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February 15, 2024 29 mins

EP 64 Inner Peace, Outer Confidence: Yoga's Impact on Body Image and mental health | with Christina Helms

Christina is the co-owner of Three Birds Yoga studios in South Orange and Florham Park, NJ. In addition to teaching yoga and meditation classes and co-facilitating teacher trainings, she is also a Licensed Social worker. Whether it's working with yoga students in the studio or clients in the therapy room, Christina uses anintegrative approach that combines western, evidence-based therapies with the ancient wisdoms of mindfulness and self-compassion.

Everything in our external world, and even our thoughts change us constantly and are impermanent. But that there's a part of us that we call, like, the true self, right. That's not impacted by what we see in the mirror, external events or even thoughts. We start to learn how to separate from those things and sort of tap into this. Sometimes we call it the soul. Sometimes we call it the true self. For some people, it's a connection with the divine, but that's the only thing that is unchanging. And also in terms of just being in your body, too is being a feeling of being grounded. That's a big part of it, like feeling your feet, the ground. The more we can move away and down from the mind and the thoughts and into the feeling of being in our body and feeling grounded.


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“I change women’s lives by empowering them to trust THEMSELVES not the mirror.”

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