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June 24, 2024 84 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros completing the three-game series sweep over the Baltimore Orioles with an 8-1 victory on Sunday at Minute Maid Park. The Astros have risen to second in the AL West and six games back from the division lead. Stan and Chris also review where the Texans land on various NFL pre-training camp rankings, predict what the Rockets will do with their No. 3 pick in the NBA draft, discuss Matthew Stafford's wife Kelly admitting that she dated Stafford's backup quarterback while in college and more.
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Now what's next next up? It'sthe next man up, next stop,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, stop, next,
next stop. This team wants tobe next. This is next up
with Tad Norfleeten Chris Gordy. Let'ssee what's next next next? There we

go line from the Sports Talk sevenninety studios, Nelton in between Uptown Park
and revogues. Good morning, thisis next up for the next two hours.
New to the station, New tothe show, welcome number one,
number two stand Northley would be meanbeside me to my left my radio partner
Chris Gordon. He is at ChrisGordy on Social Connor d McGovern He's sitting
in the production and programming seat onthe other side of the glass. They

appreciate him. Thanks to all ofyou that wake up with the Shawn Salisbury
Show each and every weekday morning sixto ten am, right here on your
home in Houston sports. Who doI see Shawn Salisbury our resident quarterback in
for Brian the LIMA was one dayand Matthews. He sits in a production
chair for the A team. Asyou know you' also hear him on some

astros on deck as well as thetenth inning show em manual assist them with
their production and programming needs. Goodmorning, I hope everybody had a great
weekend, and for the next twohours we were perused the sports landscape in
the city of Houston, which,gentlemen, is off to a damn good
start this week. What a weekendfor the Houston Astros who kick ass over

at min and May Park against areally good Baltimore Orioles team. As we
all know, Astros sweet their ass. Didn't see that coming. Nube did
not see that one was in thebuilding at min and May Park on Saturday
afternoon. Great day for some baseballyou and on now Redschas, McCormick and
others doing some things. We willdiscuss all of those also as we inch

closer to actually this week NBA Draft, there are some new nuggets out,
some mock drafts, things of thatnature that we need to take a peek
at. A mega superstar in theNBA world has been connected to the Houston
Rockets. What does that mean?CJ. Stroud is kicking it with other
quarterbacks in some foreign destination. I'llget gord to to chime in on that

part. As CJ is traveling abroadbefore he returns for training camp. Nonetheless,
let's get to the business Astros inaction. I may queue up some
Friday sound here in just a littlebit. Connor, Gordy, I come
to you. I was holding onby a thread every series these Astros play.

I'm like, I'm still with them, but if they lose the series,
I'm out. Oh no, they'vebeen sweating out. I mean they
I was in the clubhouse yesterday andthey looked at each other and they said,
guys, this one's for Stan,and Bragnant looked back at Fragnant looked
back at Hunter Brown Away, thisone's for Stan, this one's for Stamp
And I appreciate the guys giving ussomething to look at. And they looked

for the first time in a while, That's what the Houston Astros should look
like. That's Astros baseball all overthe place, on the base, pass,
in the field, most certainly atthe plate. Gordon, you and
I have spent a lot of timedebating on this show Chicken and egg,
good pitching versus good hitting. Itall came together. They played complimentary baseball

this weekend. We can't talk bleepabout the opponent. The opponent was certainly
worthy, and the Astros went outthere and handled their own. Now,
Gordon, when you look at thestandings, and I really want to just
give you a snapshot and ask youshout on to Marlin's up on the south
did help us. So let's focusfor the sake of this segment, right,
Just not so much the weekend individually, just insummation. Great pitching from

looked like good from the last nightor yesterday afternoon. We talked about Jake
bloss here in a little bit.I was in the house Saturday. Blanco
was excellent. Was this weekend?What was the stimulus of the activity this
weekend? Why all of a suddendid they start playing like this? I
think I think the big thing wasto me getting getting early leads. You

know, if you think about Fridaynights crushed they get you know, well,
you're on grounds into a double playin the first, but you get
on the board one nothing that Altovwith RBI double on the second and it's
too nothing. I thought you kindof set the tone this whole, this
whole series. I'm jumping on theboard early and and then following up with

with pretty good pitching. Now thatand we get the whole Friday Night thing
and how that happened. I thoughtBloss really played well. I want to
hold off on Friday to the nextsegment if I could. I know you
have a thought that I'm gonna askyou to hold that if you would,
overall, because you haven't jumped offthe train. I was close. No,
it's it's it's real astros baseball,Like, why this one sixty two?

