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June 7, 2024 82 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up preview the Houston Astros going on the road to take on the Los Angeles Angels for a weekend series starting Friday. The Astros have a 28-35 record on the season and currently sit 7.5 games back from the lead in the AL West. The Texans completed mandatory minicamp, allowing a first look at new teammates such as Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter. Eric Edholm, lead draft writer for, joins to discuss the Texans chances of winning the Super Bowl for this upcoming season. Stan and Chris further analyze the Texans with former Texans defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, recap game one of the NBA Finals, tell embarrassing stories and more.
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the nish Man up, next up,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, next stop,
next, next up? This teamnext, This is next up with
ten Norfleet ten Chris Gordy. Let'ssee what's next next next? It is

next up Sports Talk seven to ninetyhere in Houston, Chris Gordy, here
with you stand Northfleet as well aswe are getting you set for the weekend
ahead. It is uh man fullall weekend into June. As the summer
is upon us. The heat ishere and uh astrous Hopefully it will start
heating up. They'll be back inaction tonight with the series out in LA

against the Angels. Top of that, getting ready for the NBA Draft coming
up in a couple of weeks.Your Houston Rocket's still holding the third overall
pick. Houston Texans finishing up theirmini camp the last couple of days.
They will have a little bit ofa break. We got some news just
a little while ago the NFL announcingnationally televised preseason games. Texan's only with

that one. That's the Hall ofFame game, and we preseason week zero
also got the NBA Finals got kickedoff last night. A little bit of
a dud of a game, butnonetheless on the watch, Dan Northfleet,
what's wrong with you? Jents?What'd you do? Good morning to the
people of Houston. What'd you do? I had al acident last night?

Talking to the michaelphone. It's radio, that's what we do. I had
an ancident last night. What'd youdo? I'll get today here, got
to beat up pimp or something.Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don't
know you're coming danger close again?Your answer, because you've been talking bleak
for the last week and I've beenletting it go. Don't don't let the
smile fool you going. What didI say? I'm not in the mood

for this bleak? What happened?Tell us? Okay, I didn't plan
to start the show like this,but we will. So I got invited
somewhere late yesterday afternoon a party.Whoa, let's just focus a water park.

No, I wasn't it, tellus you. I wasn't at NASA,
all right, So I get invitedsomewhere some NFL guys are doing a
thing like a party. No,it's a lunch. They're gathering. People
are there, Focus Gordy. Sothis is early evening. This is pre
NBA Finals, and I'm like,all right, it's like the pregame,

so hanging out. People are there, some retired guys are there. We're
kicking it. Somebody says, allright, we're gonna change venues. We're
gonna go to this other venue.I said, all right, bet so
I would say I'm one of theolder gentlemen and in this group. So
we get to the other venue,and needless to say, as the night

progresses, I'm looking at the clock. I gotta work tomorrow. I'm like,
fellas love y'all, but I'm not. I mean, I am retired,
but like I don't got money,y'all got so I'm getting the hell
out of in. So I goto work. Well, moments before I
depart, I'm walking back to thesection that we're in and I'm trying to

raise my leg to get over.You know, they got hookahs everywhere,
and the cocktail waitresses are doing theirthing gor to swear, I slip,
my feet are in the air,I am hovering lateral to the ground.
And you ever had a moment whereyou're like, this is really happening in

front of all these people? Wellsounds like a lot. You can only
trip if you had a foul.Your coordination is off a little bit,
with a lot of booze. Gordy, I have it's been a while.
I'm not gonna say never, it'sbeen a while since I've been that embarrassed.
I mean, Hookah's flying everywhere,food spills, cocktails in the air,

my feeta in the air, andI'm thinking a whole way on my
way to the ground. Damn.Fleet's not gonna lift this one down.
People see it. I know,camera phones are out like this just looks
bad. Connor stops smiling. It'sjust in't funny. No, you're laughing.
It's not funny, Gordy, mestan Fleet looking crazy in front of
people. My guys are they're laughing. My guys got you gotta play it

off. So immediately I get up. I'm like, okay, somebody just
the drop driver home, please rightnow. I don't want to see anybody.
I don't want to dapt anybody up. Get me out of this venue.
And I have several text message phonecalls that some dms A mobile Koye

was one of the inten Then he'llbe dropping by the studio in the eleven
o'clock hour. Last time you've beenembarrassed, Gordon, because I sure am
talking about it. I'm still embarrassed. I can't believe this happened. I
couldnot go back to that venue fora minimum of six months. Well,
there's two ways to play that off. Either you get up and kind of
laugh it off, or you stayon the ground and act injured, and

then everybody's gonna, oh, wewere gonna make fun of him, but
if he's really hurt, we can'tlaugh. I can't even act. My
whole right side of my lower backis hurt. My boy, damn,
Gordon. Well, that's why yougotta stay down. It's like it's like
the quarterback when you throw an interception. If you stay on the ground and
not hurt, the coach can't beas mad at you. Oh man,

he got hurt by how many times? Can you do that? A once?
All right? So real talk y'allmake me feel better. Uh,
you know what, I don't knowwhy I'm doing this. Let's just open
up the phone lines embarrassing moments ifyou care to share. It's kind of
therapeutic, Gordon. I don't getembarrassed by anything anymore. You. Definitely,
I've had an embarrassing moment. Giveme one, Gordon, Well,

it's funny. I was trying tothis. Did you see this viral video
from the Golf Channel that's making therounds on Twitter? To do about you?
Because your girl just had the mostembarrassing moment of anybody in the last
twenty four hours. What happened toher? There's a pro it's a golf
pro am on the Golf Channel,and she's going around interviewing some of the

celebrities and they throw it down toher and say, Vince Young, very
accomplished quarterback. Let's check in withwhatever. Alyssa And they go to her
and she's interviewed a guy and thatain't Vince Young, but she thinks it's
Vince Young. And she goes,such a great accomplished career in the NFL
and college football, Yeah, Ihaven't done that the University of Texas.

What's this been like? The guygoes, well, I'm gonna be honest
with you. I you got thewrong person. His name is Everett something
or other. He's an offensive assistantat the Citadel. Said she thinks he's
Vince Young. I mean that isbut I don't know. It's the most
cringe worthy interview clip I've seen ina while because she doesn't move the microphone

out of his face. She keepsit in his face. You'll find out
it's not Vince Young. You gottago. I'm completely sorry. Who are
you again? The cameraman has topull off of They keep it there walking
together on the golf course and she'slike, so, what's this day been
like for you so far? Noone cares? Who is this guy?

Vinceay? Vince Young himself. Shoutout to the homie V. Why I
saw Vince in a spot where weat? Oh, we went in midtown
about a month ago. Shout outto the homie V why that's my man?
Well that he had a pretty embarrassingmoment a few weeks ago. No
back to you, because you don'tlike to tell people about your personal life.
People always ask me when I'm outand we're talking there like yo,
you and going to going back andforth. It's kind of funny. Sometimes

it could be annoying, but it'scompelling. It's entertaining. Tell the people
an embarrassing moment about you, AndI know your wife, I'll ask her.
I can't really think we. Imean, I erase it from my
memory immediately. So, oh Godis too bleep and cool to come on
here and tell the people you're sayingConnor's oh, you can answer the phone.
First, I want to know anembarrassing moment from Connor. We're gonna
talk about sports. I promise,damn, my back hurts. Anybody got

some leave? What do you takefor back? Bear? What is it
called? Any any kind of Ineed something, Biscuit. I can't believe
I'm starting to show like this,biscuit. I'm embarrassing here. Last night
in front of the NFL guys,my brethren, the young boys would like,
get old G's ass out of here, biscuit. It was bad bro
staying as hell. No, man, Liz is saying, listen, let

me paying a picture for you.Man. We I'm over like the couple
ministry at the church, right,Okay, we're doing the picnic, right,
And I said, I came upwith the bright eyed a lot of
older people. Let's let's just doa kickball game. Can't hurt yourself playing
kickball here, you can't. Wesing we're taking teams and I'm the captain

and my team is all men,like when most of the women and children
on other teams. What I didn'trecognize was we were older, they were
younger. Oh, y'all got yours. We got an ass whip. Women
and children laughing so hard they wason the ground laughing it up. Hey,

