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June 11, 2024 84 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up react to the Houston Astros losing 4-3 on the road to the San Francisco Giants in their second walk-off loss in a row. Spencer Arrighetti started on the mound and allowed one run on four hits and three walks while striking out six in just over five innings. However, the Astros would not be able to hold onto their lead when Rafael Montero allowed three runs on four hits in the bottom of the 10th inning. The Astros move to a 30-37 record on the season, 7.5 games back from the lead in the AL West. As injuries continue to plague the lineup and pitching rotation, will the Astros finalize trades before the MLB deadline on July 30 in an attempt to make a push for the postseason? Stan and Chris review trade proposals for the Astros, recap dinner with Matt Thomas of The Matt Thomas Show and more.
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the next man up, Next up,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, stoup next
next up? This he wants tobe next. This is next Up with
Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's seewhat's next next next, Let's go to

work on a Tuesday, live fromthe Sports Talk seven ninety studios. This
used to be called Next Up.It's actually called the Shawn Salisbury Show,
Part two. It's a continuation ofthat. The guys Sean Salisbury Brown Alma
of Manuel, making their way outof the studio. Here we're nextled in
between Uptown Park and river Oaks,the gallery of local new to the city,
new to the station. Welcome standNorthfleet, Me and Chris Gordy,

him Connady McGovern on the other sidethere he assisted us with our production and
programming needs here on a Tuesday.Oh here go Gordy. God is always
doing stuff. I'm bringing y'all behindthe curtain, goods like directing traffic and
putting me in passwords and machines.And he's doing whatever he does on that
part. All right, Astros latenight baseball, excuse me on the West

Coast. Astros come up short inextra innings. Yet again, it's not
back to back games they've lost inwalk off fashion out in California, four
to three, they go down versusthe San Francisco Giants. I would say
this is probably one of the morecontroversial endings to an astro game here pretty

recently. Gordon and I will workthrough that. Of course, we will
lean on all of you who allowus to do this thing called Next Up
from ten to noon each weekday.Right here, Sports talks him now to
Yo Homer strolls baseball. What elsewe got? I saw a couple of
things. Nothing crazy from a Texanstandpoint. Stefan Diggs's name is back in
the news. I want to diginto that a little bit. What is
that about and his journey? Whatis now his third NFL team, the

newly acquired wise receiver for the Texans. We'll get to that. Twenty seven
years ago tonight the Michael Jordan flugame. It was funny because Matt Thomas
radio voice of the Rockets, MattThomas Show right after mine, he and
I dined last night speaking of theTexans. He paid off a bet.
We had really good conversation. MattThomas has Times to Utah. Got to

ask him about this Jordan flu game. How we feeling about that? That
is? Can't believe it's been twentyseven years ago. It's crazy, Gordon
and I, you and you andI have not done Caitlin Clark. I
saw James harden face on social mediaover the weekend. We missed that yesterday.
With that being said, let's getready, gentlemen. Last night,
finishing dinner with MT and go toyour right. You stay with me.

Finishing dinner with MT. I thinkI'm about to leave the restaurant lead a
steakhouse. I'm going home and watchstrows and out of nowhere lightning, heavy
rain, they're talking about flood Advisor. The hell's going home. So I
ended up trying to some of thegame in the restaurant, made my way
to the career to watch the riskgod it. What are the chances back

to back games? For very differentreasons. We've got to I don't know
how any other way to say this, stand that this team's just snake bit
this year. Like there are gameswhere they're doing everything everything that that on
paper says you're supposed to do.Last night, Spencer Arraghetty grinded man.

He did his thing, nearly gotthrough six complete innings of one run ball.
But I mean this thing was nothing, nothing going into the six.
You know, Harrison for the Giantswas not familiar with Kyle Harrison, you
know very much. And you knowat the array of four on the season.
So it's not like this is adude who's a cy young candidate just
mowing people down. But he wasmowing down the Astros lineup. They just

couldn't do anything against him, onlyfour hits. They did get a run
off of him in the seventh andthat you know, tied it one one,
but it was like that, thatwas kind of it. And the
back end of their bullpen. Dovallis one of the best closers in baseball,
led lad Baseball in saves last year. So you know, I understand
some people were critical about jose ABray who taking that at bat too,

But Chanler Rome does a great jobin his article this morn on the on
the Athletics saying this, Dana Brownis not doing his job to help Joe
a spotter right now. He hada limited lineup last night when you have
you know, bagged up Alex Spragmanout there, Kyle Tucker's on the IL,
and then Yanner Diez we find out, you know, so Ari Alexander

was the one reporting it last nightthat says our Salazar was heading from sugar
Land to join the Astros. Now, the Astros have not reported anything yet.
The McTaggart's Chandler roames, they haven'tsaid anything because they haven't heard anything
from the team on that yet.But basically, Joe Spotta says, yeah,
Yanar Diez is a little bagged upafter taking that ball off his hand,
and he's limited, but he wouldbe available off the bench well late
in the game. We didn't seehim at all, So, as Chandler

writes in his article, basically hisonly two options late were low Perfido and
a bray. You and understand thesituation that last out of the ninth,
if you go to the tenth,that's the ghost runner at second. So,
in other words, he says,like, you pinch at low Brafito
there with two on and two outswith one of the best closers in baseball

and a guy who hasn't taken aprofessional at bat in in over a month.
Odds are on low Perfriito's not goingto come through there, and thus
the next inning, you know yougot him as a base runner and your
best and you don't have another optionas a bench bat if you need to
pinch hit. So anyway, Iget the reasoning there, But the brain
thing is, it's it's starting totake its toll, Like we are wasting

at bats with this guy. It'swasting everybody's time. Just do what the
inevitable is going to be. Cutyour losses, move on from him.
I understand it's a huge dollar figuretoo to eat, but you were wasting
everybody's time each day you run,jose A bra You out there first base,
as Chandler and several other people said, that's a power traditionally, like

you want to power bat at firstbase. So like every other team's got
a guy who's a decent hitter atfirst base who could crush bombs, Josea
Brey, you can't give you anythingright now. And so the numbers have
been better since his return, butthey still aren't at a respectable level,
not to be for what he's beingpaid, what he's accomplished in his league,
and quite frankly, what the Astrosneed him to do. Yeah,

I think, as Chandler said,he came up two or three times yesterday
with runners on base and didn't doanything, So like, that's wasted opportunities
on top of he went over forbodyout, on top of everybody else.
Let me hear. Joe Spottle wasasked about not pitch hitting for jose A
Bray you, which I thought wasa mistake. You put low Pafito in
the game quite frankly, because Ihave to at least take a chance.

I'll deal with the extra stuff laterin the moment Joseah Brad had done.
I'm sorry, Joe Spottam go ahead, considered pinshating for Joseah Brad. Yes,
yes I did. Why didn't you? Because confidence in a bro They
are getting put up better against thewall, and I needed to say,
you know, an extra runner.I'm mary short on the bench, also
having some players available today. GeorgeSpott says he believes in jose Ah Bray

you in that situation, how right, Well, it's the same thing now.
I believe in Ryan Presley. It'slike, what are you doing?
It's the vote of confidence that heA lot of managers feel like they got
to give to their player. Ithas reached the point with this Jose Brad
conversation that the way you protect yourguy and not sound in dumb as hell,

it's just don't say anything. Hey, look I made a decision there.
Clearly it wasn't the right decision.We'll live a player another day.
But this I continue to have confidence. There is nothing he's shown you other
than like a home run here,a double there. It just does not
casting Joe a spotting the world ofbacking your guy. But then there's also
reality you got to live in andsay this isn't working and we have to

acknowledge it. The longer you don'tacknowledge it, and the longer you just
give the company line like this islike the Titanic is sinking. You're walking
around going, guys, we're gonnabe fine, We're gonna stabilize the ship,
and it's gonna be like, Oh, it's a certain point you gotta
admit that the ship is sinking,like and this is a problem. So
yeah, man, it's it.But but again I go back to Chandler's

article in The Athletic. He's basicallysaying like he had a limit he went
into like he went into a gunfightlast night with four knives, like he
was limited as it wasn't I can'tlet specifically with the bench, yes,
specifically with the bench like lowpal fedosup, then he's down. What are

we doing? All right? Youhad already because some people was like,
well why didn't they just put Singletonin for a bray? You Singleton had
already been in, so you couldn'tgo back to Singleton. He was already
in. Well that's and that's whatChandler argues in the article is that basically
he's like he operated with a threeman bench with with the Dias being hurt
and all that. So well,but but forget him. He's not available.

