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June 10, 2024 84 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up review the Houston Astros winning two out of a three-game road series against the Los Angeles Angels. The Astros lost 9-7 on Sunday after Ryan Pressly took the mound in the eighth inning and allowed a pair of runs that tied the game at seven. Josh Hader got the Astros out of the eighth but gave up a walk-off home run in the ninth. The injuries continue to pile up after third baseman Alex Bregman was hit by a pitch in his left hand, which led him to exit the game. Left fielder Kyle Tucker was placed on the 10-day injured list with a right shin contusion. The Astros continue their road trip with the first of a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants on Monday. Stan and Chris discuss a possible trade for Astros center fielder Jake Meyers, talk with KPRC reporter Aaron Wilson about Texans minicamp, discuss the Dallas Mavericks losing two games in the NBA Finals and more.
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the man next stop, the next
step, take the next step,next up, stop next, next up?
This he wants to be next.This is next up with Tad Northfleeten
Chris Gordy. Let's see what's nextnext next, Let's get the week off

started on a good foot. Let'sget off right here. Line from the
Sports Talk seven ninety studios, newto the station, New to the show,
this is next up for the nexttwo hours. I would be the
show's host, Stinging Northfleet appreciate yourocking beside me. That's my brother radio
partner, Chris Gordon Connadey McGovern.He assists us in our production. Excuse
me a program in needs. He'son the other side of the glass.

They appreciate him. Thanks to theSean Salisbury Show. We get up with
them each and every weekday morning sixto ten am. Our resident quarterback,
Sean Salisbury, Brian de Lima,our baseball aficionado, and a manual assist
them in their production efforts. AaronWilson, our Texans insider, will be
dropping by at eleven o'clock NBA Finalslast night, Game two in Boston,

MAVs down two, said series doesn'tstart until the home team loses, so
we will see what the rest ofthat looks like. For the remainder of
the week, Astros win a seriesthree games in to a six game road
trip in the state of California.They win the series two games to one.
The one, however, was embarrassingfashion and al last night or yesterday

afternoon, I should say, outin Anaheim where there was a complete implosion
by the bullpen. Astros lose nineto seven, and we will unpack all
of the things as we are yourhome for Astros. Baseball will take phone
calls throughout the course of these Astrosegments seven one, three, two,
one two, five, seven ninety. There's also some trades in there.

They continue to pop up as weget closer to the trade deadline in Major
League Baseball. More of that tocome. There's another contusion that's a whole
bunch of fun. Somebody else landson the IL. With that being said,
let's welcome me and Chris Gordon,one half of the duo here on
next up. Gordy, good morning. I hope you had a great weekend.
I didn't follow the bust my assanymore. I didn't embarrass myself any

further if you were there for theshow on Friday. Nonetheless, Gordon astros
they take a series, now findthemselves what six and a half bet from
the Mariners who won yesterday themselves.Well, in that's what sucks is Saturday
you win, the Rangers and Marinersboth lose, and then yesterday you lose

and both the Rangers and Mariners win. So it's just it's one of the
tough things. Man was like you, you know, you try to close
this gap and capitalize, but youknow it's it's tough to see through the
weeds sometimes. And when we talkedabout this month's a lot of winnable games,
and you know, we can takea step back and say you took
two out of three against Saint Luis. She took two out of three against

the Angels. Yes, however asweep was there for the taking. You
were in the driver's seat too sweepthe Angels yesterday and you let it slip
away. And those are the kindof games this season that I think we're
gonna look back on and be likeso many missed opportunities. Yes, she
had that awful month of April whereyou had a ton of blown opportunities,
and it was like, God,they just can't finish games. They've been

better at that, but days likeyesterday just riar their ugly head where it's
like Ryan Presley, what is thematter with you? And it reminds me
of the old Houston Nutt, theold football coach used to have a line
where he'd say to his players,cannot trust you, cannot trust you.
And I feel like I'm hearing thatin my head when I look at Ryan
Presley and go, no, Ican't trust him right now in high leverage

spots. I just feel like theyneed to at least for a couple of
days. If they play some closegames here in the next couple of days,
I just I would go a differentdirection than lying on Ryan Presley the
two run or one run game,the Pressley in a relief role and not
a closer role. It is notworking. And Joe Spotter as well as

Dana Brown, they've got to makesome tough decisions here. I agree with
you, Gordon. I would pullPresley for a while. Well, not
pull it, but like in otherwords, sixth inning of a of a
game, it's eight to two,Yeah, that's where you're gonna like,
I'm not gonna not pitch him.I'm going to pitch him. I just
can't put you in a close game, high leverage spot. You're not going
out there, perfectly stated by you. Presley in what two thirds blows his

fifth save of the season in somethirteen what is it? He's five and
twelve, I believe is what itis. So that's his fifth blown,
saying in as many opportunities two thirdsof an inning, Presley gives up two
not great Era five point four.If I can move my mouse over ERA

five point five. Oh for Presley. The problem Josh Hater comes right behind
him, and we think we're gonnaget money, Josh, I need you
to close this thing out, broat least. Well that's the thing.
It's not even a safe situation.They bring him in in the eighth to
put out Presley's fire, and againit's it's something you're asking Josh Hater to
do multiple times this year, somethingthat he's rarely done throughout his career,

and that's pitched multiple innings. Andso that's where like, I can't even
get mad at Hater because he gaveup two runs. Well it was a
it was a two run Homer thatprobably Mauricio Dubon maybe catches if he's still
in the left field, but hehad to come out of left the third
because Bregnant gets in on the handsand you throw Trey Cabbage out there,
and Cabbage, you know, hasn'tplayed a ton of major league games,

but he knows that leeps and can'tmake that. Yeah, he played a
handful of games there last year.I know it. I just again,
it's it's an unfortunate situation. Butyou're not even in that situation. If
you know you were up what wasit seven to four or whatever, I
mean, you should have gotten ajob done. It just there's multiple blame
to go around here, But theone that stings the most is Presley has

not been like how many one,two, three innings does he have this
year? Only a couple. Itfeels like every time he comes in,
he's given off a leadoff double ora leadoff walk or a lead off single,
and it's and it always is comingback to bite you. And so
that to me is on a daywhere Verlander didn't even have his best stuff.
We got to talk about that.Verlander was like that was considered a

bad start for Verlander. But it'sfunny if we rewind a month ago and
Hunter Brown goes out there and givesyou a five innings, a four run
ball, we're throwing a parade forhim, going, Hey, yeah,
no for for JV, the standardsa little different. But I'm fine with
that. I'm not fine with thathe's still left. You took the lead
immediately as soon as he left thegame, and he was in line to
get a win. We were talkingabout him moving up the all time wins
list because you were he was inposition to get a win yesterday. I

would love to see the stats onhow often your starter gives up four runs
and you win. Oh what happensall the time if you got a good
offense. I would love to see. Now I thought about you in Stros
lose nine to seven. As wetalk about the Angels comeback, Tray Cabbage
has the ball in his glove.What is the walk off home run for
the Angels? Ball falls out,home run, two run shot ballgame.

Well, there's another name we needto throw in. And I'm gonna come
back to JV. Brian to brayyou like it to me? And I
know the numbers have been up anddown depending on what snapshot of time you
want to look at the Astros.These guys, this, this seven eighth
ninth is not working, and JoeSpot is getting called in the question by

some Why are you putting Hater inthe situation when he gave you what twenty
five pitches the day before? Sowhy are you going back to Josh Hater
right there? Don't know how toask you. He's your closer, he's
making ninety million dollars. He hadjust pitched two innings. So I'm telling
what people are saying. But thisis Brian to bray you. I've got

some trust issues something else about Verlando. While we go back to that,
and we'll continue to talk Astros baseballon the other side, seven one,
three, two, two fives ofninety. You want to get in on
where you are your thoughts of theAstros resuming action tonight making a move over
to San fran for three games.Sent jv is aging in front of our
eyes. Gordon, he's still good, He's good enough. He was this

team's best pitcher in the postseason,certainly in the ALCS, but his stuff
is not what it once was,and I can I think we're a little
over reaction because we were multiple gamesthis season we've seen that, right,
But but people all were on thatbandwagon against Milwaukee where he gives up the

three on homer. People were doingthat when he did that against the Yankees,
all its seven runs the Yankee stadium, and then he comes back against
the Troy and throw seven shoutout innings. I mean he's still good enough.
His stuff is not what no,no, no, there's ebbs and flows
saying yesterday his fastball was not working. It doesn't mean his fastball is never
gonna work again. And say whyyou extreme because I said he's not the