And you know what's funny, Businusa breached it your god. You
know what's funny about that? Whenyou lose the women and children. It's
hard to go home and try andassert your authority. When your wife and
your child has whooped your ass likeyou're not the man of the house anymore.
They own you. It's embarrassing.I didn't know this is gonna be
a thing. Let's go back tothe phone line seven one, three,

two two five seven ninety Fleet wasout doing too much last night. Embarrassed
myself. My low back, myass was hovering. I was parallel to
the ground in front of people.Oh. The people laughed. Oh and
then Gordon, you know it's Houston. So the young models was out,
the bottles was out. I knockedover bottles. I think I kicked some

poor woman in her side. Imean I was sprawled out, bro stop
laughing, Connor, it was badI'm trying to think away to play that
off? How can you play thatoff? Gord to chicken wing plates or
sliding mozzarella sticks ended up in somebodyelse's section, I might grab my chest
and yelling no guys having a hardertime. Then if the paramedics come or

the police show, then it's like, oh you're that guy. Jay and
Spring, it was bad for oglast night. Run around to your bees
security, the total driver. Getme out of here right now, Jay
and Spring? What up on Fridaymorning? What's happening? Fellas this quick
story saying I resonated with that storytwo months ago. I'm forty six years

old, so I've always been athletics, felt the athletic. Don't feel forty
six until two months ago. SoI'm in the you know, getting ready
to go to bed. You knowhow you take your pants, left your
pants off one leg at a time, of course, yeah, oh yeah,
yeah yeah. But apparently my bodydidn't get uh sob so my wife

she laid in the bed, soyou know, so you know, I
just remember tilted over, took onetook one, took one leg, got
the pants and I end up fallingover. And it was a slow motion
because I could have swore I tookI put my hand out to brace the
file and this ain't on my headagainst the wall and everything. So let's

just say there was no nightcapt thatnight. I woke up sore the next
morning and that was it. Man, So I feel you, bro my
man, Jay and spring. Youknow what, though, at least it
was just in front of wife.Now she's not gonna let you live that
down. I'm sure it still comesup, Jay, but at least it
was in front of people. Ohyou know, I gotta look Andre Johnson
in the face, and he's gonnaremember this one. Be forward. He

might not remember. Maybe maybe hadtoo many cocktails. Oh my god,
you don't mind them from a few. J Jo was there. J Joe's
looking at me while I'm hovering,I'm looking at j Jon He's like,
oh, this is not good.Sorry. You could pull up footage of
him getting beat. I NFL feltmyself reverberate when I hit the ground and
we Yeah, it was not great. You remember a few weeks Agot played

in the media softball turnam Oh yeah, I'm bassing. Moment Gordon sends me
a picture wiped out running from secondto third. So going there right right
about where Jeremy Pennon stands. Oh, well, he can't talk him and
jose L two Van who else?Oh Jake Myers. Jake Myers is stumbling
and getting picked off at second tryingto steal as bad. Okay, let's

talk to an NBA Finals since that'swhat we were out doing with the guys
last night. Boston wins one Oseven eighty nine Game one NBA Finals.
I took Dallas in six. Atthe conclusion of the show, we'll do
this. Embarrassing stories make me feelbetter a grown ass man. I'm forty
three years old out there knocking overplates at a public venue. Damn Sports

Talks even nighty. Next up continueson your following Listen to Sports Talk seven
ninety on any device with our freeiHeartRadio as I wish I could tell you

we're feeling good, feeling great ona Friday. My back hurts like hell,
my whole right side from the upperback down to my buttocks. If
you missing how we opened the show. Stan Fleet had a terrible moment last
night in front of a lot ofpeople. Embarrassing moment I feel, and

I mean I didn't just fall.I was levitating on some old matrix issue.
I mean, Keanu reeves, he'dI could have been a stunt.
Double arms flailing my back in theback of my neck were the first things
to touch the ground. All theladies saw it. Sweetheart, whoever that

woman was, I'm sorry that Ikicked you in the ribs. Didn't mean
to. I couldn't. Yeah,I couldn't control myself. It was honest
accident. I was trying to stepover some hookahs and navigate around some waitresses
and just lost my balance. Sowe started the show and we will talk
some sports. I gotta talk NBAFinals because that's what I was out to

do. There are some former NFLplayers that are celebrating their birthday. One
he's gonna be in the studio inthe eleven o'clock aldu My brother a Mobia
Koye, formerly the tenth overall pickin the old seven NFL draft for the
Houston Texans. My man shout outto Joe Okaford, my brother out of
Belly at high school. What up? Jo played his college ball to Oklahoma
State. A couple other guys wereout last night. Embarrassed myself damn embarrassing

story been holding for awhile seven one, three, two, two five seven
ninety. If y'all share your embarrassingstories with me, it will help me
feel bad. I know, Igot the voice going on and everything,
but your boys hurt like I canbarely sit up in this chair. Let's
go to conro Conroe. James,what up? Okay? So this is
an embarrassing story. And I'm gladyou didn't hurt yourself really bad because because

I could have happened easily. Yes, okay. So I'm up on the
third level last year at the Astrogame and and there's this woman talking incessively
about her husband and her children,her curtains, everything non stop. And
I'm thinking, well, this woman, shut up. I'm trying to watch

his game, and so and sothe wife says, hey, I have
to go to the bathroom. AndI said, okay, great, would
you mind picking up a couple ofbeers while you're up there? And she
said, okay, sure, acouple Crawford box Okay, and yes,
yes, of course. And soshe has a bum knee and a hip,

but I didn't think anything of it. So I'm watching the game and
then all of a sudden, Ihear this scream and my wife's knee gave
out on her. She grab grabbedthe hold of the rail and both those
Crawford Box when tumbling into that woman'shusband's laugh the whole thing, and I

told my wife, I said,that was the Holy Spirit that did it.
He was listened for this too,and so security came over and we
almost got thrown out of the game. Almost did on behalf of Crawford Box.
I appreciate your lord, as doesChris Gordy Damn Conrade James. All

Right, Connor, you're not offthe hook just because I'm a OG.
And again, I was one ofthe older gentlemen in that venue last night.
Connor, you're a young man.You got time to live it to.
Uh what am I trying to say? Live it down? Connor,
give me an embarrassing story real quickand we'll talk NBA finds manager. Just
a quick one, as I canrelate to biscuit and the fact that I

fractured my pelvis in eighth grade playingkickball. Fractured First of all, can
you be embarrassed at eight in eighthgrade? So I was like four eighth
grade I'm sorry, I'm in mymind. I had eight years old,
like you're supposed to do just quirky, weird kind of stuff. Yeah,
so it's not that bad, butI really hate this great fact. You
fractured your pelvis doing what playing kickball? Kicking the ball an old man injury.

Damn. Yeah, either get carriedout or not carried out. But
I had to like they had awheelchair me out. Oh you had a
Paul Pierce speaking of the Celtics,you had a Paul Pierce moment? Well
yeah, he was actual injury.Yeah. Yeah, So in front of
my whole classmates, I was kindof bad. I still I got friends
that don't let me live that down. Yo. Speaking of school, and
I promise, I'm trying to talkNBET. We got Eric at home of
NFL network. He's joined excuse me, NFL dot Com. He's gonna tell

us why the Texans are not theteam that has yet to win a Super
Bowl, why they aren't the nextup. He feels like there are some
other teams ahead. He's up inabout five minutes. Uh. Speaking of
school, So I had some ofthe fellas, you'll be able to excuse
me some of the fellas will beable to relate to this. I'm in
high school and I told this younglady all the things that I would like

to do when we hook up.I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do
that. Oh, if you justgive an opportunity. A year later,
she tells me once we're taking godwith the midterms, maybe final exams,
whatever. Anyway, it was abbreviatedschool day, she says, staying,
all right, you've been talking bleakfor a year. Let's go right now.

Today's the day. Get your gameface on. I need performance immediately.
I'm like, who you talking to? I'm staying fleet. You know
what I am about. I'm apower five guy. I'm about to sign
I'm going to University Virginia. No, to day, you're not good enough
for me, Tennessee, bleep youeven though you just one national championship state
what's what's the brother's name? Paternoand creepy things y'all got going on to

Penn State. No, I'm notgoing there yet. Yeah san Dusky.
Oh no, it already happened.I said, No, I'm going to
Va. So lost story short.We get in the car. It was
a silver Mercury Sable. Didn't havemoney back then. Did the best I
could do? High school kid,don't you know? The car breaks down

on the way to do the thing. I'm literally in a wife beat a
t shirt. The car is jackedup, guarded, I'm changing a tire.
I don't know what's going on withthe wheel. And her friends on
the school bus are leaving the schooland they're passing by one by one and
everybody's laughing at you. Boy.Needless to say, there was no goodies

for fleeting that day. So Connor, when you tell me a story about
school, my mind goes there.I think I left that one down though,
kind of successful. Steve on thenorthwest side of the city, what
I hey, guys, can youhear me? Yeah? Go ahead you
Okay. So it didn't really happento me, but me and my wife
were out and my wife was wearingthis long sun dress and she has a

tendency to just kind of go commando, and so so we're we're walking in
in the so we're walking in,we're walking into the mall or walking out
of the mall, all right,And it looked to my right to see
if there's any cars coming and Itake a step. Well, when I

took the step, I didn't realizethat my wife had fallen off of the
off off the ledge, and thenI didn't realize that when I looked down,
her dress had come up. Soyour wife's whole private pau is just
out. Yes, yes, andthere was two So I picked her up,
and to be honest with you,we were both laughing, and the

two guys behind us looked like theyhad just seen a ghost. And uh,
yeah, do you respond to that? Like, I'm not going to
ask you about the you know,your presentation of your wife, but gohdad,
how do you respond to that?You and I are coming out of
getting the sandwich somewhere and some dudewife who's going commando falls down? Do
we laugh? Do we help herup? Do we not? Like?
What? What do you do inthat situation? I turn and keep talking.

