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June 13, 2024 83 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros losing 5-3 to the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday at Oracle Park. Framber Valdez started on the mound Wednesday, recording a season-low four innings while allowing eight hits and five earned runs. The Astros dropped the series to the Giants 2-1 and are now 8.5 games back from the lead in the AL West. Brian Bogusevic, former Astros outfielder and Space City Home Network analyst, joins to discuss the lack of production from the first base position. 
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the next man up, next stop,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, stoup,
next next up. This team wantsto be next. This is next up
with Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy. Let'ssee what's next next. It's a Thursday

here in the Sports South seven ninetystudios, never siting between Uptown Park and
River Oaks. I'm in a greatmove. Well that's a lot. Well
it's kind of true. I'm inthe mood. This is Shawn Salisbury show.
As they get the hell out thestudio. But care about you guys
too, I'm fine. Gordion Hallbeen alongside shortly by the way. New

to the station, new to theshow. I'm staying Northfleet stand Sportsman Chris
Gordon. That's Connor Dy McGovern.He sitting in his usual perch over there.
Appreciate the Sean Salisbury Show each andevery weekday morning six to ten am.
Our resident quarterback, Sean Salisbury orbaseball fishing. Audo that's Brian A
Lima Manuel say what he does inprogramming. They'll give me a little smoke
as they leave the studio. Goodmorning to your Houston. Like I said,

go there beer alongside. Shortly,the guys asked me, Am,
I in a good mood because Igot this disposition about myself today and it
stems from the professional baseball team herein Houston. And we'll spend a lot
of time on them today. TheAstros in a getaway game, rubber match

yesterday, the Astros they come upshort five to three Frombury is yanked early
in the matchup. And there area lot of different things that we can
get into. The Astros have yetanother series or another road trip. They
had a homestand they went three andthree. They go on the road in

California, they come back home threeand three. Astros off today. And
I was told recently by somebody inthe media business here in the Houston sports
media business here in Houston, staying, you know what, really like you
talented brother, seem to be fairminded, really appreciate how you appear to
care for the people. D dada da, appear to live your life

da da da. But should say, and when it comes to the Astros,
you have a way of to putit in their terms, the sky
is falling. I said, well, is that fair? I was like,

I don't believe that's fair. Hesaid, well, I'll give you
an example this, gentleman. Hesaid, if the Astros win a series
but they lose the third game,you will open the show and emphasize losing
the third game. I said,well, it depends. Does the third

game look worse? Given where theAstros are this season now eight and a
half games back in the division.Does the third game look worse than the
two looked good? I said,it's really And I never cease to be
amazed. My radio partner, gordIs is probably the leader of that fan

club. The Astros can do nowrong. In his mind twenty seventeen,
all of George Springen might as wellbe out there now. I don't live
in that world within any team.I cut on the television, I look
at my smartphone and I take mynotes on what I see, and we

can have a difference of opinion instrategy, in personnel. I'm good with
that. That's part of why Ienjoyed my job. So with all that
being said, I look at whatthe Astros are right now in a June
that we all say this is wherethey got to make a push, and

they leave California with a split oversome very average teams in Los Angeles,
the Angels, of course, andthe San Francisco Giants. So now I
also spend a ton of time morethan you know. We'll talk about that
too. I'm gonna needed some relationshipadvice from you to people, probably in
eleven o'clock out, not from you, come. I spend a considerable amount

of time looking at Astro's Twitter,listening to my other colleagues and cohorts throughout
the industry, and I listen anddo you know what's happening right now in
Astro's sports sphere? There is noconsensus. Some of you love this show,
love me, rock with me andGordon because you know from ten to

noon, I know I'm a tunein the next up on Sports Talk seven
ninety and standing in Gordon are gonnapresent arguments and they're gonna get at each
other's throats and get on each other'snerves. But it's going to be fair,
mostly from both sides. Some herelocally skew heavy Astros can do no

wrong. Some of you, andI'm looking, I'm saying fans too.
Let me say it that way.The fans as well. Some of you
stay and you've called it to theshow. You're more to welcome to do
so today seven one three, twoone two five, seven ninety. Some
of you staying, I'm with you. It looks bad. This is the
worst I've seen it seven eight years, staying. They don't have answers standing
there, some folks that are lookingup, some players aren't playing well,

some things they should have done onthe front end. What the hell is
going on with the lineup? Andwe'll get to all those things. So
trust me, we'll get to thenuts and boats of the game. So
in preparing for a show today,I ask you citizens of Houston, loyal
listeners of Sports Talk seven ninety.You're home in Houston sports as well as
Astros baseball. You tell me howshould we feel about this ball club coming

off the West Coast, a sixgame road trip where they split. The
Astros have lost ground, I stillmaintained. I told Gordy, let's have
another conversation about, you know,my season. What I want to say,

I'll let you know where I'm aton the season by the time we
get around Father's Day. He laughed. He thinks that's too soon. Well,
of course he's gonna laugh. Gordythinks that they astro. I promise
you Gordy's on pay roll over there. We're gonna talk about one of his
guys today as well. Connor,did you see the Chandler wrong article in
Athletic. It came out after thisshow concluded. It hit on about five

things that Gordon and I have beenarguing about. So a guy that Gordy
said is reputable and he is.I really appreciate Chandler's work, Gordy,
And if you missed the show yesterday, we got into this whole thing about
who would the media that leaks stuff? Can you believe? Not believe?
Chandler ROMs his guy? And Gordyis going to have to admit I was

right in terms of bringing some argumentsto the table. We'll get to that
when Gorda comes in. I wantto be able to speak for himself.
How do we feel about the Astrostoday? Not seventeen, not twenty two,
not twenty three, in twenty twentyfour, right now? And I
want to say this before we goto the phone lines. I say,

we got some folks up, andI normally don't do the calls to open
the show, but I have tobe transparent. I was coming into the
studio today and I'm like, howdo I fairly assess, articulate have dialogue
about this team that drives me absolutelycrazy because there's no consistency anywhere, not

yeing in DS, Kyle Tucker's hurt, Our Tubay's had his moments, He's
been in the tank. You andon is woken up. We talked about
bregnant, start and slow, theinjuries in the rotation. I mentioned Yannadas,
jose Ed Bray, you I'm donewith first base, Joe was spata
Hell, we're gonna talk about theBraans. We brought up Jim Crane yesterday.
Mister Crane, We're gonna talk aboutyou and your cohorts that make decisions

over there again today. How amI supposed to feel about what I'm watching
every day and every night. Istill maintain hope that there is a postseason
birth for this team given the division. That's it. That's it, that's
my only hope. Let's go tothe phone line shot with Martin and Angleton.

Martin, people around here, someeven the haters that listen to the
show, because I see the ratings. Ratings are going up each and every
month, thank you to the hatersand to those that love the show.
Martin, what should my tone be? How should I feel about what I'm
watching? With this team? Now? Eight now have games back? This
is where I'm at, mister Stan. I grew up with Astros, loving

them and always will. I wasa big, huge Sasar Sedanio fan way
back in the seventies, and Ithink to the Astros it's over, they
are in dissension. What they needto do tear it down, go through
a rebuilding process and just do itlike that. That includes Al too b

trading him for for some really goodproblems Martin Mark, Yes, yes,
no, yeah, hold on now, I'm gonna sound rebuild. I'm not
disagreeing with that, but specific toal twov, they just gave him an
Astro for life contract. Al twois not going anywhere. You may not
be emotionally attached to these players,it's too late them or whatever. The

best thing to do is to reall right perfect. And I want to
also say this too, because Ihear the tenth inn the show and many
of you called in. You talkto whoever it is, Ross Dan sometimes
Gordy, Matt Thomas, and Ihear all you, guys, I'm gonna

ask you for life. I'm withhim. It's my team. I'm saying
or suggesting to you, You're notbeing disloyal if you acknowledge the team isn't
playing well and we can pour energyinto what to do about it. Gordon

and I did it yesterday. We'regonna do it again today. Here are
some options they have to temporarily improvethe roster. Is Joel spot up?
Has he then? Has George Spottedbeen castrated? How much, say,
does Dana Brown actually have? Arethe four guys that, along with Jim

Crane have they already decided what theyare and aren't going to do when they
play well? I love on them. I appreciate Mauricio Dubon, my hundurian
onboy. Y'all know how I feelabout Verlander still now he's not what he
was now. Many of you thetwo years that I've been here, the
two seasons for Astros, now,many of you still have faith in Fromber

in a way that I don't.It doesn't mean I don't think he can
play at all. It just meansy'all were telling me, cy young candidate,
he's the ace you can win atitle with Fromber as your front line
starter. I understand what the historysays. I go watch the games,
and the two seasons i've been here, I hadn't seen Frombert consistently stay on

the wagon. He fell off againyesterday. I heard stat this morning Fromer's
got like thirty some odd runs earnedruns on his resume. But it's coming
like three or four starts, yesterdaybeing one of them from It's not a
bad picture. But like I askedyou at one point, y'all just heard

the gentleman called in. He saidhe wants to completely tear it down.
Some of you think that's asinine.I heard somebody in the sports media space
say this morning. Was not onthis station, but I heard somebody say
this morning on a podcast. Actually, it would be asinine for the Astros
to acquire anyone before the deadline.There appears to be no consensus here.