It's again it's that I kept saying, these guys, what you have
here of a two VA bregnant yordon this whole core. They didn't forget
how to play baseball overnight, likethey're still good. And I get it's
a stupid back of the base ballcardthing they always say. But like Dana
said last week with Sean, thecream always rises to the top. So

and again this isn't This doesn't cureall your woes. You're still three games
of ball five hundred. You're stillclimbing out of that massive hole you dug
in April. But May and Junehave been much better, and you're starting
to come out of this thing.And yeah, we're starting to see the
ass. But again, that's whyI said a few weeks ago like this,
the whole thing trade, everybody blowup the season like, no,

they're too good talent wise to dothat. And Jim Cray and Dana Brown,
all these people know it, andthat's why they were like, no,
we're not doing this. We stillbelieve, and we also believe some
of those people ahead of us aren'tgonna keep doing it. That again,
the cream's gonna rise at the top. We're gonna play better baseball, and
the guys ahead of us are notgonna keep playing great baseball. So yeah,

we'll see what And that's why Isay, Look, it's less about
the Astros because I do believe thepitching is going to be an is shoe.
I'm talking about health. Health wasgoing to be an issue this entire
season. I started the year sayingthat I still believe that that proves to
be the case. Again, we'lltalk about Jake Bloss in the next segment.
But I felt that the rest ofthe division would receive back down to

the mean, and would the Astroshave enough room, enough runway to catch
back up. They have in thatsense put themselves in the best position we've
seen in a minute. Astros twogames back from five hundred at thirty eight
to forty on the season, sixgames back from the division, and by
my count, I look real quickfrom a wildcar standpoint, I think that
has now dwindled to three teams aheadof them. Yeah, Kansas City is

ahead of them and Boston for thefinal wildcard spot. Well, I think
of where this thing was on Monday. Was that Tuesday night where they lose
you called it the worst loss ofthe of the season. They lose two
nothing to the White Sox almost getyou know, pleat game shut out by
Jonathan Cannon, and they fell toten games below or ten games back in
the division because the Mariners had won. Just think of where we were Tuesday

night to where we are today.You know that quickly you you run off
a five game win streak and theMariners stumble a little, and now this
thing's, you know, only sixback. Uh. Dana Brown said the
goal was by late July to befive games. So I mean here you
are almost within five games already,and who knows, again, it's ebbs

and flows. You're gonna have aweek where you lose four to six and
you're gonna fall back again. Soit's it's the ebbs and flows ups and
downs of the roller coaster season.But no, that was that was their
most complete series, hands down ofthe season, no question. And that's
and that's without Kyle Tucker. That'swithout Justin Verlander. I mean, that's
with guys out that you know.For you on Friday, up on a

brag on Joey lot Pafito. We'llget to him in the next segment as
well. Let me wrap up thissegment by hearing from a couple of things
from Joe. A spot of Joe, what can these Houston Astros be when
they're locked in. Yeah, it'sa really good offensive team. But when
we are in our game, whenour pitching is it's executing and we are,
we are a really tough team tobeat. So and we showcase that

this series. Joe will go onto speak to the Astros bats. A
clicking offense was rolling three, ballwas falling that minute may park a spot
of five. You know what Ifeel like from like we were, there
was intent behind every take, everyswing, every bat there was the game
plan was there and we need notlet up. That's that's our offense.

It's a dynamic offense that could beatyou in many different ways. And we
show that against a really good team. General manager Joe excuse me, manager
Joe A spotter of the Houston Astros, who are now just two games back
from five hundred Gordy A spot Ispoke to the offense just there and I
saw this nugget courtesy of the HoustonChronicle. Astros have outscored or did outscore

Baltimore in this three games, twentyseven to thirteen, and never trailed at
the end of an inning. Theybeat the crap out of Boston, out
of Boston, out of them,I'm looking at something from the Boston pream.
Sorry, they beat the crap outof Baltimore. I would never have
guessed that. Yeah, no,it's again, I'm not playing that,
I said. And remember what happenedwhen Nastro was won on Thursday five to

three against the White Sox. TheOrioles put it on the Yankees, scored
seventeen runs on them, and sothat's why I said, like, And
keep in mind, right before thatthey had come out of taking a series
against the Yankees, taking a seriesagainst the Phillies, and taking a series
against the Braves. This was ared hot Oriols team that that had not
lost the series in a month,and so that's why I was saying,

like, can you steal one?So I was at the Friday and that
was so funny because you were upthrough the beginning and then they come back,
but when they want Friday, Iwent all right, hey, mission
to compas. Now you're playing withhouse money. Let's see what we can
do this every Sunday and again.For them to do what they did Harry
on Sunday was phenomenal. So wetalked so much about these Astros and the

inconsistency. So when they scored fourteenruns on Friday, I said to myself,
getting ready to get over there tothe game on Saturday, I said,
Man, who the hell knows whatthis is gonna be. I was
like, this is Blanco going upagainst excuse me, Burns. I was
like, this game is gonna taketwo hours flat. Nobody's gonna score any
runs. And that just wasn't thecase. All three games. The Astros

kept putting it on them. SoI was like, they get the series
win on Tuesday. What is that? Five of the last six series now
the Astros have brought home and ithas helped put them this position. I
wanted to see Sunday could you getthe sweet versus a damn good team in
Baltimore? And they go right backout there and the bats are turning.
What does that now go to Ashtros? Is that five wins in a row?

Yeah? Five? And now andthen I start glancing ahead a little
bit. We'll take a break,we'll come back. I want to dive
deeper into your experience at the parkon Friday. I think you over there
was that Friday or Saturdays? Wasthere for all three years? Okay?
I went on Saturday. So Iwant to get to what we saw specific
individual which we want to highlight.How are we feeling now? I did

not jump off the Astros bandwagon.I was clups. Many of you had
jumped off. If you are seeingthe light at the end of the tunnel
and you're now back, other observationsyou have as we watched Astros sweep the
Baltimore Orioles over the weekend seven one, three, two, one two five,
seven ninety. It's a Monday onNext Up. This is Next Up

stuck with stad Northfleet and Chris Gordyduring this next stage on Sports Talk seven
ninety. Here's the O two Ohprafedospats this one toward left center that's headed
for the cap, down for ahit and rolls all the way out of
the warning track. That'll score.Repair is Singleton and DuPont both come home.