So you just act like you didn'tsee it? How do you ignore
it? It's more embarrassing for theperson if if you're bringing attention. But
Steve and his wife are laughing,Go ahead, Steve, Yeah, well
I was. I was saying,my wife goes, oh my god,
I cannot believe this. But Itwas one of those things happened like five
years ago, and it's one ofthose things where we we just laugh about

it now, but it was like, oh my god, I mean,
what are the odds? Unbelievable?My man, stay, we got to
get out, brother. But Iappreciate you saying the story. Y'all make
a year better. You run upto her and go world star all your
friend's filming. I'm not putting mywife's privates on Social I don't want to
have a OnlyFans account. Something crazy. Y'all make me feel better, all

right, embassad stories. So thatwas a half hour. Let's talk with
my brother, Eric ed Hoolme.He's a writer for NFL dot com.
He's gonna tell us why the Texansare not of the twelve teams yet to
win the Super Bowl. Why theyaren't The next up, we'll do that
here. Next up the legendary kbmme Sports Talks heven nineteen to the next

episode. You can't even stop yourselfFinn, John North and Lord E next
us as Next Up continues on sevenninety. Welcome back in the next up
here on Sports Talk seven ninety,your home for Houston sports will real Texans
talk and listen to seven ninety KBand me, Well, you ready to

go to the guest line and talkto a man that I respect. I'm
a big fan of his work.He's a lead draft writer. Eric Edholme
of NFL dot Com. We welcomehim to Houston. Eric, good morning
to you, sir, Good morningto you. What's happening? No,
Well, I embassed myself last nightin front of some four NFL guys.
We were celebrating some birthdays. Minewas this week as well. Trip felled.

A lot of women saw it,my young guys saw it. I'm
embarrassed. It knocked over food.It was a bad ordeal. So we
started by sharing. We open theshow by sharing embarrassing stories. You should
be embarrassed about your most recent work. Now listen, when I get pissed
off of people in the media.Our brethren Gordy knows this. My BADIYAR
partner Chris Gordy joined him. Isaid, I'm getting Eric Aedholmes on the

phone and I need him. Ineed him to explain himself. Of the
twelve teams lacking on Lobardi Trophy,let's rank who's next in line to win
a Super Bowl Detroit number one,Cincinnati number two, and the Houston Texans
come in at oh no, Buffaloat three, and then you got the
Texans at four. Explain yourself.Explain yourself. Yeah, so my editor

tasked me with the story. Hesaid, all right, it ranks the
twelve teams who've never won a SuperBowl with their chances to win a Super
Bowl this seas Now. You know, obviously there's you know, you can
think long term. Detexans are probablyas well set up as any team right
now. Going as far as you'veseen already CJ. Stroud perform at a

high level, we know he canget it done. The next two years
should be really exciting. Is thisthe season they're gonna win a Super Bowl?
I still have my doubts. Iwant to see more from the defense.
It's got to be a big improvementtoo. I mean, I think
statistically it paints a stark picture.Now. They were very opportunistic defensively.

They came up with clutch plays atthe you know, the key moments,
and that helped them win a lotof games. You know, the late
interception against New Orleans and things likethat. I mean, just time and
time again, those plays help themagainst the tougher schedule. If they don't
improve on that side of the ball, I have my questions. Now,
technically they should be better offensively too, But I could argue I understand why

Buffalo might anger some people being aheadof the Texans. That's it. That's
a team that clearly has taken astep back talent wise this year. So
I can I can absolutely get behindan argument that suggests that Texans have a
better shot than Buffalo this year.Well, let's talk this out a little
bit, Eric, because you know, defensively for the Texans, obviously Dmiico

Ryans. We we you know,we can admit he's a very good defensive
mind. Was highly thought of asone of the best defensive coordinators in the
league before he became a head coach. And we look at what on paper
Will Anderson junior offensive, you know, incredible, great defensive rookie year.
We expect he's gonna build on that, maybe take a step forward. They
bring in Denico Autrey, We'll seewhat he does inside. Outside guy.

They bring yeah, Daneil Hunter,a career double digit sack guy. That's
an upgrade over John Grenard. Theybring in a z's Al shayre at Mill
linebacker. That's a huge upgrade fromDenzel Perryman. You lose Steven Nelson,
we expect some combination of the rookieKamari Lassiter, Jeff Okudah CJ Henderson to
hold down that number two corner spot. I just look at the grouping and
say, it feels like they've gottenbetter defensively in year two and Demico system

everybody knows the playbook. Oh absolutely, I think that. I think they
have upgraded the talent. I meanthere's no doubt about it. I mean
obviously with like the secondary's the onespot that I'm you know, I don't
know that I'm gonna say that withcomplete sort of freedom and say, oh
yeah, they're definitely better back thenthey could be better. I think that's
a That's how I would phrase it. But yeah, you're right, the

front seven appears to be a littlebit stronger now across the board. I
mean, I was a big genderan Arnt fan. I thought he was
a nice player them, you know, force effort, you know, I
mean, he never turned it off. So that that's something obviously with Hunter
coming in and you know they're they'repaying him to be that that big bookend
next to Whill, and you know, Will's obviously on the right track after

a defensive rookie of the season Ayear season as well. Is their depth
upfront? Do they have enough piecesinside? I mean, you know,
you mentioned, I'm trying to thinkwho else they have? I think they
got They brought over a pot ofcassi from Jacksonville. Yeah, yeah,
so there's you know again, Imean, I think they can kind of
piece together a pretty decent unit.I just think that against a tougher slate

this season they play what, atleast what right now looks to better schedule,
tougher schedule. We'll see if thatholds up. But yeah, I'm
willing to admit there's there's room forimprovement. How much probably determines how far
they go. We're talking with Ericed Home, lead draft writer for NFL
dot com. If you remember,Eric joined us as we were leading up

to the draft, and I thinkthis is what your third time on the
show. Appreciate them dropping by hangingout with Fleet and Gordon. All right,
Beck to me being pissed at you. All right, so look,
yeah, the Buffalo, like stopit, Buffalo is not better? How
can we have Stefan Diggs. Buffalodoes not. How do you have them
ahead? That's number one. Theyfired their offensive coordinator min season. Bobby

slowetk came back with us. That'snumber two. I understand Josh Allen.
Everybody gets giddy about Josh Allen.He's a great player. I'm not hating
on that. But the rest ofthat stuff we can talk about that.
The one that's got me the mostmyth Cincinnati. I'm sorry, Joe Burrow
was on the field when a youngCJ. Stroud went to Cincinnati and we
put something on their ass. Ineed you to explain how you got Cincinnati

ahead of my Texans. Yeah.I mean I feel a little stronger about
that one, clearly because I puthim at two in Buffalo three Again,
I think I can entertain the Buffalothing more than I can Cincinat. I
think the Bengals are in good shapenow. They have an issue in the
secondary too. I don't want todismiss their defensive issues and gloss it over.

Plus, you know y'all have JoeMixon too. I mean, they
don't really have a running back rightnow that you can say, Okay,
that's the guy that's who's going tocarry the load. It's probably gonna be
a committee effort there. They don'thave a standout tight end. That's a
little bit concerning. They don't reallyhave that that true difference maker there.
But they do have two elite receivers, one who's trying to get paid,

you know, a lot, whileboth of them are trying to get paid
for that matter. But see,Higgins could be his last year, you
know. Obviously the key is keepingBurrow up right. You know, he
can't miss half the season. Again, that's just as well as Jake Browning
played. I mean, I thinkhe ended up leading the NFL in completion
percentage. You know, he tooksacks, he made plays that that I

think. You know, they didthings that Burrow wouldn't have done, and
they would have had a little moresuccess. But the Bengals were nine to
eight last year against what ended upbeing one of the tougher schedules of the
league. I know it didn't lookthat way to start the season, but
I think this is a pretty goodfootball team, and I might misjudging them.
I might be giving them too muchcredit. I may be overlooking a

really strong AFC North Division but Ithink I think they're going to be back.
I think they've got one more bigsea in this window, if you
will. I don't know how youdefine that, but I think they're gonna
have a shot at making a runthis year. So coming to you,
Gordon, They've got two receivers thatwant to be paid, Jamar Chase and
T Higgins. I would say theTexans two receivers, and Nico Collins and

Steph Diggs are combined are as goodor better, not probably not better as
good as Jamar Chase and T.Higgins. So I will raise you two
receivers for the Houston Texans, Gordon. First of all, let me just
throw in this. I love NicoCollins. I was a fan of his
in college. I was always feltlike this is a guy who was overlooked.
I'm glad they paid him. Ithink they were really smart to get

that deal done. Now, Ithink in six months that contract we'll look
bad at all. I think it'llfall right in line with where you'd expect.
The youngest sending receiver, I thinkStefan Digson's is on the way down.
Now that doesn't mean he can't whoI'm telling you, he's thirty last
year. He's That doesn't mean he'sbad, it just means he's reached.