So all I can do is askyou on what do you think. I
can't tell you what to think.I only share with you what I think.
I'm still with them based on division. They still have pieces. But
I'm not gonna come in here andtell you it looks great. I'm not
gonna come up here and tell youthat at twenty seventeen has a modicum of
difference to what the hell is goingon in San Francisco the last three days.

I gotta step aside. Let's talkabout from in the game last night.
I want to hear from Joe Spott, and of course I want to
hear from you seven one three twopine two five seven ninety next Selth continues,
it was not happen text. Okay, here's chat north Fleet and Chris
Gordy. He's not habit Tex Okay, what sports sucks? Seven. So

at the time, you know,just to give us a chance to win,
Seth would have been good with us. Ridy that righty pocket there,
since I didn't think that Frember was, you know, super sharp. Today,
Oh, Joe was spotted to skipover that at Minute May Park even
though the team was on the road. They returned the Mini May Park tomorrow.
Astro's off today. Traveling back fromSan fran Joe Spotted said Fromer didn't

have it over the course of onesixty two. It's gonna happen. Verlander
didn't always have his best stuff.Go around the league. Whoever you think
the best, the best arms,they don't always have their best stuff.
The problem the Astros only have fivearms. The problem they need to count
on from Bavaldez to climb back intothis thing. The Astros are currently seven

games from five hundred, at thirtyone and thirty eight and eight and a
half games back from the wild card. The Mariners, without swinging the back
are they on a four game winstreak. The Rangers win last night,
so they get back on the rightside of things. The Astros are,
They're like, they're not making upany ground right now, and we all

agreed this was the month the conversationthough, as we welcome in Chris Gordon,
my radio partner here on Next Up. Gordon, the the temperature from
the fan base, from media pundits, it's split. Some people are saying,
blowing up the whole thing. Tradeit, get rid of everybody,

blow it all up. Some peopleare saying, make some calculates additions to
this roster. Send some guys away, some guys. Some guys are people's
fans are saying, Gordon, someconnection between Dana Brown and the spot is
not working. There seems to beno and some folks are I'm dal hard

Astros. They could do no wrong. I'm with them to the end,
no matter what, ghost rolls oneverything. It's all over the board.
I ask you after yesterday's contest,where are you on the twenty four Astros?
Yeah, I mean it's they arewhat they are, inconsistent. I
mean, you know, the batswere high flying there and that Cardinal series

seven runs, eight runs, andthen they died in the finale. You
only scored two. The series againstAngels seven runs, six runs. You
know, you scored seven, andthe Sunday loss but you gave up nine
and that was a bullpen debacle.And then these three games in San Francisco,
you scored three runs in ten innings. Keep in mind you had one
run going into the tenth. Youscored two in the tenth. It's still

have managed to lose. Thank you, Rafael Montero. You won the three
to one game on Tuesday, andthen you lose yesterday five to three.
Scored three runs. It's it's whatI've said all season long. It's it's
it's the offenses got to pick themup. It was fromber Good yesterday.
No, but you know, thingskind of fell apart for him in the
fourth inning. But he had beenphenomenal the last two the prior to starts.

You know, again, look atthose runs you scored in the Saint
Louis and the Angels series. Ifyou scored seven runs yesterday, you win
that game seven to five. Andwe're not talking about you know, Fromber
is an afterthoughts. So I justdon't think you're winning many games in Major
League Baseball, regardless of who theteam is. When when your second starter
on the staff has given up fiveruns in four innings, but look at

his right, it wasn't a goodday, but Stan, that's this is
baseball, like justin Verlanders days wherehe's bad. I don't know, but
you just you want the asking isyou're more good than not, and Fromber
overall has been more good than thannot this year. Games like yesterday are
gonna happen from time to time.But the problem is, had you you
know, it's it's magnified because youblew that Monday game. Had Rafael Mantaro

not completely put a turd out thereon the mound on Monday. We were
talking about, hey, we've runthree straight series all this like, and
it's not just the Monday, it'sthe Sunday versus the Angels. Yeah,
it's those extra inning games, theblown games, because in other words,
like yesterday is a normal regular seasonloss, you would have had it any
time at any point in World Seriesruns and all that, it's just compounded

because you've had blown game, blowngame, dinky win and then that,
like, given where you are froma health standpoint, and given where you
are in the standings, you can'tafford to like Fromber's outings, Verlander's outings,
they have to be wins. I'lltake some al's from you know,

HUNTERA. Brown and Arraghetty. Uh, Blanco, He's been excellent, but
I okay, this is your firsttime through this, Blanco. I'm not
gonna put that pressure on you.But Fromber and JV have to go play
winning baseball every time they take themound. Yeah, I mean it just
it was two. It was ahe gives up the two runs, you
get a run back. It's twoto one in that fourth inning. They

just make great contact. Every pitchhe through Solaire singles wisely, hits a
ground world double. He comes backto strike out of a strata, then
he hits Yustrumsky with a pitch slater. Homers Ramos hits a sackfly. I
mean, it was just like it'san inning that just it just compounded.
It was like rompers have a littlemeeting on the mound here, let's get
this thing straight. But again,you scored three runs. So it's like,

you know, you could have easilylost your thirty four to three in
a lineup without y Diez and withoutKyle Tucker. To ask them to score
more than five runs, I thinkis a with the hole that first base
Kartene he's been a good decent Okay, he's been decent hitting back of kilch

Uh, go look around the league. Get the standard for backup catcher.
He's he's right there. He's he'sprobably among the better backup pittingcatchers without talk
and Janni Diaz in the lineup.Given you still have L two v you
still have your on Brigman, kudosto you, brother. Fourteen game hit
streak, dubon seven game history,All that's great. You're asking them to
overcome the starter giving up five runs. And then it's John Singleton off of

a good game the other day wherehe had two hits on a walk,
goes tho for four with the strikeout. Why is John single four hole in
the Adrian and Santa fe get inhere, chop it up with these strolls
with me and Gordon. Stay yeah, man with you one hundred. You
don't have no haters. Brother,You're not doing your job. You keep
calling it like you see it becauseyou represent us that don't wear orange glasses.

This is ridiculous. How do youhave How do you bring in a
GM to do his job, butyet you're listening to four other people before
you listen to him. This isgonna take effect somewhere. And like I
said this morning on the show beforeyours, I'm the All Star break,
We're gonna start hearing whispers. Allof a sudden, the whispers are gonna
hit the locker room. And ofcourse we're not gonna get me names on

who said what, but it's gonnastart. And this is gonna affect the
field. Also, while a brayyou was gone, the team played better
they did. John Singleton, likehe said, went two for four.
Then yesterday he goes one for four. Why off the field? Why is
he off the field for a brayyou? Me and you and Gordon can

all tag team at bat will braidyou back it's ridiculous. Let the man
do what he was hired to do. I appreciate you, Adrian and Santa
Fe. Let's go to the southside of the city. Gordy, friend
of the station, friend of theshow. What up, Broke? Hey,
what's up? Let me say acouple of things. Ghost Flows.

You know I'm mean to that guy. Gonna get me a brand new fitty
this weekend. You need to takea look at that thing. It looks
sweet. Uh it's in the teamstore. I saw it on the website.
Somewhere. They got a special followday edition Joins Dope Navy blue.
But then they threw some of thatsome of that Age Town blue up in

that thing too. It's dope.This fashion niche of sense brought to you
by We need a sponsorbility. Allright, go ahead, let's talk some
baseball. Hello, yeah, withyou, go ahead, Let's talk baseball.
All right. Let's put al onYeah, let's put al on hole.
He got excited about that fitty.Connor, you'll help me get out

together. Let's go out to guardNotes. Alex, welcome into the show.
You are next up, all right, am I you are on?
Okay, Look, the management andthe manager a Spada is as much a
part of the team as a positionplayer and a picture. And I'm sorry.

