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January 10, 2024 36 mins

In this episode of Navigating Cancer TOGETHER, Mark L. Fox, an entrepreneur, scientist, engineer, author, hot air balloonist, and the inventor of VIBE, the world's only pocket-pulsed electromagnetic field device shares his journey and how he got involved in frequency energy and the development of VIBE. Mark explains the concept of PEMF and its therapeutic benefits for relieving the side effects of individuals with cancer, including improved sleep, increased energy, and support for mental well-being. Mark also discusses the different versions of VIBE and how it is used, as well as surprising success stories and common misconceptions about the technology. Listeners can learn more about VIBE and Mark's new book, "What on Earth Are We Doing to Our Health?" on the Resona.Health website.

Highlights from the show: 

[00:07:20] The meaning behind "Resona."

[00:11:19] Supporting cancer patients' mental health.

[00:12:40] How to use the device.

[00:20:43] Varicose veins and surprising success.

[00:23:18] Magnetic therapy and misconceptions.

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🦄About Me:

In 2011, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, out of the blue. I did not have any prior health concerns or issues. Fast forward, the dreaded cancer diagnosis opened my eyes, introduced me to my purpose, and led me to where I am today. 

As a Cancer Doula, I use my 12 years of experience with cancer to support and guide others diagnosed with

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