I don't think you'll see a betterversion of Stefan Diggs than you've already seen
already, which is fine. Imean again, like he's there are some
There have been receivers had you know, these surprising career ascendencies in their in
their midies. There have been examplesof that, But I don't know that
he's necessarily going to be one ofthem. Not especially fast. That was

never his superpower anyway, And youstarted to see a little bit less of
that. That's separation, though,I don't know go down the stretch man.
I'm telling you how much of itwas physical and how much of it
was his dissatisfaction with Alan or Dermottor Joe Brady or any of these,

I don't know. That is hardto quantify. This might be, this
might be the last time on showhere, can't you can't. I'm glad
they made the trade. I thinkit was a worth a worthy risk,
I really do. I know thatsounds like I'm talking out of both sides
of my mouth here, but Ithink the Bills can be better without Stefan
Diggs. I felt like he kindof hijacked the offense a little bit,

and when they threw to him lessfrequently, they became a more balanced and
more dangerous team. Now, ina perfect world, you know, he'll
get his one hundred hundred and tenhundred and twenty targets with Houston, Collins
will have his share of the load, Tank will do his thing, Schultz
is gonna get his catches. Butagain, I feel like it has to
be that balanced, semi balanced attack. When you started jamming the ballway in

fourteen fifteen, eighteen times a gameto Diggs, that's when that's when Josh
Allen got in trouble. I feltlike, yeah, I'm with you,
Eric, I think you're right.But I think the best thing for the
Texans is that he's on a oneyear deal. If it doesn't go if
it doesn't go well, yeh,we'll let him walk. If it does
go well, ye right. Hehas every incentive don't want to play his

assa this year to prove it toyou, the Detextans or anyone else for
a big fat deal. So tome, it's a win win for the
Texans. I agree. I thinkthat's what I'm saying I think he had
actually end up being beneficial for both, you know, both sides. I
talked to some people in Buffalo,like after the dust has settled, right
after you know that the trade happened. It wasn't it wasn't celebration in buff

But they weren't happy. They didn'twant to trade him. They felt like
they had to and you know,if they would they acknowledged that, yes,
we did notice that his skills hadat least flattened out. It wasn't
like getting a better at that point. And given the contract, given the
stuff that had happened with Alan andthe uncomfortable situations that emerged, I mean

they had to swallow hard and makethe move. Now, that doesn't mean
that Jiggs can't go to Houston anddo great. I think he will,
and I think in a weir setting, that's the perfect situation for Stefan Diggs,
the Houston, Texas c J.Stroud, the whole, the whole
party. We'll get you. Iudeyon this one. I'm already over,
but I would be remiss if Ididn't do this. Demiko is speaking quite
glowingly via OTAs and mandatory Mini CampKamar lassiter looks as if he has the

lead on that cornerback two spot oppositeof Derek Stingley Jr. I'm thinking he's
more of a nickel, and Iactually like Kaylen Bullock at the nickel even
though he's a free safety. Hisskill sets, to me, I think
translate a little bit better than nickel, just those two or you know,
looking at it more from a lassierstandpoint, you think he's a legitimate starting

corning this league based on what yousaw coming out of Georgia. Yeah,
that's a great question. That's whatalways kind of held me back. I
gave him a second round grade andI put him in my mid to low
thirties in my ranking. So hewas right there. I mean, you
know, he was right on thecuffs, but short arms, I want
to say, like around thirty oneinches, that's really you know, either
a little below or just at theaverage for the outside corny really want like

three two size obviously sub six foot, sub one hundred and ninety pounds,
a little bit on the lighter side. Eventually that may end up being it's
his best spot. But in thequickness, really you would think translates well
to the slot. So but thenagain, I mean, you have to
have somebody who plays outside, andthat's gonna be an interesting call. I

don't know how it's gonna end upbeing. You know, you see more
teams use those kind of safety typesin the nickel role so effectively. I
mean, obviously it depends scheme thescheme. But yeah, last there was
somebody that I was just a shadebigger. I think I would have given
him a first round grade. Soit doesn't shock me at Always off to
a good start, all right.That is the voice of Eric ed Holme,

lead draft writer for NFL dot Com. Drop it by next up to
hang out with Gordon and myself.You can follow him on social media somewhere.
Hold on, I gotta find itagain. I had it up my
bad con If you see it,Tim, what it is? Eric?
How about you tell the people whereyou on something Eric with a C underscore
or at home on X or Twitteror whatever the heck you call it these
days? You know what? Eric? You all right? No? Hearn

the way back? Did I getone more invite back? That's what I
want to know. You cleaned itup at the end right there. What's
a bit dicey by I forgive you. I appreciate your work. He really
does a great job. Big fanof your work. Eric enjoyed the off
season. We got six weeks beforewe get the camp something like that.
Enjoy yourself, man, We'll bereading your work and thank you for drawing
by the show. All right,y'all, have a good weekend. Same
to you, brother, Peace toyou Eric at home, NFL dot com.

Everybody, we all way over.We come back. We must talk
NBA Finals and then we'll get tosome astros as well. Sports Talk seven
nine Next up continues down. I'ma new listener at already a huge fan.
New listener. I love the showwith Stanton or Plated and Chris Gordy
on Sports Talk seven night. Putsyou or just check in or singers Way

Outside knocks out another want to startin his finals debut Turlock Cart Singers.
He's doing it all borzing God wentto work. What is it? TD

Amerior Trade Garden in Boston last night? Game one Celtics win one O seven
eighty nine. Astros were off.I needed to, as you said,
Gordon, cleanse my palette of theAstros a little bit. I was pissed
off of them. For losing thatthird game with that lineup that they rolled
out on Wednesday night. They're upin LA. That will resume tonight seven

thirty, Astros on deck. Wewill get first pitch some late night baseball
shortly after eight thirty, right hereon seven to ninety, your home of
Astros Baseball. Gordon, NBA Finals. Last night, I had MAVs in
six. What did you end upsaying? I forget what your prediction was.
Oh, that's a Celtics. Ididn't say how many games, but
I mean, if I'm gonna sayit today, I'll say Celtics five.

They I turned it off. Whatafter the first quarter? It was over.
It was game over. You knowthe way the Celtics were shooting and
the crowd was rocking. I said, this one's done. They're done.
So unless some Avericks cut it toten by half. He got it down
to like eight at one point inthe first half, it wasn't gonna happen.
Thirty seven to twenty after the firstquarter, they were at forty something

points with ten minutes still to goin the second quarter, I'm like,
this this is a route, noquestion around. It absolutely was a gut
punch and I wanted to see thisis the whole rest versus rust and all
of that, Like, how wouldthe Celtics respond. We know they've been
in this moment before with Tatum andBrown, Jason Tatum and Jaylen Barron respectively,

and then like the the requisite otherpieces. How would Derrick White play
in this moment? How would DrewHolliday. He's a champion, you know
what you're going to get out ofhim. And then what would ultimately Chris
Aps Pozingis his health? Some peoplefelt like Porzingis might detract from the chemistry
and the rhythm that Austin had.Coming out of the Eastern Conference Final,

Porzingis looked like he was a damnAll star again. Porzingis was excellent to
your point. In the first quarter. As a team, the Celtics shot
forty seven nearly forty seven percent fromthree. They were seven to fifteen.
They shot fifty six percent from thefloor, led by Christaps Porzingis. His

seven minutes and seventeen seconds coming offthe bench, four or five from Porzingis,
he knocked down two three pointers.Was gise Me knocked down eight three
pointer perfect from the line. We'llsee Porzingis was plus sixteen off the bench
in the first quarter, eleven points, two block shots. Porzingis was excellent,
as you eluded thirty seven to twentyafter the first period, a woeful

two for eight from three for theDallas Mavericks. Now in the second half,
they would come back, Gordon andmake it a game. Luka Dancic
would fin what he had thirty points, ten rebounds, just one assist from
Luca he was minus ten. Everybodyin the Mavericks starting five was double digits
in a negative in the plus minusstandpoint. Kyrie Irvin just twelve from him.