What you just said about and baddays rings so true. So when
you put a pitcher out there,you should be as the manager, not
just as a fan looking, butas a manager. You should know that
your pitcher doesn't have a stuff.I have seen the entire season where they're

not pulling the pitches when they should, and then we lose the game.
It gets out of control. Itneeds to stop. The fifty nine pitches,
Alex. I mean, that's I'dsay that's about that's about as early
as i'd pull it. Uh,you know, one of your reliable arms.
You see specific game I'm talking aboutin general, that's been the case.

You look at other teams. Youbring in a reliever and he and
he puts a couple of men on. The manager comes out there and pulls
them. Not our manager. Ohno, three four runs later and we
lost the game. It's got tostop. You're gonna lose fan base if
it keeps up. That's all Igotta say. I got you, Alex.
But they're they're they're behind the ballwith some I mean, when you

put in on on Terra to getthree outs. The expectation is gonna get
three outs. If he gets shelled, it's like, well, we we
relying on him to get to sixthor the seventh inning, thirte you know
what I mean. Like you can'tjust be like one reliever. Oh he
put two guys on. Now let'sgo to the bullpen again, and go
to the bullpen, and it's likeyou don't have enough arms to keep doing
that. So some guys have toget their jobs. And by the way,
the bullpen did their job yesterday.They were outst Seth Martinez and Sean

Dublin were outstanding. To keep youin it. Your bet just couldn't do
anything. Okay, look the peoplesee what's going on. I'm telling you
they're not pulling the pictures when theyshould. Alex and gard Oakes, I
appreciate it, brother, I gottacut you a little short. We got
to get out of here and getBrian bogasvic form a Astro in his own
right on the other side of Astrosoff to date, they return home tomorrow

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ASTROS segment on Sports Talk seven ninetyis brought to you by Moral oh,
mechanical, Yes, let's go.Hey, let's go guys, walking back
in the next up here on aThursday, Homer Astros baseball legendary KB and
me. We are Stros come upshort in the Bay Area Oracle Park five
to three in some afternoon baseball,a getaway game. Stros eight and a

half back in the Division seven gamesnow under five hundred. For more clarity
on yesterday's game and the totality ofthe Astro season thus far, won't you
say we go back? Let's goto the phone lines. Now. The
guest line the former Astro in hisown right. You see him doing great
work on Space City Home Network,dropping by for his weekly one. Brian
Bogusamfic Boguet, Good morning to you, Good morning, how y'all doing.

Uh? The Astros played, whichmeans Gordon and I am probably gonna argue,
and so we bring you into afifty eight. All right, let's
start with. Let's start with yesterdayafternoon. Uh Fromber did not have a
great outing and given where the lineupwas most injury, Astroll's come up short.

What stood out most of you specificto yesterday? First of all,
it would be the amount of hardcontact against Fromber. I mean, he's
a guy who you know, typicallypitches to contact, but most of it
happens on the ground. When guysare elevating the ball off of him,

when guys are getting what looked likecomfortable swings off of him, you know
that it's not right. And Ithink that you know, certainly had a
lot to do with the quick hookfor him, because you know, a
guy who pitches the way Frombert does. You can have some games where teams
rack up hits against them and it'sjust ground balls that are finding holes,
and you know, hey, we'llstick with it. It'll be all right,

it'll be all right. It wasobvious that that that wasn't the case
yesterday, so I think the spotof recognized that pretty early as well.
And you know, that's a toughcall to make because you know, you're
basically going all in on your bullpenbeing able to hold the lead, which
which they did. You know,you don't turn it into a win,
but with the off day on theback side of it, you can you
can kind of use everybody up.But yeah, that's probably the most concerning

thing. It'd be one thing ifFarmber gave up a bunch of hits and
it was just ground balls finding holes. But when guys are elevating off of
him, not good. Yeah,I said this, Brian, I mean
yesterday to me, you know,Fromber was outstanding the prior to starts,
and so you know, I chalkedthat up to Okay, it was a
bad outing, and every good pictureis entitled to one of those. But
it's just magnified on top of theheat on the heels of you know,

the bullpen blows the game on Sundayand then the bullpen blows that you know,
you you finally execute in extra inningsand take a three to one lead
in the tenth, and then Monterocan't protect it and you blow that one.
And so all this is compounded likein a normal season, a loss
like that yesterday happens in a WorldSeries year, right like a Fromberg of
JV, just as a game wherethey don't have it. However, it's

compounded when you have two games priorto that where the bullpen blew it in
and now you've you know, lostthree out of four and so it's just
so frustrating. Like somebody described thisseason as it's like we're doggy paddling like
we're in water. We're trying toget across the pool, but we just
cannot gain any ground. And it'sI don't know what more to say other
than this is just so frustrating.It's terribly frustrating, and you're right,

it is compounding. You know,if you're on the track to a one
hundred and five win season, agame like yesterday is just you know,
whatever, You move on and yougo on another streak where you win five
six games in a row and thinkabout it, But that's because of the
way the previous losses happened, butalso the fact that you don't have you
know, you haven't allowed yourself tohave much margin for error anymore. And

a game when fromber's on the mound, you need it to be a win.
A game when a lead is handedover to the back of the bullpen,
it needs to be turned into wins. You don't have the luxury anymore
of saying, you know, that'skind of baseball, and those things happen
where they can't really happen anymore.And that's what's so frustrating. Is if
you look at this road trips andthe three and three road trip, and

the way the three losses unfolded wouldn'tbe how you would think this team would
get beat at this point in theseason, with the depth of the starting
pitching being tested, with injuries toTucker in the lineup and trying to just
kind of piece together a lineup,you would think those would be the things
that would come up to bite you. But the fact that the back of
the bullpen gave up two leads andFromber had a dud start, and those

are your three losses. That's what'sa so terribly frustrating, is that those
are the ones that you think youshould be able to get wins. But
b that's also the carrot that's beingdangled out in front of this team and
saying, hey, if we getthese things right, we should be able
to win a whole bunch of games. And we've been saying that all season,
but you know, it continues tonot happen consistently. The voice of

Brian boga Sevic, formally the twentyfourth overall pick in zero five MLB draft
by the Houston Astroll, is doinggreat work on Space City Space City Home
network. Excuse me, you cansee him pretty regular basis. Thanks for
dropping by on every Thursday at tenthirty. I'm sorry, I was reading
something. I got a bit distracted. All right, Uh, Boga,

give me the Brian Bogacevic path toprosperity. As the All Star Game approaches,
I mean, well, it bea month away, all right,
Bogie. Who's got to lead thecharge? Here? Tuck's limping around if
you saw him in the uh youknow the line there shaking hands with the
guys as they were coming out thefield. Tuck's not gonna be back for

a minute. Who's got to dothis? Jordon played well yesterday and they
still came up. Give me theplayers. Who's got to do the thing
to get this this ship righted?You know, I think it's it's pretty
it's a pretty easy answer. Andyou could probably just look at the payroll
and say, who are the guysthat got to lead the way, And
it's got to be your veteran guys, and it's it's El, Tuove,

Bregman and Jordan, you know,for now, until Tucker gets back,
they those three and then eventually forbasically have to be great for the rest
of the season. Verlander and Fromberat the top of the rotation have to
be great, and then three fourguys at the back of the bullpen.
You know, if you want toinclude Montero in that, which he's been

really good for most of the season. They have to turn leads into wins,
you know, every time, andand all the rest of the stuff,
all of the you know, JakeMyers has been a great story pain
has been great offensively this year.Those things are all additive, you know,
moved on the margins. Should lowPersido be in Triple A or the

big leagues? Should guys be pinchhitting or pinch running like that? Like
those are all on the fringes,right. You need these core guys to
be the leaders and really just gethot for the last three months of the
season. And unless your dudes aredudes, you're not going to have much
of a chance. I feel likeI'm beating a dead horse here because I
feel like it continues to come up. But how much long are we going

to do a break thing? Imean, it's for them to put on
a lineup yesterday, Brian with botha bray you and John Singleton in it.
Who's Singleton's averages down to two thirteenand a brio at one twenty four,
Like I feel like math has totake a has to supersede thoughts sometimes
and go, hey, this doesn'tmake sense. This is not a great
lineup one through nine, Like howmuch longer do we have to go through

the abre? You think, Godbless him. He's making a lot of
money, But I think everybody cansee, even the blind fans that Mini
made Park can see the same Warkin. Yeah, it's it's very much the
same now as it was to startthe year, and I think it's kind
of, you know, work itselfout that that's kind of going to be

the way it is. So Idon't think it's Joe a spot of decision.
I don't necessarily think it's Dana Brown'sdecision. So are you saying specifically,
well my original question of who's onthe roster and who plays? So
you don't think a spot in DanaBrown are set in the line up every
day. I think that they arebeing handed a roster that they need to

play. I mean, what arethe option I mean at first base,
you only have two options, andnone of neither of them has been awesome.
And until there's there's a better option, what are you going to do
so. I think if if managementdecides that at the trade deadline or coming
up to the trade deadline, theyreally want to double down and go use
some prospect capital or throw some casharound to make an acquisition, you're kind

of just stuck with what you haveto say. You know, how long
is this going to take to runits course? With the brain that the
answer is until there's really a betteroption, which there really isn't one at
this point. For you, whatis that line? And I asked you
this before, and I'm trying toframe it differently because Gordon nine eleven o'clock

out, we're going to get intoa channel of rong piece. Gordon and
I argued yesterday about what do theydo by the time they get to the
deadline. Because of your position,I will spare you that and just ask
you what do you presume the Astroswill do, whether it be first base,

whether it be a pitcher, willthey stay pat will they add or
will they subtract? I think they'regoing to be in position to add because
I don't think anybody is going torun away with the division. And I
think that they the Astros as ateam, can only play better. I
think they've played their worst baseball,they've kind of tread water for a while.

