confirmation
that they were supposed to giveme up for adoption that it just
it was very it was just like,well, there's, there's no other
choice, like, yeah, this is whatwe're supposed to do, just to
give her up for adoption.
And so then they got me.

And there's lots of like littlefun stories around that.
But trying to stay on track,the the next story that goes
into that is that I had thechance to be sealed to my
parents and my siblings becauseI'm adopted and so in the temple

which it's like, I wish I couldremember that and like or I
don't know when I die, likethat's what I want to go see,
I want to see that momentbecause my older five siblings
got to go and got to be in theroom in the temple and to be
sealed together, and my mom toldme that when they were sealing

us together, when they said yourmother and your father, I
looked at each of them.
So I looked at my mother andthen I looked at my father and
then we were just.
I'm sure it was a very specialmoment.
And then, along with that story, is that one of my sisters has

had a very hard time with lifein the church and back and forth
all the time.
Yeah, and she said that the onlyreason that she has any good
feelings towards the temple isbecause she remembers how she
felt on that day, that we werestill together.

Wow, that's really special andso it's.
I know that's.
That's something that she getsto hold on to and it makes me
happy because she's had some notgood experiences right
throughout her life.
And so she gets to think aboutour family being together there
and how she felt then and thatshe knows that it's a good place

and that we were supposed to bethere and I'm supposed to be
their sister and yeah that itall worked out.
So that's the first part of mystory and I just looking back on
all my childhood.
I just it's amazing to go backand look through all of that my

childhood and see the presenceof God and Jesus Christ, of how
they put so many people in mylife.
Yeah of, I have a best friendthat we grew up together.
We've been friends since wewere five holy and how we still
are friends.

She lives in Lehi and everythingwe are still best friends and
when I think back on ourrelationship of and I I do
believe it goes both ways ofthat her and I needed each other
Yeah, and I needed her goodinfluence in my life because I

constantly was trying to veeraway from the straight and
narrow just all the time.
And I needed her good influencein my life of being my best
friend that I was like.
I was always like, oh no, whatis she gonna think of me?
But it was like, but I neededthat yeah.

I needed that, like thatconstant reminder of what I
should be doing and, like my, myhusband, it just everything
just fell into place where itshould be, and the people that I
met as a teenager and as ayoung adult, and meeting my

husband and that would like.
All of it was just soserendipitous and so easy and
was just meant to be, yeah, um,and it just is like I don't.
I don't know how we can't seethe hand of God in all of our
life, of especially puttingpeople where they need to be

Um, which brings me to my nextexperience.
I was pregnant with my twins andI was really struggling.
It took a really heavy toll onmy mental health and I I got to
a point where I didn't want togo on anymore.

Yeah, and it wasn't.
Uh, I was gonna do anythingabout those feelings, but it was
a if I don't wake up tomorrow,that's okay, yeah, and I just I
could barely get around.
I had no desire to feed myselfor do anything for me.
I was like I don't even want toeat.

Lily (09:47):
I don't care, yeah, and Well, and you had older kids too
, and I had a bunch of otherkids to take care of, and at
this time my older daughter wasthree when, I was pregnant with

Sinda (10:00):
Actually, she wasn't even three yet, she was almost three
and um, I just was like I can'teven like take care of her,
like I can, I barely am able tokeep feeding her, but and then I
feed her and I have nothingleft for myself.
And so, um, I was part of aface, or I still am part of a

Facebook group called theministering moms of multiples.
Oh, that's awesome, or moms andum, and like other women in my
ward, had told me about it.
I'm like, hey, I'm in this groupof um women from the church of

Jesus Christ, a lot of churchsaints, and we have a place
where we can all chat about likeminded things, but that we also
have twins, yeah, or multiples,I guess could be more than
twins, right, um?
And so I was just part of thisgroup and all I had in me was to
just put out there to thembecause I knew that they would

know how I was feeling, or atleast at least some of them had
to have gone through this alsoand so I put it out to them of
guys, I need help.
I don't know what to do formyself.
I don't want to nourish myself.
I have this three-year-old thatis dying to play Yep, and I

have nothing to give.
And I was flooded with messagesof encouragement and people
dropped by and just dropped bytreats like a, like a Jamba
Juice, so like I didn't have tomake anything, that's the best.
It just like someone came andbrought me a Jamba Juice for me

to drink and um, and then therewas one certain woman that she
came and said can I take yourdaughter to come play with mine,
because she had multipledaughters.
And she's like can I come andget your daughter?
I live in Lehigh too, and theycan play and you can rest.