JA He's not. He's no,he's not as dominant as he once was.
Okay, this is not this isnot sign young JV. I literally
started by saying he's still good enough. He's just not he doesn't have the
stuff he used to do. Iwouldn't even say he's good enough. Justin
Erlander is still one of the beststarting pitchers in baseball. Yeah, yesterday

he didn't have his fastball wasn't working. Every time he third it was it
was like six seven inches outside hisown. He's gonna work on that and
he's gonna come back next time,and his stuff's gonna be working again.
Like I I have faith that it'sgonna be fine. I'm not I'm not
gonna blow. I didn't say cuttingman. I just said he's not as
good as he used to be.But but then what happens if he goes
out? In picture seven? Chaton nads next time, I'm gonna have
the same thing. He is notat least forty one years of age,

okay, but he's still again oneof the best pictures in baseball. Disputing
that he's good. He's not asigned young candidate right now, but he's
still good enough. And where thisteam is the bottom line. We got
five dudes right now. They needJV to all of them. They have
to be the best versions of themselves. And on a day where it was

pretty damn good Friday that he was, on a day where yesterday to me
was you and I spent a lotof time talking about when you get offense,
offense offense? They had offense andthey still lost. Why did they
lose? The pitching wasn't good enough? And there a lot of folks we
can talk about JV's in their group, Brian and Brady's in the group Presley
and Hater of course respectively, theyget tasked yesterday. Overall, the staff

was not good enough. Yeah,I again, I think it's important to
keep taking a step back because whatis the what was the goal? You
know, about a week ago wesaid this team's gotta start winning some series.
And so they've done that, they'vewon two consecutive series. But again,
like you dug yourself such a bighole. Even winning two out of
three, two out of three,two out of three is not gonna get

I mean it will eventually, butlike a sweep heer there would help a
little bit more as well. Andthat's where you know, yesterday feels like
a missed opportunity. It's not justa missed opportunity. Yes today, Let's
go back to the last game ofthe homestand when the Cardinals are here on
Wednesday, June the fifth, onthat the final game of that three game
series was a lot like yesterday afternoonthose who left Wednesday was a wasteppatunia because

the offense didn't show up. Yesterdaywas a wasteppatui because a bull pay and
they need both of those types ofgames are going to rear their heads as
we get to the end of theseason. Let's continue to talk to Astros
Baseball. We have injury updates.I heard Steve Sparks had something to say
this morning with the Shawn Solidburry Show. I thought was good and also a
potential trade piece that the Astros haveto offer. Heard something on Major League

Baseball on MLB Network rather that Ithought was pretty interesting. Home Stros Baseball
KBM ME stand Northfleet. It's justa five, Chris Cordy the next the
next up mentality on your radio OVERBALLAthat you go through prepares you for the
next one. Welcome back to nextTough on Sports Talk seven ninety. Here's

the one O the DZ slider,that's what's hit well, the left field
back on a tucker. There shegoes. Fourth game in a row for
yaer Daz. How do you likethat? Two runs shot at at six
to one. What a week it'sbeen for Yider Homer's and four straight games

after he sat back to back gamesover the last weekend to try and work
on some things offensively, well,it seems like he's worked them out.
How many times did you raize howmany appreciate Robert Ford A stee Sparks Dynamic
duo from Astro's radio network here onSports Talk seven ninety Homers throws baseball Gordon

Yanni and DS four consecutive games.That was Saturday. I do believe Yanna
Diaz had himself a week. Goodto see that his bat has woken up
looking much more like the Yanier Dasall of us were clamoring for. And
give him how productive he was lastyear. And you know, we always
talk about blaming the manager, andyou know, let's give credit where credit's

due. We you know, Yanardaslast play in the game Friday, May
thirty first against the Twins, hewent out for three. We then saw
him not play Saturday or Sunday theweekend prior to this past And I was
at the ballpark that Sunday asked Joespot it, you know, another day
off for yan Ideas and he goes, yeah, you know, we're just

trying to get him, you know, get get his mind reset, get
him refocused, get him refreshed,and get him back out there. And
he gets back out there on Monday, and every game he's played in since,
all what seven games he played lastweek or six, he had a
hit in all six games. Soagain, just you know, we can

we can crap on the manager anddecisions when he's wrong, and there's been
several of those moments this past week. But also give credit where credits due.
When you know a guy, youlook at a guy and go,
this guy needs rest, and peoplego, why did you play him?
We need we need to win games. Yeah, but also it's one hundred
and sixty two days. We gotto get a guy. If two days
of rest is going to get himback in the right mindset, look at
what it does. He's hit allthese home runs now in that same vein

in terms of the lineup, andthe lineup looked a little funky. Alex
Bregman got hit on the hand lastweek. Then he gets hit on the
hand yesterday, so he's out.Last week was the hand, yesterday was
the wrist. They said, whatwas about five inches from where he got
hit. The scare was it wasthe same at you're taking ninety one hundred

balls in the same spot in afew days, that that's going to break
something in there. So Bragman out. He did not go yesterday. Dubon
didn't finish. Dubon had to goplay some third base. That's when you
get Trey Cabbage who ended up havingto go out there in left field.
So you give that we are awaitingnews I did not hear. Maybe you
have it going to x rays onBrigman's net. Yeah, yesterday when he

left the game yesterday, they didX rays on Sunday were negative, and
he's listened to as day to day. Uh. The other part of that
is Kyle Tucker. That's where Iwas. They retroactively put him on the
IL, but the reports are rightnow, the timetables that he's they're expecting
Kyle Tucker back by this Friday,and that would be the tenth day,
and you know he'd be off theIL. So it went from It was
very interesting how they described the KyleTucker thing because it was like, yeah,

they did X rays is nope,there's no structural damage or anything.
He's just in a lot of pain. But they listen to Joe Spot's comments
was it yesterday or the day before? Almost made it seem like, yeah,
we're just waiting on him to tellus when he's ready. In other
words like look at Kyle Tucker going, bro, everything shows you're good.
I know you're saying I'm still hurting. Put some ice on that thing,

Let's get that, let's get thatswelling down or whatever. But like it's
also like, hey, so's thepain gone now. It's just like one
of those things like when I hurtmy arm and they did next ray,
they said there's no break. I'mlike, are you sure? It feels
like it's broken. It feels likeit's so. But anyway, so that
the good news is Kyle Tucker shouldbe back this weekend. The Bregmant thing
will have to track. But againthey're not putting him on IL, so

it sounds like, you know,day to day he might. I wouldn't
expect him out there today me personally, but he could. He very well
could be back out there. Joespot a post game, Alex Bregmant,
what's going on? Yeah, theball got him somewhere like in the risk
area, pretty sore. The Xray kim on negative, So we'll see
how he feels. Small all right, So we'll we'll let you know here

at seven ninety as a station assoon as we get what's going on,
whether that be the lineup this afternoon. I presume there'll be some report somewhere
during the A team late baseball tonightagain, they're playing the San Francisco Giants.
Three game series, seven point thirty. You'll get Astros on deck and

then you get first pitch shortly afteraround eight forty, shortly after eight.
A few more late night games andthen we're out of us then Lord,
and then we get back in theCentral time zone, and then next week
we get into the Eastern time zone. We get some earlier games like that
just not yeah, I mean standingup in bed watching the Astros at eleven
thirty at night. It just didn'twork at times. All right, Well
we have to do it because awe love Stros baseball, and quite frankly,

at that time, there's not muchelse on anyway. All right,
so you post we're talking about Oh, you were mentioning Dubon gets it in
error yesterday, so you're like youmade the comments. See for everybody that
wants Dubon, you move on fromBregman and Dubon goes to third base.
This is the type stuff you mightgeting like for everybody's like Trey Braggman,

get rid of him, and Isay, well, who you're gonna put
a third base? And everybody goesDubon. I'm like, well, Dubon's
a nice filling He's a great utilityguy. He did an admiral job filling
in for Altuve last year, helpedhim win a Gold Glove. But to
just expect he's just gonna do thatevery night and he's ever gonna make any
mistakes is that's a very risky thingto do. And then on top of
it, you put him there everyday as a third basement, then you

don't have a you know, autility man. So it just it creates
another hole for you. But thoseare just those opportunities when we look at
and again we saw it when joseA Brad you came back in immediately for
John Singleton, as many calls aswe got, said our first base the
easiest spot to play. It's theeasiest position you got. I could go
play first base for the Astros.And what we see seeing, uh Brad
those first two games back, acouple of balls that got past him.

It's not as easy as it looks. Sure, So you know how about
him, You say, jose ABray, you couple two for four,
a couple of hits. Blind squirrelfinds a nut every now now he's up
to batting a whopping one thirty two. Jose Brady, you mentioned Trey Alex
Bragman has been connected to baseball peoplereporting. Could the Astros move on?