I think they can only get better, so they will be within a
reasonable striking distance. And the twoareas that they add would be starting pitching,
but I don't think it's at thetop of the rotation. I think
it would just be getting somebody whocould fill in the middle or back of
the rotation with and kind of betrusted to just give quality innings. And
then you have to add a bigbat somewhere, whether that's getting somebody to

mix into and out feel DH mixor somebody in a first base mix.
Those would be the obvious two.The question becomes is how much are you
willing to part with? And thenreally what do you have to part with?
Do you have enough in the farmsystem to entice somebody to trade one
of those larger pieces. And also, one of the things that the Astros

have had in years past, theyhaven't necessarily used it, but the carrot
to dangle at the trade deadline wasthey had this surplus of major league ready
starting pitching. They had guys likeOrkidi. We used to see JP France,
all these guys that were kind ofall in the mix for their back
end of the rotation. That's allbeen dried up like, that's not an
option to trade from. So itcomes straight straight up to is there enough

in the farm system to go getone of those big pieces? And you
know, if you go by justprospect rankings, the answer is probably not.
So how do you make that work? You know, unless you just
take on a whole bunch of salariesfrom somebody. Fascinating. We'll continue to
do this, don't worry, Bogey, we got another six weeks to do
this. We'll have this thing everyweek. We're gonna revisit that exact same

question based on where the astros all. We appreciate you dropping by you know
that, brother, and again youdo great work there on Space City Home
Network Astros Analysts. Former Astro inhis own right brother did some pitching as
well as some outfield work. BrianBoga Savic following him on social at Brian
b O g U S E VI C. Talk to you Bogan,

all right, guys man, Interesting, interesting, I'm not done talking strolls,
Gordon. We have more layers.We also need to hear from some
other folks that played in the gameyesterday. Astros off today. They resume
action tomorrow over at Miny Main Park, Detroit Tigers in Town, your home
of Astros baseball, the one andonly KB and Me touchdown Texas football coach

Stark Here, you're next up withStan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Sports Talk
seven ninety, Houston's home of Longhortfootball. Oh my goodness, let's wrap
up our one here on a Thursday, Sports Talk seven ninety. Staying sportsman
here, Chris Gordy. There weare at Sports Talk seven ninety. Thank
you for everybody listening. If youmissed the Brian Boga Sevic interview, you

can hear it. It's entirely Sportsseven ninety dot com, as well as
the free iHeartRadio app. We're goingback to the phones here. If you
want to react to what you heard, Bogie say, you have other Astros
things you like to get off yourchest? Uh? Maybe you want to
villify me? What effs? Sevenone three, two one two five seven
ninety Do you have a pet growingup? Hell? Are you talking about

turtle or goldfish or something? Iwas busy playing bowl, so I remember
having a goldfish. You know youwanted a fair You come home one day,
and that's a goldfish is floating upat the top and you're and you're
kind of in denial. You're like, no, come on, fishy,
swim still alive. I guess Ifeel like we are. We're dealing with
with Jose Brayen and Jeff Bagwall,like it's like no, no, no,

hold on, man to get gone. Is dead. That is dead.
We need to put it. Willeither flush it down the toilet or
put it in the boxing bury atthe backyard. It's done. He's still
every day we're waiting for it.No, I think I saw a breathe.
No, that thing is dead,Brot. Let's let's be clear.
And I'm glad you bring up firstbase because we just had Brian Bogasvic,

former astro also currently doing analyst workfor Space City Home Network. Bogus Sevic.
I asked him specifically about the lineupbecause we all have an issue.
John Singleton has no business batting cleanup for this team right now. None.
And I asked Bogey about just thelineup, and you know who's gonna

have to, you know, carrythis team until they get to the All
Star break, catch their breath,libit. So we started getting into the
lineup, and not to quote Bogie, but the inference was and we're uncertain
how much influence does the manager inJoe Spotta and the general manager and Dana
Brown have on the actual lineup.And this is a conversation you just reminded

me that permeated throughout the Dusty Brownera. Baker but Dustin Bak excuse me,
Like there's an analytical team, andthen the GM feels this way,
and then you got Crane and Bigioand Bag and Reggie Jackson feel some type
of way, and it appears.I don't think Jim Crane is setting a
line up, but I do thinkthat I think there's two dynamics of play.

I think, go ahead. There'sthe analytics numbers guys who are saying,
hey, you're facing a lefty today, and Chas McCormick gets left,
he's better, so he should bein the lineup, okay. And Joe
Spotty takes that and goes, okay, yeah, we're gonna put him in.
But the a bred you thing like, dude, ask yourself a question,
do you honestly believe Joe Spotty goesto the ballpark every day and goes,
you know, who's gonna give usthe best dby the best chance of
winning this game today? Putting JoseBrew you at first base, and he's

smart enough to know, do youthat's not a winning combination, but he's
being told to put it in wereference. It's an article yesterday from Buster
Only that says Jim Crane is moreinvolved than any other owner in Major League
Baseball. So do I think it'simpossible that Jim Crane's influence over that lineup

every day? I don't have topick. It's like when we talk about
collusion in NFL. Owners don't haveto call each other to communicate. Some
things are just understood that based onposition. When you're a big dog and
you make your marching orders known,whether it's one meeting in the off season
or it's a simple text during thegame, the people that can put the

lineup card out there, it rollsdownhill. So do I think it's impossible
that Crane and bag and or Biggioand whoever else? No, I don't
think it's register. I don't thinkit's impossible that a lineup card is being
forced upon Joe's spot. Put itthis way, I think Joe is deciding
who bats third, fourth, andfifth? But yes, who starting?
You think do you think jee Spottersaid, I think John Singleton should be

cleaning up? Yes, I thinkhe probably said no, way in hell,
I don't believe that you're starting everyday at first base. I think
is not his decision that's being orhe's doing it to prove a point,
or he's throwing him out there everyday to go for four over four.
So this thing expedites and he canturn in the front office and go,
hey, how many days we're gonnaget putting the one thirteen? I don't

I'm not gonna claim sabotage. That'sa little bit, that's scrivotage. But
that's what it is. But let'slet's accelerate the cut. By definition,
that is sabotage to purposely put yourown operation at a deficit is literally by
definition. I got a uva shirton. I'm pretty sure we read the
definition of sabotage. But what ifthey're telling him he's got to play?
But you can, you can?You know, we want to playing three

four times a week at first base, and Joe's like, I'm gonna put
out there five days a week.So you guys see how bad this is
a hypotope. But this is it'snot sabotage. This is I'm showing how
stupid your decision is, which ishurting the team the sabotage. So let's
cut him. What are waiting for? Spot and Brown can't do that.
There's only four dudes that can dothat. That's Jim Crane and and three
horsemen. They're the only one.I mean, that decision needs to be

made this week. All on thesouth side get in here so we can
wrap up our one brother. Yeah, yeah, yeah, man, that's
Fitty Man kind of froze the linefor anyway. Say, but let me
say this man, you know,and I'm over. I rocked my You
mentioned that in the beginning of theshow for Baughter came in about where y'all
live with it. I rocked mygear with Pride man, whether they lose

this season, go to the playoffsor not, because we championed. So
that's one of the reasons why it'shard to not even room for the guys.
But just reality just sets in theconversation y'all have and now really you
can just see what y'all saying,and I disagree with that guy you had
a while ago. One point hemade it about the Ashcros can do this,

and he gonna think they're gonna betoo far out of the brim and
winning their vision. You can't pisson my leg and tell it's raining.
I know my ash Ros. Imean when you really know, yo Astros
stand. We ain't never in thelast seven eight years with this one.
We never been in this situation.And I'm not just talking boy gruff,
and I'm talking about pitching, hitting. The biggest red mark is injuries.

