MULE TALK! With Cindy K Roberts & Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch

MULE TALK! With Cindy K Roberts & Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch

A published author with a lifetime experience of riding, and working with horses since early childhood, Cindy K Roberts hosts the award-winning podcast, Mule Talk about mules and donkeys. Interviews cover care and handling of, mule and donkey events, anything mule and donkey! Cindy interviews mule owners, mule handlers, representatives of mule and donkey ranches, veterinarians, farriers, sellers, and promoters of donkeys and mules. Cindy K. Roberts began working with mules in 1985 and is a contributing feature writer in several equine magazines. In 2024, Meredith Hodges of the Lucky Three Ranch teamed up with Cindy K Roberts on Mule Talk. Together they bring educational and entertaining content regarding mules and the mule industry. Mule Talk is an Every Cowgirl's Dream production.


July 15, 2024 77 mins

Rock and Roll: Diary of a Rescue, Part 1 - Draft Mule Team Rock and Roll were rescued and in their journey were turned over to Meredith Hodges of the Lucky Three Ranch. 

  • Learn the details involved when dealing with rescue animals. 
  • Surrounding yourself with a professional support team for treatment of rescues. 
  • It's more than just farrier work and supplementing a feeding program. 
  • Taking X-Rays when needed. 
  • Keeping r...
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Suitability of Mules and Donkeys for Children - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch 

  • Teach your child how to be around equines.
  • When choosing an equine for your child, do not choose a donkey jack.
  • Do not choose an equine that is an alpha figure in the herd or one with aggressive behavior. 
  • Choose a mule or donkey with a quiet disposition for your child. 
  • Encourage children to do tasks around the barn to learn more about th...
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Conduct and Good Sportsmanship - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch

  • The importance of developing a bond with your animal - to gain his trust to perform in the show ring.
  • Competition is fun and exciting - develop the winning attitude to compete against yourself and not others. 
  • A good trainer will train himself, as well as the mule with subtle direction coming from the mule. 
  • Develop respect for your mule.
  • Yes God gave us ...
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Today good mule trainers apply the basic techniques of Behavior Modification and reward system training in their programs. 

Doing preparatory core strength and postural body-work can assure that your equine is using his body in the correct way, while implementing tasks with creative and fun athletic maneuvers while under saddle. 

This and more -...

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The ideal qualities to look for in a mule. 
What to look for in the ideal head, neck, and shoulders of the mule. 
Mare and jack contribute to the qualities desired in the mule. 
Be selective in your breeding program to produce desirable mules.
Bone structure is important when selecting a mule for a job or performance.
The mule overall should have ...

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The Benefit of Organizational Skills - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch

  • Find out how to organize your show clothes, tack, saddles and grooming supplies for an upcoming show.
  • When to bathe and clip your mule.
  • Vacuum and other grooming supplies. 
  • Blanketing your mules.
  • Keep your paperwork on mules, truck and trailer in hand. 
  • Delegate tasks to show volunteers.
  • How to be competitive, confident in your presentation, and 
  • Pay a...
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How To Buy A Mule & Not Get Screwed - with Cindy K. Roberts

  • Introductory Chapter on Mule Scams by Cori Daniels of Mules & More Magazine.
  • Ask the right questions before you buy.
  • Be truthful to the seller about your skill set.
  • Ask for specifics about the health history and medical care of the mule.
  • Are you confident in making the partnership and bringing it all together for this mule? 
  • Buying a Mule - is it about trust? 
  • Pre-pur...
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Good Basic Training - with Common Sense - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch 

  • Improve your communication by learning and speaking  the equine's language.
  • Learn what type of touch and caress feels good to him.
  • Develop better and kinder training techniques to enable your mule to perform better.
  • Using kinder training techniques along with showing leadership to your mule will re-enforce the bond between you. 
  • Make your v...
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Getting Down with Minis Part 2 - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch 

  • Mini group grooming - how it works to save time
  • Body - clipping
  • What to feed for a balanced nutrition program for minis
  • Knowing body language in working around minis
  • Efficient grooming practices & more

#mini mules, #mini donkeys, #mini equines, mini horses, #meredith hodges, #lucky three ranch, #cindy k roberts, #mule talk podcast


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Getting Down with Minis - with Meredith Hodges! 

