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February 13, 2024 57 mins

Diego Anguiano grew up in South El Monte with his parents and brothers. Despite being surrounded by gangs and experimenting with drugs, Diego was able pull through the hard times and graduate High School. After graduating he created a meme page for and about El Monte on Facebook. El Monte Memes took off and soon he a had hundreds and then thousands of followers on the page. After seeing multiple copies of his page and content appear on Instagram Diego decided to take it into his own hands and made an official El Monte Memes account on Instagram, currently at 50k+ followers. Besides keeping both accounts active  Diego also works for other social media accounts, including one for PACKS SGV in El Monte.

Instagram: @el.monte.memes

Music Credits

Like it Loud, Dyalla, YouTube Audio Library

Scarlet Fire (Sting), Otis McDonald, YouTube Audio Library

Indecision, Dyalla, YouTube Audio Library


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