They're not winning the series with KyrieIrvin just having twelve points. There's
no way about that. Now,they did get fourteen from PJ. Washington.
But then you compare that, Gordyto what the Celtics had. The
Celtics had five players in double digits, led by Jaylen Brown's twenty two.
Jason Tatum would only have sixteen elevenrebounds. But like Porzingis, had done

the heavy lifting to your point,and this is a rap. So I
asked you you still believe the MAVswill win. I still know, I
say, Celtics. I'm sorry,Yes, I'm still picking MAVs in six.
Okay, good luck with that,Kyrie Irving. In this series,
the emotions were hot in Boston lastnight. I think they're gonna come back

down to earth. I don't believethey're gonna shoot. What if Boston shoot
for the game, they shot fortyseven percent from the game, they came
back down to earth and as theyhand from three just thirty eight percent.
But Dallas isn't gonna shoot twenty sixpercent from three for the rest of the
series. Yeah, but it's it'stough, man. You get an emotional
gut punch like that in game one. It might be closer in game two,

but if Boston went if Boston winsGame two, it's it's game set
match, because it feels like Ifeel like Boston would go to Dallas and
win one there and or at leastwon there, And you know, I
just don't think it's gonna be aserious The NBA is weird, Kyrie Irving.
I'm seeing this from bleacher Report.Kyrie Irving has not won a game
versus the Celtics since twenty twenty one. He is now zero to eleven versus

the Celtics. Just odd. Howabout celebrities and attendance last night. For
those that are watching, you readyfor this? Actors and actresses and attendance.
Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, Wahlberg, excuse me? Jenny McCarthy,
athletes and sports figures. Oh GinoRima was in the building. Yukon Women's
coach, of course. Max Crosbyof the Raiders, Andre Drumming from the

Bulls Dallas Godard tight End of theEagles, AJ Brown wide receiver Eagles.
Who else was in there? EddieHouse? Jalen Hurts? Why are all
the Eagles there? Jordan Malata,the starting right tag. Why was he
there? Davontae Smith? Why areall the Eagles there? Dana White,

UFC president, Gordy Christian Wilkins.We thought maybe he would be a Texan
target coming out of free agency.There. Matthew Judon of the Patriots was
there. I went to his restauranton DFW over the weekend. What is
it called? It's called nine,his jersey number, downtown Dallas. All
right, let's talk to some stroshower. Let's wrap up our one here
on a Friday, A mobile cooreyer, former Texan. He's coming through any

eleven o'clock hour. We will talksome more Texans and Astros any eleven o'clock
hour Astros on the road tonight.But when you're thinking about the city of
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just an energy in a symmetry withwhat they got going on over there at
JB. Thibodaux Homes and Properties.Go to JB. Thibodau dot com from
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It's the next stop, the nextstep, Take the next step, next
stop, next stop, next nextstop. This team wants to be next.

This is next up with Tad NorthfleetenChris Gordy, Let's see what's next
next Sat All right, here wego, Philly good, Phili great final
hour of the week here on NextUp Sports Talk seven ninety number one ranks
sports talk show in the city ofHouston. Thank you for allowing us to
do that. If you miss ourone, go to Sports seven ninety dot

com as well as the free iHeartRadioapp. We heard from Eric ed Holme.
He's a lead draft writer for EESPNNFL dot com, and he told
us why he didn't think the Texanswere next up in terms of teams yet
to win a Super Bowl. Youcan go hear that interview pretty good.
Had a good time with him.I'm staying Northfleet. If you knew to

the station, new to the show, I'm on social at stand Sportsman.
To my left my radio partner,my brother, he is at Chris Gordon
Connady mcgovernor. He assists us withall our production and programming needs. On
the other side of the glass thereI got old beef with the the La
Angels. Astros played Angel tonight,first game of a three game series.
Why you gotta be for dangers,particularly by a certain writer see here here's

the problem with with Sports Illustrated usedto be very uh, very well respected.
You don't like SI dot com.I think they're doing nice job.
Well, the full time journalists,national writers that they used to employ,
Yes, but now they you know, they kind of branched off, and
it's like, uh, like,you know, some people are very good.

Some people are just you know,homer bloggers with three hundred Twitter followers
who are like, hey, youwant to write about the team. That's
very elitist of you. Going,well, you know, it's I like
to be elitist sometimes. But someoneby the name of Maren Angus Cooms.
Are you familiar with Aaron Maren AngusCoom? No, I don't know who
that person is, but I don'tfollow the Los Angeles ANGELSI though Maren Angus

Coombs rights the Angels are facing theAstros at the best possible time. Of
course, the Astros are down tofive pitches in a rotation. Okay,
well, here's what the writers says. See Angels appear finally broken out of
what seemed like a season long slump. Season long slump, more like a
decade long slump, more like atwo decade long slump. With their sweep

of the San Diego Padres on Wednesday. It was the first time since last
July the Angel swept an opponent ina three game series at home. So
it's been a while. Ron Washington, sais a great three games against a
good team. Don't talk anything.Don't talk bleep about my uncle, Ron.
That's my dude. Well, Imean, you know he's not very
good, but disrespectful. Yeah,I mean it's look father time passes everybody.

But he used to be a goodmanager once upon a time. They
had a coke problem. But anyway, moving on with what would that have
to do with sim of the sweepon their side? She shook a book
of my gimbs mispirations Maaron Coombs rights. The Angels are now looking ahead to
this weekend series against the Astros,which could come at a better time as
the Astros are out of pitching.Right handers Christian Haaveyer and Jose Richeti were

each scheduled to go under undergo TommyJohn surgery of the right elbows this week,
so she'd do her homework. TheAstros have not seen it. Tommy
John. I think it's a guy. Maren, Oh sorry, but uh
what Maren neglects to look at isJoseir Katie hasn't pitched for this team this
year. He wasn't gonna go inthe series. Christian Haveer was already on
the IL. He wasn't gonna goin this series. From Bervelde is Hunter

Brown and Justin Ferlander are scheduled togo. That's a's gonna go this series
all along. So if your argumentfor this series is the Astros are out
of pitching, brother, I hopeFrobervaldez and Justin Ferlander come in and seek
your ass down and we'll see whatHunter Brown does. He's been very good,
three straight quality starts. But like, what a stupid take to go
the Astros are out of pitching.This is like Mike Trout being on the

IL and then be like, hey, Mike Trout is not gonna play this
weekend and be like we have theadvantage because Mike Trout's not playing. Yeah,
he already wasn't gonna play. Iunderstand your point. I understand his
point. Yes you Yeah, fromwas going tonight? From has been fromber
uh this year. When I sayfrom Brits, I don't trust him.
I like him. I just don'ttrust him from Ravaldez takes the bump tonight.

He's four and three on the seasonwith a three point nine to five
ERA, a decent whip at onepoint two four. He's going against Griffin
Canning. I have no idea righthand to Griffin Canning and what his stuff
is. He well, he facedthe Asters earlier this year, Like I
said, what I want to say, five innings of two run ball face
the Asters twice last year, hadone good one, one good start at

one start where he got blown up. So it's kind of been a hit
and miss. So I'm glad theAstros were off yesterday because they pissed me
off the last time I saw him. They had no business losing that game
of that third game, they shouldhave swept Saint Louis and they should have
some get back on their minds becausethe Angels beat them two or three games

here at MIT at May Park backin May, the twenty first and the
twenty second. Well, the bigone is we heard for Alex Pergman after
the game Wednesday, who was alate scratch, and he said he's expecting
to be back today. I wouldnot expect Kyle Tucker to be back.
You take a thing like that onsh Yeah, you know, they said
he's day to day, but Iwouldn't expect him back tonight. Now if
he's back in there, great,well, you know we could use Kyle

Tucker's batting there. But I lookat this stand those three games at the
Astros or that the Angels just wontwo to one, four to two,
three to two. They got greatpitching, but look what their offense did.
Two runs, four runs, threeruns. The series before that against
Seattle they got swept. They scoredfour runs, no runs, one run.
To me, this is a simpleTheir offense isn't doing jack. Go

in there, pitch well, andyour bats need to show up again.
It's that simple thing. Asters scorefour to five, six runs to night,
they're gonna win the game. Sothey need the bats to show up
because the Angels bats ain't doing Jack. Angels currently on a three game win
streak. You mentioned that the theirlast place, by the way in the
aows essentially tied with the Oakland Athletics, but obviously the points in there push

the Angels to last place. AlexBregman, he has a contusion on the
old hand. We saw him gethit on that hand, really good in
the game. The last time wesaw them, that was Wednesday afternoon over
at min in May Park. Letme hear from Bregman. This was immediately
following the game on Wednesday. Ohyeah, I just took some swings,

super tender and sore. Want tojust double check everything checked out good?
So you're ready to go on Uh, you're ready to go on Friday?
All right? So, as youmentioned, and I agree with you,
I don't expect Kyle Tucker. Ido expect Alex Bregman to go tonight.
What do we make of these astros? Go there? They got what six

games? They split the six gamehomestand they just had and now they go
to on the road for six games, three versus Anaheim and three versus San
fran They need to win both theseseries. Yeah, I think I think
you know, we talk about thisbeing a winnable month of game teams.
Yeah, go take two out ofthree. I mean, it's this is
where you are in the schedule.Now you gotta you gotta take care of

business. Will the real Astros pleasestand up? This is the time,
this is the time, and againyou know it's such you didn't get the
sweep of the Cardinals, but youstill won two out of three. Make
this another serious victory. Go getIt's gotta start with the win tonight.
You you lose tonight, it's youknow, it's gonna be tough to come
back and win the Hunter brand andJustin Verlander starts. But win this one
tonight with Rober on the mound,you'll feel good. Then you'll go to

the Bay Area. That one's alittle bit harder. It'll be arraghetty Blanco
Fromber in that series. But yougotta start stacking wins Man. This is
this is go time. I mean, for all the stuff Dana Brown to
say, Man, if we couldjust get back to five hundred, if
we can just do this, wecan just do that. This is the
time. You're not playing the Yankees, You're not playing the Phillies, You're
not playing the break Like. Theseare crap teams. These are teams.