I mean he didn't use him.So thus he's telling you he literally
who's on the bench to use thatbss. Chandler says, spot a spot
of operated Monday with a three manbench of Low Braffito, John Singleton and
Trey Cabbage. Before the game,he said yan Ardas would be available off
the bench, but the fact henever appeared in the game, in which
a spot of exhausted all of hisoptions suggests otherwise a spot of Burns Singleton

to start the eighth inning, hesent him into bat for Chas McCormick,
and Singleton ripped one man one hundredand three miles per hour off the bat
line. Drive that Mike you,Streemsky lays out, makes an incredible catch
a right field. You really needa base runner there, he robbed.
You have a hit, what canyou do? But he said, conventional
wisdom suggests a spot. He shouldhave saved Singleton for the inevitability of pinch

hitting for a brave you, becausethen he can take over at first base.
But then eventually cad Bage comes in, right, Why couldn't you put
Cabbage in and save Singleton? Right? Well, that's I mean, you
know again, he felt better aboutSingleton's bat, But as Chandler points out,
Singleton is something like one for twentyseven in his career as a pinch
hitter. Now he's got one hit, So you know, it's just you

got too many, You got toomany duds in this lineup right now.
Man, It's and it's exacerbated ona night where Yannard Diaz didn't play and
Kyle Tucker's on the il and youknow you're just looking around, going,
hey, somebody save us. Andagain to compound it all, stand they
take a three to one lead inthe tenth. Everything they've done wrong in
extra innings all year long, they'vedid right. They laid down bunts,

they got bunts for singles. Theyscored not one but two runs. Like,
they didn't even take a two toone lead. They took a three
to one lead, and you're going, we're we're in perfect prime position here
to win this game. And RafaelMontaro does Raffael Montaro things, and all
that discussion we had about, well, god, Presley's not the eighth inning,
who do you use it? Wehad people saying yesterday maybe he's how

do you feel about him? Though, I mean it's if you do,
damned if you don't. Let's talkabout this staff. I do want to
give a gold star to a coupleguys last night. We must talk about
this bullpen and this extra inning games. You know, this is not just
one year, this is not twoseasons in a row. What's going on
there? Getting warmed up on aTuesday? Next up Home of the Strokes,
KB and ME Sports Talk seven nine, when Fleet streets Houston listens.

Yes, I have a great shotat already a huge brand I'm liking your
stuff. Stanton or Fleet ten ChrisGordy are next up on Sports Talk seven
ninety. Yeah. I owned thatone. I went against the game plan
there and I did bitt me.So that was a I feel like I'd
handle him all right up to thatpoint, and I knew that's what he

was looking for and it I stillfelt like the risk reward was there and
obviously take a chance hit me.Yeah, won't happen again. The starting
pitcher for the Houston Astros in defeatlast night, Spencer Arraghetty. Ain't nobody
blaming you, Spencer. You gavealmost six strong of one run ball.

That's that shit. Take a bowon that one. On your offense for
not showing up, bro, onerun, he goes, I made a
mistake. You made one mistake allnight. One nothing I mean like that.
You pitched your ass off, likeSpencer Araghedtty has been. Spencer Raghetty
and Hunder Brown both deserve a roundabapplause for what those guys have been doing
in recent weeks. They are pitchingtheir asses off and sometimes they get run

sport, and sometimes they get abig fat dud like last night, a
big wet turd that the Astros offenseput on the last night. How mout
you score some runs? How aboutyou act like big boy baseball. You
score some freaking runs. After postingan ERA of eight point four four across
his first five league major league starts, I said it at the time,
and I was right at the time. He wasn't ready. They rushed it.

Fine, he's here. However,Arrigady has a three point one nine
ERA in his last six outings.What was he five and two thurs last
night? One run, ball,struck out six walked three h ninety nine
pitches for him, and he wasn'tthe issue. Seth Martinez gets a third

of an inning, Taylor Scott's gettwo innings, Josh Hayter comes in,
He allowed one hit, ten pitchesfor Hayter, He's in and out,
and then we get down there toMontero. And before we get into the
Montero thing, I don't have ananswer for what's going on with the Astros
in extra innings strolls are now threeand six in extra innings game, extra

inning games. Excuse me. Mondaywas just the second time in which they
scored multiple runs in the tenth quarter. In the other five losses, they
went scoreless in the tenth, fiveand sixteen. Are the Astros in one
run game. That's what I wasgonna say. It was. The big
stink on them has been they haven'tbeen able to score. Yesterday, they
finally score and then I can't protect. I think I even tweeted out seven

ninety gume like, in comes RafielMontero to protect the three run lead,
three to one lead, because that'swhat the word is there. Protect You
have a two run cushion. Andwhen he gives up the hit and the
run scores, IM going. Youknow, it's fine, three to two.
Still, you still got a onerun lead. You can still get
out of this. And he proceedsto give up base hit base hit base,
you know, an error, abase hits like Montero was off.

Couldn't even get outs. Montero wasofful he takes the ale and he gets
his third blown save and it justand then they have a brain far to
Giants. The runner at third ona ground ball with the bases loaded the
third basement. The guy at thirddoesn't run home and Dubon who again by
circumstance, because you had pinch hitSingleton already and then you take a bray

you out. You have to putin Duba. Dubon has to play first.
He gets the ground ball and immediatelygoes home, which is what you're
supposed to do to get the out. But Jeff one points out there,
man if Dubon's paying attention there,and seize the third. The runner at
third is not left third. Youjust wait, tag the runner at tag
the runner who's two feet from youcoming down the first base, and then

throw it home and you get thedouble play there. But again it's just
it's all these little just like littlethings. So cool. That's a routine
play, yeah, Jem, butyour opinion makes those plays all the time.
Before I hear from Joe Spotty hereget I just want to say for
me in watching this game, Gordieis like they're finding new ways to lose

ball games. Now. They justwon a series. Actually they won what's
that's back to back series if yougo back to the Twins here at home
and the Cardinals here at home.Uh, in terms of prior to this
road trip, we know that theand then winning the series against Angel,
So it's that at three in arow, all right, but the losses
to games, it's the same thingwe say, yes today show they're losing

games that are winnable. They're there. These are going to add up at
the end of the season, andwe're all gonna be in our feelings and
feel some type of way if theydon't do what they need to do and
get into the postseason win this division. The Astros now find themselves seven and
a half games back. The lastthree losses in a row for the Astros,
two of those being the extra innings. They don't look like Astros baseball.

Are there some guys that are playingwell? Sure? We just talked
about Spencer Arrig Gatty. We talkedabout what Yanny Diaz has done here since
coming back from being sat down fora little bit. But we go up,
how about my man Jordan Alvarez.You know what, Let me hear
that. Let me hear the Jordontripple Gordon. I was like, what
is Jordan doing, Joddon, stopit sick, Yord? Oh, what's

it? Jordon getting a triple?I saw somewhere that that was like his
fourth or fifth career triple. Whatever. We have that. Let me hear
Ordon doing some things earlier and thelefties. First pitch to the lefty Albarez
is belted into right center field andthat's gonna get down and that's gonna roll
all the way to the wall.Jordan on Alvarez starts the inning and now
he's going for three. Here's gonnabe a close play safe. Alvarez just

snuck in there with his left foot. It looked like he was gonna break
it down when he got to secondbase and he pushed off the bag.
It took third. Appreciate roberfore SteveSposch. Jordan Alvarez with his fifth career
triple scored on the Jeremy Pina sacfly day, and it was big because
they had just scored the one runoff off Arraghetty, and then you know,

then Seth Martinez came in to getthe last out of the bottom of
the sixth, but immediately top ofthe seventh, first batter Jordan with the
triple and then Penya brings hup homeand that quickly you're one one. So
I thought it was. It wasa great answer on a night where your
bats weren't doing much. All Right, we're back in this. We're tied.
Spence Arrogaty struck out six five andtwo thirds on I'm Run. That's

three straight starts allowing at most onerun for Arraghetty. I'm reaching for positives
here. He's awesome. Yeah,I've sold here recently. Stand you go
hard? I said, no,I'm fair, but I'm gonna search for
positives all right. Astros have sixteenlosses tied to the bullpen, which is
tied for second worse in Major LeagueBaseball with the Cubs. Only the White

Sox have more. And what's sodifficult about We understand it's been a problem.
It's been much better in recent weeks. But here we are. You
know, in back to back games, the bullpen rears its ugly head.
You know, people ask how doyou fix it? And there is no
easy fix. If they knew howto fix it, they would. It's
just the simple answer is the guysyou're paying a lot of money to have

to pitch better. Presley and Monterohave to pitch better. Montero, you're
making a ton of money. You'vebeen much more trustworthy this year. But
dude, that's a spot. Likepeople who dream of that, like we're
giving you a two run lead ina three to one game in the bottom
of the tenth, go get out. We're reskin to go get three outs
and that walk off the end ofthe game. He grooves his fastball right

down in the middle. What areyou thinking right there? What are you
thinking, James, Oh, friendof the show, Comra James, I'm
seeing some at stan Sportsman on socialhe says, stand sports Man, there
it is coaching is the issue.A spot of continues to have confidence in
Jose to bra you when it's adone deal. I'm looking at another tweet

here what they're talking about. Iagree with you want to brey you,
but a spoder and even Dana Brownare working and talking puppets with Crane's approval.
They are stuck with a bray you, says Bobby Ryan TX. I
imagine Jeff Easter be Bagwell and JimCrane don't want to break you sitting around

regardless his longest Crane is paying himhis nineteen and a half million. Again,
that's Bobby Ryan ticks. My pointis the conversation is getting louder about
what is the communicator from Crane tohis guys, to Dana Brown ultimately over
there to a spot do we haveconfidence that they have the synergy that we