And I was like, yes, please.
And the great part is that myhusband gets home and is like
where's Gwen?
And I was like she's playingwith some friends from a lady
that I met on the internet.
He's like you let our daughtergo off with some person you met

on the internet.
I was like uh-huh, yeah,because that's where I am right
now, but my mental state is sheoffered?
So, yes, I did.
And I was like it's fine, weknow each other from this group
on Facebook, but I just like,but you know, in all realities
like, but I did.
I didn't know that it was okay.
Right In my heart I knew thatshe was there to serve yes,

Because we had just moved intothis neighborhood and I didn't
know anybody and so I didn'tknow who to reach out to.
And I didn't even reach out tomy best friend.
I read, because I just was likeI need to talk to somebody that
knows I had that, what I'mgoing through.
And so this angel woman comesand takes my daughter which, by

the way, she took her multipletimes after that.
Yeah, and when she brought herback, she brought us a tower of
freezer meals so with her andlike had like dinner for that
night also, and it just was justastounding of, just like that

was the direct work of ourshavier, of talking to someone
saying this woman needs you.

Lily (13:56):

Sinda (13:57):
And they were listening and answered the call.
Yeah, it's a.
I would like to think that I dothat also, but I'm sure there
are so many messages I'm like,no, I don't want to do that
right now.

Lily (14:11):
We're all guilty of that a lot of the time.

Sinda (14:16):
And so, yes, angel Woman, and yet this group has just,
it's been a constant blessing inmy life of having these
ministering moms that, yeah,I'll know what each other's
going through and we can giveadvice, and it's kind of grown
to be even people that are nolonger active, are staying in it

and or have different opinions,but are still, and it's just.
It's been a great group and weall are very kind to each other.

Lily (14:51):
Um, Will you say the whole group's name one more time in
case anybody listening?

Sinda (14:56):
Yes, in case anybody has twins or is pregnant and you
need a place to go ministeringmoms of multiples, and it's M, m
, o, m, s ministering moms ofmultiples and it is worldwide.
It's not a oh sweet, it's notlocated just to people that live

in Utah.
Yeah, we have people from allover that comment and it's
pretty great that we so, like I,can say that I'm part of a
worldwide group besides being amember of the church.
Yeah, I am also a really coolclub.
Um, so yeah, that that one wasone of my favorite.

Um, my next memory is that, um,again, like I said, I like to
think I can do everything on myown and I don't want to ask for
any help, and so Jesus has toremind me that I do need help

and needs to put me in my placea little bit sometimes and say,
hey, you got all of these peoplearound you that will help you
And so we had, um, we had anactivity for the release of
society and the camp, and so wewere up there camping for just

one night and I was excitedbecause I just I love the
outdoors and I was, of course,on the food committee, so I was
there and we, we all signed upfor different classes and we
they had to.
What they said was a ropescourse, which, by the way, is,

is not what it is In my mind.

Lily (16:56):
I'm thinking you're going to be like climbing up on stuff,
scaling things.
You're going to be like havinga carabiner, the harnesses.

Sinda (17:06):
Yes, I was like I'm going to be in a harness and I'm
going to be climbing acrossthese ropes.
It's going to be so fun, justlike we did in young women's

Lily (17:14):
It's not that very misleading.
It was very misleading.

Sinda (17:18):
But I probably wouldn't have had this great experience.
So it was one of the stationswith with a rope and I think
they called it Shark Island.

Lily (17:32):
Oh, I know what you have to swing across the platforms.

Sinda (17:35):
Yeah, so there's a platform in the middle and
there's a rope that hangs in themiddle and you have to swing
from one side to the other andyou have to have, like, a team
of like they're supposed tocatch you, yeah, and keep you on
that side and not fall into theshark infested waters.
And I Um, like my personalityis, I volunteered to be on the

receiving side of.
I was gonna help catch everybody.
Yep, I wanted to catcheverybody and help everybody and
I did a great job.
I caught everyone and got themsafely to the other side.
And then they were like Cinda,you have to go, try, like it's
your turn, we like, we want tocatch you.

And I was like, ah fine, and soI went over and tried and I am
so out of shape it's not evenfunny that I could not hold
myself up on the rope and so Itried and swung and fell.
And I tried again, swung andfell, and they were like hey,

just try one more time.
And like we're here, we're here, we're gonna catch you.
And I have all these other womenfrom my ward and other women
from the stake that have theirarms reached out ready to catch
But I couldn't make it to theother side and I fell and like
fell hard on my butt and hit myhead and like I didn't black out

, but I mean my eyes were closedand I like, when I opened my
eyes I had all these womenstanding over me ready to pick
me up and ask me if I'm okay.
And it was obviously.
You can tell what all themetaphors are in that whole

I want to be there to helpeverybody, but I have the
hardest time asking for anybodyto help me and but they're ready
and they're there and they wantto.
And we went my next class afterthat was to.