Try and get something? Da dada da da. And you and I
have kicked it around, you know, to replenish the farm since some how
do you rest the hole at firstbase? What can you get for what?
Guy? Who has value? Whodoesn't? Who is this? This
is MLB Network, And forgive me, Gordy, you might know the analyst
that's making this comment. I don'thave the name in front of me.
You have it, Connor, JohnMorosi, thank you. I'm familiar with

the name. I didn't know whothat was the voice. John Morose is
kicking around the idea on MLB Network. Gordy, you brought this to the
group in preparation for the show,A name that I had not considered potentially
from a trade standpoint, John Morosi, I'm gonna mention one name that I
don't think has been talked about enoughas a possible trade deadline candidate, Jake

Myers in center field. I mentionedJake Myers because he's actually playing exceptionally well.
It's been in a lot of ways, the best year that he's ever
put together in the major leagues.And for that reason, for a somewhat
struggling up and down Astros team,because they've got Joey Lo Praffito from the
Great Hit of New Jersey coming upis now actually at the majorleau level now,

but not playing every day. Youlook at the wa the Phillies have
struggled maybe to get that because it'sa production on the center field. I
would say Jake Myers is a naturaltrade fit to a team like the Phillies
going for it, wanting to maybeshore up that one spot of their club
for the for the trade deadline andbeyond, and that clears the spot for

low Perfido you might be able toget back more because of the years of
control. You wouldn't have said that. We can figure right there, John
Morosi, MLB Network, Gordy,if you didn't hear the full context of
that, he says, watch out. Could the Astros move Jake Myers from
center, put them on the Philliesthey've got a hole there and get some
stuff back that one. You'll haveyears of team control. That one makes

more sense. And this is whereI get into it with people who want
to make trades. When you callin and you want to trade your trash,
that's not how it works. Youcan't trade garbage unless you're trading trade
garbage. You trade. If youmake a trade in baseball, you gotta
give up. You got to giveup something. You gotta give him something
good. Jake Myers playing very wellright now, So that's more viable in
that you've got Joey Lo Pffido,who again they're telling you he's a center

fielder. He keeps playing center field. So that's a move where okay,
you sell, you sell high onon Jake Myers, and maybe even get
an arm like he brought up thePhillies. Maybe I have a surplus of
pitching. Maybe you can get anumber five, number six type pitcher back
into the of the rotation in toreplace the any In the start of that
segment, he talked about the TommyJohn surgeries for or Keaty and for hobve

er So, but that one wasthe first time to media went, oh
that one makes sense. Now onthe flip side, what do you say,
Jake Myers playing very well on theflip side, why would you want
to trade somebody who's playing very wellfor you. This is a like,
this is an anomaly. Jake Myersis going to come crashing back down to
earth in two to three weeks.If there's an area to this Astro's team,

this forty man roster has a surplus. It's in the outfield. I
think they can sustain pulling Jake Myersout. I know you has hadn't been
great. You've already outlined little Bafito. We know that du Bond can also
play center field and right, playedsome left as well, so you can
overcome that. It's just something interesting. I'm not saying they should do it
or they will do it, butit's just something to keep our eyes on

as we get closer to the tradedeadline. All right, let's come back.
I want to continue to talk shows. There's a couple other layers.
I want to get to John onthe northwest side. You'll be next up
Sports Talk seven ninety Next continues hewas not having next. Okay, here's
ten or time, Chris Gordy.He's not happen text okay on Sports Talk.

So at some point you'll get intothe lineup, you know, particularly
maybe the first game in San Francisco. Uh, you know, it's good
to have him back. You know, you know he played well when he
was up here before, and soif we get we can get some playing
time for him, that would begreat. I think he should play maybe
two out of three in San Francisco. You know, we we we can

use the bat short Joe general Manand Chip Tata Brown asked by Robert Ford
pre game for yesterday's nine to sevendefeet for the Strolls. They take two
or three out in Anaheim, askedspecifically about Joey Loperffedo, and he was
called up and we hadn't seen himin the three games he's been called up.

If a Jake Myers he is tradedto another team. John Morosi put
out the idea to the Phillies.If you missed that previous segment, then
low Palfido is gonna have to getsome run. And I can't explain it,
Gordon, but the whole reason theysaid they were sending him down so
he could continue to get swings inthat back. He was sitting on the

bench for over a week with thebig league club and not playing, and
so now you call him up andthe whole reasoning they sent it back down
to Triple A was so he couldget reps every day. And then with
a Tucker, you moved Tucker tothe IL on Friday and you bring up
Lo Perfito and we just w Friday, Saurday and Sunday without low Brafido getting
into a game. And so it'sjust like what you know, and then
he says, oh, you know, yeah, we're gonna try to get

him in there. So okay,he's doing it. He better be in
the line of that night. Isthat Dana or is that Joe? We
don't know. I mean, who'smaking that call. Dana makes it sound
like lineup car. You need togo talk to a spot about that,
right, But then why would aspot just leave? Look, it doesn't
make I don't get it. Man. Now we'll say I mean, Chas
had a nice weekend. He hada big triple that got the rally going

on Saturday, or got the offensegoing on Saturday. And then yesterday he
went two for four and was youknow, had some nice at bats.
So Chaz has played well and Jakekeeps doing his thing. He had two
hits yesterday. But again it's ifyou trust low Brafito, and you think
he's the guy in the In theplaying time we saw from him, it
didn't look like the moment was toobig for him, you know. Then
yes, then then you could affordto sell high on a Jake Myers that

you believe is playing above his head, Like if you truly believe this is
as good as Jake Myers is gonnaget, and he'll never be this good
again, and he might drop offtwo to three weeks from now. It's
so high. If somebody's willing togive you another arm, just just for
insurance, as a number five typerotation for the for the bulk or for
the rotation, then yeah, Iwould. I would make that flip.

But again, I don't know.Other teams are smart too. They may
look at it and say, no, we're not stupid. We're not trading
for Jake Myers, who just happensto be hot right now. But loove
Prafido has not had a big leagueget bat or a big league start since
May the nineteenth. I mean,we're going in almost a month now.
It's just bizarre, just something tokeep your eyes on. Absolutely bizarre talk

some astros Wichie Hooma Astros Baseball legendarKB. I mean seven one three two
one two five seven ninety. Let'sgo up on the northwest side. John,
good morning. Appreciate your patience.Hey Bellows, I'm doing stand.
You did bring something to my attentionof early on that I really had that
I had completely forgotten about that.Uh, they had pitched Hater the night
before. You know, baseball isa long season and these are the league

teams. You're not gonna sweep everyteam that you play. If you get
a sweep, that's nice, that'salmost rare. But the main thing about
baseball is winning the series. GrigBob Rick. Yeah, pitching Hater last
night anyway, if you pitched himthe night before, you know you you
do better pitching anybody else in there. Express hang on for accuracy sake.

Josh Hater last pitch of the gamelast Monday. He hadn't pitched all week,
and then he pitched Sunday. Hehad not he did not pitch on
Saturday because you won that game away. Oh well, Sam just said that
he pisched the night before, Sothat's my bad. Said he didn't pitch.
He didn't play the night before,going he did not pitch on Saturday.
Josh had prior to yesterday had notpitched its Monday. Did Presley go

the night before? Ah? Gota look? Let me look all right,
So it may have been me.I may have said hater and thinking
about Presley. So forgive me forthat one, Joe, I mean John,
excuse me, well, Chris,let me ask you. Where's that
pitcher man that they traded for,think a couple of weeks ago, that
brother that pitched a one hundred andthree miles a mile while mean, he
came in there the first night.I think he gave a run, but

he did. Okay, where's he? Man? He's being hurt or something.
No, you're you're talking about thekid that was triple a l pass
on when got Nick Hernandez they paydids. Yeah, the kid they traded for.
Now, he's pitched in one game, and that was that Wednesday game.
He pitched the scoreless inning. Uhgot three ground balls in that forty
two loss to the Cardinals. Butyeah, that's the only time he's pitched

an Asser's uniform so far. Interesting. Appreciate John's calling. Yeah, it's
it's that old thing of their they'retrying to you know dance with who brought
you? And yes, Presley pitchedin the six to one win on Saturday.
He pitched an inning through twenty fivepitches. That'sive. So I missed
he came to yesterday. There wego. So people, some people are

asking Joe, he had twenty fiveto night before and then you're gonna come
right back and pitch him yesterday.So that has uh, that has popped
up. But he's pitched him backto back days. I mean, it's
it's but it's not the craziest thing. But they're saying it hasn't been good.
And so the column he gave uptwo hits on Saturday, so people
were saying, like he wasn't evenlights out Saturdays. What makes you think

he was gonna come in and belights out on Sunday? Back to the
phone lines, let's go up toCyprus. Friends of the station, friend
of the show, kJ, whatup to you? What up? Fellas?
What up? Chris Man? Realquick man? I remember, I
remember, uh right, the seasonstarted short day after I was along with
you guys in regards to uh theactual pitch of staff. At the time,

we knew that Verlanders last colors andwhat else JP frand right on the
injured reserve Mark. I don't knowif Arkidy and Garcia wanted injured reserve at
the time, but if they weren't, Garcia they done then kistut season on
the active routs this year. Yeah, he got hurt during during spring training.