thought whoever replaced Dusty Baker. Bythe way, how the irony and having
Dusty sitting up there from his perchlooking down like, yeah, that didn't
look like last time I left.Well, think of it this way.
I mean, things were controversial acouple of years ago with James Click as
the GM and he was button headswith Dusty, button heads the front office
and all this. Yet they wanta World Series. So you could like,
this function is this function and sometimesyou can win with this function,

but dysfunction is magnified when you're notwinning. And that's that's the biggest problem
right now is they're they're losing gamesat a high clip. And I think
what's what stinks about it is youhad aj Hitch before, who had been
a manager before at the Diamondbacks whenhe came to you know, before he
took the Houston job. You haveDusty who's got a lifetime of being a

manager. Joe spot is a firsttime manager and for all we thought of
and even him in his mind thought, oh this is how I'm gonna act
if I ever become a manager.I'm gonna do this if I become a
manager. I think all that sciencesounds good until you get put in the
spot, and I think he's learning, Like I think he's trying to do
what's right in his head, saying, you know, I'm gonna be positive
every day. I'm gonna keep comingto the ballpark and telling these guys they're

doing a great job and all this. But at some point, will the
real Joe a spot of police standup? Where's the fiery Latin guy that
said he was gonna get ejected outon this the other day? Where's Javy
said you get back in that.Where is that fiery guy who's gonna come
in and say it's my ass onthe line here, I'm gonna show a
little fire and say no, I'moverruling you, Dana Brown, or I'm

you know, like I'm going withmy good feeling what I think needs to
be done here. Brain, youain't getting it done, Montero, go
sit your ass down. You know, like at some point he's got to
step up and show more initiative,because if not, he's gonna be a
one and done manager. Is Danadoing all that Dana is allowed to do
can do to give a spot ofas many ingredients to cook the best meal

possible. I don't know, andnone of us know, because only Dana
understands his relationship with Jim Crain andwhat he's been tashed to do and the
requisite resources to be able to achievethat. I don't know. So all
I get to do, unfortunately forJoe's spotter, is I get to go
look at and it's not just asspotter by himself. Dudes aren't playing well.

I mean, let's look at thisorder. So last night, in
particular, Gordon, let's look atthis bat in order, OL two Bay
got two hits. No RBIs hedidn't score, he didn't walk, all
right, Bregman one for five.At least he has an RBI. Jordan
has the triple. He scores arun because of the Penya sackfly Penya zero

for three, Joseir Bray. Youwe've discussed what else can they do?
Like if you look at that lineup, if you told me the lineup that
they had was up three to oneand fast the ball game. Is that
on Dana Brown in the lineup?Is that on the spot for who he
chose to pinch hit for there?Or is it on Jim crane like,
I don't know what where do youplace the blame? I don't have the

answer. I'm just bringing the questionto the airways. We'll pose this to
the people seven one, three,two, one two five, seven ninety.
You want to get in and talksome Mastros. Unfortunately come up short
and extras again last night, GordonAstros game two of a three game series
versus San Franz. Tonight, youcan hear that right here on Sports Talk
seven ninety, beginning at seven thirty. Gordon, when you're having some dinner,

watching some strolls, a couple ofthings go together. Yeah, I
mean, look, di Astro's blowanother one. At least you can look
at it, your can of Crawfordback your hands and say, at least
the beer taste good. You know, at least you can enjoy the ice
cold Crawford box from Carbock Browing.Listen, Tequila in the tequila suns,
right can. Yeah, the Astrosmight lose, but it is a it's

a home run every time with CrawfordBoch from Carbock Brings. So make sure
your fridge is stocked with plenty ofit. Astros. We'll be back at
home this weekend. So you'll beable to have one of those tall boys
that have innovate park. You knowit, you love it. You see
it all over the ballpark. Ilove the big tall life size can they
have over there by the escalators thereon the concourse of Minimate Park. But

it's a Crawford Bok from Carbok BrewingBird right here in Houston, Texas.
It pairs perfectly with Astros baseball.Make sure you got plenty of it as
you get ready for hopefully and Astroswin tonight. But again with the Crawford
Bok, it's a home run everytime. This is next Time Stu with
stan Norfleett and Chris Gordy during thisnext stage on Sports Talk seven ninety Welcome

back in the next up half anhour into a Tuesday show. We'll be
with you to noon. Matt Thomasand Ross Virial coming your way at twelve
o'clock. Matt Thomas and I dinedlast night. We'll talk more about that
here and just a little bit,Gordy on the way out, I pose
the question to the people. I'lldo it again now. Astros find themselves

on a two game losing street extrainnings back to back games coming up short
late, and there are several individualsthat we can call into question about why
the result looks like that. Sevenand a half games back. You're still
not out of it, obviously,but time is a ticking and these winnable

games that the Astros are losing,they come back to haunt you. And
though y'all know how I feel,those yester year of Astro's victories don't help
you in twenty twenty four and webring up, you know, what is
the dynamic, the communication from Craneto Dana, Dana to Joe A.
Spoder, the other people lurking behindthe scenes, you know, with their

thoughts on how this. I don'tknow. And I'm not gonna sit here
and try and necessarily play the blamegame, Gordon, but I just want
it corrected. And I feel like, if we would have any baseball team
in pro baseball, here are thetwenty ways, random number, here are
the twenty ways you can lose abaseball game. I feel like the Astros

are checking off most of the twentythroughout the course of the season. Yeah,
and it's alarming. It's not greatny, it's funny. Reminds me of
years ago. It was like whenI was I just finished college, and
I was dirt broke and everything wasjust going. You know, you have
one of those days where just everythinggoes wrong and you just almost have to
like laugh. It's like you gotzero dollars in your bank account. You're

here with multiple NSF feest by thebank. Now you're in negatives and you're
in your card. Suddenly the checkengine light comes on the car ahead.
You're just like, what more couldgo wrong? That's where the astros are
right now. It's it's almost likeyou just have to laugh and go,
how are they finding new ways tolose everything? Like it's just every and
this is the opportunity man. Wesaid, this is the month where you're

supposed to be stringing together wins becauseit's the crappy opponents. But guess what
I mean there were stark. Realityis now you're a crappy team. You're
you're down, You're with these teamsrecord wise, you're you're you're crappy too.
I'm sorry, I hate to sayit, but it's like you're not
a good baseball team. And asmuch as we want to throw around World
Series contender, that's on the backburner right now. We're just trying to

we're trying to get to trying tocut the division lead by the All Star
break. Like I kept saying thegoal is to get to close to five
hundred the deadline, I wouldn't evensay that's the goal now. I would
say the goal is to get withinfour games of the Maritors now by the
All Star break, because I don'tbelieve they can string together and win eight
of ten and close the gap thatsignificantly. And the Maritors, by the

way, aren't gonna just start losing. They're gonna keep winning. They win.
They're now nothing. When I lookedat that game, I say four
to nothing in the eighth and theycome back to win. So it's just
it's frustrating, man. But it'sit's like somebody a certain point, I
look at these guys and go doyour job, Like, look, I
get it, Like even the bestof the best don't bring it every you

know, they have off nights,but when you're a great player, you're
supposed to have more all nights thanoff nights. And it feels like these
guys are having more off nights allnights again, you know, And I
probably made it a little clunky orearlier in the show than I should have.
But like Stan, Gordy, wewon the series on the road versus
the Angels, staying Gordy, wewon the series at home versus the Cardinals,

right, staying Gordy, we wonthe series versus the Twins at home.
No, I'm sorry, No,we did not win that series.
So they're like, hey, weare winning series. But it's just the
games themselves. They went two othree, they went to three. If
you don't win tonight, though,this is a series all so like now
you've put yourself behind the eight ball, like, oh, who's going tonight?

Let me see this, it's barkoand then fromber tomorrow. But it's
just, dude, how many ofthese wasted opportunities. Against Seattle you lose
two to one in the tenth.Against the Twins, you lose four to
three. In that Sunday game.Agains say she was four to two,
and that I mean yesterday or Sundayyou had to lead late what was it
seven to five? And you letthat, see, like keep letting these

games slip away that are on Likeright in the moment, you're going this
is a win. I feel goodabout this. It's a win, just
go get outs and they can't doit. Frustrating to say the least.
Look, man, I'm trying tobe as fair and balanced as I can
with this team. But at somepoint, I remember I was in Charlotte.

I was doing radio for the CarolinaPanthers and Charlotte or we were the
flagship station for the Panthers, Andthere was a point in the Matt rue
Rara Gordy where I just to ourlistenership and to the fan base, look
at Panthers football and tip like,it doesn't look right right. Well,

it's early here, as it wasearly for Matt Rude now that we're talking
about years two and three. ButI'm looking out there, Gordon going Joe.
I think it's easy to be tobe super negative. So let's let's
try a positive. Take care.They've won two straight series. You got
Blanco tonight, Robert tomorrow. Yougot a great chance to win these too.
If you find a way to winthese two. You come home off

day Thursday, come home for aseries against Detroit on Friday. Detroit's not
been can we stop? It's winnable? Do you trust the Astros to be
the best version of themselves technight,I don't, but positive we can grab
some positive performances for certain dudes.But think about what you just said.
I asked you just a simple TheAstros are going to play baseball tonight.