In the next biggest red mark,we're a new manager, George Spider.
If this man doing all which Iwas arguing about, he ain't pulling this
lineup. He getting told to dothis lineup, but he calls the third
base the best clean up and allthat, that's a problem. That mean
they got mixed life in a blimber. He don't hear control of the team
foolage. You can't win with thatrecipe. Those shows man's up in the

death it is. That's our boy. Al on the south side of the
city, Gordy, Uh, wegotta have a conversation, not just the
lineup, not just the overall management, but the state of where this team
will be in about a month whenthey got to make some hard decisions.
Someone that we are is value inmedia, put out an article yesterday and

you and I are going to pushthrough it because maybe, just maybe stan
Fleet ain't making up blee. Oneother thing I want to bring up tomorrow
too, is or next hour isit's a former ASTROS execs wife throwing bullets
at the Astros. We'll discuss thatas well. Double T don't like them,
but go ahead, you gotta read. Oh yeah, so what are

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is Fred Hasto in the world.Now, what's next? Next stop?

It's the next man up? Nextstop, the next step, Take the
next step, next up, nextstop, next, next up. This
he wants to be next. Thisis next up with Tad Northfleet ten Chris
Gordy. Let's see what's next nextnext. Hey man, we're in the
second half of the show right now, sports Talk seven ninety. We're in

the gallerya area staying Northfleet here.If you knew to the station, new
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I heard trade was Canadian. Ididn't know anything about it. He's
a brother from Canada. I gotto learn more about whatever Connor's family's from.

Canada. Oh learn some every daysfrom California, I think, Oh,
shout out to the west. Yeah, I don't know, yeah,
from well my parents and military,so we call all over the place,
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seven ninety dot com free highheart radioapp is where you can go and get

caught up on what Brian Bogus sevenhad to say, what Gordon and I
had to say. And we spenta lot of time on the Stros.
We will get to the NBA Finals. Mavericks lose Game three in Dallas at
American Airlines Center, Game four comingup on for Ridday. I do believe,
and we'll get to that series.A couple of little NFL tier bits
here and there. We will spenda lot of time, of course taking

your phone calls seven one three twoone two five seven ninety. We must
discuss more as it pertains to theHouston Astros. Gordon, you and I
yesterday had a very extensive conversation aboutsports media, who to believe not to
believe? And uh, it iswhat it is, you and I and
the difference between opinion and reporting.Yes, bottom line is there are reputable

baseball people that do both, andsometimes a reporter can offer opinion and sometimes
a sports opinionist can can actually report. So it was just interesting to me
that at the conclusion of our conversationyesterday, someone that we both revere in
the sports media space. His nameis Chandler n. He has a very

interesting piece up on Athletic right now. For those that subscribe, I suggest
that you do so. Houston Astro'sMLB Trade Deadline Primer. Three storylines to
watch. Uh huh, cop itout, Let's go whoa calm down,
I'm driving there in this car.I got it right. Okay, well

it's a back and fourth. Let'sgo. Yeah, I know, but
I'll do determine when it's time togo back. Right now, we're going
forward. So Dana Brown doubled downon the trade deadline proclamation. We will
be a buyer while reiterating I don'tsee any scenario where we'll be sellers,
says Daniel Brown. So stop callwith your Alex Bregman treads. That's what

Dana Brown said a week ago.We know that Dana Brown steps all over
his own feet all time. Hecontradicts itself. They all do fine.
Chandler Room lays it out Houston subpartstart Unfamiliar Spot July thirtieth, trade deadline,
three story lines to monitor. First, he says, who's in charge
over there? In April, Hallof Famer Reggie Jackson said on a podcast

with John Hayman, New York PostBaseball podcast, decisions are made quote by
four or five people that make thedecisions with the astros end quote. He
didn't even reference Daniel Brown by name. He says, I will general manager.
I thought that was Telegge is alittle older, so maybe he forgot
his name when discussing why the teamdidn't sign Blake Snell. Going back into

that conversation, Jackson's Reggie Jackson's presencearound the clubhouse has increased in recent weeks,
including during the last two road trips. Bagwell's fringer Prince remained on Houston's
active roster. Of course, thejose A. Brahu signing. Who's calling

the shots? Crane inserted himself heavilyto pass two deadlines, first teaming with
former manager Dusty Baker, the vetothe Wilson Contreas signing in twenty two before
re engineering, while before engineering areunion with Justin Verlander last August. Let
me throw one caveat in here onthe Reggie Jackson naing. Reggie Jackson has

been a special advisor to Jim Cranesince twenty twenty one. He and I
remember there's a big story in theNew York Times where it was Reggie Jackson's
trading in his pinstripes for an astroscap, and so as far back as
May twenty twenty one, Reggie's beenin there as an advisor of mister Crane's
been sitting in his in his sweeze, been doing all this, been part

of meetings, and they won aWorld Series in twenty twenty two. So
I don't want to just pin thison. This is Reggie Jackson coming in
and trying to jack easter b things, you know. So Reggie's been a
part of this. Now is hegetting more control? Is he asking for
more control? Possibly? But let'salso remember, I mean I was on
the field when they won the WorldSeries in twenty two and Reggie Jackson's there
and they're hugging people. So he'sbeen around since then. But I think

to go back when they fired DanaBrown, or when they hired Dana Brown,
I think the understanding was, andthey said it in the press conference,
He's going to help rebuild our farmsystem. That's what Dana was hired
for. I think we as fansare going no, the GM does everything,
he makes trades and all this.I think from the get go when
they hired Dana, they put allthe cards on the table and said,

Dana, you're gonna your prime responsibilityis restocking that farm system, getting our
farm system back up and running alot of this other stuff we might kind
of handle as a group. Theday to day trades, all that kind
of stuff, We're gonna handle asa group. I don't think that's fair
to Dana Brown, but that mightbe what he agreed to when he took
the job. Chandler Rome continues expectingJim Crane to take a complete hands off

approach is unlikely. He's not thesort of owner willing to concede three years
ago. Chandler Rome recalls, aswell as I'm gonna say, I'm three
months ago, Jim Crane said,while I'm here, the window will always
be open. Don't you want thatin an owner? Though? Yeah,

but I actually want him to dosomething about it. The last decade Hater
ain't got nothing to do with twentyfour. Hater was a piece, controversial
piece, but he's here inks drownedthe contract. There are some other things
he could have done to ensure thatthe window remain open. And there are
some things he could do right now, like remove jose air brail you from

your lineup. Jose air bray Youis not going out there every day.
If Jim Crane tells Dana Brown gethim out of there, chalen Rong continues,
how large will the crane? Howlarge will Crane allow to payroll to
grow? According to Cutts contracts,the Astros are some two hundred and fifty

million competitive balance tax payroll. Itmeans that's what the payroll is sixteen million
over the first threshold, which meansthe Astros have about four million dollars away
from crossing the next threshold. Ifthey crossed the next threshold, they would
pay twelve percent surcharge on the twentypercent tax Jim Crane is already paying.

Crane has exceeded the first competitive balancetax just once before the COVID twenty twenty
season, where there were no penaltiesfor going over. If the Astros are
serious buyers, the lack of highendpect prospect capital may force Crane to take
on bigger contracts from teams looking theshit salaries, putting the owner in a

predicament he hasn't encountered since purchasing theclub in twenty eleven. So you're telling
me he could spend more money ifyou wanted to. We all know they
don't have the prospects. So youhave to either be willing to take on
salary or shared salary to bring onsupplemental salary. What will you do,
Crane? Well, it's I don'tthink they're going to take on a bunch

of large shots. I mean,like, in other words, Chandler Roma
is telling us there's a possibility thatbe saying they could, But I just
don't think the way they operate theywill now can they? You know,
here's where it gets interesting. Ifyou can add a first basement and put
you a little bit over, youknow, it's that worth paying the extra
tax. Keep in mind you skippedover the line. They're already carrying the
largest payroll in franchise history. They'venever had a payroll this, And I

don't get should you why do youcare? I'm just telling you why do
you care how much there's man hisphilosophy is. I don't give a damn
about his philosophy. Money in twentytwenty four, surcharge on a twenty percent
of text, you're already paying.He's already. My god. This is
how business works America. When you'rewho's the company that's with us? What

I got on? I don't wantto do that in any other business.
So if you're if you're losing money, is the goal to try to stop
losing money? Why would I throwmyself willingly to spend even more money on
taxi? Apple has made a gazilliondollars in twenty twenty four. If Apple
needs to pivot and invests more thanthey normally would, you already have made

money the previous seven seasons. Sospend a little bit more than you normally
would in this particular case in twentyfour to ensure that the window stays open,
and provide the good people of Houstonthat watch and patronize your product,
that line your pockets with money,that they have the best possible team that
you can field. And then attwenty twenty five, as Apple has done,

you can go back to your model. It's okay to pivot off your
model. You don't believe me whenI say it. Tandler Room is saying
the exact same thing. No,no, exactly. No one's saying it's
not on the table. They coulddo it. I just I'm saying,
based on the history of what they'vedone. You know, he wanted to
avoid the luxury tax altogether. Whenthey brought in Josh Hater, it put
him over that first one, andnow they're up against the second one.

