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February 21, 2024 56 mins


Tantrum East shares Something Fishy’s prison interviews with the Murder, We Spoke trio. 


Bailey, from Something Fishy, gets her one-on-one meeting with the the infamous Paula Anderson. Paula takes Bailey on a bloody trip down memory lane. Paula shares the gruesome story of the Lunar Legs robbery and gives Bailey some insider info on how to get Cres talking. 


Six months have passed since Cres’s “little” fire “incident” in episode one. The Murder, We Spoke trio are hard at work creating episodes for their 10th season — potentially, their last season. If Bernie doesn’t see a significant bump in listeners, downloads, advertisements, etc. she’s walking away and devoting the rest of her life to her stable job at Lunar Legs — a high-end athletic retail store. 

After wrapping up their recording, Bernie heads to work where she must deal with her toxic assistant manager, Rita. As Bernie attempts to have a work-life balance conversation with Rita, an intruder breaks into Lunar Legs demanding money. 

Rita appears unconcerned for Bernie’s safety and refuses to give the intruder what he wants, even at gunpoint. As Bernie and Rita argue, something inside of Bernie begins to bubble to the surface. Like an itch she has been desperate to scratch for many years. When that itch breaks through, there is nothing Bernie can do to stop it. 

Murder, We Spoke is a podcast in a podcast in a podcast. The series dives into people’s obsession with true crime and satirizes the true crime culture. This dark comedy series asks listeners to consider, how far would they go for fame.

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Produced by Tantrum East Theatre

Written by Rachel Bykowski

Directed by Lila Rachel Becker

Sound Designer: Derek A. Graham

Sound Technician: Thomas Daniels

Stage Manager: Olivia Tymon

Featuring the talents of:

Mary Glen Frederick

Maria Fernanda Diez

Hannah Karpenko

Luli Gomez Teruel

Tom Morin

Jenna Zhu

Lisa Bol

Thomas Daniels

Special thanks to:

A. R. T. New York
The New York Council on the Arts
Karen Hammond
Amanda Brummund
Josh Pritchard
Kelly Florence
Nina Field
Laakan McHardy
Alice Wu
Rachel Mock
Carter Caldwell
Alycia Kunkle
Liat Graf
Tracey Greenwood

Mark as Played

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