J Andon Alvarez is in that lineup, Jose out two V's in the lineup.
Jeremy Pinya is likely in the lineup. Blanco Granted, I know you
know he's not hadn't been around long, but he's been playing good baseball.
I imagine it'll be either we'll seewhat they're gonna do to catch a position.
Who knows part being is. Thereare enough dudes out there. Understand

Bragman is nicked up. I understandKent Tucker's on Aya. I understand there's
a black hole at first base.I understand jan and Diaz is knocked up.
Get all that. Still enough dudesout there for us to say at
ten forty one on a game morningfor the Astros that we don't believe they're
going to go play their best baseball. Now they could, but the fact

that we don't have more confidence inthat it has to say something. Gordon,
I think that says something. Yeah, I think it's it's interesting where
they're playing too, in San Francisco, a place that they don't you know
that they're not used to going.Idiots who run the ninety five to seven
the game radio station Twitter account putout there say it's a video of literally

Jose al Tuove taking time out ofhis day before the game yesterday signed autographs
for fans. And a lot ofthem are Giants fans, and they post
a video of Altuve and say likestill a cheater or something. It's like,
the guy is literally doing something nicefor fans. And also you'll employed
the greatest cheater of all time andBarry Bonds literally we put a question mark
next to him as the whole HenryEron's family still claims him as the all

time home run leader. So likeit's just so we're so God. Sometimes
you're just so stupid when we saysstupid things, and it's like, look
in the mirror. Sometimes I'm gonnahold that. Before the Astros baseball game
last night, had a dinner experiencewith one Matt Thomas Sports MT and Fleet.

We dine. I give y'all somemy snippets that I know he wouldn't
mind as sharing. We'll also getto some basketball talk. You and I
have not discussed Caitlin Clark. I'vealso seen oh this thing yesterday, bigger
story in sports yesterday. The Lakersare having trouble finding the coach. What
the hell does that mean? Moreof that to come close out our one
here on Next Up Sports Talk sevenninety. To the Neck to the Ditch

roll, this is next up.Everything I wanted to say with Stan nor
Fleet and Chris Gordy on Sports Talkseven ninety. Appreciate y'all hanging out with
us here on Sports Talk seven ninety. We're gonna wrap up our one.
Name of the show is next up. Stay in Northfleet, Me, Chris
Gordy him follow us on social,won't you. We're at Sports Talk seven

ninety, your home for Houston sportsspeaking of which that includes the Astros as
well as the Rockets. Radio voicefor the Rockets is one Matt Thomas.
He's been in this market for severaldecades now, and he and Rossville I
do a very nice job coming upafter us and taking you up from noon
to three o'clock. So Matt Thomasand I had a bet yesterday, or

we had a bet last season forthe Texans and the bet was paid off
yesterday. No, Matt was notdragging his feet. There were several or
least couple other dates and then thosedates ended up didn't work for me.
Nonetheless, Matt Thomas and I isup on social media. He posted it,
I reposted and commented, I'd liketo thank Demiko Ryans, Nick Casario,

c J. Stroud in the entiretext his brands because they overachieved what
many said it could not be.That's how I went to be versus Matt
Thomas. All right, So wewent to a steakhouse in the Gallery area,
very nice place, hung out,got a chance to spend some one
on one time with MT. Anduh, MT, as we know,

uh he's a very layered dude.And I know I'm not into the astrology
and all those things. But MattThomas and I we're both June and geminis
are both birthdays are back to back. Mine on the fourth is on the
field. So we talked about alot of stuff. I'm not gonna give
you details of stuff, obviously,but we talked some work stuff, of
course, and uh, you know, we did get it to some family

stuff and just general overall industry stuff. Matt Thomas. Cool dude, but
then it got kind of weird.Gordon, Oh, and I meant to
bring it. I hope, Ihope he remembered the MT. I hope
you remember the picture. So themenu, Gordon has happy Birthday standing Matt
at the top, and it's likethey got us in this remote corner of
the restaurant and then they bring outand they take photos of me and MT.

I'm like, this is getting kindof weird. You know. Me
and MT are not like, we'renot knight them, like we're individual,
We're cool, We're doing we're nottogether. This end the date and they
were like, oh, well weheard you guys are coming together. It's
like, nah, no, holdon, time out. We're just coworkers
hanging out paying off a bet.You guys. Asked if I was gonna
go hard on the on the tab, Gordon, I did not. I

kept it very respectable. I tooksome recommendations and it was a very nice
meal. So Matt Thomas is aman of his word. He paid it
all together. Steak, of courseI had to get a steak. There
was an app there was was dessert. Uh, there was side good steak.

Yeah, it's good, it's perfect. And this before the rain and
impacted my astros viewing experience, buthad good combo with mt So I think
we should do that. You know, we should make it mandatory, Gordon.
Find that in the budget, youand the boss and should find a
way for each of us. Shouldhave a budget to budget and take some

money out of connors Check and thenwe can go eat somewhere at Connor Flake.
Wait a minute, I got ayoung woman in my life. I'm
trying to get my money right.Take care of mama check. We might
get chick for it McDonald's, notChick fil a dollar menu. No,
it was cool. I just thoughtit was a real coo opportunity every once
in a while, like I've hada heart to Hoss with heart to heart

Ross before. It's been a while. Me and Ross will probably do I
think individually, I've sat down withthe Adams, I get Sean Salisbury on
the phone, whatever, me andBrian Lalima, Gordon. I think I'm
close with everybody at the station exceptyou. I'm very busy, Gordy.
We've not sat down. You andI have not sat down and had a
single meal beer because I've dined whereyou died. You go to these expensive

ass places. Not true, Imix in some very reasonable places. You
want to cover my house, saidwill Uber Eats? Will do that?
Why would I come to your careerwith I do? That's eating out for
me? Hey, Flee, youwant to come over? Should Gordon?
Let's drink some car bok and watchsome showers? Cool? Would you stop
and grab something meat and bring itover there? Eats is even crazy?
Have you seen the prices at Hootersrecently? I don't think I know.

The last time I've eat they usedto advertise, so I don't think they
are right now. But my buddywanted to get Hooters a couple of weeks
ago. We look at the menu. Oh my god, twenty seven dollars
for ten wings. Inflation is up. That's insane. I could go catch
my own chickens, skin them andmake wings and make some homemade wings.
What are you willing to pay fora convenience? Not twenty seven dollars for

just wings? Oh? Another layertill the Matt Thomas dying experience. I
just thought about that Big City Wingsby the way, good wing. Yeah,
I like them. They do agreat job. Really, appreciate our
friends over there, Sam, appreciateyour brother. Should I allow Matt Thomas?
Should I run it back? ShouldI allow EMT to get some money
back? Should we do a similarbet? Whether that be on Well he

can't do rocket? Yeah, youkind of have to. Could he do
so Texas should? It's got tobe It's got to be mutual. But
now I feel like the cat isout of the bag. Everybody knows the
Texas are damn good. So thisis going to shrink my margin a victory.
Change the sport. Do Willie Astrosmake the playoffs? I still got
him as yet. I bet Matt'sI bet if you asked Matt today,

I bet he would say they willnot. So you could probably get a
bet right there. Hold on yousaid the Masters will I bet Matt Thomas
would probably tell you today now hedoes not think they was. What was
my line of demarcation I gave youlast week? I said, Father's Day
weekend? What is this weekend?Father's Day weekend? They put up another
stinker like they had these last two, Gordon, and I'm gonna bail on
their ass for this year. Andwhat sucks is it's like you're right there.

Even games where you didn't play yourbest, you're still leads late like
you're right there. Just finish thegame. It's just weird. Let's take
a call and wrap up out one, shall we. Is this Christian Haavier
calling me from Pastadena? I don'tthink so, christ Man. My arm
works right now. Actually, nonjokes tide, but jokes is. I

love Christian hove here, but Ihave several points, and I mean,
I feel like I'm beating a deaddog at this point. It's the same
thing every other day, it seemslike. But I'm at the point where
I peral. I'm not over exaggerating. I think, get spot us in
over his head. And I haveseveral points. By last night, the
first one ninth inning, he gotagain the dead dog of Bray You why

does he not? Why do webring up lot Prafiedo just to send him
back down and burn an option andat least give the kid a try because
the bread just sucks. I mean, we all know that that's the truth.
Maybe goes up there and strikes rightoff the bat, who knows,
but why not give him a tryat least if he's up here instead of
Brady swings strikes out missing on twopictures, like three inches off the dirt
in a row. Okay, cool, that's one. Martinez goes in their

pictures three pictures three two pictures.I think was they take him out,
don't bring him back out. Okay, that's bad. Hey, he's pitched
twenty five pitches and the last twotwo times has been out there, and
he's he had a good time ofrest. He's the last time he pitched
was June third. Yea up,Why not bring him back out again?