I just don't think that they're goingto do it unless things get so dire
and they get a proposition comes onthe table where they can absolutely upgrade the
first base position and they decide tosay goodbye to JOSEA. Brady, then
yes. But I think that's whywe continue to see jose Brady trot it
out there every day. Is I'malready spending all this money. Squeeze the
lemonade out of the lemon like,let's get whatever the hell we can because
we're already spending this much money sevenone, three, two, two,

five, seven nine. Do wecontinue doing a deep dive on Chandler Rome's
three question prima for the Astros witha trade deadline about a month away.
Who's got next that's here, what'scoming next? What do we do next?
And who's gotta take it to thenext level? Back into Staton Northfleet

and Chris Gordy. This is nextup on Sports Talk seven ninety. Shout
out to the west side. Alot of Californians in the city of Houston.
What up to you? Astros getthings very spicy and emotional around here.
We yell, fuss, cuss,we do all the things. Uh.

I think the twenty twenty four astrosare. They're being divisive, They're
breaking up homes. People are upset, this scruntled at work. The road
rage has intensified on sixteen and twoeighty eight. People trying to come down
off two ninety. I'm gonna getback to this channel rong piece, but
God, we got people that wantto talk stros and get their opinions in.

Who is this? Javier imp Acida, welcome back to the show.
Fore and you want next up?What's up? Buddy? I don't know,
Like I don't want to beat theguy, Like, oh, I
know it's too late ready, buthow much longer? When they say,
oh, it's it's still reachable.No one's running off with the division.
I mean, they didn't have gamesas a bunch already, and the way

the Marriagers played, They're not goingto start randomly losing. I don't think
they're They're a good team. Andalso with us, we're not helping ourselves.
We can't seem to get her outof our own way. And also
the brave thing I'm over and Iagree Gordy. I think it's part of
playing him as much is he's tryingto expedite him going out the door and
finally leaving. Another one more thing. I mean, there's been a few

days, but I've spent seeing afew rumors on Twitter and or x whatever
you want to call it. ButI feel like maybe maybe the Askers needs
like a little like a like alittle wake up shot. Maybe if they
could possibly go for a lad TorontoFirst statesman as a rental, maybe I
could help the team. But mymain thing, how much longer are we

want to say, oh, thisis it's still okay, the division's not
still too far Like how much longerare we going to keep on saying that
to ourselves to make them feel better? Oh, Javier Pasadena, I appreciate
it. That line I keep callingit the line of demarcation. We are
forty two, nearly forty three percentthrough this season for the Astros. There
are seven games back from five hundredeight and a half games back in the

division. I said Father's Day wasgonna be my first and that's this weekend's
that was my first line of demarcation. Let me see how it looks this
series, and then we'll get intotowards the end of the month here and
we'll see, Gordy, what's yourline? Where will you have a definitive

opinion on the twenty four Astros tradedeadline? Fourth of July? Oh,
I mean end of the regular season. Well, but look, we can
all look at it an agree theyhave not They're not you know, they
have not lived up to the hypeand they've underachieved. But that you know,
I think the big question is whendo you when do you decide this
thing's knock going to this thing's notask what I just asked you, Well,

you said line of d mark.That's what I mean, Like,
will be definitive about the twenty fourthat this season is it done? The
season team it's it's got to unlessthey get to the post the All Star
Break and they are twelve and ahalf thirteen backs, So all Star break
is your answer, that's when you'llknow. But but again, if it's
if they're nine and a half back, is they think they still go for

at the All Star break? Foryou, for Chris Gordy, where will
you say the Astros are or arenot for twenty four oh September? Oh
my god, Because that's because becauseStan like what we've seen. And again
I keep bringing this up. DanaBrown keeps mentioned like the fact other teams
out there. Baseball has shown usa history that there have been teams that

have a terrible April, May andJune, but turn it on in August,
September, October and make playoff runs. That's gonna be in the back
of their minds this whole time.And so even if they get to the
Ulster breaking their nine games back,they're gonna go, we can still make
this run. Those other teams didnot have a hole at first base.
Those other teams did not currently havefive healthy starters in the rotation. Those

other teams didn't have an issue witha setup man. Presley has been like
something's going on with Presley. Thoseother teams didn't have the specific situations that
the Astros in twenty four havel sothat it sounds cute to say, but
it's not apples to Apple, Butcan it be? Every team, every
year is completely different. They allhad their their problems, though the Braiders

didn't. They lose. The Braveswon the World Series without Ronald Kunya Amazona,
right and so again like that.But they look at it and throwing
the top. It ain't happening this. Players in the organization can't throw into
towel. I don't play for them. I don't get a single dollar from
the ass and even if I did, even if I did my I would

take that money contingent upon I'm gonnasay the truth now. Then don't pay
me, pay somebody else. I'lljust tell you. Their their thinking is,
of course it is. We can'tget house. It is, And
it's true. They've got the talentto do it, they just haven't done
it yet. They have the talentto be playing better baseball than they're currently
playing. Yes, that's true,Aggie, Doug, get in here,

hey man, saying, first ofall, I love your energy, brother,
and and I love what you bringyou know to the to the table
with this show. The pro thesolution always isn't just throw money at it.
I mean, first of all,you've listed a litmus of problems without
one solution. Bro, we're gettinggetting I'm gonna give you. So here

we go. Let's do this becauseyou're you're walking right and you're walking right
into where Chandler Rome continues. AndI said this yesterday before Chandler Ream wrote
about it. So there's an issueat first base. Peter Alonzo is going
to be a free agent at theend of the year. The New York
Mets are gonna do a fire sale. Maybe they take some of Peter Alonzo's

pro rated contract allah what they didfor Verlander last year. Peter Alonzo finishes
out twenty four with the Astros,maybe they can get him Gordon for the
four million they have remaining. Notgoing into the second level of the CBT.
Peter Alonzo goes in a first basewe try and win a World Series
with Peter Alonzo. That's one option. The same can be said for La
Guerrero Jr. The same can besaid for Paul Goldschmidt. Okay, those

are options for first you're not sayingwhat what do we trade for them?
Who wants are trash at this pointbecause now, for example, okay,
you have to ask the Mets,Metts, what do you want? So
we brought it up. Who isit? John MOROSSI brought it up the
other day. Hey, I willgive you Jake Myers and Chandler Ream does
it in this article. Hey,look, man, you overpaid Rafael Montero.

This is Chandleron. You overpaid.Relieve Montero. You might have to
move on from Montero to release somefunds to bring in on a pro rated
basis someone else. You can dothe same with Alex Bregman. And now
Gordy hates that. I'm just tellingyou what chandler Rome says. And chanlerron
with the LSU just like Gordon,so I know he's not gonna disagree with

l I'm saying to understand he's notsaying. I'm not saying. He's reporting
that the theies, but I don'tthink they're real. If it wasn't real
possibilities, your guy Chandleron wouldn't beright now. Find me a GM on
the phone right now who will takeRafael Montero's contract. I mean he's he's
okay, aging dude, No onewhat's to pay that money. So in
other words, you have to youhave to think, okay, look stand

just from a standpoint of like,I gret get it that Chandler's throwing out
all these options. And Chandler's agreat reporter. I appreciate it. Probably,
like you said, if there wasn'tif there wasn't a little bit of
smoke, you know that he wouldn'tbe saying those names. However, again,
the mess, you've got to findthe trading partner. You got to
have the person that says, youknow what, I'll take that, I'll

take that Montero hit if you're gonnagive me Myers and two of your best
prospects or something like that. Theproblem is is that we do not have
the prospect and go out there.I agree. I agree with you.
He doesn't even get any sniff thatfirst base. It's not prospects. You're