Joey low Perfido his second double ofthe inning at third hit of the
game. Astros laid fourteen to three. Joey little Pffito getting things done.
That was on Friday night. Whatthey have, gord A, five doubles
in the sixth inning, bottom ofthe six Stros put up what Gordy,
it was five? How many runsis that? Is that? Nine runs

in the sixth inning? Yep?Good lord? Well absolutely ireruptive. Then
the unfortunate thing. Hey, we'renot gonna focus on that, so we'll
go to the phone lines here injust a little bit seven one three two
one two five seven ninety John inHouston, you'll be next up. Have
your feelings changed about the Astros?If you jumped off the bandwagon, are

you coming back on? Or ifyou never left? Do you believe these
are the rests what we saw thisweekend sweeping the Orioles. Gordy will also
need to take a closer look ateach day all three Friday, Saturday,
and Sunday. I'll come to youhere in just a second. John and
Houston, good morning, Hey,good morning guys. Yeah, I never

jumped off the bandwagon. I believein the team. Uh I. You
know, you asked what was thedifference, you know, when you started
the show, and what to me, what the difference is is they've gone
young. They brought up the youngguys that can contribute, you know,
like McCormick and uh ye, everybody. They're all they're all really good ballplayers

and they need their chance and they'regetting it now. And I think I
think the big change was when theyreleased the bray you and that just signaled
that, hey, guys, you'regonna come up and you've got to show
what you can do. And theseguys are doing it. And I think
the fact that they've gone young ishas made a big difference. And I
think it's it's injected more energy intothe team. And I think I think

the Astros are in great shape goingforward. We've got to address, you
know, just one more pitching position. But uh, you know, and
I've always said I'd like to I'dlike to take a chance on Trevor Bauer,
but everybody shoots that down. Butyeah, well, you know,
you hear the rumors like I'll hearrumors pop up at the Astros are thinking

about it and they're negotiating. Youknow, I get that. I get
that on news breaking, you know, like they'll they'll yeah, okay.
Anyways, regardless, I think theygot talent in the farm system, and
uh, I like the way Spotis handling the team. I think I
think the most valuable player to meis Dubon because, uh because he can

he can stay you know, hecan sub for Pina Breakman going on.
He was at first base. We'regoing to get to get all that and
you know that's going to become criticalcome August in September, no question about
that. John and Houston chiming inon the strows. Few things that stood
out to me from his comments goto Number one, this team clearly plays

better and you can look at thesplits. They win more games when Jose
brew is out of the lineup.That's just what it is. Number Two,
the young guys. I saw thisstat pop up over the weekend.
Baltimore has baseball's fourth youngest group ofposition players. The Astros conversely have the

fifth oldest by bringing up a Loperfedoin the lineup. John Singleton obviously younger
than jose A bra You. KyleTucker is only twenty seven, but he's
been out of the lineup. We'veseen more chas McCormick look good on Saturday.
These young guys in the lineup.For example, Dubon and Loperfedo started

all three games against the Orioles andtwice hit back to back in the order.
The young guys are in their stripesand it's pan dividends. Is this
circumstance if Devoni is older? SoI'm thinking about again, he looks young.
So people are oh this because I'veheard people this kid Debad. I'm
like, kid, it's like kids. It just doesn't seem like it because

people forget about the san Ferande,so on and so. And he looked
and he looks. You point beingthe guys, the young guys that have
gotten called up, and we canstart on Friday night. I was concerned
about Jake Bloss. I looked athow the debuts of Blair Henley and Forrest
Whitley and Spencer Irrigated went and Iwas like, I'm concerned. Unfortunately bloss

had to exit early. Yeah.But but before we even get to that,
he was good man, he washe was coming at these hitters.
This is again, this is alineup that had just scored seventeen runs the
day before against the New York Yankees, and it just one one series against
the best teams in baseball. Likewe said, I thought he was locked
in. You know, he putssome guys on, but he didn't let

it get to them. That firstinning, you know, Gunnar Henderson reaches
on infield single, Thenadlie Rushman singles, two on nobody out. He works
out of trouble. Second inning,uh, you know, Mullins with the
one out, reaches on an infieldsingle. He comes back to strike out
mateo and get you know, getsout of gets out of that. The
third inning is when it got kindof started to get to him a little

bit. Walks Henderson, Rushman singlesso again two on nobody out, he
gets over and the ground out.You know, Santander gets the big two
out RBI single and the Askers hadtaken a two nothing lead. Suddenly it's
you're tied to two. But again, I just thought he was doing a
good job. And then there inthe fourth gets the first two outs,
strikes out McCann. But then youcan clearly see something's not right with the