I think he's a psychologist andhe was there to help you
through like working throughanything like a pyramid scheme
of something of how you can dothese steps to help you work out
any of your problems.
But I like had this experienceand it was like the spirit, like

physically, was knocked into me, like I fell to the ground and
it was like a force that was inme and I was so emotional and I
was trying to hold back tearsthe whole time and when he was
done, someone had the audacityto ask me if I was okay, and so

then the waterworks justexploded and I was like I'm fine
, I'm just like feeling like Igot, I got triggered by
something and it's justreleasing all these emotions of
I need help and I need to nottry to do this all on my own and
whether that be from otherpeople or just I just need to

rely on Christ more and I needto know that he is there and I
need to let him help and I don't, yeah, and I have a hard time
ever convincing myself to evenpray to ask for help.
I go by, my gut feeling of thisfeels right and I don't need

anybody else's help.
But but I should.
I should pause and pray and askif it's like, if this is a good
way for me to go, or justreally anything I should.
I should talk to them and Idon't.

And it's because I'm convinced Ican do it on my own.
But that experience was a hey,you're not supposed to Right,
you're not supposed to do any ofthis on your own Right.
And so, yeah, that's one of my,my favorite stories now to
share with people of veryhumbling moment of hey, you're

not supposed to do this on yourown.

Lily (22:09):
Yeah, I guess my question is, at least for me, I feel like
it's both asking for help, nomatter what.
It's really difficult, Period,full stop.
It's really hard.
However, I feel like it'sharder in my mind asking for
help from Christ and from ourFather in Heaven because they're

not here, right?
I feel like it's easier for meto come to you or to come to
another friend and say, hey, canyou watch my kids?
Or hey, can you do whateverBecause you're here.
I can text you, I can call you,I know, right, yes, so how do
I don't even know the rightquestion, but when it comes to
asking for help from God, how doyou go about that?

Or how do you know that he isgiving you that help?
Because I feel like sometimes Iask for it and then I just kind
of sit here waiting and theneither something I don't even
know Like it's so hard sometimesto really know like is this
help coming from God or is thisjust you know, whatever Does?

Sinda (23:13):
that make sense.

Lily (23:14):
Yeah, I don't believe in.
I believe everything isn't acoincidence.
You know I don't believe incoincidences, but I don't know.
I just it's so hard sometimesjust to feel like you ask for
help from God and you feel itbeing answered.
I don't know.

Sinda (23:31):
Yeah, and I would say, like, like I was never someone
that like I prayed about if Ishould marry my husband, like
that wasn't something I wasgonna do, it was a hope you like
this guy, god, cause he'scoming with me.

Lily (23:48):
It was a.

Sinda (23:50):
I decided on him and he's mine.
And that's what's gonna happenand it just and I don't know,
and I mean that could just bealso like I just felt really
good about it the whole time.
I had zero doubts, yeah, and soit was a well, why should I
I'm I feel good, I feel goodabout it, yeah and so, or like

just another example of likepeople pray about like what
college to go to, and collegejust like wasn't on my radar.
And so so it's just like.
It's just something like Idon't get it.
I don't know Like I'm not oneof those people that do that,
but when it comes to I need help, and I mean, oftentimes mine

isn't necessarily a formalprayer, it's more of a I am
drowning, because I let it gotoo long without asking for help

Lily (24:43):

Sinda (24:44):
Please help me.
Just in my heart, and that'swhere I would say that's when
people magically appear in mylife, and or if they've already
been there, they they pop upagain, yeah, pop up again, are.
Or suddenly someone texts meand hey, I've been thinking of
Yeah, How's it going?
I'm like I know why you'rethinking of me, Because I've

been dying and drowning and Ineeded someone to help.
And so the Holy Ghost hasdecided that he should you know
whether it be a few people orone person that he reaches out
to them and says hey, you shouldcontact sender, yeah, and.
Or someone you know justdropping by to say hi or drop

off a treat, like those types ofthings, and those are things
that I hope that I can be morereceptive to of.
I want to be that for people too.
Yeah, and I would say, like Iknow that a lot of times we
heard in lessons like that achallenge to pray to help

someone, or pray to have anopportunity pop up in your day
to help someone, and I'm like,oh my gosh, that's so scary, I
don't want to.
Yeah, I'm like I don't want tojust help some random person.
That's scary, but I would.
I would hope that that wouldhappen, though.