gonna have to give up dudes,and or here's the magic word, we
forget. In pro sports, youcan also offer cash. Guess what owners
of other baseball teams like cash.Guess what Jim Crane has made over the
last seven years of the goal toair on this team a lot of cash.
You can combine shedding some salary bymoving on from pieces if you don't

have prospects or offer cash. Let'snot act like Crane doesn't have any choices.
Not true the second you can't chooseto go into it. So he's
not gonna do that. Wow,because it creates a worse problem, doesn't
create the worst problem when you problemgood people like Aggie Doug in Houston.
They want to watch championship level baseball, like Crane promised would exactly as long
as he was. He may justsaid this back then, like Crane doesn't

handle is betting two thirty five thisseason? Paul gold Smith's banning two twenty
five. That's slightly better than JohnSingles Who who John Singleton's betting two thirteen?
Telling me that pet A Lonso isnot clearly better than jose of Bray
you and John Singleton combined, heis, He's slightly better this season,
miss likely better this season. That'sof sir Gordon. All of baseball is

better than a brave so throw himout. But but John Singleton is your
other option at third all or atfirst. All I'm saying is Peelonzo is
betting two thirty five in the seasontwo forty three in the month of in
the month of June, and youwant to go break the bank that that
man is making. Break the bank. I say, it's gonna put you
in the second lux I'm willing todo that. Not Pelozzo's making twenty and

a half million this year, andwhat is it pro rated by the time
you get to the deadline, it'sprobably half that. Okay, Matt takes
you over the second Luxury. Tapfor a two thirty five hitter. No
for a guy that can help meget in the playoffs and win a World
Series, something that nobody believes Singletonand or a braid you Brail did cut
it on last year. What youseen in twenty four a braid you?

Nobody believes that because Peter Lonso's gota great track reker to win the World
Series. Jesuys, you sit back, take a ten postseason at back Gordon.
You have the luxury of sitting backand you criticize and knock down.
Let me finish everybody else's idea.And when we got to the end of
the season last year, I toldyour ass where the state of this team
was and you had to come onhere and eat crow because you were wrong.

It is possible about did you didyou not say that the Astros are
going back to the word series?Yeah, they came one game away?
Did they? Did they do it? So? Were you wrong? Man?
Where you're on a disaster? Iwas wrongly seeing a man with so
much mouth home crime said to winone game and again, ain't do it
or not? You were wrong?I was right. It's okay you said

they were terrible from the get andI did not. I said I jumped
off the band waggon after the firsttwo games here with the Rangers. Jersey,
Al, what the hell are youtalking? I'm teasing you, But
let me just say, vlad GuerreroJunior is one I would get on board
with flags having a nice season.He's about two eighty one seven home runs.
But he's the same deal as almostthe same financial as Peter A.

Lonzo. He's making nineteen point ninemillion. So how much would the Blue
Jays ask you to eat that?And again, Houston, any conversation you
have with them, I guarantee's gonnastart with how about that low berffito guy?
Houston I'm doing the best I canwith Chris gord In here. He's
not listening to me. I'm listening. I just told you I was willing
to go for break. Go tobreak, James and Klein, you'll be

next up seven one, three,two, one two, five, seven
ninety Fleet and Gordy third to moreMINUTESO are again. We'll finish up this
Shaan Laern piece. I also wantto comment on Game three to the NBA
Finals. Next up continues from onyour computer. Listen to Sports Talk seven
ninety on any device with our threeIronheart Radio as twenty four minutes from now.

Matt Thomas and Ross Virrial coming yourway to Matt Thomas Show. Astros
off today. They dropped one inBay Area yesterday Farmer gets shelled five to
three. Astros lose eight and ahalf games back in the division, seven
games back from five hundred and someonethat we all like around here does great

work is on the beat every day. Chandler Roam of the Athletic has a
piece up Three questions for the Astrosorganization heading into free agency. Who's making
decisions over there? There's still thisweird dynamic. Reggie Jackson apparently is back
around the team more regularly the lastcouple of weeks. What does that mean?

Don't know, Jim Crane, Hey, bro, this this trade deadline
is approaching in a little bit overmonth. We have about five weeks,
six weeks. What we're gonna dohere? The team is not making up
ground, The team has injuries alot of places. You have money to
shot with, Jim Crane, Ohno, he doesn't have money. He

does have money shot with. You'reup against the second luxury. Nothing is
prohibiting him from going over. Hewould prefer not to the line instead,
I'm not going passes. So listen, you move on from them. No,
you don't move on from that channelof Rome telling us we shouldn't move
on from that. For you tohave the people in Houston believing it is
impossible and we should just accept thatthe owner of the bleeping Astros has just
decided he's not going And see thewinningest owner in Astro's history, who you

were dog crap before he got hegot here. Turn you around. You've
had your greatest eight nine years sincehe's taken over the team, and he's
got the highest payo he's ever had. And it may not be enough and
you signed up for you may notbe enough for you. It ain't just
me. Do you listen to thephones? Do you watch astros? To
let the outside of orange and blueglasses. I listen and talk to people

every day that watch these games,that go to the stadium just like you,
and and some of them, includingthe people that own this line,
are saying they demand more from anownership group that promised them a championship caliber
team and right now it is not. And sometimes it's it's right to be
Fergle not cheap, but Fugal holdingguys to five and six year deals are

not twelve year deals, James andKlein whatever. Yeah, the only way
they're gonna get back in this iswhen we have long winning streaks like eight,
nine, ten game winning streaks.That's how they're gonna get back in
this race. And you're gonna haveto do that by solving the prom at
first base. Now, Dubon isnot your answer, and Cabbage is not

your answer, but they're better thanthe other two they have right now,
the Cabbage and Dubon at first baseuntil the other guys who decided to go
in a different direction. When youstart winning, because these two guys are
playing first base now just not gettingit done. James, can I offer
you option three? Which option three? How about go get a first baseman?
How about a day line? Iwould like to do that, but
they're not going to do that.I agree with Gordion on that. My

question is why do we accept that? Why should I accept that the ownership
group in the brass over there hasjust decided we are not spending any more
money at first base because MLB,No, it doesn't. MLB has not
prohibited them from going to get PeterLonzo and Chandler rom tails, but they
tax the hell out of you todeter you from doing unless you have assets,
which we don't have. By theway, a farm system or,

as Chandler highlights, relievers are themost sought after currency at every trade deadline,
and one with the postseason numbers thatPresley possesses should fetch a nice haul.
A release of Presley's fourteen million dollarpro rated salary at the deadline now
it also frees up fourteen million nextyear. You have a hater, you

have Josh Shader as a closer,You have Brian to Bray you as your
setup man. Presley could be viewedas a luxury and a commodity that could
be moved. I would move Presleyif it meant I could solve an issue
at first base or go get afrontline starter. Stop telling me they don't
have asset. They do. Anybodygot a question about it. They don't
have a ton of assets. AndI didn't say a ton, I said

they have. You trade Ryan Presley. Okay, but now you've created a
whole. You have one less armin your bullpen. Now who we're gonna
roll? Oh you tell me mccaulisand them coming back. Yes, those
will be starters because you're gonna needto start. And I mean I can
push irrogated down and I could pushon a Brown in the postseason. Yeah,
I can push them down in thepostseason. So like, if you
want to how to get through thesenext whatever eighty plus games, I mean

it's like, get Ryan Presley isI mean, look, if he's getting
himself right, then good that Icould use a good Pressley down the stretch
of the rest of the season.Randy on the west side whatever, Yes,
sir, I just want to say, you know Montero and Pressley,
you know they've lost around fifteen gameslong, you know. So who that
being said, it's a miracle thatthere are just seven eight games back.