It came out that he was gonnastart the season all so they had
five or six starting arms on ILto start the year. And we still
had I mean we had we hada Philoma with Rickie season out of JP.
But again, you know, youreally get tested. The second take
the year was the tape the guitar, and we didn't know what was to

get from Christian and we didn't knowexactly what we're gonna get from a farmer,
because farmer can look like Cy Youngwhat game and looked like Michael Young
the next But with that said,the conversation center road, ashtro is making
a trade for some picture and I'mgonna tell you why. I think now
that would have been pivotal out ourgreet with it. This is a revision

of history. This is me justrecapping what I said back then, because
you have the luxury at this pointin the season of being able to do
one or two things. Either havingan abundance up pitting which allows you to
lux you to do it that youguys are talking about now, training off
some potential pitching for potential prospects everybodyother than Alvarez and under over thirty or

over thirty. You could replace thereform system, or you could have viable
options in the rotation for the durationof the season. I'm arroganti os up,
but he's still a question. Andtrue enough Runners had three starts in
a row. That's good. Weused to the back last year and the
earlier part of this year. Sothere's still so many questions marks with this

rotation where right now, had atrade been done for the picture you still
have, you can either have morestability or if anybody was here, you
could have had more trade options forreplenishing the farmers. This one thing that
you guys have to say. Gordonknows why I'm not on that conversation.
And we got into it again hotand heavy when the news came out last
week that both Hobber and er Katywould be lost for the season with both

surgeries which have taken in place already. And I said it then and I
believe it is to be true.I do not believe they added enough on
insurance based on what we knew atthe time. At the time, they
had no clue Ronelle Blanco was gonnalook like that. At the time,
they had no idea that Javier wouldgo on to il for the year need
surgery. But the information they hadat the time, for me, suggests

they could have gone to got somepeople that are better than what is currently
in the rotation or what they hadin sugar Land. Now that's neither here
nor there. We kicked that around. We've done that at nauseum. Dana
Brown Gord is gonna have to makea move, he said as much.
We're gonna have to do something,and the options are not as plentiful and
it may be more expensive. Nowhe didn't say they have to make a

move. They what he said yesterday, And we could play the audio if
you want to. The pregame show. He said exactly, and I laughed
when I heard it. He saidexactly what I said he was going to
say. Robert Ford asked him aboutLuis Garcia and he said, yeah,
you know, Garcia is uh,he's trending in the right direction. And
the timeline is we're gonna try toget him into a you know, a

minor league rehab assignment here in themonth of July. And you know,
here's this quote. Says he's reallyexcited about the progress he made and says
that Luis Garcia is gonna be likeacquiring a guy via trade. That's the
exact line I told you he wasgonna say. So last week he's given
you the line right there, thattrade deadline. We don't have to make

a move. We'll get Luis Garciaback. That's almost like trading for a
great picture. Dana Brown sometime contradictshimself. On The Shawn Salisbury Show last
week, Sean asked him directly,you got to go do something, and
Danny say, we're going to essentiallyexplore options and see what Now. He
gave his company line, if we'realways in the market for pitching, this
is what I mean said, Hesays that all the time. I mean,
it doesn't mean they're gonna go geta guy. All right, let's

let's grab these calls seven one,three, two, two, five,
seven ninety per huge. We'll goin. And I disagree in talking about
the aspells that we can agree.We want them to continue to pull out
of this thing. They do winthe series in Anaheim, find themselves now
six and that game and six anda half games out of first place in
the AL West. Late night Baseballtonight, they've taken the road from uh
what is that the east side ofLos Angeles. They have not made their

way to the Bay Area three gameset with the Giants. Legendre KB of
me. Next up on Sports Talkseven nineteen touchdown Texas coach Stark Here,
you're next up with Stan Northfleet fromChris Gordy on Sports Talk seven to ninety,
Houston's home of Longhorn Football. Ohmy goodness. Uh, you know

what, We're going to continue torely on him, man, He's he's
one of our guys. He's abig part of our bullpen and we we
you know, I believe in him. He's going on. He has gotten
beat outs for us in the passionand he will welcome back in the next

up stand sportsman here, Chris Gordy. Then your home a Astros Baseball Sports
Talk seven ninety. That was managerJoe Aspada when asked postgame yesterday afternoon.
Ryan Presley's fifth blown save of theseason and instant it's they give the they
call it technically a blown but itwasn't. It wasn't like I think of

like ninth inning is you're coming into get the safe, you're up to
two or three and there's three outsto get. That's a save opportunity.
And then you know, if Haterdoes get you give up three four runs
and you lose, it's a blownsave opportunity. It's not necessarily a blown
save. But they in the statsheet they give you the b because you
came in with the lead in theeighth and and you blew it. But

that's kind of how it works again, But it's not he's it's not if
he gets three outs there, hedoes not get a save because you still
got the ninth inning to go.So that's why I say it's it's technically,
by the letter of the law,it is not a save opportunity.
It's a blown opportunity. If aquarterback has a tip pass and the other
he intercepts it. The stat booksays you threw an inn engine. I'm

gonna say you threw an inn thisengine because you did. But by letter
of the law, Josh Hater youknow, was it was it tied when
he give up the home run orwhat was the square? It was tired?
Oh no, yeah, because itwas a walk off. So yeah,
the game was tied and they endedup losing off the two run shot.
Yeah, so you know again,had they had a lead there and
he blows it, it's a blownsave for opportunity for Hater. There,

Hater takes the l He's now threeand four on the year. Montero would
have hold, Brian and Brady woulda hold four four runs earned runs attributed
to Ryan Presley and Josh Hater.This thing just isn't but hey, it's
not working. But this is thestut on Hater since May one yesterday.
The dude was always been sung.He would hit a zero point six eighty

ra. So that's where I'm notlike, I'm not tripping by hey,
and you try to squeeze multiple inningsout of him too, So like,
I don't even I don't even geton Hater. To me, it's it
was all. And let's say Montero, you're not free of claim either,
because you had a seven to fourlead. He made a seven to five.
He gave up a run, soand That's where this conversation is tough.
Stan is we can agree hit rightand the run and the runs scored

it was attributed to Seth Martinez becausethey brought him in to Now, Seth
Martinez puts a couple of guys onand then gets two strikeouts, and then
they go get him and bring inMontero, and I'm like, wait,
Martinez just struck out the last twoguys he faced. Let him finish off
the inning. Instead, they bringin Montero. He gives up the hit
that scores the run, and it'sinherited to Seth Martinez, but it's it
still makes a three run lead totwo run lead. And this is where

the conversation gets tough on. Okay, Ryan Presley, we can't trust him
in the eighth, but by theopposite, I also don't know if I
could trust Montero or Brian and Brayyou because they've both had beat scart You.
Now, overall, the eras aremuch better than Presley on the season.
But don't act like you don't pullyour hair out when a bra comes
in. And then Montero, yetonce every three or four outings he's still

giving up a run when he comesin this pitching conundrum that the Astros currently
find themselves in. JV goes outthere five innings? What four run?
Ball struck out just three hundred andone pitches for JV. The bats did
their job, they put up sevenruns. We can't say anything about the
offense. Necessarily go to the phonelines. I know Gordon has some additional

thoughts on that. We wrap upthis hour Malcolm on the southwest Side.
Good morning, Hey, how's itgoing, guys? I love listening to
y'all on my drive into work andalso when I'm at home riding on my
writing mower, mow in the grass, Grace. I have a question about
Sweetly. I heard his name acouple of months. Is he I know,
obviously I guess he's still in theminors, But did the Astros release

him or is he still working tocome up to the big leagues or do
y'all know anything about Forced Whitley?Gordon? Yeah, you got an update?
What you got on Forst Whitley Gorder? This was Chandler Rum had this
a week ago today. This isuh. These were updates from Dana Brown
last Monday when he spoke him ina made park for Whitley has resumed throwing,
most recently through twenty pitches in alive VP. So that was that

was the last update we got andthat was a week ago. So Malcolm,
I don't take that as far asWhitley's coming to save the day.
I know he was on the bigleag squad. I ain't counting no for
as Whitley. I'm not thinking aboutLace mccullis. Who was that other boy
that came up, Blair Henley.We're done seeing him. They're going,
They're gonna have to go. Yeah, I still got my faith in Forced

Whittley, but you know what Imean, all the ups and downs he's
been having throughout the year and inhis early in his career, I think,
I don't know, I think he'sa wash up. I think he's
a lost cause at this point intime. But you never know, you
know, I still have faith inhim. And you know, I always
listened to the Ashtos games and I'mat work, so I'm not worried about

it now. Yeah, Bullpen's notthe best, but hey, it's still
almost halfway through the season, sowe'll see how it goes. My man,
Malcolm, thank you for the calling. Support ahead, all right,
thank you. Let me let megive you a couple of names to keep
an eye on, because if thesituation were to arise where something were to
happen with a Verland or a fromberA, Hunter Brown, any of these
guys who were one through five,if anything would have happen to these guys

in these next couple weeks before weget to the All Star break. Uh.
Dana Brown said yesterday that two guyswho were pitching well on Triple A
AJ blue Ball and Colton Gordon.Colton Gordon is considered one of their top
prospects in the system. Colton Gordonis ranked higher than some of the other
names that have been in the system, higher than Arragetty and others. H
The other one to keep an eyeon is Jake Bloss. He was one

of their draft picks from a yearago. He's in Double A and throwing
very well. Dana Brown singled himout. He said we would not roll
out. Uh well, he saidwe'd move him up to Triple A at
some point, but he also saidwe wouldn't roll out rule out bringing up
a guy from Double A straight tothe Biggs mine. It's happened I mean,
yes, it's happened, but Idon't don't get me started. I

don't. I don't think that's thebest course of action. But I have
to trust the people that are gettingpaid. But also look around. Paul
Skeens for the Pirates. Yeah,he came up. He didn't even know
you were ago at this time.He was pitching for LSU and OMAL.
He's been up here in the bigleagues for weeks. Over the weekend,
the Braves brought up a kid thatthey drafted last year from Florida, really
high, who was a draft pickand he and he made his debut over

the weekend. So we're seeing moreand more guys are coming up very quickly
through the system. If they're producinghim pitching well, and this kid,
Jake bloss Is want to keep aneye on that, they may give him
an opportunity. But again he's behindBlue Bond Gordon. If something happened,
say tomorrow, with any of fromberor Erlander, aj blue Ball or Carlton
Gordon would be the top candidates tocome up and make a start. Comrade