shoulder, and so they have togo get him. But I thought,
for a kid that's twenty two yearsold making his big league debut way ahead
of schedule, right, he justhe made the jump from double a trip
on the play. This this wasnot you know, on the docket this
year for him to make this meteorcrise. But I thought that kid did
the best of it situation, andI wish, you know, I wish

he could have finished because I wouldhave been really intrigued to see how you
know, he probably would have onlygone one more inning. Yeah he was
at seventy nine pitches when he gotthe curtain. Yeah, well he may
have only gone one more batter there. But I just thought, you know,
in a two to two game throughfour innings, that was that was
what the doctor ordered. That wasprobably what you would have liked to have
gotten out of him, with allthings facing one of the most dangerous lineups

in baseball. Jake bloss goes threeand two thirds in his debut, did
allow six hits just to earn runswalking just one two k's. That was
a big thing too. It walksbecause the guy's always struggled with control when
they come up and he throws strikes. That's what they like about him.
Four point nine to one e rRA. We know, we'll talk about
the show that here in just alittle bit. I do want to get

through, so bloss. There aretwo runs attributed to him. Dubin comes
in, he goes to in athird he allows one run. Huge hat
tip to Sean dub But I talkedto Duban in the clubhouse before the game
yesterday. I said, and man, that was impressive, Like cause again
deadly line up your facing and he'strying to keep this this this team in
the game and he get He facedsome big time hitters again, striking out

guys like Gunnar Henderson and some ofthe best. Gunnar Henderson is like al
MVP candidate this year. So whatSean Dubin did again, this is a
guy we did not really have muchon the radar this year, a guy
that was gonna contribute. He's whenhe's been called upon, he's actually been
responding and pitching well so that hewas almost the unsung hero to me on
Friday night. If Dubin doesn't pitchthose two and the third innings of one

run, Paul, this thing couldhave gotten out hand. And it did
get out of hand when Nick Hernandezcomes in and Nia's Raphael Montero. Those
two combined for eight runs attributed tothem, and it was a game.
You were blowing them out at thatpoint, and so the the Orioles obviously
would narrow the gap. And therewas a point there in the eighth ninth
in and I was like, uh, we better be careful here. Are

you gonna let him fourteen whatever league, what was it fourteen to two or
something. You're gonna let this thingget away from your astros. Hold on,
take care business there. Brian toBray, you follows up Taylor Scott.
Brian to Bray, you closes itout. Uh, he had one
inning allowed, just one hit,no runs, no walks, no strikeout.
So Brian A. Brady gets usout. The update on excuse me

one Jake Bloss who was as Imentioned, pulled in the fourth inning.
He has been placed on the fifteenday. I l with what they're calling
MRI. I revealed small inflammation inthat throwing shoulder. That came from Joyce
Spottle and that's good news. Weheard Dana Brown was on with Robert Ford
in the pregame yesterday and said goodnews that it was just it was some

inflammation and that it's already going down, and that he basically said, this
is the timeline Dana put. Hesaid, yeah, five days and he'll
start. He'll start tossing against asoft toss and then the expectation is when
this il stud ends, he's gonnacome back and he's gonna make another start.
So that's about his best from gettingworried about them going to pull him

in the middle of his big leaguday one, you've already got an epidemic
of pitching injuries. I thought thatwas all things considered, that was the
best thing that could happen. Andthe good news is we're gonna see Jake
Poss get another start. I hatedit for Jake Bloss. Can you imagine
you work your whole life to getto that moment? There you are,
You're rolling whole home. A manstill his whole life has been waiting for

this moment. Yeah, can Itell you in the clubhouse on Friday seeing
him walk in, I said,oh, did did Kapaiga Sigma five have
a meeting here? Like he literallylooks his hairs poofed up. He does
blue and white, the blue andwhite polo with the khaki shorts. He
looked like or Doc Martin's or something. He looked like conn bag. He
looked like he walked out of FratKnight and was like sub bros pitching today,

Like it's just you know, alot of these guys when they make
their big league debut, it's likebaseball life first at all. But dude
looked relaxed, chill. He comesand sits at his locker chas McCormick guys
are coming to tell them, heyman, congrats, you know, go
go make your debut. It wasone of those rare situations too, staying
that we didn't get any availability withhim because you don't talk to a picture
on the day starting, and thiswas a rare case of the astros played

the day before and then he getscalled up immediately from Double A to the
big leagues. We don't even getto talk to him before his first big
league start, and then after thestart he's out hurt, you know.
So but Obviously the Orioles hadn't seenhim because there's no tape on m he
I hadn't done it exactly, butno, I'm excited as three quarters of
the Astro didn't he know who hewas. Yeah, I'm excited to see

it. And again the news ispositive. I'm excited he's gonna get another
chance here and uh, you know, we'll see what he can do because
this is a kid that you know, if things go up, this could
be a kid that's part of theastros future plans for a long time to
come. Could be. We'll remainoptimistic again. Fifteen day I l's just
some inflammation in the shoulder, nothingstructural, so we're happy about that for
one. Jake Gloss also from aninjury front on the way out. We'll

come back. We'll talk about therest of the weekend as well. Astro's
catcher Victor Carmertini could miss three tofour weeks due to a left hip flex
a strain sustained with the play atthe plate as a runner. Played the
play in Chicago last week. JoeManager told the team Sunday prior to the
game, so he started the quarantineon the ten day. I l three

to four weeks for him. Anotheryoung guy, Savesar Salazar is ob just
going to get more time as hehas been this team's third catchup. All
right, come back, take morephone calls, Katina talk strows rest of
the weekend. What do we see? What do we hear? We get
more information to you and like tohear from you. Seven one, three,
two one two five, seven ninetyThe legendary KB and me Homo Stros

baseball to the neck to the Dutchworld. This is next up. You
kind of hit on everything I wantedto say with Stan Nor Plates and Chris
Gordy on Sports Talk seven ninety.His first pitch of Chas McCormick, if
McCormick shoots this, to write fairlydeep it since back Howser at the wall.