It's a miracle, man, consideringeverything they've been through this season, it's
a miracle. But with that beingsaid, yes, Dan, you're right,
You're a one hundred percent right,Jim. He's been winning for almost
a decade with his team. He'sgot billions on top of billions. But
yes, he's a businessman, youknow. But with that being said,
staning, you're right again, PeteAlonso. I think if you have a

guy like pet Alonzo on the teamwith a caliber, that's because he's around
trash players. So he's gonna comehere about three hundred. Okay, well
then I'll do I'm telling you forsure he's around trash player. Sure,
bad chemistry, a bad modo,all of that. You put a Pete
Alonzo if you can rent him orkill whatever it is, you know,

and that's all it would be.Because Peter A. Lonzo's going to hit
free agency at the end of theseason, so you're renting him for a
postseason run. You put this cataround our pedigree of players. I'm telling
you, hey, it was SolidicusBrandy, you know we said the same
thing about two years ago. Wesaid we said the same thing. When
they sign Jose Bray you put thiscat in this lineup, this career batter

three hundred former infants, Bray youmoney, money, all stars a braid
you money except him in October,so that investment was worth it in twenty
three. We are now in twentyfour. Well, where's that guy?
Please stand up by the way,peter A Lonzo, where's the real Peter
A Lonza? Will you stand up? Batting to thirty five on the year
two forty three. This month,Angel and Houston, get rid of Jose

braid you. Call up Joey libsdoand get this team back rolling because we're
winning eight games straight without Jose braidYou. They brought him up and it
became trash. So it's all onJim Crane. They don't want to waste
that money. The day bring youis trash. Look at they keep saying,
look at the back of his baseballcard. Look at it right now,
crash Man, get rid of him. Yeah, I appreciate you,

Angel and Houston. No one's onlya braid you bandwagon. I think we
can all agree something needs that's universal. But that goes back to the first
piece of Channeler's article. What isgoing on with the decision making over there?
Now, I'm not against those folks. There are partners I respect to
Houston Astros. It doesn't mean Ihave to agree, and it doesn't mean

I'm not on their pay roll.I don't think any fan it agrees that
it's not. It's not just abouta break. So like, why is
he there if all of us cansee it? And not only why is
he there, but then you compoundthat by having him and John Singleton in
the lineup at the same time yesterdayafternoon, and you have the nerve to
put Singleton in the damn cleanup spot. Well that's her. I say,

like, I'm all for lefty lefty, righty righty matchups and all that kind
of stuff, But at the endof the day, we gotta look at
what's this guy doing right now?And when you got a terrible several terrible
hitters and you're knowingly put them,putting them in your lineup, it's just
it's not gonna it's not gonna equalwins. Peter Lonzo's powerful right handed swing
with suit well at mint it maypart with deep shots into the crawl of

boxes, hopefully guess that average upif he comes there again. I'd rather
go with Drives, Go for vladGuerrero. They're the same price. They're
making the same money this year,and Alonzo's twenty nine, Vlake Guerrero's twenty
five. Like I'd rather take mychance with with like grow Now the powers
dip this year. You gotta goat least's getting hits. We gotta get

out here, let's come back,Let's wrap up, Get you over to
Matt Thomas. Sports Talk seven ninetywith Yourn. Next up the Pictures tremble
with fear, You're right all therest Mother com three, run over with
north Fleet and Gordyon. Next up, Bellies, tremble with hunger. Lunchtime
is so close untill then show downon more. Next up, Welcome back

in the next up here on SportsTalk seven ninety, your number one sports
talk show in the city at Houston. The ratings tell me that over the
last three months, Chris, Gordy, standing Fleet, Connedy mcgovernor, who's
at that tray on the other sidethere, appreciate those guys helping us out
here. We get ready to handthe reins over to Matt Thomas and Ronsville
Reale. Uh, they likely won'tyell at each other as much as Gordon
and I do, but there're stillis a little for it than Os,

so probably even more smarminess there thoughbetween the two they have a very good
show. I enjoyed Matt Toomas verymuch, and I do not appreciate Ross
for circulating that very private picture ofme and Matt from then on subject maybe
don't take a back. I didn'tknow the romantic picture of a fellow male
coworker at a Saint restaurant, andyou won't get that thrump back at you.

I did not appreciate Rosberry yeah fordoing that. If you haven't seen
that, you can go through theseven ninety Twitter account. I've got it
up on my sports mt sports rvuh. It's entertaining, all right,
talking to some shows. I wantto wrap up this Channel Rome article,
and then there doing a comment onthe NBA Finals, and then something weird
happened with one of the or thegoat of the NFL yesterday. Mike and

new Caney, you're next up?What's up, guys? How y'all doing
all right? Man? What's thatman? Y'all seen what Corey Jos has
done since he went to the WhiteSox. I saw some early numbers.
Give me the current state of wherejokes he is. I miss jokes,
and he's hitting two fifty three,three home runs, seven RBIs and twenty
hits. Man, two fifty threeis not good, though, Mike.
Three rb eyes and what three onrun seven? Yeah, twenty hits,

that's on. But you get it, Mike. The White Sox are so
bad. I mean, yeah,we see it all the time. Guys
put up great numbers on bad teamswhen they get a chance because there's no
pressure there. I mean there's absolutelyzero pressure every night. That's true.
I thought of that too. Iwas like, well, man, they
kind of they're pretty bad anyway.He's also batting two to fourteen in the
month of June so far, sothat's come way down for him. And
then you gotta look at like,there's just, quite frankly, a log

jam in the outfield right, jokesis out. They wanted to bring Lope
Fido up. Could he play somefirst? We really know he's an outfielder.
You still have Mayers, Chaz gotDean Chaz is trying to get his
legs, and then of course Jordanand then we didn't couldn't foresee that Kyle
Tucker was going on if for alittle bit. So I just think it
was a log jam. They hadto move somebody. Jolkes was the eye

man out. Yeah, Hey didyou see it? Hey? Did you
see him go? Yeah? Ilike Joe listen. Jokes was a I
don't say a big reason, butJokes had some big moments for this team
last year. They don't accomplish whatthey accomplished without Corey Jokes doing what he
did, as well as Mauricio dubonJP France on the Brown. There was
some MONTHSNG heroes and I would putJokes in that group last season I would

too, for sure. All Right, Michael new Kaney. So appreciate you
guys, Thank you, man.Appreciate you listen supporting the show. Gordon,
let me wrap up this. Iknow you got some comments you want
to make. Let me wrap upthis Chandler roam piece. It's in the
Athletic Chandler Rome does a great job. The question. It's three question primer
as the Astros approach the trade deadline. Trade deadline is five pm Local time

July to thirties, So we stillgot some ways to go. But I
think the questioning, the line ofquestioning here rhetorically from Chandler Room is pretty
interesting and spot on. Chandler endsthe article by saying, Dana Brown has
been adamant there is no scenario endquote in which Houston would sell. But

if the club falters during the softportion of this schedule, it would be
a declaration of excuse me, adereliction of duty to not consider reversing course
and shopping impending free agents Alex Bregmanwhile also listening to the potential packages for
a Kyle Tucker or a from braValdez. That's also mentioning previously mentioned Ryan

Pressley and Raphael Montero. Those arejust names that he had put out,
all right. I like how weends. This is where you get into
the Peter Alonzo's potential availability will invitethe most heightened speculation and would be the
type of moon Crane has been proneto overseen and goes. That's when you
go into Alonzo's powerful right arm Dada da What did he say? He

said if the Astros author of Resurgencereturn to serious playoff contention and act as
buyers. The team needs are obvious, a starting picture to supplement a rotation
ravaged by injury, and a firstbase meant to compensate for a bray You's
continued decline. I agree one hundredpercent with everything. Chandler Rome had to

say, yeah, but now,but now, the famous saying it takes
two to tango. You can wantall you want, but you call these
teams and they go nope, Imean, what can you do? Then
this is happened to the Asters multipletimes in the last few years. I
trade deadlines, They've called and they'vehad deals in the works, and you
know, offers on the table andbeen told no. Because we got famously

a couple of years ago, theytried to get the relief from the Orioles
and in the midnight hour they gotoutbid. Another team gave more than they
than the Astors had to offer.Pete Alonzo plays for the Mets. Last
year at the trade deadline, DanaBrown did a deal with the GM of
the Mets. They brought in aguy named Justin Verlanda. So I would
start with Alonzo because you already haveI'm a relationship. I'm out on the

two thirty five hitter. Though I'mgood, I already got a two twenty
hitter in John Singleton. Peter Alonzois in a stratosphere that John Singleton will
never reach in his career. Yeah, but in the twenty twenty four version
of Peter A. Lonso not verygood. Get your tweet off, get
your last thing off. You sawsomething about the previous GM. Gina Luno,
Jeff Luno's wife, responding to atweet somebody on Twitter said, how

did the Astros go from seven consecutiveALCS appearances to complete dog bleep in a
matter of one offseason? Gina Lunosays, simple answer, Jim Crane fired
Jeff Luno. Karma sucks. GinaLuno throwing darts could be facts from her
physition. All right, we'll havemore Astro talk on the Matt Thomas Show.

Here. He and Ross com appreciateConnedy Mcgovernor Tray Chris Gordy Stanfleet,
and U, YESU the City ofHouston, which allows to maintain I would
status as you're a home for Houstonsports. We've enjoyed it. No Astros
baseball tonight, no NBA Finals tonight. I might gotta do some binge watching.
Oh there's a new Star Wars thingout on Disney. I need to

go to compete at that. Allright, let's do it again tomorrow.
Y'll be well, Peace to you, Enjoy your lunch. Mm hmm
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