James, wrap up real quick forus, brother, how you feel.
I don't see what the problem iswith trying Brian Abrah and setting impressingly down
at this point, you know,it makes logical sense to me. That's
what I have. Thank you,Comra. James Yark could have sent him
down. Ryan Presley will still pitchfor this team. He just all we're

saying is take him out of thehigh leverage eighth inning spot. He would
pitch him the sixth or seventh instead. Yeah, That's where I'm at,
Like, you've got to do somethingdifferent. We've seen Bregman get taken down
the lineup obviously, the jose Hbray you situation. We've seen guys be
moved around. I don't understand whyPresley would be any different. At the

end of the day, we sawYan and Diaz Yanni and Diaz had to
be taken out of the lineup fora few nights, and he came right
back in and got the work.And so maybe a change of scene Andy
meaning not in his usual spot forRyan Presley might do him some good.
All right. We will also doyou some good if you are thinking about
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good people at JB. Thibodeau Homesand Properties. They are not your average
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the next man up, Next
stop, the next step, takethe next step, next up, stop,
next, next up. This teamwants to be next. This is

next Up with Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's see what's next next next.
Second half of the show underway herein the Sports Talk seven ninety studios,
nestled in between Uptown Park and RiverOaks. We're in the galleria, stay
in Northfleet, me Chris Gordy,him Connady McGovern on the other side of

the glass. They appreciate him workingwith us and making sure we get things
in order. Like the guest lineand we go there. Now you are
familiar with his work. He wasour text or is our Texans inside of
NFL Efficionado one. Aaron Wilson wasat Mini Camp Mandatory Mini Camp over at
the Houston Methodist Training Center. Thatwas last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

A Doubs, good morning to you, ma'am. Good morning guys. How
you doing all right? Looking good? Uh? We will get to some
news that you have there. Isaw that you broke a story on a
what is now former Texan, Butlet's talk about the current Texans. What
stood out to you at camp lastweek? Kamari Last for Kamori Last or

Kamari Last. Oh, he's breakingreally well on the football. Yeah.
On Stefan Diggs, Stefan Diggs,Kamary Lasted. It was not locking up
Stefan Diggs. My word is notyours. He undercut a pass that was
you know, intended for an openstuff on he knocks it away. There's

you know, a few videos outthere, but I saw him do it.
I watched him. I've watched himdo it in real Steed, And
what I would say is he reactedwell against a Pro Bowl guy. Normally
rookie corners struggle, but he isvery comfortable and I don't even care if

a player does get beat. That'sexpected because the offense, especially in these
situations, they know where they're going. You don't know where they're going.
You're just trying to keep up withthem, and there's no pass rush.
So you know, he shadowed himwell, he had his moments. We
haven't seen Jeff Okuda assert himself inthat manner, and we're seeing last year

making a bid for playing time whenwe're hearing from the coach to Nika Ryans
that he's trending up, that heyou know, basically he's making his move.
So for him to be the starter, you know, he's going to
have to stack more days like that. And of course you know he's known
as a hitter. He's a goodtackler, one of the reasons they drafted
him. But this was encouraging.So yeah, that was one of my

bigger takeaways was okay Kamari last year, not that we were like, oh,
he's bad, it's just you know, or a bad pick. I
mean, you don't know until youstart to see it. I know he's
faster than that forty times. Imean I think that he was. I've
heard several times that he was injuredand that's why the time was so slow.
But he doesn't look slow. He'srunning well with the receivers. You

know, I'm not putting him inthe Hall of Fame yet or anything,
don't put him for the gold jacket. But no, he looked pretty good.
I also thought that, you know, the timing with Diggs keeps getting
better with CJ, so they havestarting to build some chemistry and then Tank,
they'll looked even better this week orsure last week, any days during

his first week back. So veryimpressed with how quickly Tank has come back
after the medical ordeal and the trauma, you know, being shot through the
leg. But he's he looked goodout there. What's interesting, hearin on
the the Steven Nelson announcement, isyeah, I mean he still looked like

he had a lot of football leftto play. I mean he had.
This is a guy who had fiveseven a year ago. Is this one
of those like, yeah, I'mretiring, but if somebody calls and really
needs me, I'll want to retire. Yeah, exactly. And that's why
he made it a point to saythat, because if someone was to you
know, if it was a goodfootball situation and a good money situation.

Money situation be very important. Thenyes, they're gonna have his wife,
They're gonna have a baby next month. That's was a really important consideration for
him, as well as what themarket was saying. But I mean he
had I confirmed this with I waseven contacted by general managers about Steve asking

questions like wanted to know more abouthis price, what was Steve looking for?
Things like that, and just thatyou know, how was he,
you know, playing all that stuff? And yeah, I mean he had
offers, including the Texans before theysigned on Kuda, but you know,
you have to like the offer,and you know, I think for some

people they don't understand it. Butit's you know, it's a real personal
decision. Whatever you think you're worthas a player or if you're a broadcaster
or writer or whatever you do,real walk of life. And so that's
his decision. I mean, he'splayed nine seasons, he's coming off of
a really good year with the FivePicks, and you know, he was

a team captain. You know,I don't think the social media stuff that
doesn't have anything to do with it. That's something that fans make an assumption
about there's plenty of teams and thatdoesn't come up like they were calling.
They're calling David Mullagetta and his otheragent, Tray Smith. So I mean
there's there was activity, it justdidn't really you know, intentionally make it

out there. I mean, butyeah, I put up some teams and
you know, the Raiders and Giants. They just recently we're talking about,
you know, would you accept anoffer if we offered this that type of
thing, and you know the answerwas no, not of this time.
So yeah, I mean it's hisdecision, and you know, I think
ultimately, you know, he's gotto be accountable for himself and his family,

not you know, what fans are, media, whatever thing he should
do. So you know, that'sas a decision. He's really comfortable with
it when we talked yesterday and hada good conversation about and wrote the piece.
But yeah, it's been going thisway for a while that you know,
the number wasn't what he wanted andI'm totally cool with this. Right

Listen, the Texans aren't winning moregames because Steven Nelson is out there.
He's an average This is me.My word is not yours answer. Stephen
Nelson is an average starting coin inthis league. He can help a team,
no question, but at his ageand the money that they're talking about,
I'm totally fine with this team movingon from Steven Nelson. I don't
think that's a big deal. Againmy words, I may come to those

words later on. Later on.We believe no, No, I mean,
he was proven number two corner.I think the other argument, the
other side, just look at itfrom all angles, is that number two
corners generally, you know, arepaid pretty well now, like you know,
so let's say like a Darius Williams. I mean, he got a
ten million dollars a year, notthat much younger than him, so it

there are comparisons to where their corners, you know, kind of with similar
credentials. But yeah, thirty one. To me, he just turned thirty
one in January. He definitely hadsomething left. I mean it was he
was capable of intercepting more passes andmaking more plays. But I mean,
yeah, we're not talking about itall pro. We're talking about a good
corner. What a reliable is.We'll see what teams are looking for,

like can you go out there andyou know, hold it down and not
get torched so you know, thetruth is and they, like you probably
get these calls all the time,like why don't they have this safety or
why don't they have this sea tackle. It's not an all star team,
Like you can't have every player viaAll Pro you or a Pro Bowl.
You have to have some guys arejust there are good players that you feel

good enough to have when you're startingeleven on either side of the ball.
So, I mean that's kind ofwhy teams make economic decisions. I mean,
some guys get paid a lot.Some guys get paid like the middle
class. He was a middle classyou know kind of salary. You know,
they even give him a raise lastyear. But it's fine if all
the time it is good. Yourfootball team is not necessarily the starting twenty

two. Your football team is reallylike players twenty to forty. Those are
the dudes that make up the bulkof what your season is going to look
like. Aaron Wilson, you seehis work. You read his work on
Sports seven ninety dot com as wellas on his social media at Aaron Wilson
underscore NFL up again. And Iwant to come back to guys that still
play for the Texans. I amfascinated. We talked on Friday, Gordon,

