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January 8, 2024 34 mins

Please enjoy our third entry into Music Through The Generations.  

Music Through The Generations is a Bonus series that takes a few music rewind regulars out into the field to interview a wide range of people of various ages and locations, a full generational gap of 70 years. We asks them all the same 5 musical questions, and the answers are fascinating. 

NOTE: A few of the interviews were conducted in community areas during Christmas parties. We did our best to cut out the background junk, but sometimes a bit a noise creeps in.

The Questions: What music is your favorite right now? What music did you listen to growing up? What music did your parents listen to? Where do you listen to music? What is Classic Rock to you?

See one of our guests, Reed Epley, currently on tour as Michael Darling in the Peter Pan National Tour. 


Dedicated to Carol Joy Schmitt 1944 - 2023 


Intro Music by Bryce Evans Bryce Evans Music Homepage: 

@bryceevansmusic on Instagram


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