How to earn their trust at their level.
Approaching your mini in a non-threatening way.
Haltering and leading your mini.
Lungeing your minis. 
Keep your lessons short and fun!
How to introduce object to your mini.
Ground driving your mini. 
The do's and don'ts are so important. 
Grooming is not all that easy. 

This and more!...

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Join Cindy K. Roberts and Meredith Hodges in this entertaining episode about Maintenance & Grooming with Mules & Donkeys. Great info!

Use grooming tools that are comfortable for your mules and donkeys.
Expensive horse/equine grooming tools are not all necessary to keep in your tack room or trailer.
Insect control around the barn - what works.
If showing: when to body clip your mule and how to body clip....

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A Bit About Communication - Achieving Balance & Harmony w/Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch our featured guest and expert on mules. Learn about:

  • Different types of bits and the different metals used to develop in equine bits.
  • Snaffle bits and the different types that are recommended to use on your mule or donkey. 
  • Curb/leverage bits used in Western riding.
  • The difference between a curb bit and a snaffle bit. 
  • Bridles...
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Benefits of Postural Core Strength Training - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch

  • Discover what happens to your mule(s) that are trained for Postural Core Strength.
  • Using the Elbow Pull.
  • How to make the Elbow Pull for your mule.
  • The benefits of the hourglass pattern - simple and easy to do! 
  • The benefits of implementing these techniques into your training/riding.
  • Emotional, physical benefits of Postural Core Strength Traini...
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Meredith Hodges of the Lucky Three Ranch shares with us growing up as a tomboy and progressing to riding side saddle and riding in elegance on Mule Talk!

  • Belle Star rode side saddle!
  • How to achieve position and security when riding in a side saddle. 
  • Learn the three types of side saddles and what they offer.
  • Learn the proper attire when riding aside.
  • Men do ride Side Saddle!
  • Shows/classes that offer side saddle.
  • Proper bits ...
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Leverage Versus Abuse - Meredith Hodges - Lucky Three Ranch 

  • Learn the proper use of restraints on a mule or donkey.
  • Chains are severe and can injure the nasal cartilage or the incisive bones when abrupt pressure is applied.
  • Learn how to use the lead rope for a "Quick Twist."
  • Old-time twitches can do great damage to the equine's sensitive upper lip. 
  • Selecting the correct hobbles for the task at hand. 
  • Sedation and tra...
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 Meredith Hodges - Driving with Mules & Donkeys!

  • How to properly train your mule or donkey for driving a cart/wagon
  • Selecting the right harness for your driving activity
  • Ground driving and what it means to your animal
  • Be patient during the training process
  • How to build confidence in your animal to drive safely
  • Not all animals make good driving companions
  • Select a good-minded driving animal
  • Driving is enjoyable from childr...
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Meredith Hodges - Jumping with Mules & Donkeys 

Learn how to properly prep your mule or donkey on jumping under saddle.

  • Working ground poles to your advantage.
  • Discussion on Point 1, Point 2, and 3 Point position while in the saddle.
  • Stadium Jumping
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Hunter Paces
  • Field Trials
  • Mule coon jumping
  • Mules that jump over pasture fence?
  • Proper gear and equipment for mule and rider.
  • Proper bit to use.

Educational and...

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St. Louis Area Equestrian Celebrating One-Year Anniversary at Golden Horseshoe Tack!


Learn how to get involved locally with your equestrian group. 

#stlouisareaequestrian, #mers, #mobackcountryhorseman, #rockwoodsbackcountryhorseman, #goldenho...

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Breeding for Quality Mules part 2 continues:

  • What are your breeding goals?
  • Focus on the jack, and his temperament as well as the mare. 
  • Essentials you will need when delivery is near.
  • What to expect. 
  • Being organized and prepared.
  • Documenting your breeding program.
  • What to do in emergencies and more!!! 

#mulebreeding, #donkeybreeding, #studfarms, #qualitymules, #jackbreeding, #feedingbroodmares, #mulebabies, #mulefoals, ...

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Breeding for Quality Mules Part 1 - Donkey Jacks with Meredith Hodges of the Lucky Three Ranch, Loveland, Colorado.

Meredith shares her expertise in breeding jacks to horse mares and jennets, selecting the premiere jack for your mule foal, selecting good quality mares for producing excellent mule babies, what to expect, how it all comes together and more on Mule Talk the podcast. 

#breedingmules, #breedingjacks, #...

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