I believe we kicked around this defensereally just front seven some new faces,
actually a lot of new faces.What did you the sense that you
get from a leadership standpoint from guyslike Aziz al Shaire, guys like Deniko
Andre, guys like Danil Hunter,from a mini camp standpoint, what can
you add? It's been special,especially with Aziz al Shair as that field

general kind of extension of Deniko Ryans. Their communication is really on point and
he understands exactly how Denico wants itto look, and he's the leader to
the point. Like when you probablyheard Will Anderson Junior that bite about how
he was complaining about something and cussedout by a viz. He coldly said,

you know, you know, stopeffing complaining, and he's checking Pro
Bowl de per Turk of the year. At first he said it hit him
the wrong way and he said,man, he's right. So a guy
like that the whole super accountable.But it's also more importantly sideline, the
sideline one hundred and sixty three tackleslast season. A talented guy. We've

got to know him a little bitat some of these commedia events. His
story is impressive. Him and hisfamily, they were homeless growing up in
the tamp area. He was,you know, an undrafted guy. He's
a self made success story. Yeah, I think it really jumps out.
But guys like the Neil Hunter,the mentoring with a Will Anderson, Danil

is a special athlete and pass thresherthat stands out too. And then Autrey
is all football player. He's atough guy. He just Dimiko called him
unbreakable. I haven't seen a lotof people that are able to block him.
You saw the Texans had a lotof problems blocking him in the South
Division with the Titans. And Iknow he's a little bit older, but

I mean he can still hunt.That guy is a tough, tough,
tough type of guy and he getsoff blocks. He plays it the right
way. He can play inside oroutside. And it's a nice piece for
them. And it didn't cost thema ton. I believe it was two
years, twenty million, and sothey made a good investment in him.
And I would be surprised if hedoesn't, especially with the blocking attention on

Will Anderson and Hunter. If hedoesn't make a lot of plays, we'll
see what the stats line up like. But I think he all those guys
were good ads to the defense andthey shouldn't be stouter against the run.
I believe with Al Shaier as goodas Blake cashm was, this guy is
an upgrade Aaron. We're a coupleof weeks away here, I guess a

month and a half from training campand everything getting underway. Any you foresee
everybody being ready to go. AndI asked that, what the simple thought
of Larbie Tunsall and Titus Howard stoppingout there? I mean, do you
expect everybody's gonna be a full gowhen this thing really ramps up. I
don't know if the first day.I think they'll have to get them acclimated

from a football standpoint and conditioning.So when they come back, I believe
July eighteenth will be the first daythat we're out there. I think there
might be something of a ramp upperiod for both of those guys. There's
also other injury rehabs. So you'retalking about Noah Brown from a torn laborer.
He wasn't practicing during the mini camp, so that's in question. And

then there are some players with minorinjuries like Andrew Beck had a calf strain.
I think he'll be full go bycamp. Hildarius Pain, the good
drafted riggedy tackle, had a strainedhamstring. He expected to be ready for
the start of camp. But thebig ones to watch are Noah Brown,
Titus Howard and Laramie Tonslaw. LaramieI was at his football camp yesterday in

the bubble and I thought, youknow, he's playing catch with the kids.
He's having a good time and seemsfine. I think he'll Prairie Tap
Heart. He's completely on track,and Demiko said that as well. Titus
Is injury was a lot more serious. Laramie had a knee scope, a
real simple one. He had hisknee drained a few times. He played
hurt last yeon. He didn't reallylike seek attention of that, but he

did play through some pain, andI don't think that it was his best
season because of his health. Ithink that might see, like, you
know, kind of Laramie from twoyears ago, that kind of level this
year, now that he's had timeto rehab and get his knee right.
But yeah, they're in pretty goodshape health wise, and they don't have
anybody coming off of really a terrible, terrible injury. I even think they'll

get Dylan Horden back out there.I mean, he has missed a lot
of time because of his cancer.Treatment is the stage four that he's now
in remission for really spirayal And itwas cool to see him out there just
watching with his teammates, and helooked like he'd been able to put back
on some of his side. Obviouslyyou get you know, treatment for stage

four Hotchinson thoma. Sure, yeah, it's going to take a toll on
you physically, but you know thatguy's bag back and I know, just
like I met you the third nofollowing a similar path there it is.
Please continue to follow his work andsupport the station at the same time he
is at Aaron Wilson Underscore NFL.You can see his work at Sports seven

ninety dot com. Appreciate what back. By the way, I guess we're
up against Jimpson fourteen. Development isnow the Commanders. Okay, cool,
we'll talk some more about that.Gordon has got to get a read in.
We'll appreciate you a the catch onthe side appreciation man, Gordon Astros
Baseball tonight. Yeah, a couplemore late night games a couple more nights

hanging out at the crib and drinkingsome Crawford Back from Carbock Brewing. A
lot of you folks were enjoying them. I was at the golf course of
the weekend at the Live Golf Tour, and you know what, they were
serving plenty of the Crawford Bach cans. It was good to see. They
had the nineties throwback, the bluecans with the star, remember the days
of Jeff Bagwell and those guys.One are those uniforms, so you know
you got the tequila sunrise stripes onthe Crawford box. You also got to

throw back to the nineties Astros colorswith those the blue with the with the
gold star and whatever it is,whatever the can looks like. You know,
it's refreshing and god, it washot out there at the golf course,
so it was nice to enjoy thesweet taste of Crawford back. It
is a home run every time.Make sure you get your hands on some
Crawford Bock. If you watch theAstros this week, it is the taste
of victory. Who's got next next, what's coming next? What do we

do next? And who's gotta takeit to the next level. Back to
Stanton Northfleets and Chris Gordy. Thisis next up on Sports Talk seven ninety.
Welcome back in the next up hereon a Monday laugh from the Sports
Talk seven ninety studios stand sportsman ChrisGorny. Specially thanks to our brother Aaron

Wilson dropping some knowledge on this Texansmandatory minichamp last week and so that business
has come and gone. You cango back to Sports seven ninety dot com
on a free iHeartRadio AP and listento that interview and the information in its
entirety. Gordy on the way out, he mentioned that there were there is

a personnel move that is permeating throughoutthe building over there at NRG, and
I was not familiar with this individual. Dylan Thompson is a personnel man that
is leaving the Texans. He's headingto the Washington Commanders. I did not
know the dude. I'm familiar withthe role, but I didn't know a

guy. So Will Anderson was actuallyasked by a friend of the show,
John Crumpler, and he had thisto say, as it partakes to John
Crumpler. By the way, he'san analyst for USA Today's the Texans Wire.
He does a really good job.He's also member of the Pro Football
Writers of America. John Croppler askedWill Anderson Jr. How critical was Dylan

Thompson to the development of he andthe rest of that rickey class. Yeah,
most definitely. I would say DylanThompson. He was our player personnel
guy. He's no longer with us. He's with the Washington Commanders saying,
you know you see me. There'sno Willanders without Dylan Thompson. Man,
he took our whole rookie class.Can attest to the same thing. He'll
say the same thing. Tank willsay the same thing, like he helped

his rocket class be able to doso many great things on and off the
field. Man, And for himit was always just baried in the football.
He was like, I don't Ican't really care less about the football,
Will, I just want to knowthe person, the human Will like,
who are you outside of football?And spiritually he was great, like
he connected us even more with God, taught us how to be great leaders,

how to change our mindset scenes likethat, and he's like always one
call away. So that's one guyI can say in the NFL, which
you don't see a lot who isreally a great guy and junior courtesy of
John Kruppler and the Texans Wire courtesyat USA Today. And make sure I
attribute all the day, Well,you did you know going to this Dylan
Thompson was this impactful for what theygot going on over there. I didn't,

and we hadn't heard his name ina while. And let me rewind
the story here a little bit.I mean, I remember Dylan Thompson from
his time as you know, hewas a quarterback at South Carolina back in
the day. Dylan Thompson had alot of ties to Jack Easterby and was
brought in in February of twenty twentyone, hired as the director of team
development for the Texans, reuniting withJack Easterby with the Texans because of course

Jack Easterby was at South Carolina backin the day when when Dylan Thompson was
there. So but the thing Iheard was he was with the Lions is
there. You know, he washired as a quote character coach and it
was a role that that Jack Easterbyhad had for a while and then kind
of parlayed that into a player developmentor whatever. But I remember when they
brought him in it was a littlescary because we were like, oh,

gosh, is this another is thislike, is this gonna be Yeah,
I mean he really is. That'swhere he came from, and that's what
was scary. But at least thethought was Thompson had bounced around a couple
spots here and there. He had. He had worked with Charleston Southern for
a little bit again, hired onthe recommendation of Jack Easterby back in twenty

seventeen there and then was with theLions for a couple of seasons as their
quarterback as their character coach, andthen came to the Texans and honestly hadn't
heard his name much at all,didn't even really realize he was still around.
So to hear those guys at leastWill Anderson, you know, vouch
for him. Okay, that's good. Now he is leaving and he's going
on to the command Washington Commanders.The best of luck to him there.