He leaves at at as gone secondhome run of the game for Chess
McCormick and his third of the year, and it's five to white Astros.
Cowser looked like he came close torobbing that one. At the stands.
He's still sitting on the warning trackand the Orioles trainer out to take a
look at up along with manager BrandonHye As Kowser just does get to his

feet. So Chas mcgormick, whohad one home run over his first thirty
nine games, hits a couple today. Think it's on Atlanta understated. Appreciate
Robert Ford, one half of theradio Astros radio network. Anyway here on
Sports Talk seven ninety. Next upis the name of this show up until
noon. We get you over toMatt Thomas and Rossvierryal staying north forleet me

Chris, Gordy him taking your phonecall seven pet three two two five seven
ninety. You want to talk someAstros baseball as the strolls sweet the Baltimore
Orioles absolutely dominated them at the plate, outscoring the Orioles twenty seven to thirteen,
never trailed at the end of asingle inning. That audio was the

the second home run Saturday afternoon,Gordy, I'm over at the real yard
sitting with some folks. Where wasthat over there in section one sixteen?
I think and uh, Chas McCormicksecond homer right field, three hundred and
fifty four feet in the fifth inningChazz first hum of four hundred and fourteen
feet right there to the left.So I was happy for Chash. This
has been a bumpy road. Thishas been a bumpy twenty four for Jazz,

and I made the point if theAstros were going to get back into
this. Shaquille O'Neal talks about thisin basketball, your stars are gonna do
star stuff. Jor Andon crushes abaseball as well. His that ball went
four hundred and twenty feet bottom ofthe third inning. We'll talk about Jordan
here Momentarily. Shaq calls it othersfor the Astros to win a division again,

to get back into the ALCS foran a time, an eighth consecutive
time, it's gonna be You're gonnaneed Chaz, You're gonna need local Fito,
You're gonna need Sazar Salazar, It'sgonna Mauricio Dubon's damn all hands on
deck. Dudes have got to playat not just at their level. Dudes
have got to elevate their game.Guys that have been there and done that

before, like a Chaz who hasbeen inconsistent this season. I hope this
is a match getting started for himgoing and we can count on Chazz to
be more productive. Allah Jake Myersas well. In Kyle Tucker's absence.
Well he I mean he followed itup going on for four yesterday. So
it's you know, look, you'regonna have moments like this. You just
gonna have games where a guy seesa pitcher certain wall or jumps on the

pitch and you know, it's justit's happening for him. And it was
happening for chaz On on Saturday withthe three heads, two homers. But
he's still only got nine hits inthe month of June. I mean,
it's he just he has not it'snot been very good. So you know,
look, everybody's got to have theirmoment, whether it's him, Jake,
whoever, when you get an opportunity. You know, even what was
it, ah in that Chicago series, Cooper Hummel had had a bat where

he in a tie game, whatwas two to two, he grounds out
or ground ball to third, buthe bet beats out the run first and
a run scores. You know,that's a moment where Cooper Humble find a
way produce a run, so youknow, and it went down as an
error, so he didn't even getcontributed with the RBI. But it was
an effective and effective at bat,and that's just what the Accids have been

lacking so much this season is youknow, there's games where they go one
two three, one two three inan inning, and it's like, guys,
let's have some productive at bats here. It's in dress. I was
in the clubhouse yesterday and I heardhitting coach Troy Snicker was talking with Chandler
Rome and mat Kyhara and was justsaying, yeah, look, there're gonna
be sometimes where you know, thegame plan is this guy throws first pitch

strikes, let's jump on it,and you just miss and it's a ground
out. Yes, it turns atthe end of the day, it turns
into a seven pitch inning for thatpicture. But that's what the MO called
for. The MO call for becausethe problem is you don't jump on them.
Suddenly you're in an O two holeand you're trying to stay alive and
the at bat and you strike out. So sometimes the game plan does call
to jump on those first pitches.It's just sometimes it doesn't work and you're

going gop this. This picture isjust kill us, right. Even put
up competitive at dots, it's acompetitive dot. It's just you you missed
on that the first pitch strike ethrow. There's also I'm sorry, I'm
looking at something and I'm listening toyou going it and I agree with what
you're saying. When you mentioned Snickerand the hitting coaches there, that led
my mind to Jeremy Pinya did notgo out there on Friday. I know

he was in the lineup on Saturday. Jimmy Penya hadn't been playing well.
He was given a day off onFriday for just a second time all season
drop off in his production at theplate. Penya came into the Oriel City
SERI excuse me hitting one sixty threewith just one extra base, not twenty
four k's in his last one hundredplate appearances. Penya appears to have righted

the ship again in the lineup onSaturday. What was his numbers from Saturday?
Penya went one for three on Saturday. And then what he do yesterday?
God three hits yesterday, all threePenya add him to the list Astros
can't get to where they need toget to without JP playing more like himself.
He mentioned. Remember all the talkingoff season, Penya was saying his

bat had gotten noisy at the swingat the top, Penya said, hey,
I had quieted that down. Itsounds like he's saying there was some
bad habits that had crept back intothe swing and they took a day off
to reevaluate some things and maybe that'swhy he was productive. So this was
very telling yesterday. Jeremy Penye onthe post game after the game, yesterday's
big game. He's all of RobertFord and the guys. This is what