Instead, we bring out Montero fora third day in a row. Which
that's like, that's like a hiddenrule in MLB. You never pitch relivers
three days in a row. That'slike, you need to give him a
break. I would have done withDubin. Dubin's been scoreless in the last
five innings. He's pitched like I'mjust I'm just I'm just a guy that

sits on my couch. I playedbaseball a long time, been watching you
guys for a long damn time.And I'm not trying to brag the like,
I feel like this is very common, not hard to make choices here
Instead of spot he's running these dumband dumb things out there and like,
I don't get it, bro like, and then another thing, maybe it's
not on this spot, and Ifeel like this is a easter. B

Bagwell got to run my montaro,guy, I gotta run my brain.
Guy. Think because there's there wereso much money, we spent some money
to pan out, like we're donewith that fall off our hands right now.
I think you're right with that baseballguy that I don't think he is
the one waking up every day goingI gotta have a brain on my lineup.

Again, I think we think weall kind of understand that's coming from
somewhere else, yea somewhere else.And again maybe it could be this could
be Dana Brown saying run his assout there for two three weeks, let
him fail so we can get soI can then go to Jim Crane and
go, we'll cut this ass likebecause again maybe the thought was we want
to cut him and Jim Cray going, well, I mean what Bagwell said,

he worked with him down in Florida, said he tweet this wing,
why don't we give him a chance. But I think every the more days
go by we've given him a chance, we start to say that chance as
founder Javia does bring up a pointthat we ignore in our open miss segment
Gordy about the astros Seth Martin,excuse me through two pitches. Yeah,
but he had pitched the day before. He threw fifteen pitches, so I

didn't have a problem with that.And then the other thing is Taylor Scott.
But push him back out wasn't Sobring back Martinez for another inning.
Excuse me? Bring back Yeah,bring back Seth Martinez for another inning.
Push Taylor Scott down. You atthat point, you're not thinking I'm going
extras. At that point, you'rethinking, Taylor Scott, I'll run him
out for the seventh runner off ofthe eighth, and I got hater in
the ninth and hopefully we've taken thelead at that point. Unfortunately your bats

went and didn't do anything. Soyou know that's that's the thinking. I
don't have a big problem with that. Again, it was Seth Martinez the
pitch on back to back days.He got out of trouble that Eric Getty
was facing. Let's get out ofthe first hour of the show. We
come back, we reset. Westarted hour two, final hour of the
program here on next up Buster onlyhas something that he predicts the astros.

We'll do before the deadline. Let'stalk about it. Let's side Next up,
stan Fleet Gordon Sports Talk seven ninety. Now what's next? Next up?
It's the next man up, Nextup, the next step, Take
the next step, next up,next stop, next next up. This
team wants to be next. Thisis next up with Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy.

Let's see what's next next next checkit off. Hour two, final
hour of the program. Here livefrom the Sports Talk seven ninety studios Nelson
between the Uptown Park and river Oaks. We're here in the gallery of Westloop
South to be precise. If you'renew to the station, new to the
show, appreciate your hanging out.Shout out to your age town, best
seeing America. Tell you that eachand every day and we are privileged to

be your home in Houston Sports atstand Sportsman would be me, Chris Gordy
would be him, Connordie McGovern alongsideas well assisting us with our production and
programming needs seven one three two onetwo five seven ninety. You want to
get in and talk uh some Houstonsports or we go around the landscape there
are several things I want to getit to. Uh, we'll talk a

little NBA and WA. Not thatwe're gonna do it necessarily a deep dive,
but those are two of the morepopular topics in the sports space.
And Gordon and I did not getto that yesterday, but I want to
start here for the second hour.I want to keep talking to Mastros.

And we did a segment last week, Gordon where Jeff Passing he highlighted he
no, I'm sorry, this isJohn Morosi. When we talked about with
Jake Myers be a potential trade piece. Da da da da. As we
near the trade deadline, trade deadlineis, by my understanding, July the
thirtieth, So we've got a littlebit Buster only who by the way,

you told me this Buster only havinghimself a week his social media got hacked.
Now I'm looking at his work onESPN dot com site, so I
presume that this is him, andhe basically says twenty twenty four trade deadline
rumors, X factors to watch andmore, and Buster goes through his deal.

Yeah, July thirtieth, MLB tradedeadline slowly approaching. Here are some
teams that are likely going to besellers who could be buyersed. So he
kind of just takes a look atthe landscape of Mason League Baseball and he
highlights a couple teams, a fewteams actually number eight on his list,
Gordon, the Houston Astros, andI'm not gonna go word for word,

but just to give you a generalsense of where he's coming from. Astro's
owner Jim Crane is as involved inbaseball operations decisions as any of his peers,
or more so, and some rivalexecutives see him as a very clear
eyed in his choices philosophy. Hefamously never signs players to deals more than

six years, and he personally killedthe trade for Wilson Contreres a few years
ago after getting feedback from who valuedthe work of Martine Mortonado. Instead,
he continues to go down to there, let me get to the meat of
it, Gordon. Last week,Dana Brown said he could not envision the
Astros being dealers, but they've hada huge wave of injuries starting pitchers,

and while they've played better after ALLOWSIApril, another bad stretch could change the
context entirely. He highlights names KyleTucker, Alex Bregman, Ryan Presley,
Jim Craye will use this year asa one season reset, aiming to contend

again instead in twenty twenty five andfocus on dealing Bregman and other players who
aren't under contract beyond twenty twenty four. Here's my point, Gordon, and
I know that was Linkedy. Iappreciate your patience. Here's yet another baseball
man saying, Hey, Crane,I know you do it this way,

but look directly at where your astrosare in twenty four. You might want
to operate a little differently this year. Gordy. I know where you and
I fall on that. But forthe people that haven't heard us in this
particular space, do you think thatashtro should consider being sellers to salvage summer

twenty four and prepare them for thefuture. No, it's not how they
operate. They are They are stillgoing to be again until that number gets
to eleven games back and a halfright now, understand, but it's not
eleven, So until he gets there, they are still hunters. They are
still going to aggressively go after theseason. Again. I don't like people,

and look, I'm not defending JimCrane. Jim Crane could do whatever
he wants. All I know isthis from day one, since the man
has taken over this organization, they'vehad their greatest glory days ever. So
everything he's done since he's taken overthe team, you can disagree with the
approach, but look at the result. And he's gotten I mean, how
many straight alcs. That's better thananybody could say. The Yankees can't even

sniff a World Series. It's beentwo thousand and nine that they've even gotten
the one. So the success he'shad is great. And again they're going
through their first real time of problemsthis year. To put it that way,
but until again, the approach stopsworking. In other words, I
e. They missed the playoffs thisyear, then yeah, then I think

you got to rethink your approach.But that's also to say in the big
picture, stand they could have adown year this year and bounce right back
and be talented. They got atalented group. That's where I am.
For the people that agree with youstand, leave Jim Crane alone. Let
him in Bagwell and Reggie and whoeverelse is in there, maybe not Bage.

Let them do their thing. Ithas worked up until this point,
and then we get unprecedented injuries fromyou know, the entire pitching staff and
now Kyle tuck on Da Da DaDa. Bregman's been two different contusions of
all the stuff got it. WhatI'm saying is not that Jim Crane,

And this is where I ask youto like listen to me carefully. I'm
not telling Jim Crane to completely blowup his philosophy. What I am asking
Jim Crane is is this a momentand other baseball people are asking, is
this a moment where we may needto pivot temporarily off what you normally would

do and then you get back towhat you normally do how you operate for
the twenty five season, Because thereis a fear Gordon from some out there
Astros fans and what I see onsocial there is a fear that some of
these bad decisions, a montero anda braid you could be compounded. If
you don't get something for some ofthese folks that may not be with you

in twenty twenty five, you gottaat least consider it. I can't be
upset with it. I'm not readyto sell off yet. I still think
they can make the postseason but thatdate is I mean this month, Gordy
here, in the next in thenext week, I think we're gonna know

what it is. Yeah, Ijust think again, Dana was part of
the eight of what was part ofthe Braves when they were sub five hundred
going into the All Star break andwon the World Series that year. So
I just we'll talk about pulling theripcord. I it's it would have to
be dire for them to beat that. You don't like trying to I think
that's no, no, no,I think that's hey waves when you quit

on the season. I hate tradingpeople using the Braves. I was on
the air in Atlanta when they weredoing okay, then use the Nationals.
Same thing. Doesn't matter. Mypoint is only the twenty four Astros are
in this exact position. For example, did the Braves have Josh Hay at
ninety five million? Did they havea Kya Tucky that wants his money.

Were they dealing with a stayle likeAlex Bregman that's in free agency or entering
free agency. Did they start theseason with five or six starting arms on
the il? Not every situation,Nu merrickally is actually the same thing from
a roster from a forty man ora twenty six man standpoint. So that's
why we got to look at whatis it and where we are right now?