But but yeah, I mean,it's it's it's it was. It was
scary and how much control Jack Easterbygot behind the scenes. But it was
scary too at the time of havingguys who were in his hip pocket that
would do whatever you know was said. But interesting that he hung around through
the changing regimes and you know,let me had this and it could be

something, most likely nothing. Iam surprised we haven't seen more Demico guys
show up in year two, Likeyou got to come in that first year,
you bring your you know, initiallieutenants with you, but then guys
have contracts in other areas they needto fulfill those relationships and obligations to the

requisite teams. But I am surprisedthat we are and maybe this role will
be replaced by a Demico guy.Maybe it won't, don't know, It's
just something. As I was thinkingabout this guy's role, Dylan Thompson,
I was like, huh, Iwant to not come more Miko guys hadn't
showed up. Maybe they will.Who's the D line coach? Now?
Who is the D line coach?Roderick Wright? Right? Because I thought

the whole thing was the guy whowas the D line coach before was it
was kind of us It contract endedand was like all right, well thanks
for all you did, but we'regonna go in another direction. Yeah.
Over the weekend though, and Ithink this did not come out, or
maybe it came out on late Friday. I'm not sure. Did you see
the Texans Bears preseason game? TheBears Texans kickoff TV preseason August the first

that is out and Hall of Famegame can't Ohio seven pm local time,
ESPN ABC. Yeah. What cameout on Friday was it was the preseason
TV national schedule, so any gamesthat would be Natalie broadcast, the Texans
only have the one. They have, the Hall of Fame game, which

is on the ESPN ABC. Butwhat's interesting this year is the second preseason
game they get it. It's aFriday night, and again I didn't it's
just gonna be local. It's sixo'clock kick, It's no Fox, and
nobody else picked it up. Butthen the next two preseason games are both
Saturdays at noon. I just findthat interesting because we've had a couple of

Saturday game, but it feels likealmost all the preseason games typically or on
a Friday night or Saturday night,and then that last one was typically always
a Thursday night, but that's changednow. It's just kind of interesting we
have two Saturday games at noon andthose are the weekends right before college football
kicks off. Also over the weekend, as in yesterday, MAVs go down,

MAVs go down zero and two,and some people are saying this series
is over. Gordon, I'm tryingto pull up the box score so I
can give somewhat of an insight asto I'm not surprised that the MAVs didn't
win one of the games. Weknow Game one was a blowout, never
in it more competitive was Game two. I ask you, are the MAVs

done? Game three Wednesday night atAmerican Airlines sent up in downtown Dallas.
Dallas is actually favored by a pointand a half right now, coming up
on Wednesday, Are the MAVs done? Well? It's funny we see a
report yesterday morning that says Luca isquestionable for tonight's game with backheads. I
was like, oh, god,shit, all right, is he not

gonna play? He not only doeshe play, but he scores thirty two
props and they played. It wasway more competitive than Game one. There's
two ways to look at this.I mean the easy way he is to
look at it and go yeah,Celtics have dominated the series so far.
And they're gonna run away with thisthing. I think I said Celtics in
five. Uh. The other wayto look at is, if you're the
Mavericks, look at is, Hey, all we gotta do is w hold

serf. They won their two firstgames at home, which they were supposed
to do. Now we come toDallas. Now we've got to hold serf.
Weve got to win our games here. So there's different ways to look
at it. But I mean,yeah, it just looks like there's a
discrepancy that the Celtics are the moreclearly more talented team. Now they could
come to Dallas and shoot terribly,and you know, the game of basketball,

you know what is it's a makea misleague. Then we get tired
of hearing that the issue is Kyrie. Kyrie hasn't gone nuclear yet. And
to some degree, it sounds likethe Celtics saying, look, even if
you let Kyrie and or lukeul getoff, the two of them shitt in
Trump Tatum. Right now, MaysonTatum is the odds on favorite to be
Finals MVP, followed by Jaylen Brown. Christaps Porzingis had a moment in Game

one, and so I just thinkthey have Drew Holliday can give you spurts.
They have so many guys. DereckWhite, I mean we could keep
going. Al Horford streak itself.He can step back and knock some down
in the pick a roll game.So it's just interesting. How will Dallas
come back this? How will JasonKidd? How will he dig in his
bag and make this thing competitive?I have Mavericks in six to start,

Mavericks lose game three wins a night, and this thing is curtains all right.
Speaking of I mentioned that Dallas isa one and a half point favorite.
I very on Matt Thomas and Iwill be spending some time this evening.
Gordy, I'll tell you guys moreabout that. On the other side,
as it involves our local sports team, professional football, that is Sports

Talk seven ninety. Half an hourfrom now to Matt Thomas show, He
and Ross Field Real the legendary KBMMENext Up continues on your computer. Listen
to Sports Talk seven ninety on anydevice with our free iHeartRadio as something no

stop Sports Talk seven ninety. Weare Next Up is the name of the
show. Fleet Gordead Connedy McGovern hangingout, kicking it on a Monday.
Astros lose the third game, agetaway game yesterday afternoon, nine to seven,
walk off fashion home run, tworun shot ends the game. Trey
Cabbage has it in his glove andthen he doesn't, and that is the

game. Bullpen trash yesterday. Notthe best justin Verland that we've seen hat
run support, though Stroz put upseven runs. Steve Sparks one half of
the Astros radio network. He wason the Shawn Salisbury Show this morning.
I want to get to some thingsthat I heard from Sparking that I think

are really really good. Astros Latenight Baseball again, three game series versus
the San Francisco Giants. Stay righthere on KB and ME throughout the course
of the day and into the evening, as we will bring you back back
out to the phone lines. Now, i gotta tell you something real quick,
Gordon. I'm gonna after the show. I'm probably gonna have a light
lunch somewhere, probably a salad,and I'm gonna wait till tonight because the

gentleman that comes up after this show, his name is Matt Thomas. He's
the radio voice of the Rockets.He and Rossville. I'll do the Matt
Thomas show each weekday from noon tothree. Oh, mister Matt Thomas,
who does astros on deck. I'veheard him do tenth inning obviously, he
does great work radio play by playman for the Rockets. Oh, Gordon,

he tried to step into some NFL. He tried to challenge your boy
on some NFL. So we hada gentleman's wager. He said the Texans.
He took the under. The overwas it opened Texans last year?
Opened at five and a half.I think it got up to six.
I took the over. He owesme misteak dinner. We're going to get

that paid off tonight. Gordon.Should I take it easy on Matt Thomas
and get like normal regular stuff thatI eat anyway? Or do I go
hard? I'm talking about we're talkingTomahawk. We're talking about a couple old
fashions of some top shift bird andmaybe, Gordon, how should I approach

Matt Thomas paying off his beath tonight? Because there will be video? I
don't know. I'm I have alittle bit if I if even when I
went to bet with somebody, Imake I make it somewhat reasonable. Connor
should I have chicken, and I'llget chicken and stuff steak all the bleep
that Matt Thomas says on these programsabout your boy and about everybody. I'm

going hard at Matt Thomas, butjust know next time or to that is
flipped, he's gonna go equally ashard as you, So you gotta be
prepared for the Connor. You alsohelped produce and run the board for the
Matt Thomas Show. How should Iapproach tonight with Matt? Oh? Should
I get some of that Camus bottleof wine? Little silver oak? I

think I should make him pay?What about you, Colin? When you're
betting with your dudes, do youlike let your guys off the hook when
you win the bet or do youcash in full value? It depends on
intense the bet is and how muchhow much talk was was was going on
during the bet? Oh, thisone was intense. I mean I'm getting
daily. First of all, MetThomas text me every other show anyway to

say some bleep. So he hadsaid anything today. He knows it's coming.
So because of who it is,Matt Thomas, get that wallet ready,
Philip prepared Land wants to chop itup here before we hear from Seve
sparts, what a Philip, Oh, you have to make Matt Thomas pass.
You must. Oh, it's noquestion to me though, No,

must must go ahead. Yeah,he deserves it. He You know,
I listening his show a wife,you know, I listened to you know
you guys and Sean. But yeah, yeah he. I don't know,
Connor, I hope you'd still takemy calls if I call in turn that.

But yeah, he I'm not gonnaput Connor on the spot, but
he definitely he definitely, uh Dan, he gives you know, I don't
know, it's subtle. It's subtle, but I don't know. Yeah,
yeah he does, so, yeah, definitely go ahead, Philip. What's
your question? We all do absolutelymy you know I wanted to. I

wanted to how are the Mavericks favored? Ybody explain that to me? Appreciate
the call Philip and Pale and Iknow you're still listening to Philip. How
the Mavericks? To me, it'sreal simple, going to home court at
the Mavericks. Just getting credit fornow that can change poorsingis is that his
leg's fine. He feels like he'llbe able to go. I suspect Luca

will be able to go. I'vegot nothing for you other than home court
is why the Mavericks are one anda half point favorite. Now what I
did not look at, Gordon.Let's go to the old basketball power index.
Let's see what this looks like.I'm just curious what they say.
You know, ESPN has the wholeESPN Bet. So ESPN bet has the

matchup predictor fifty six point four percentof their simulation say the Celtics will actually
win. So Vegas is saying onething. The four letter Network is saying
something else. For whatever that's worth. Dumb. No home court is all
I can tell you now one.All right, So speaking of home court,
here at seven nine, I'm gettingready for the show. Gordon and
we were listening to the Shawn SaalisburyShow and Steve Sparks joined for a weekly