I mean, I was at, I was outshopping at like a big Christmas
convention thing, and I wasjust eyeing some of the desserts
and I just hadn't made up mymind yet and was asking how much
something was, and I said okay,and went on thinking.
But this man next to me said Iwould like to buy that for her.

And he was a complete strangerand bought me a cheesecake and
no way, and just was a.
He was there feeling the ChristChristmas spirit.
Yeah, I'm just I would like tobuy that for you, and I just was
, you know like, oh, thank youso much, you didn't have to do

And he, I know Merry Christmasand I, oh, thank you.
Wow, just little things likethat and just it can be so
simple, of like, even justsmiling at somebody can change
their whole day.

Lily (27:16):
Yeah, so you feel like God .
We don't realize it Right?
So do you feel like God thenanswers, when you, when you pray
for the help God typicallysends a person?

Sinda (27:26):
Yes, I would say that that's how I I get my.
My answers is usually throughsomebody else, and whether that
be just discussing somethingwith my husband, and he knows
just the right thing to say yeah, cause he always does.
Or yeah, or the that somebodytexts me or I run into somebody.

It's always um.
He knows that I need people.
I need people in my life, Ineed friends, I need.
I need all these people toinfluence me and we're good and
not for evil, that's right.

Lily (28:06):
Even if the dark side has cookies in them, our cookies on
the light side are better,that's right, because they're
not my cookies, so I'm not, Idon't want to eat them.

Sinda (28:17):
So, yeah, and and there was one time I remember I was in
a lesson and they were askinghow the Holy Ghost speaks to you
and I just was like I don'tknow, I've never heard it.
And um, they were, people weregiving all the examples and
someone said I hear it as my ownvoice, in my head, and I was

like that's how I hear it.
I was like it's ideas that popinto my head.
Yeah, that.
I'm like hey, this sounds likea good idea.
It's a.
It probably wasn't my idea,yeah, I was like oh my gosh.

They know that if someone elsetries to tell me to do something
, I'm going to know, right, butif it's my idea, then I'll.
Yeah, that sounds like a greatidea.
So he's like well, I have totalk to her in her own voice or
she's not going to listen.

Lily (29:19):
Yeah, that's so cool to think, though, because I feel
like all the time, people arelike I don't know if I'm feeling
the Holy Ghost.
I don't know if the Holy Ghostis talking to me, but if he's
just being sneaky because heknows that we're just stubborn
and dumb sometimes.

Sinda (29:34):
Maybe we feel the spirit, yeah.

Lily (29:37):
Maybe we feel the spirit more than we think, or like we
really are being inspired morethan we think.
Exactly, I never thought ofthat.

Sinda (29:43):
I'm so glad I could help you.
Yeah, it was a big epiphanymoment of like oh my gosh,
that's how.

Lily (29:50):

Sinda (29:52):
It's like I've never like .
I mean I felt it of like, I canfeel the spirit and like.
It's like it that you can'tdescribe that.
I just I feel it, but hearingit it was like I've never heard
it, right?
I have never heard thiswhispery voice that you all talk
I was like that's because it'smy own little voice in my head

and that's why that's so funny.

Lily (30:16):
That's really cool, though .
Thanks for sharing those.
You're welcome.

Sinda (30:20):
And yeah, I'm I'm pretty sure those were all the stories
I wanted to share.

Lily (30:24):
No, that's awesome.
So then do you mind justsharing a brief testimony?
Yes, I mean no.

Sinda (30:32):
I mean, I don't mind, I will.
Um, yes, I, I know that thischurch, the church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints, istrue.
Um, I know that we all have ourown struggles and ups and downs
and that what I know forcertain is that everything will

work out in the end, even if wedon't understand it now it will
work out, and that they love usand they want us to succeed.
And I say those things in thename of Jesus Christ, amen.

Lily (31:10):
Well, thank you, send it for a spending time with us
I appreciate it, of course.
Thanks again for tuning intomore than coincidence,
remembering Jesus Christ in yourstory.
Please follow us on socialmedia or share us with a friend.
If you have an experience you'dlike to share, feel free to
reach out to more thancoincidencerememberhimatgmailcom

I can't wait to hear all of theamazing memories you all have
of our savior.
See you next time.
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