Did those teams have a hose airbred? You black hole over here
at first base? Every situation isdifferent, so that's why I push back
when people start bringing up some ofthose more recent But I'm just telling you
that's why there's still a belief andwe can agree there's still a lot of
talent on this roster, so they'regoing to try to still go for it

and again until the Mariners have wonfifteen in a row and run away with
the division, it's still within grasp. Let's grab a call Alex and God
Noaks wants to get in. You'renext up, my man? How you
feel? I'm good, thank you, but not good after last night.
I'll tell you that I am withwatching a Pittrick mouth there and give three

hits in a row and a managerthat just sits there and lets the game
slip away like that. That's beengoing on all seasons. Who did that?
And I'll tell you I have seenthe follow me. I have seen
this where where the manager comes downup to three four hits and and the
pitcher's pool, but doesn't seem tohappen with our team, and we end
up that last night alex A spotteddid that you know what pitch Montoya?

Oh well, I mean that's theydidn't, you know it was it was
kind of understood it was Montero's gameat that point. So you don't think
they could have tried anything else atthat point other than Montero. There was
literally nobody else to go through.I mean again, the only people the
only person brought up with Sean Dubin. I mean that's your you know again,

Like I just sometimes when you goto those extra innings though, when
you've exhausted a lot of your armsand you had guys pitch two three days
in a row, like a lotof times you just go, no,
it's this guy's innings. He's gotthe tenth. So if we got to
go to eleventh, thos a fodtime for that, because as a world,
you could go fourteen to fifteen inningsand if you've on your last guy,
like then you get to Dubin,you go five innings and Dubin's got

to pitch the rest of the waybecause you have no other Arms, Alex,
I want to ask you something,and we're short on time here,
but I just want to ask youthis. Gordy and I are looking at
the possibility of the Astros being sellersat the dead line. Should Jim Crane
pivot off his philosophy? I'm justcurious as an Astros fan, if there's
a world where you look up andAlex Bragman and Jake Myers and maybe even

a Kyle Tucker is not on theroster for twenty five? Are you okay
with that? Getting something? AndI can't tell you what those some things
would be, but are you okaypivoting in twenty four from the Astro's mindset
to try and get things back inalignment for twenty five? Or do you
want to stay the course? Iwould stay the course, all right,

fair enough, I asked Alex saidhe want to stay the course? Yeah,
because the again what I go backto. In the NFL, you
become a seller to theay deadline.You trade, You're getting draft picks,
You're getting high commodity goals. It'sa second A roller base Sunday is a
roller the dice on the base.It's way more in baseball, a prospect

is just go look at just golook at an MLB draft from three years
ago and look at the first roundpicks and watch how many miss I mean,
there's like seventy percent misses in thosein those draft picks. When you
trade for a look at the NFL, go look at that draft and how
many miss I'm just in the firstround. But like a prospect is just
that a prospect And there's busts allthe time. You hope you would get

something good for him. But againI go back to you trade Bregman.
You create a whole at third base. Now, now who's your everyday third
basement. You can make a requisitemove to complement that move. I just
don't know what that move is.When it comes to moving, Nope,
some of you are in the mindsetdon't want to move. You know,
life has been good. The babyboomers are passing a considerable amount of wealth
to the next generation. And maybeyou're in the market. I'm gonna go

build me a home stand I'm gonnacreate something with my young family. Or
we're retirees. We need to downgrade, but we won't be forever forever retirement
home. Let me suggest some goodpeople that will be right in line what
you're thinking as you talk them throughwhat your needs are from a commercial or
residential standpoint. JB. Thibodeau Homesand Properties. They are not your average

home builder, third generation builder,are they? And they are close knit
family. They've seen all the scenariosand they have been building around the city
of Houston, all the various zones. They've made their way up the DFW
as well as over to the highCountry. Give them a shot, won't
you. They will help you bringyour real estate and construction needs to a
vision to reality if you will details. JB. Thibodeau dot com. That's

JB. Thibodau dot com. Youdone. Next to What's Next? As
more of Next Up continues now onSports Talk seven ninety home of your World
champion Houston Astros. All right,welcome back in the Next Up. Talk

to some strolls here. I willpivot, I promise into some other things.
But Gordon and I continue to findinteresting like little small angles, like
layers of conversation. We're all guessingwho's running the show over there. How
do we continue to get Jose Bradyou out there in this situation at Monte

ro and high leverage situations, andthey're just finding ways to lose some of
these critical winn the Bowl games.I know it's one of one sixty two,
but this is now the third gamein a week. That was their
third game in the week and ahalf that was there, and we need
these seven and a half back inthe Al West Audie Astros right now.

I still have not punted on theseason. But as you heard us open
the previous segment, people like JohnMorosa of MLB Network, people like Jeff
Passing and Bust the Olyar ESPN dotCom, more baseball people are saying,
Jim Crane, evaluate your assets forwhat they are in twenty twenty four,

pivot, get something, reboot orreset, and let's get ready for twenty
twenty five. And I'm not sayingthat that's what Crane should do right now.
I'm saying Crane should be thinking aboutit right now. And I'm asking
you guys, And that's where weare seven one three, two one two
five seven ninety I asked, uh, who's at that was Alex that called

us from Pasadena shout out to theeast side of the city. I was
like, yo, do you wantthem to stay the course or should we
open our minds to pivot. Idon't have all the information that Jim Crane
has here. I can't tell youwhat his personal ambitions are for this team
in terms of, you know,on paper and salary cap and structure of

contracts and the negotiations he's having withother agents. I can't give you any
of that. All I know isthe twenty twenty four strolls. They don't
consistently perform. Somebody has to addressthat. I don't think that's me being
mean. I don't think that's metaking it personal or making it personal.
I don't think that's me not understandingbaseball. It just doesn't look right.

Gordon, Maybe we should yell athim. Maybe that'll work. A team
meeting with Jim Crane. I wouldlove that. Let me lead the team
meeting with Jim Crane and his businesspartners in that. Jim Cran's probably you
know what that you know what's moreon that man's mind this morning. Probably
Crane Enterprises had a delivery time wasa little bit slower yesterday. Guys,
what's going on? We got toget the packaging. The cargo ship arrives

from aging. That's what's on hismind, mister Crane. Dana Brown's online
one with an Astros question Toyota rightnow, tell him go manage the baseball
team that I owned. Yes,I love voting the Astros, but I
got other stuff from my part.Excuse me, miss Crane. While you
own your Gulf Stream nine or yourCitation twelve, uh, where you're aware
that your baseball team put Jose ofBray you out there, two pinch hit

in a very winnable situation. It'llbe all right, bags. Again,
what are Jim Crazier actions? He'sstill on the team. I thought we
cut his last weeks ago. Likeyou know what I mean, Like we
assume he's on like day to day, his focus every day is about the
Astros. Crane's got, like weown a sports team. That's not your

whole life. You've got a millionother entrepreneur, billionaire things you're dealing with
on a daily basis. What ifJim Crane is trying to locate all of
those containers of Toyotas that are comingfrom Asia, and somebody at Toyota's telling
Jim Crane, hey man, Iwas watching your ball club last night and
you rolled Monte he's looking at thetalking about what's crazy. Happle is not

going to wait a minute, Montellois stealing money from because I thought we
cut him too. Yeah, Ijust it's just funny every day when we
talk about owners and sports like they'recompletely dealing. Like every day their day
starts with discussing the roster and whodo we start and who do we send

down? And like that, man'sgot a million other more importing things on
his plate. Jim Crane is onthe golf course, he's playing up here
at the Houstonian out and somebody remindshim, Oh, McCall's gonna do some
VP. Jim Crane is like,the hell he is. I don't want
to hear about that. Give mewins. I'm sorry. Oh I'm sorry,

Houston. Derek and Humble Man,good morning to you. What's up,
bro? Hold on up, Derek, you talk with Jim Crane right
now? Okay, hey man.First of all, I've been a Dallas
Cowboy fan all my life, sopatience is one thing that I think we

need to have with with uh Aspot Yerek, you're all about disappointment.
Go ahead, shut but you know, yeah, you're right, But let
me tell you, you know abouthis first year. I think we really
need to be patient that we havethat we have what, you know,

what's needed to to win. Wejust got we just had a lot of
injuries. You know, there aresome mistakes that we need. Uh you
know that first basement, Uh breadyou Yeah, we need to do something
with him. I think we reallyneed to just don't get rid of him.
And another thing, I think thatI'm not as high on Verlander as

the rest of you know, why, he's still got some value. I
think we should go ahead and tryto get something for him. We definitely
shouldn't. You're back for nat year, but in the and Montero, you
know, we need to go inand see what we can get for him
too. Well, deren hold onto the Verlanders thing. You don't dictate
that Verlander will tell you, hey, I would like to be traded because

the season's going nowhere. You don'tget to decide I'm trading Verlander like that.
He's got a vesting option as well, so not every team's gonna be
like, oh oh, I'll takeVerlander off your hands. The other part
of the two is you don't wantVerlander back next year. Might have remind
you Christian Haavey and jose URRICHII justhad Tommy John They will not start the
season next year in your rotation.So you got a little bit of a

hole there already for next year,and you want to move one of the
constants one of the things. Atleast I know Verlander healthy is gonna be
fine to start next year, likeyou want to get rid of that now.
I hang on to him as longas I can. You know what
you're getting from from him every timehe goes out a good start. Yeah,
hey, give me a give mean update on the Colors and Garcia.
Oh my good, appreciate your dearumble. Dana Brown talked yesterday.