You are better than the than themon paper. You go on, Alvarez,
where are you at, brother,Let's hit some home runs, y'at.
Ideas, Let's keep crushing, let'skeep doing we're doing like, let's
go, let's go time. TheAstros have everything to gain but if they
come up short, we're gonna spendall next week going where are we?

Because everybody keeps saying, hey,this is the month. Look at the
opponents. This is the month youcan make up some ground. They're the
Anaheim Angels, they're San Fray andthe Chicago White Sox in their place third
week of this month and then nearthe Colorado Rockies for two games here.
This is when you can make uptheir mets at the end of the month,
Gordon, I mean, now Seattlegets Seattle just took two out of

three against the A's, so theypicked up a little bit more ground on
you with the day off yesterday.For you, it's now seven and a
half back in the division. Butthe Kansas City Royals, that's where the
Seattle Mariners go next. They goplay Kansas City in Kansas City City been
a good team. Yeah, soyou know, go Royals, see if
they can, you know, maybetake two out of three or possibly even

sweep the Mariners. But then theMariners have to just get a four game
set with the Chicago whites Socks inSeattle. It sucks. Think so,
you know, if there's a scenariowhere you can take two out of three
against the Angels and the Marions losetwo out of three to the Royals.
Yeah, you can close that gapa little bit this weekend, all right,
Astros in Action. You'll stay withus throughout the course of the day

as we are your home of AstrosBaseball. Here at seven ninety Matt Thomas
Rossberry A coming your way in aboutwhat's that forty eight minutes or so into
the A team starting to get threeo'clock. Astros on deck at seven point
thirty. First pitch right here onseven ninety. Shortly after eight thirty,
Robert Ford and Steve spots Amobia Koyecoming in studio here in just a second.

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Chris Gordy. This is next Toughon Sports Tucks seven Ny. He's one

of the toughest players, I think, and one of the toughest and most
respected players across the league. Likeyou talk to any offensive lineman that's win
against him, they he has theirmost respect. So and you see the
way he plays. He plays agame the right way. He plays hard,
he plays with the intensity that's unmatched, and he still finds a way

to get in the backfield, movingover, moving around, playing multiple spots,
whether it's at the interior on theedge. He's just a tough heart
knows football player that's unbreakable. Stillgot Tomiko Ryan's head coach of the Houston
Texans. Obviously, speaking this weekfrom mandatory minicamp. The Texans are done

for the week. I imagine someguys. A lot of guys stayed in
town. Some of the guys probablygot out of here to go enjoy their
weekend. Shout out to the JunieGemini still celebrating birthdays. Those of us
that are falling over tables and kickingbleep over Amba Koye in studio, cut
them ovies might come please somebody.Why are you laughing? Bro? No,

you couldn't helped me last night.We don't need to get into the
detail. Spelled the people while he'sstill laughing. For those that didn't hear
the first hour, I was outwith some NFL guys, we celebrating some
birthdays and I tried to step oversomebody that had hookah and the waitresses in
the way, and I slipped.The whole image of video just gets me

played. That was it like areally tight space. I mean I was
trying to work my way into likethe little section. So yeah, it
was narrow, but the movie stoppedlaughing, bro and so here I am,
and I'm the og. I'm alittle bit older than the movient.
I was one of the older peoplearound. Oh I'm six three, what
I'm six three in some change?I'm probably at two third in some change.

Right now, I'm sprawled out,I'm knocking hookah containers. Gordy Bleep
is spilling. I'm talking about drinksgoing, I mean stuff sprouting up in
the air, knocking wings over.Gordy was bad. So I asked the
movie. I said, movie,I felt terrible. Movie. Did it
look bad? Yeah? Have youbeen in that fake? The book?

It was like the the the littleSparkles from the What's the Day that baby
sparks? From the harm from theIt's on the So okay, real talk.
Can I live this down when y'allforget about this and like, okay,
I can get over this. Yeah, because it was it was.

It was at the end of thenight with just about everybody was almost gone,
okay, got you too many peopleget said that Gordy saying maybe the
guys won't remember because of you know, activities and the light. Okay good.
I'm not going back to that venuefor at least six months. I
still say, if you act injuredlike it like this, Remember like if
a quarterback throws a bad interception.If you lay on the ground, act
like you're hurt, you get alittle more sympathies in the car. Like

you if you fold out, everybody'slaughing at you. If you go ah
ah oh, sup life and suplife, he's really hurt. You know
that. You know what I mean? I rode with dudes like a movie.
Even if I pull that move Gordy, they can be like, yo,
you're good. I'm like, yeah, I think I'm okay. But
that bleek was still funny though.They still gonna let me have it serious.

I think ago, I'm gonna goto the emergency room. You two
and Connor, you're not excluded fromthis. Y'all supposed to be my homeboys.
Y'all have no respect for me.Denico at least says that the guys
on the team and offensive lineman aroundthe league respect Denico Archery. Uh,
you're a former defensive line of themobile coll yea, I'm sorry. Twenty
seven tenth overall pick Houston Texans.He's a Texans legend. Now. He's

always over there in the stadium,always around the team. You know about
defensive line play. I have avery healthy respect for Denico Archery. I've
been a fan of his for aminute. Like people forget that the NFL
is not about just your pre eminentsuperstars. Your team is really guys.
Twenty to forty of the fifty threeman roster, Denico Archery would fit in

that mold. These are the guysthat also play special teams. Now,
Denico, where he is in hisyears of service, Deniko is not gonna
play teams. But do we arewe talking about him enough? You've been
over there around the teams, andso I wanted to, Like, we
talked about Will Anderson. You saidhe looked good. You said the Neil
Hunter, long gone athlete. We'refamiliar with his work. Do we talk

enough about what Denico Archery can befor this team in terms of his versatility?
You've done it. You've lined upat the Ghost nine, you've lined
up at the five tech, you'vebeen down there at the three. I
don't know if you've been at thenose or not on the shade when you're
when when Domico's asking a guy tobe that versatile, You've done it before.
How can that help the Texans?It can happen separate ways because you

know every team has especially on theonline. Uh it's not like every every
individual online is great. It's aweakling that's always. Yeah. So when
you do this counting and you doyour tape in your film work, you're
on a place you want to takeadvantage of those those those those those are
those moments, those those those opportunities. Sure, yeah, it's benefits having

him move around like that. It'sjust because the end of the offense,
that story, it's like, wonderwhere is it right? They know what
Will Anderson is gonna be. Theyknow where the nil hunter is gonna be.
Gordon, do you like that?Gordon's all worried about the defensive interior
and oh my god, people gonnarun the ball down our throats and you
lose talent and problem Miko, UhMalie Collins leads via trade and uh Sheldon

Ranking signs with Cincinnati. God isnervous. I'm telling him the Miko and
matchups. I believe they can overcomethat. Denico Autry is a big reason
why because of his versatility. Isit harder to play? Is it more
challenging to play on the interior versusbeing on the edge. Uh yeah,

yeah, I would say so.Oh I think you you're encounter more of
course, more double teams on theinterior. Yeah. That that's just that
that that that aspect of it isjust to do. Now, the guys
like Aaron Donald they exceled with inthose spaces and Chris Jones, those those

they those those guys spectacularly different.They different. Yeah, yeah, they
you know, that's that's what Iguess. That's what you know, mix
them all pros Gordon. What couldthey do to is it? Because the
Miko told us this week we playedthe cut early in the week, they're
going to just throw depth. They'regoing to put different body types and just

continue the waves. They like this, you know, the the that's the
way the trend in Plaine d Linehas gone in the last decadees. So
you don't want to keep those thosedilema fresh, So you want to just
is that what you're just they're justrolling them in because man, you that
money down, you know, asyou know the third down, you you
want bodies in there. They're readyto go hunt, Gordon, are we

talking about Denico Autry enough? Dowe really understand I'm talking about Texans Twitter
Texans fans. Are we give itbecause we talked so much about Dannil Hunter
and Stefan Diggs Joe Mixon? Whydo we not talk about Denico Artri enough.
He's a certifiable baller. Pull uphis number last year. He's a
baller baller, is an excellent player. It's a good part. He would

start on every team in the league. Then Archer would start on every team
in the league. What year isthis for? I'm about to look it
up. I'm not sure he's goringit. What hold on? Did you
approve of my point? Gordon?The Nico Archery is under rated. He's
been on league ten seasons. He'sa good player. He's played interiors,
played outside. I think he's better. He's probably better on the end.