Jeremy Penie said after the game yesterday. Of course, you know, that's
why I would say Joe is aman because he has a feel for his
players. He knows where his playersare at. And then off there was
huge. It was huge to regroup, kind of work on something, some
things in the cage, and thengive him the body of rest. I
thought that was that was pretty apretty significant quote from Jeremy Penyon because yes,

he gets the day off on Friday, Dubond starts at short and you
know, for him to say,and we talked about this two weeks ago,
Remember Joe gave youan erdeez, notone, but two day off on
that weekend and then yonard Yis comesback and what hits home running four straight
games after that. It's knowing yourplayers and that was the first time I've
heard a player this year. Iwas thinking the same thing, Joe's the

man players, and he knew Jeremyneeded a day off and then look at
well how he responded after that dayoff. Mcculors had been complimentary of Joe's
spott. I saw him do asit down with Will Conkle over at Fox
twenty six where Lance mccullis JUNR SaidHey, man, like this ain't on
Joe. This is on dudes thathave to produce. But to be as

direct as blunt and as straightforward asJeremy. Pinya was right there in the
support and backing of Joe a spotta. First I've heard of it that at
least that stood out to me,so I thought that that was noteworthy as
well. Jordan Alvarez going down onSaturday. I'm just watching you on and
like to see it on TV.And I've been over to the ballpark all

last season and been there a fewtimes this season. Anytime I get a
chance to see like greatness up close. Even though you know I played a
little bit coming up, I stillappreciate guys when they're just damn good.
Jordon literally looks like I know I'mbetter than all of you. He's not

an arrogant man. I don't meanit that way. He's having fun playing
a kid's game. But when hecrushes that ball for one hundred and twenty
feet, you knew it off thebat, and to see it just a
few feet from him, I justmarveled. How excellent Jordan Alvarez is.
I don't know, I'm just it'sin my head. I can just see
the swing and I'm fanning out alittle bit, fan going out on Jodan.

He's one of the best hitters inbaseball. And it was rough.
You know, for a couple ofweeks there he was not pulling his weight
and doing his thing. But here, you know, after you know,
a couple of days he missed thefamily matter. You know, he's had
a couple of games here, hittingsome long thoughts again. And you know,
Altuve is the tone center al tuove I always say is a strong
stirs the drink as goes out tove go the Astros, but Jordon can

deliver the big blow. Jordon isthe one that can crush your soul.
Jordon is the one that could takea one to one game and make it
three to one, you're going,God, and now we're down two.
What do we do now, Jordon. That's that's when he's at his best.
And again, the guy's the epitomeof just cool. He's everything you
want in a you know, justa superstar face, face of the franchise
kind of guy. And again he'sone of the most favored hitters for a

reason. And if he can gethot here, man, if he can
have a red hot you know,July August and really get this thing going,
the Astros are gonna put up alot more wins and they can really
really not just dig out of thishole. But you know, hey,
narrators, we're coming, you know, send the message. Astros close the
gap with the Mayor. Is nowsix games back, comfortably, I should

say, relatively comfortably, half gameahead of the Rangers for that second place
in the division. Astros two gamesout from five hundred. Let's come back.
Let's talk about what happened yesterday afternoon. Take another peek at the injury
front as well. We will pivot. There's some news on the Rockets front,
and the quarterback of the Texans isin the news. Nothing crazy has

happened, Brothers getting this travel on. We'll talk about Cole Ridge, Bernard
Stroud Junior on the other side,and the eleven o'clock hours well seven,
one, three, two, two, five, seven ninety do it again,
onto done, next toe as moreof Next Up continues now on Sports

Talk seven ninety Home of your Worldchampion Houston Astros. No friends in it
and it's two delivery to Ryan Mountcastlehere it is this one hit right at
Penya he scoops, He'll throw thefirst base and that'll retire the side seventh
inning stretch. What a day today for from Bert Valvedez. His day

is over for the most part,but wow, what a day for him.
Astros Radio Network now Eschen Felder whenhe hanging out a little bit.
Yeah, he was on all weekendfor Sparky. Yeah, oh we gotta
get this spark I heard Steve Sparkswas on with the Shawn Salisbury Show.
I want to hear more of thatany eleven o'clock hour. Appreciate you guys.