They are on Garcia doing very well. He's a little bit ahead of schedule.
He threw up, he's done someVP. He threw off the mound
the other day. They he saidhe expects sometime in July he's going to
start making some rehab starts. Wedon't know when, but obviously the All
Star break is is mid to lateJuly. Uh, he'll be back sooner
rather than later. And then mccolor'snot far behind him, probably sometime in

August back to the phone lines talkingsome strokes. Let's go to the south
side of the city. Rob getin here. Man, Hey, what's
up. Guys. Thank you somuch for having me on your program.
I really appreciate it to listen everyday. Thank you, Stan. I
think you're the think you think you'rethe man. Dude. I really really
haven't enjoyed the way you call itlike it is and you know, no

nonsense kind of approach. So Ilike that. Thank you. Brother.
Don't don't fill his head with confidence. He's good, he's he's he's uh.
He's gonna come every day with hishead down and ready to go like
a Jose Abray. Okay, butbut but but Gordy, gosh, man,

you trussed me every day because youreally are an Astro's apologist. And
believe me. Hey, I'm fiftysix. My dad put an Astro's T
shirt on me when I was born. I've been an Astros fan my life.
But by gosh, I mean tellme what specifically I need to do
differently accepting direct deposits from Dana Brown. That would be a great start.

I wish, please you go thereyou go, Chris. It's just that,
yes, they've they've done incredible forso long, but sometimes it just
doesn't. It's just not going tohappen, and you can what do they
do? Blow it all up?Let's just throw it all No, you
don't have to blow it all up, Chris, But you can make a
couple with a couple of trades,and figure, give me, right,

Rob, give me, give meone or two trades that you would love
to make, and I'll tell youhow realistic they are. Okay, Bregman
won't be here next year. Okay, let's try to get something for it.
Okay, so Rob, let's say, let's say they flip Breakman tomorrow.
Whose starts a third base the restof the year. You still got
to play eighty something game. Ican make an Rob who plays third base
the rest of the year? WellI would I would think I would take

the Bond or Okay, okay,so the Bond's playing third base every year?
Who's your utility man? Because you'vetaken that out now you need somebody
to fill in that opinion. Iunderstand, I understand, Chris. No,
No, it didn't. Wouldn't yourather get something than nothing? No,
because whatever you're up against, youforget a two way player. Like

whatever you get is not worth it. And on top of it, they
look at their track record. Theylet Garrett Cole walk in the contract here,
they let George Springer walk into contracthere, they let Carlos Kraill walk
in. They don't do that,and they ar, well, he's walking
the farm systems and all those timesand other guys. It doesn't anymore.
It doesn't. But they're not verylimited. You're not going to restock that

farm system with one trade. Ididn't say that. That's why I keep
trying to get you understand. Theycan make multi moves. It's not like
if you move Bregmant, for example, off a third that that's the only
move you can make. It thedeadline. So they're gonna make a trade
for a third baseman. And that'snot what I said. I said I
can make it. Just say thatI said I can make another move.
It doesn't mean I I can dealBreg want to Team A for whatever that

package is. But I can goget a third basement from Team B that
has nothing to do. So nowyou're you're robbing what is it, Peter
to pay Paul. That's how itworks. Yeah, it's like, well,
I couldn't think of the name.Also a man who's betting two thirty
six on the season, like,who's making a fortune that you're gonna have
to eat? By the way,whatever Teamy trade, Bregmant too, they're

gonna go. You're eating the majorityof his salary this year, and I'm
saving the money on Verlin. OK, we gotta get out of here.
We'll keep doing this on the otherside, Tom and Downtown, James and
Katy, you're next up Sports Talkseven ninety and back up now down door
Plate and Chris Gordy on next stupon Sports Talk seven ninety twenty six minutes

from now to Matt Thomas show.He and Ross vierry out Matt Thomas popping
in studio. He did remember thephoto from our dinner last night. It
just looks weird. That's my guy. Two grown men haveing a romantic dinner
together at a steakhouse. But thena dark no TVs, no phones out,

just a lot of conversation. Iappreciate the dining experience with sports MT
here gazing into each other. Whocome to the hell down. Y'all don't
look at each other's eyes when youtalk. No, I don't look at
well, it just gets some comfort. I want to talk about that,
Tom in downtown. I appreciate yourpacers, Bro. What's going on?
Hey, great stuff this morning,guys. Let's get right to it.

I say about when I called that, I wanted to talk about them being
sellers, and I do believe theywill be. But they don't look for
twenty one Brave and think that somehowthis team can still put it together in
July, August, and September.I don't dispute that maybe that could happen.
But I look at this team andI assume just holes all over the

place. They just are not agood baseball team. Alex Breadman, he's
given you everything he can give youat this point, but the Astros don't
have any chips right now. Theyhave nothing to deal. Who's going to
give the Astros any any players forAlex Breadnant. He's a free agent.
They're not going to get anything forhim, as far as Tucker is concerned.

They're gonna wait. They're gonna waitto see if they can make another
run. But I think after theAll Star break, if they're still minus
seven hunder five hundred, or they'renot creeping back into the race. It's
going to be over. They've hada great run minus seven July though Tom
is still doable. I mean that'swhy I say, like, this has

to be more eleven and a halftwelve and a half out for them to
say, all right, it's nothappening. I understand that, and I
do agree with you. But atthat point they're going to have to try
to be sellers. I don't knowwhat they're gonna sell. They don't have
any chips. You're not gonna sell. You're not gonna try to trade a
guy like Alvareze or Tucker. Thoseare your chips that you gotta hold on.

Well, here's the thing though,Now we gotta be careful Tom.
They've got to be thinking about thatTucker extension and are we gonna pay it?
Are we not? So? Yeah, somebody would absolutely want Kyle Tucker.
And the better the player you sendout, the better the players and
packages you get back. So yougot to give up something to get it
from About there wants a contract.Now, I wouldn't send from About given

the state of what's going on withthe health of the staff. But what's
the package, like, give methe I don't know the actual deals.
Names like Jake Myers had Jake hascome up. So I don't know.
I'm not gonna say the Ashos don'thave anything to offer. I think that's
a the conversation. Go ahead,let me let me ask you this.
Do you see Jim Crane at somepoint say they can't get it together and

they get to that point where theygot to be sellers. Do you see
Jim Crane taking Hater and saying tosome club will pay this dollars, give
us prospects. I see that.No, that's the contract. Think that
they would. You don't think theywould do what they did with Tom.
It's a five year, ninety fivemillion dollar contract. Nobody as good as
Josh Hater is. You got himbecause you went that high. Nobody else

is gonna want to pay that salary. And I'm gonna say this, that's
what I'm saying. Take that laws. I'm not paying somebody to go pitch
for somebody else. No, there'sother ways in that attitude, right Tom?
And I appreciate to Tom in downtown. From what I know, I've
never met the man. I'm surehe's quite pleasant. But what I am

reading and what I have learned innearly two years of sitting in this seat,
Jim Crane does not strike me asa man. They take pride in
doing business the way that they goabout their business. So to your point,
Gordon, when and you say he'snot gonna pay somebody to go somewhere
else, right, No, I'mjust saying, like that's insaneeness to give

the best what are the best closerin baseball to ship him somewhere else and
then pay his salary you go playsomewhere else. To look, they're doing
it right now with Jose air Braid. You Jose air BRAI, You to
me is the guy at the topand his staff saying we paid the money,
We're going to make it work becausewe don't want to be embarrassed.
But yet you're being embarrassed by continuingto put him out there and pin,

hitch and pinch, but not asituation that's running. Like I think in
the next two weeks something happened.There's they're going to move on from a
Braid. I just think that's goingto happen because every day when they run
him out there and he does nothing, Yes, it's I just don't understand
why they have so much pride aboutbeing I don't think it's pride. I
think that move specifically was one thatBagwell himself vouchs for. And Bagwell has

enough catcher being on the administrative boardor whatever there in the building that he
is saying, give I'll take thisone. Let me fight for this guy.
Fix the swing down to Florida.We got it fixed. And we're
seeing night and you think, Iknow it's been rough here in a little
bit. But Presley's not under thecontract next year. Yeah he is.
He's got a it's a mutual optionat fast he will he will be back

next year. It's a mutual option. Yeah, he won't decline it.
He will be back next year becauseagain, no one will give him that
money. So I disagree with that. I assure you. So Presley can
go close with somebody right now ifhe were trade him, sure, but
he's got a no trade clause thatyou have to get him to waive in
order to do. And you thinkyou think right now, listen, let's

plus this out. If you thinka National League team that could make a
push, as we're pros the deadline, could get the back end of their
bullpen up to a level or uppernotch Presley, like you think he feels
good about how he's been treated thisyear, You think he feels great about
that. We know he's pissed,so so he has nothing to do with

his crappy numbers. That's on you, bro. You suck like they get.
They have faith. All they askedyou to do is go from the
ninth to day thinning, which iswhat you want when you know that early
in this weirdness is a setup.We both know he'd earned the right to
close the did Johnny playing and allof that is Josh Hater a better closer
than Ryan Press. We all knowthat he is the Press that's talking.