But they're gonna ask and a halfsax. Last year he played defensive end
in Nashville last year. He's areally good player. Where does he play
at the defense of end here withWill Anderson Junior and uh and and Daniel
Hunter. No, he's not gonnaplay the exactly, so they're gonna move
him in terror a moment he's notas good. He's going to have moments
that he's gonna play. Then Ilook at this, but he's he's as

a linebacker though, right, no, no, no, they yeah.
Oh so the early dip chart hashim starting to get basically to three take
and I look at this, Imean, look at look at who you
lost from then the interior, thatdefensive line last year. Again, I
hate to keep bringing up, butyou got worse. You'll lose Sheldon Rakins
and you'll lose Malie Collins. SheldonRakins is fine. You couldn't afford him,

and he went and got paid elsewhere. But you willfully chose to trade
Malik Collins. And now we lookat the interior and we're gonna lean on
you know, Denika Autry and Vodakowsi. I'll tell you this coming up.
In the first few the first fiveweeks of the season, the Texans get
Jonathan Taylor, DeAndre Swift, AaronJones, Travis Atn and James Cook.

Those are all pretty damn good runningbacks. We're gonna find out very quickly
in those first five weeks how howweak this interior the D line is Danika
Autry is thirty three years old.You can steal. I mean he's not
making peanuts. He's making the jitmoney. He started fourteen of the seventeen
games for the Titans last year.I think he got injured. In twenty
two he started eight of twelve games. But before that in Tennessee he started

eleven or seventeen. The previous yearis thirteen, fourteen, eleven. So
he's playing double digit games the lastone, two, three, four,
five of the last six seasons.I'm not worried about him wearing down,
but I gotta know how many yearsthose years he played primarily defensive end.
For you tackle, I would encourageyou, Moby, you step in Gordon,

I would encourage you not to worryabout position specific and worry more about
the attributes of the player. Iswhat is his miserables? Uh? They
list him at six five to eightyfive? Is lessman two seventy three.
That's light, that's no bro footballreferences. What But in this style of
defense and playing in the league,now you want your your interior lineman like

Luke Aaron Donald he plays at whattwo seventy five? Yeah, he's one
of the more plunder sized. Butlike you want your and again if you're
in a three four, you wantyour nose tackle. It'll be more Vince
will fork, you know, threepoint fifty and just clawg that hole.
But I don't know, man,I just if they're soft there, this
is gonna be a problem. Ifwe see week one, they come out

there and Anthony Richardson's looking all allgreat and shiny and all that. He's
back healthy, and he started righthand of that ball off to Jonathan Taylor
and it's five and a half yardson the first step, second and four
for the for the Colts. Theyhand it off, it's up the gut
seven yards for Jonathan Taylor are firstdown for the Colts. Like, if
they're just boom boom boom gutting you, it's a problem. It's gonna be
a problem. More Texans to continueon the other side of Mobia Cooyer,

former Texan defensive linemen in the housewith us for the next thirty minutes where
we get you over to Matt Thomasand Rossberry out next up that you do
it KB and me stantor Chris Gorty. This is next up on Sports Talk
seven ninety. I feel like wegot a good combination of vits and younger

guys. What we bring to thetable as veterans, you know, we
we have wisdom that we can sharewith the younger guys. And we got
guys like Will that's that's hungry,you know, and a good combination of
that. You know, the sky'sa limit to us. That's the free
agent acquisition. Daniel Hunter referencing thedefensive line and Will Anderson Jr. And

what guys like he and Denico Autrey, veterans in their own right, highly
productive in this league, can doto take this Texans defense to the next
level. Speaking of Texans and defensein the studio right now, Ambia Koye
seven tenth overall selection out of theUniversity of Louisville, Houston, Texans legend.
He's rocking the T shirt right now, pulling up on us on a
Friday, big weekend for you.Not only are you celebrating the birthday,

You're doing a ton of stuff inthe community. You got stuff going on
with the kids. Tell the folksreal quick what you got going on and
where they can learn more about it. Yeah. So indeed starts off with
my movies and motivation program Tonight andmotivation. The point of it is to
get to get to get a bunchof kids from all different greets and whatnot
and watch a movie with them,talk to them. After that we're gonna

go to a walk on right acrossthe street and eat with them. Then
tomorrow morning and my church is theTackle Hunger program where is a partnership with
the Houston Food Bank and come witha bunch of goods and food and we
just put them in creates and dispersethem to the community. Love that.
Then tomorrow night, Saturday night isthe camp they had my church as well

and as a football camp NFL Playsixty camp and that'll be at six pm.
And then on Sunday at the samewalk ons between twelve and six it's
be all dedicated to the foundation andraising funds for oursphilitis the end is that

night that I beat that? Comeshut. Yeah, I'm trying to create
more awareness and help families that aredealing with it. Appreciate you doing that.
Man. You can go to theMoobia Cooyer Foundation dot com and get
that and excuse me kick off forkids. It's also the social media handle
you can go catch that and ifanybody's invited to watch tonight. This is

at the Cinemak in Katie. YesCinemak in Katie, ten thirty West Grand
Parkway North in Katie. The movieis if Ryan Rentals stars in it.
It's you know, he's a character. So pull up on the mobile you're
in the area, or you wantto make your way over. Hang out
signing out of grass. I knowyou got some guys coming out with you,

hopefully that they'll take your mind offme busting my ass last night and
we can focus on the kids.All right, let's focus on these Texans.
I think the office is pretty set, meaning don't we feel like if
the offensive line is healthy, westill got to have some conversation left yard
Kenyon Green? Is he in shape? Is he health? Is he ready
to go? Who's gonna start atcenter? Is it gonna beat you Scruggs,

It's gonna be Jared Pattinson That itlooks sound. You know, I
can't wait till training camp comes around, so we can you know when when
when hidden? Right? Football isall about Yeah? Now you know,
and you know it's it's good.You know, health is very important.
So let's let's let's get everybody healthytraining camp and it's not beat each I

mean they beat each other up intraining camp in the sense of getting better,
but let's not injury each other,no question. My point moving from
the offense is like I think theoffice is in place. We know the
three receivers, you know who,the tight end, you know to started
running back obviously, you know thequarterback. As long as the offense line
is healthy. We know like they'reset over there this defense. And we

were joined by NFL dot COM's Ericat home earlier in the ten o'clock hour,
and one of his concerns and we'vetalked about it, you you,
myself and gor there like the defensiveinterior is going to be something to keep
our eyes on, and then thenext thing people go to is the secondary.

I continue to believe that Jeff o'couterais gonna win that job for the
second cornerback opposite of Derek Stingly.To be honest with you, I'm a
little more worried about our a linebackand corps then I'm saying that. Really,
so Aziz as Shire and Christian Harris, who the last time we saw

Christian Harris he was running down LamarJackson. I mean he was playing out
of his mind. Are you sayingyou're worried about depth or you're saying those
two depth? Okay, let mepull up this depth chart. So Henry
Toto is obviously gonna make the team. We believe they liked Henry. He's
got to work on his body.Maybe he's a little bit bigger this year.
We'll find out. They bring ina never hear it as a special

team's guy we don't think is gonnaplay a lot of defense. They drafted
Jamal Hill in the sixth round.He may or may not make the team.
They signed deal Sean Phillips from Baltimore, who's been a special teams guy.
Also Jacob Phillips, who I don'tknow a ton about, coming over
from Cleveland. What is it aboutthat cord that that makes you uncomfortable?

You mentioned the depth. You don'tthink Miko can overcome that, like compensate
for that. That's what I'm opingexactly, you don't look like because especially
that's you know, that's that's that'shis position, this position he played.
So we're helping. So I don'tknow this, that's that's that's I'm just

I'm just I'm just a little worriedabout that. All right, So did
depth impact this team at linebacker lastyear? So Denzel Parriman was nicked up,
Blake Cashman had the career year,Christian Harris had a career year.
The reason, the reason I'm seeingis that because of the interior linement that
we lost. So you're saying,by the defensive interior not being as talented

as it was the last couple ofyears, that if it might expose the
linebacker, you might have to domore than to expected. See, here's
how I look at it. Ithink Aziz al Shire and because he knows
the Miko's defense, and Azaz ishe's not a tier one even a tier
two guy. He's probably a tierthree linebacker. I think Aziz al Shire

is going to start on ninety ninepercent of the teams in this league at
linebacker. I think he's good.I think what they're able to do defensively
because he's ahead of the game byalignment and assignment. He'll put them in
positions maybe that Blake Cashman and DenzelPerriman couldn't do a year ago. Am

I wrong? In my off basefor thinking about the connection between us hesl
Shire and a former coordinator in thedefensive mind Demiko Rance. Could I sell
you that the defense will be ableto be more multiple and that may overcome
some of the talent challenges. Ithink so, especially being that you know

he's a defensive mighty coach. Ithink that that plays a big factor.
It is the kid is I don'tknow what his his Who are you talking
about. There's a linebacker in Baltimore, the one that doing the play like
last year he got knocked down,came back up and ended up getting us.