and Sparky had a few things healways does, but he has something specific
about leadership that stood out to me. And yes, the Astros win the
series against the Angels, so wefeel good about that. But when I
look at the last two series thatthe Astros have won most recently outside of
the A's, it was the SaintLouis Cardinals here at home last Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday. They take twoof three. Okay, gord it,
but both third games were there forthe taking, and as you said,
against the Cardinals, it was thethere was no offense, and then yesterday
afternoon, the pitching slash defense wasn'tat a winning level. And it's just

something like the Astros are gonna needthese winnable games. You have to have
those because it's gonna come down tothe wire and it's just an unfortunate opportunity.
It made me think about leadership,and Shawn Salisbury asked these Sparks specifically
about the leader ship on this team. I'd like to hear what you guys
have to say. Let me hearStarks please. Well, I've been thinking

about that a little bit. So. Twenty twenty two, the Cardinals win
their division, and whenever there's ameeting on the mound, there was only
one person talking. Last year theyfinished in last place after he retired.
Yep, last year, Maldonado wasthe only person talking on top of the

mountain when there was a meeting.One guy was talking Buster Posey when he
was the Giants. Through those championshipyears. One guy talking and when he
left, the team went in thetank. And I'm not saying I mean
there can be different voices. I'mjust saying there was one voice at that
time, and I think that matterswhen one guy is taking control and he's

a natural leader. And there's thatwas half of along with Robert Ford,
the Astros Radio Network, Gordy Sparkyas you heard there, and we can
respond on the other side to thisas well. I'm gonna just lay this
outlet'sten open up the phone lines aswell. Seven one, three, two,
five, seven ninety Buster Posey Molina. Who else did he mention?

Uh? He mentioned last year Maldonado. Last year he's saying like, here
are catchers that when things are nippedand tucked, they got to the mound.
We're gonna hould up and we're gonnaget the ship righted right now.
When those three people left those organizations, at least we're we're what half a

season, not even into Maldy notbeing here. Do they have a leadership
scenario over there? And then who'sthe leader when it is time for something
to be said? I think that'soverplayed it because it's it's funny Li Lima
and sh and Salizburg were kicking around. They were like, because the Lima
goes, they really haven't had thatvocal leader. Yeah, and it's been
a multiple world series and won acouple in spite of it, so it's

not look al tuo Vea is theleader, but he's by no means a
very vocal guy. He leads byexample Corre would, but he had a
couple bad postseasons where he didn't perform, and it's like if he gets up
there goes, guys, we gota rally troops. They're look at him
going, bro, you've betten liketwo hundred. So like to me,
it's I think it's overplayed. Ithink it's just a lot of how you

set the foundation of your organization,and they've done such a good job at
that that they haven't really needed it. Well. Look, when George Springer
was here, he was the jokester. He was running around the clubhouse,
tap a guy on the shoulder andrun away and that kind of stuff,
keeping things light. But when theylost Springer, things can fall apart.
When they brought in Michael Brantley,he brought in this reserved you know,
very quiet, calm demeanor. Butwhen he got hurt and wasn't playing,

they didn't, you know, fallapart. It's just at times when somebody's
had to step up and speak.Verlander's been that guy. But really Altuve
is the cruck. He's the leader. He's just not outspoken and all right,
man, let's rally up, andyou know, like that's just that's
for movies like that. That's notevery team needs that. Some guys just
lead by example. As someone thathas been in locker rooms most of my

adult life, I feel very differenton the football is different. Football is
different from baseball. I'll tell youwhy on the other side. Next up,
Sports Talks seven ninety, Talking stroslegendary KB and Me with your non
Next up pictures, tremble with fear. You're right all the rest of the
country. Run over with Northfleet andGordion. Next up Bellies, tremble with

hunger. Lunchtime is so close untilthen, shout out on more. Next
up, a final segment for ushere on a Monday instide of Sports Talk
seven ninety studios here in the galleria, Matt Thomas Rosberry are coming your way
in about ten minutes. Stand sportsmanme and Chris Gordy him at stan sports.

Excuse me as sports Talk seven ninetyis us talk to some strolls,
because that's what we do around here, your Homer Astros baseball and Gordi.
I played a bite from Steve Sparks, who is half of the radio team
for the Astros, and he joinedSeawn Salisbury this morning, and Sparky says

a form of play in his ownright. Sparky says that he just looks
at leadership and other teams, andit happened to be the catcher position when
things got tight, when it werekey moments, and let's be clear,
the Astros let one get away fromthem yesterday and it happened to be the

third game of a series. Innow back to back series, opponents winnable
games, the game was there,dropped the ball. Sparky says, it
happened to be catcher. You know, he talked about Molina, he talked
about Buster Posey, he brought upMaldonado. So it just stems this conversation

about leadership. We heard what youhad to say to close the previous segment.
I was just gonna say, Imean, the thing is like and
people want to tie this to youanerdeasthe only way he could ever get there
is playing every day. And youknow that's that's where we keep harping back
on. You know, the biggestcriticism of Dusty was not playing Yanert has

enough last year, and you know, then he gets in and it's catching
guys for the first time this yearand we're wondering why they're not on the
same page. I don't know,maybe if he'd have caught him some more
last year and kind of built upthat rapport. It's not to say not
every catcher is that guy. It'snot to says can't get to that point
sometime. But the only way hegets there is time is playing over time.
But I also think on the flipside, his bat has been a

blessing and it has been. Ithas certainly helped this team in the last
couple of weeks. And wants tomake the case of oh, they should
have kept Maldonado, but looking outhis bat that's doing in Chicago, they're
ready to stand. There's a runninggag right now all Star voting open.
The White Sox fans are saying Maldonadois so bad let's vote him into the

All Star Game, and they're allvote sending all these thousands of votes for
him. That's tough. I'm abig leadership culture guy team meetings, and
I heard Sean talk about this onhis show this morning. I believe team
meetings can go a couple different ways. A lot of times it's just grown
dudes in there bitching, finger pointing, too much, Provido, too much

TESSAs Ron and nothing actually gets accomplished. But I've also been a part of
team meetings where it did the organizationgood that somebody said what needed to be
said. It doesn't always have tobe calling you out. Some things just
need be addressed. I remember onetime I was on the team and the

night life had gotten away from us. Guys were putting as much time out
in the street as they were puttingin the facility. That's a bad ratio.
We're not winning anything with that mindsetand with those habits. Somebody needed
to say it. The appropriate peoplesaid what needed to be said. So
it was calling out the situation oraddressing the elephant in the room. It

wasn't necessarily targeting certain individuals on thisAstros club. I don't know yes,
JV has led a team meeting.I think that was the first month of
the season. JV was like yo, but like dudes weren't playing well,
so there was enough blame to goaround. So JV is one of the
leaders in that clubhouse. If they'regonna get out of this, somebody yesterday

should have stopped the bleeding on someof that Presley seen. He's been through
enough wars, as has Hater.Some JV's pitched yesterday. Somebody's got to
get control of that thing as thegame is getting way. So that way,
the ball being in trade, Cavinehis glove and then you know the
force and the trajectory and all that. He says, the brick wall behind

the fans get jarred it out ofhis glove. So one of them.
I'm just I'm a big leadership guy, culture guy. It can when executed
properly, it totally matters, andI believe that to be the case even
in clubhouses. But again, Igo back to this team since twenty fifteen
has been to multiple World Series onetwo of them, and they don't they

haven't had that fiery vocal stand upon a on a chair in the clubhouse
and address everybody. I think offootball it's more important. I think baseball's
a little bit I would disagree.I've been and how they had all this
great success without us a leader.Here's depending on a chair saying let's win
one for the gipper. Here's theproblem you and many other Astro fans have,

and I'm being specific with you onthis one. You all have so
much organizational arrogance that you go becausewe have been the outliars here that that
now means liars for the last nineyears have been an outlier. Yes,
look at the rest of baseball.Yeah, Steve, we've been winning more
than everybody in baseball. Sparks says, here are tangible examples. He was

asked by Sean what is I'm tellingyou? I heard the segment, we
just played it. I don't needit reverberated to me. Steve Sparks agrees
with me, and Steve also saidat the end of that, look,
I'm not gospel, I'm not speakingfor you know. They played the game.
He's watched every Astros game. LikeI'm gonna listen to Steve Sparks.
He happens to agree with me.Jason and Katie, we got like literally
twenty seconds for you what you gotthe back of your point the sparking Anderson

once said, the biggest mistake heever made was trading Tony Perez before the
seventy seventh season because he didn't appreciatethe leadership that Perez had with that team.
And if you look at the numbersfrom the seventy seven seasons, of
the seventy six season and back backsthat they had a monster offensive year in

seventy seven but didn't go to theplayoffs. Preciate Jason and Katie. You're
more than welcome to fear what youfeel. I just have my personal that
you just brought up an example offifty five years ago. Okay, that
is Chris Gordon. He is ConnedyMcGovern, stan Fleet, all of us
here next up, Thank you,Houston. That includes you who allow us
to maintain our status as your homefor us of sports. Enjoy your lunch

and I'm gonna tax Matt Thomas's assat dinner the night. Make sure you
stay locked in on social as hepays off a bent god willing with do
it again tomorrow, Y'll be willing
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