That's now, have you go outthere, you're sucking the eighth inning?
Who is the Ryan Presley or theteam that you told me I can't get
anything for Pressley? I absolutely canget something for Press. What I'm saying
is he has a he has let'slet's hash it out. He has a
no trade cost, so you can'tjust trade him anywhere. And he has
an option for next year that's goingto vest for it's fourteen million on on
the luxury tax. And I'm tellingyou somebody in baseball would hauling and give

you that. I don't think so, not for a guy with over five
have anybo even good? Have youlistened? God, I'm being honest with
you. Listen to give something.Listen to me. I'm your boy.
Listen to me, Gordon. Doyou notice, for two seasons now,
every single trade, idea, thought, suggestion I've ever made about this Astros

roster you have shot down. Letme finish, let me get it out.
You don't even entertain the ideas.Give me a realistic good one over
two years has been baseball people whogot more credentials than you ever have or
will have told us incited material Ibring on this show, Gordy, listen
sometime. Has the trades happened?Jesus? I mean likes? Next up

continues on your phone. Listen toSports Talk seven ninety on any device with
our free iHeartRadio apps. All right, final segment of the day. That's
why you listening. Next up?You never know what the hell me and
Gordon might say. All good oneminute, can't stand each other? The

next minute, Matt Thomas, aswe react, come you wait about ten
minutes. Clint and Houston, Let'stalk some strows. Yes, sir,
I think the bottom line here,Astros aren't built to be a championship team
this year. That's just my take. They matt won the division, but
may I think the Ashros in primeshape to rebuilding and build around the Alvarez

piny on the rest of that groupand sell off Tucker and Ragman and arrest
Baldies whoever. But Clinton. Oneof the things that we love about MLB
is when you get to the playoffs, anybody can got hot. Look at
the Rangers last year. Nobody's talkingabout the Rangers winning the World Series last
year. They got hot one atall. Once you punch your ticket and
you get in there, Arizona An, you think it happened. So that's
where you're like, oh, theymight win a division, but we don't

think there's a championship team. Wedon't know. This team may get to
September and You'renon's crushing home runs everytwo days at from burn Verlander and throwing
gems. I mean, it's itcould happen. It's not crazy. It's
not the craziest thing to say.They're not playing well right now, yes,
but we're not playing for a WorldSeries? Are June eleventh, so
by your argument saying they may winthe division, Well, yes, if

they can still win this division ofpunch the ticket to the postseason, absolutely,
they're going to go for it.I just don't think they have a
pitching guys of starting pitching. Iagree with Yeah, I agree with you.
Appreciate the call cleaning htown. Thankyou, Brom, J Money,
what about with you? You're nextup? What's up? What's up?

Staying Gordon? Uh? Good year. I just got a total commentary.
You know, I think some thingsruns this course, and I think the
ass shows have won their run theircourse as far as being a championship caliber
team and contender. When you lookat all the factors and look at how

ball clubs have exists over the yearsthat back in the day, the Yankees
was the talk of the town andnow they're hardly ever mentioned. Even with
the Texans. The Texans was atthe bottom of the cellar for years and
went to a number of coaches,and now their potential contender and everything that's

working over there and going on overthere has potential for success. So I've
always questioned baseball when they talk aboutplayers got to warm up so much,
and I sit back and I watchedthe players throw the ball, throw the
ball, throw the ball, anda lot of times I feel like their

arms are going out. There's noquestion about that, Jay Money. There's
a lot of there's a lot ofconversation happening in baseball circles about preparation for
pitching when you become a specialist inpitching, even at a young age,
coming up, through high school,travel baseball, all of that. So
all of that factors then pitchclock,all the things that we talk about,

Gordon, that has led to aWorld Baseball Classic. You've seen guys wear.
Now there's a real conversation happening aboutthat that. I'm sure the kinesiology
majors and physical therapists and pitching coachesthey're gonna do that thing. I don't
know what to say to that.And the only thing I'll say is to
Jay Money, are you willing tobet a year's salary that it's over?
Like that's where it's still talent,Like this is still the bulk of this

team is a team that just wona World Series two years ago. So
I'm willing to go with you ifthis war later down the road and Bregman
had walked in free agency, andTucker had been walked and walked in free
agency and from bir had walked,and this team kind of deteriorated, and
they had a couple just average pictures, and you know, we're leaning on
just the team, folks. Youknow you got yourd on Altuve, but
L two is get long in thetooth. Like I'm willing to go there

with you down the road. Butlike at the end of the day,
I look at this roster and gostill like eighty eighty five percent the dudes
that want a World Series two yearsago. I understand the pitching is in
a dire spot right now, butlike they're still damn good. They're not
playing well, but at any pointthey could, and that's why they're gonna
still go for it this year,Adrian and Santa Fe. You're next up,

Gordy. How many months are there? How many months do we play
baseball a bunch? And it's greed. We we're already three months in.
And the words of dnnis green.You are what your record says you are.
So we're not even at the AllStar far as Ryan Presley goes,

I'm with Steve, he's an eighthinning guy. With a five E r
A. What'ses he already as acloser for the last three seasons. Somebody
has tried to take him off ourhands during the All Star break up before
the trade deadline, and they're likeno, no, no, no,
no, said thank you? What'sit? Yeah? Look, last you

know that for a fact, Adrian. You know some at the Padres been
all over reports, Gordon, Iknow you know how to read. Yeah,
I don't know. I don't.I don't read the dumb ass uh
website forms. You look at MLBdot com all over the place. All
right, I'll go why they didnot trade Ryan Presley to the Padres.

He was your closer. Why thehell would you trade him? You were
making alcs the last couple of years. Why if the Padres are calling about
him, they then they made aa good smart decision to not trade him.
But right now you think you canget anything for a five forty reliever
and don't give me that crap.Well, that's not the nice inning.
That man's been had three opportunities gonnasave this year in the night thning,

he's got one, So get outof here. Ryan Presley stinks right now,
and you ain't getting barely any nobodywants to trade for that, and
then like the money, he's gotto make it the mutual option for next
year and he's got no trade clause. Stop it. Don't be stupid,
Johnny. In North Houston they thoughtso much of Ryan Impress as they close
it, they win and got adude, that's better. Go ahead,

Johnny. And if you dynamic,I mean I was with a team.
I was with the team from theyou know, beginning of the season.
Hey, we were one went awayfrom going to the World Series again last
year. But like I told myson, it's this is an unprecedented historical
run. Every year it's that muchmore less likely that we're going to get
to the ALCS. So, youknow, the pitch, what happened to

the pitching that was you know huge. I mean, you can't, we
can't. You can't lose all yourpitchers and then expect to go to the
World Series. But it's even worsethe compound the problems that we're not hitting.
I mean, if you're historically we'vebeen a hitting team and all these
guys have been you know, theseAll Star uh World Series caliber hitters,
and they're not hitting. But Thebig problem with that is it's not just

them, it's the unster. Justlike calling every game, it just gets
worse and worse, and it's youknow, usually we get the benefit of
the doubt on these pitches that wereclosing. Now they're calling them strikes so
far outside of the strike zone.It's crazy. But the run is over,
man, the run is over.We got to get out of here.

You, I mean, the runsover. So I'm glad you decided
that. Again, I counter with, would you better your salary that the
run's over, that they're done?Because again, if you will to put
your name on it. Okay,but I think there's still some fight left
in them. Gordon. You've seenthe way I googled Presley and Padres.
Not one thing came up. Soget out there with your dumb ass again.

Shoot me the link if you gotan article to it. But I
don't see anything speaking of tagging youand I somebody has done that. H
Town Sports Chad Dusty Baker dealt withmany injuries last season, and yet the
Astros were above five hundred at thistime last year. He believes a spot
may be in over his head.Okay, so bring back Dusty I don't
know what to tell you. Listen. All I'm about in charge of is

the conversation that Astro fans. Ihaven't we all watch the games, many
of us go to the park.I bring those conversations to this microphone.
I'm not gonna fan out for theAstros or anybody else. When you play
well, I'm gonna tell the peoplethis is why I think you played well.
When you don't play well, likethe Astros dropping extra inning games,
well, I mean like, comeon, don't beat don't be unfair here.

You have come here and go listento you and everything's fun. Guys,
I go you. You freaked outwhen they won plus two games in
the run the teams owing to sellthe team Dray Brugman, Oh my god,
I've never sin tramp packet in franchiseover. I'm the one saying,
and I still think they can reallypat in the San Antonio. Let's just

get rid of them. That's hyperbottleChris Gordon every day from ten to noon
right here on Sports Talk seven ninety. Thanks to him, thanks to Connedy
McGovern and the production prowess. Thankyou uh his programming attributes. They're staying
Northfleet and all of us that includesyou, Hisston that allows to do this
next up thing every day, tendto them. Here comes Matt Thomas.
Enjoy your lunch, y'all. Bewell, Gordon o arg again tomorrow,

God willing PC
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