Uh you're talking about Patrick Queen oryou're talking about Kwan Queen's He's like
there there, there, there ishe on the edge. He's like they're
the jack, like that they're gotthe jack in the three four? Got
you? Well, yeah, Idon't know the play talk about. I
gonna try and look it up.But what you're saying, I can see
I was hoping that. I justremember watching him and I'm like, he

can he can do something in ourscheme, like in the Demico Right defense.
So they got ol way out ofPenn State. He's the first round
that he wore jersey number ninety ninelast year. So they got adape Way
on one side, Kyle van Noy'son the other side, Trenton Simpson,
who was a backup he takes overfor Gordy's by you guy. Where did

Patrick Queen end up signing Pittsburgh?That's right? And then row Patrick Quin's
baula no question a k too wentto Yeah he's back. They gave him
some money to come back to thedefensive line. Baltimore's gonna be I'm looking
at their roster right now. Theydraft Nate Wiggins at corner. They still
got Kyle Hamilton. Marlon Humphrey isa legitimate starting corner back over there in

the nickel spot, They're gonna begood. I think Hamilton's safety, Yeah,
so he plays safety to know thedame. But yeah, he was
all over the place. So youwere saying how he plays in this system.
Yeah, I mean like, ifCole Hamilton hit the open market,
I imagine they would absolutely be lovingto bring in. Now he won't because
he's still great. Well, Igotta ask you about that too. This

safety room, let's do that onthis side. We'll close out the show.
Martin Angleton will get you as well. You want to get in and
talk from Texans with us in formerTexas defensive line in the mobile Koye seven
one three two point two five sevenninety. Next up continues on your Apple
TV. Listen to Sports Talk sevenninety on any device with our free iHeart

Radio app. You know, ify'all could hear some of the bs that
Gordon's spouts during the break. Ithinks Russell Wilson's still good. I didn't
say he weighs good. I saidhe's a starting quarterback in the league.
He's better than Justin Bields. JustinField should start in Pittsburgh. Justin Field's
not better than Russell Wilson right now, now, I get it. During
two different situations. One guy's onthe decline in terms of years of service.

One guy hadn't even hit his primeyet, right, unbelievable. Now,
thankfully, here in Houston, wegot a guy that's going in the
year too, Moby, I gotto ask you about that. I want
to take your call. By theway, movie Koye forman Texan. He's
in the building. What was hangingout for this final segment? Chris Gordy
as well, Let's go to Angletontalking to Martin. What up, Martin?

Hey, you know a lot ofpeople overlooked the punter. They're tasting
his hand. A really good punter. I believe his last name was Johnson
or Johnston. Let him go througha free agency. Who the hell is
gonna punt? They'll find somebout it. They're coached by Frank Ross. They
got the guy from Pittsburgh, TommyTownson. He's good. He's not as
good as came down, but hegot pretty good. The dude from Who

am I thinking about? I'm thinkingabout? Uh? Yeah, Cameron Johnson
came over from Pittsburgh. He's prettygood. Oh, Tommy Townsend they brought
in this offseason. Cam Johnson wasthis was the Texans partner last year's Pittsburgh.
I'm sorry, I'm looking at Pittsburgh, Tommy Townsend, Tommy Townson and
then the kicker they went and gotfrom. Uh, he was all Pro

a few years ago. Uh,Who am I thinking about? No,
Tommy Towns is who I'm thinking about. He came over from Kansas City.
He was on Pro a few yearsago. They still got Kymie Fairbarr and
the kick and John Weech is stillhere to long snap I'm not worried about
Texas special teams that coached by FrankRoss. They'll be fine. I also
saw Brian Baldinger from an NFL offensiveline you see him on NFL Network.

He was bragging on Neville Hewitt.He put up some video if you go
to Baldy's social media, Nevill Hewittexcellent on special teams. Special teams is
not going to be the reason thatthe Texans lose getting real quick. Tommy
Townsend, he came from Kansas City. I don't know why I thought he
came from Pittsburgh. It was CamJohnson went to Pittsburgh. Anyway. I
saw in interview yesterday with Justin Tuckerkicking for balls kickers saying that he has

added more muscleless offseason because he saidhe watched it AFL, XFL US US
whatever the crap football and they they'vebeen doing that. They're doing that crap
that the NFL just adopted with thekickoff from the fifty and he said he
watched a lot of film where theirturn guy is getting past the initial coverage

and the kicker is the last lineof defense. They're saying they're projecting the
season. You're gonna have a lotof kickers, a lot of kicks that
are breaking through. This is RogerGoodell wants. They want the return game
back in the game. But Ithink this is over correction and you have
a lot of kickers or whoever yourkickoff specialist is having to make tackles.
What happens week one Commie fairbarns outthere and makes it, makes an arm

tackle and pull something in his armand he's out. You already got the
man getting injured and we got lastyear, how'd that work out when you
lost your kicker? Like my mando came in, my home boy,
they went for t every every opportunitybecause they couldn't kick extra point. Darry
came in and got busy. Whois the guy they pulled off the street

the kick for four games? Butit's not spelled different than But I'm just
saying that's something to watch. Likespecial people were saying. They were saying,
like, you want to make sureyou've got a good turn back up,
no going back kicker, because ifyour kicker gets hurt, you're screwed.
The Texas when they losing that thatwait, wait then I win losing

games because their kicker i'malking about howmany games coming down the field goal?
Now that Texan's that third part ofthe game, telling you it doesn't matter,
I'm saying I choose to spend moretime conversing they lost to Jacksonville here
at home because they missed a whatwould have been a game winning field goal
at the busser. This is gonnabe about c J. Stroud and the
defense. Okay, have a goodkicker. I'm moving the conversation to c

J. Stroud because I want toask him over I heard this, Let's
play this. T Y Hilton wason the podcast and he was asked about
what CJ reminds him of in termsof when the play breaks down, and
and and the best quarterback in thedivision. I'll let t Y Hilton tell
your former cold wide receiver. I'mgonna tell your receiver and a quarterback that

reminds me of me and twelve.It's still early, but I'm telling you
right now, I'm gonna make someof y'all mad. But CJ and Tank
Dell bro them two right there,bro Like, I feel like they are
more off camera guys. You feelme like well, off script guys,
you feel me. CJ. Canscramble Luck a scramble. CJ is looking
for one person that looked like meand Luck bro like no, cap,

like that's different. And as Ikept watching them, they kept going off
script, off script, off script, and then when they get on script,
like it's just like, man,how are we gonna start the two?
T Y Hilton was on the podcastwhile with Zaire Franklin and was that
E J. Gaines I think acouple of other colts sitting around talking about

it. He says that c J. Stroud to Tank Dale reminds him of
Andrew Luck to t Y Hilton intheir prime. Y'all buyd that you think
they got that type of rapport?Eight Tank played? He started eight games,
Mom, But you played you playedagainst Luck? Right? Uh?
No, you didn't play against Lucky. I didn't get to play against Luck

weeks old. You're old. Youjust hung it up last year. Actually,
indeed I did play against You hadto play against Well, I did.
That's what I'm saying. Look now, I'm sure because he came in
the same with the He came inthe twelve, and he's after Cam is
twenty eleven and then Luck it's twentytwelve. Yeah, so are we Are

we cool with that? Like Ijust thought that stuck out to me.
Like when you think about the Texansin twenty three, there were a ton
of times when it broke down,he just heaved that joint to Tank Dell.
I don't know that he can dothat this year. I see a
comparison. You like that. Ican see the comparison, but with Nico
Collins and Stefon Diggs. That's whyI'm saying people do that this year.
No, but I think people aregonna pay less attention to Tank that like,

somebody's gonna be open every guy.You only got two really good cover
corps most teams, Like, somebody'sgonna be open to those three. What
organization do we a lot of timesmake in the league? The Texans New
England? Okay, who in thatoffense resembled something similar to Tankdale from in

the past. You're talking about amMondola and Wells, Welker and all those
guys. Elder, oh, Julianelement of course. Yeah, that's exactly
what I see happening with Thank somethingto keep our eyes on. Just I
heard that this week and I wantedto get that in. That'll do it
for us this week. Matt Thomasshall coming your way, take you from
noon to three for Conady McGovern ChrisGordon, a mobile Koyer popped in the

studio. Appreciate him. Go tokick Off for kids, to find out
where it's gonna be this weekend.Got play sixty, got movie night,
going to cinemak and Katie some otherthings. NFL play sixty as well.
All right for stay in Northfleet.That'll do it for me. Appreciate all
of you allowing us to maintain ourstatus as your home for Houston sports.
Enjoy your weekend. God willing willdo it again on Monday. Y'll be well.
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