Hanging up Next up, wrapping upour one here on a Monday,
we celebrate light hell Astros here theycome two games back from five hundred six
games back from the Mariners, forthe division lead and from a wild card
standpoint, just two teams ahead ofthem for the final wildcard spot. Some

of you jumped off the vandwagon.I understand why you did. Didn't look
great. Well, they'll do itagain too in two weeks when they lose
three out of four and people areteam sucks again. It's the ebbs and
flows of a one to sixty two. So Astros currently on a five game
win streak, They've won five ofthe last six series. They're likely gonna

make that six or seven off today. No ash Ros baseball tonight. Colorado
Rockies come to town Tuesday and Wednesdaybefore the Astros get another off day this
Thursday, and then they go onthe road to the Mets as well as
Toronto, and there's a Minnesota Triprenaireas well. Let me just single out
to what phenomenal pitching performances from RonelBlanco was one and fromber Valdez absolutely these

last two days to hold that Orioleslineup that had scored seventeen runs against the
Yankees on Thursday eleven runs against youon Friday, because let's not forget they
had that big seven run eighth inning. I mean their bats were on fire,
and for Ronel Blanco to hold himto just the one run in seven
innings on Saturday, and then Fromberto just the one run in seven innings

on Sunday, sensation absolutely outstanding againstthat lineup. Because I said that a
few weeks ago, and I said, oh, Fromber's looking good, and
people are like, well, it'sthe Twins, Well, it's the Angels,
Well it's the White Sox. Okay, that was the Orioles and Fromber
shot so good. Frombers show up, because Shepper has showed up more often
than not this year. I meanhe's been the one hiccup in the month

of Juni he had one hiccup.The other four starts all outstanding. I
mean, that's that's Robert. Allyou need him to do is be more
good than not, more often thannot, and that's what he's been this
year. I need him to beone word, consistent, and perhaps he
will string together more consistent performances.By the way he added the extensions again,
he was trying to wait till theAll Star break he had. He

said, hey, man, I'mgonna go ahead and drop these in now,
and so we'll see what that does. To his game. If anything,
he did the last same thing lastyear. I think he did that
for the World Baseball Classic. Youmentioned Rondelle Blanco. I want Ronelle to
start getting more national credit. Peopleare not talking about Rone Blanco as a
potential All Star. We went throughthe voting and how that works. Fans

do not vote on pitchers. That'llbe baseball people making that decision. Rone
Blanco has earned the right to bean All Star and I sincerely hope he
has selected. That young man hasbeen a godsend era now at two thirty
four and that's on the season.What is he that's second best in the
American League? Now? Eight andtwo is Blanco's record? Tanner Hawk in

the of Boston. He's got theyou know, fifteen starts, He's got
a two to fourteen ERA. He'sbeen awesome. But ron O'blanco's right behind
him. Two thirty four year ra. He passed Corbyn Burns because Corbin Burns
the Astros got after on Saturday,and that's what was so cool about them
going against one another. It washead to head and it was an awesome
pitcher. Sool what was the game? Two hours since Saturday? I told
you it was gonna fly by.They were awesome, but Blanco was better.

And it's so funny how on theseason stats he then moves up a
spot above of Corp, above CorbynBurns because he outdueled him. I saw
this note speaking of the pitching.The Baltimore Orioles pitching staff brought into this
series baseball's fourth lowest era, andthey got absolutely smacked. What did I

say? Houston out score Baltimore twentyseven to thirteen. Did the strolls over
these three games? You mentioned thetwo just the two runs in each one
run in each respective game Saturday andSunday. Is it safe to say fifteen
hits by the Astros yesterday afternoon atthe rail yard, Gordon? Is it

fair to say that the Astros dominatedthe Orioles. Yeah, I slip them
the run disparity. Dudes in thefield getting busy. Low Perfito was awesome.
I thought Dubon was awesome. Idon't know what's going on with Alex
Bredman. Alex Breman, like oncea game he's tripping throwing the ball to
first, It's going all over theplace. But my man, Dubie's ply
athletic enough to bring it in.Well, we It was funny though.

I saw Chler Room was talking toDubon yesterday, and by the way,
that's Saturday and Sunday. Dubon startedat first phase, so again we get
over the whole moniker of well yougotta be a stud offensive guy. You
know what, Let's put the betterhitter at first. Let's just have a
more deadly lineup with a first basemanwho can hit, and we'll figure out
the defensive thing as as it comes. Did they didn't have an error on

a Friday, Well, they havean error all weekend. We had a
caller yesterday it was like, oh, the infield sloppy defense. I was
like, what may be saying whenI'm talking about Bregmant a couple of times
once for sure over the weekend.It was just kind of awkward. He
couldn't get and it would have beenhad Dubon not made it happen. It
could have gotten ugly, but heprevented it from doing something I think smooth.

The gist of that is Dubon's nota first baseman, but he's filling
in there. But two, he'sa small guy too. I typically think
of your first basement of big bodyguys with a long arm that could stick
that glove out there, long legcan stretch out. Dubon's tiny, He's
he can't do all that maneuvering.So it's a it's a smaller zone you're
trying to throw it to their firstbase. Dubon made his eighth Major League

start at first base on Sunday.Prior to last season, we know that
he is documented. He hadn't playedfirst base since high school. Singleton Johnson
Ingleton started five of the last ninegames at first and then here comes the
two starts by Doobie, both startscoming against right handed pictures. Thought that
was interesting. All right, that'sfirst base. I wanted to add something

else. There's another note I had. Let me take this call Gordiona and
calibrate my thoughts if I could.Friend of the station, Friend of the
show, Michael and the Heights.What up y'all? Hey man on Friday,
Gordy, dude, you're I justyou know you were. You were
saying if we win one out ofthree, that would be great. And
to see a sweep that was thatwas unbelievable. Man. I got so

I'm not I'm not getting my WorldSeries ring fitted just yet, but we're
trending in the right direction. Itlooked, yeah, yeah, man,
and I heard you talk about Jordam, but you know you got to call
him by his proper name, sexualChocolate. Come on, no, I'm
not calling the other man sexual chocolate. Then said entertained to tell y'all that

already. But that's my dog,dude. So they're they're trending up.
And hey, if you guys talkabout the NFL later, I've been hearing
more and more stuff about eighteen gameschedule. I don't know, man,
I think seventeen games is a lot. I don't know if I even won
an eighteen game schedule. But anyways, man, happy Mondays have a good
weeks, said Michael, and theHeights simone very quickly. Hat tip to

press league first one, two,three, clean inning. He's had a
while. On Saturday, Josh Hatercomes there a clean knife. He gets
his what eleven saved or no,it wasn't. It wasn't a safe situation
because they had the extra one.It was it was the four to one
game. It became five to one, but I was like, I don't
give a damn send hater out there, non save situation, still got to
go close the door on the Oriols, and hater did that. But how
about my two guys yesterday? Nobodyeven knows who the hell of these guys

are. Brian King and Luis Contreras, both making their big league debuts.
These people clean inning for Brian Kingsseven pitches all. It took six of
them for strikes and strikes out GunnerHenderson. That was big from him.
And then Luis Contraras with a cleanuh what ninth inning? And that was
how she wrote. So crut usto those two guys, I don't know
how much. They may get sentback down very quickly in the next couple

of days. But those guys answeredthe call against one of the best lineups
in baseball Astros, to surprise ofI would say most of Astro's nation.
I guarantee you if we had polledthe people and what would be the percentage
the fan base would have put onan Astro sweep over the weekend of the
Baltimore Orioles, I'm gonna say it'sin the single digits, the low single

digits. Nonetheless, they get itdone. Astros five wins in a row,
winners five of the last six series. All today. Colorado Rockies come
to Minute May Park on Tuesday andWednesday. We'll talk more Stros. Steve
Sparks dropped by the Shawn Salisbury Showthis morning early seven am. So some
of you have not heard that,want to get into that. In eleven

o'clock hour we come back. Let'skick off second half of the show.
Let's talk some Texans. There aresome Rockets news as well. Gordon,
do you or I have a message? Would have been? Well? The
best part of being at the ballparkall weekend was seeing all the folks drinking
some Crawford Box Brewing. Man,it made the winning baseball just taste that
much better, enjoying the Crawford backand actually made it up to the Woodlands

on Saturday night for concert. Guesswhat I had there? The tall Boy,
the Crawford Box. They've kills sunRise stripes all over town wherever you're
going, whether it's concerts, uhbaseball games, particularly the Astros, do
so while enjoying a Crawford bok fromCarbock Brewing Bird right here in Houston,
Texas. Always good to see folksuh drinking those, but really whatever it
is from Carbock. Whether it's theLove Street or the the Ranch Waters,

whatever you prefer, you can grabit from Carbock Brewing and again enjoy that
sweet taste of victory. It's ahome run every time. With Crawford back.
Now, what's next? Next stop? It's the man up, next
stop, the next step, Takethe next step, next up, next
stop, next next stop. Thisteam want to this is next with Tad

Northfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's see what'snext next sax. All right, man,
let's kick off third quarter. We'recoming out of halftime. Strong line
from the Sports Talk seven ninety studios, nestled them between Uptown Park and River
Oaks. Matt Thomas, Rossferry comingyour way here in about fifty eight minutes.
Until then, stay in Northfleet meas stand sportsman Chris Gordy him he

is at Chris Gordy. You canalso at our guy Connor d McGovern on
the other side, just like hissounds. And of course we are at
sports Talk seven ninety starting off theweek right as the Astros do what they
need to do, sweep of theBaltimore Orioles over at minute May Park had
two afternoon games Saturday and Sunday.Friday night saw the debut of one Jake

Bloss lost him in the fourth inningdue to some inflammation in that shoulder,
that throwing shoulder of his, andhe's gonna be out. He's on the
fifteen day. I l all right, I want to get into some Texans.
I saw a few tib bitch trainingcamp coming up a week from the

week, three weeks from this Thursday. I repeat, three weeks from this
Thursday. I want to get peoplealong, have people going over there to
the Houston Method training centators. Standsaid, I mess up sometimes. Let
me get get that part corrected.Oh hold on this, this is a
damn lie before we get the Texans. This is mister Humble hitting us up
on social fellas. I predicted Thursdaythat the Astros would sweep the Baltimore Orioles.

I just had a feeling based onthe way they've been playing. I
was gonna put my money where mymouth is, but I decided not to.
Doesn't count, doesn't count unless youpush Yeah, I need to see
some evidence. That's a damn line, mister Humble. I guarantee you less
than less than three percent of thefan base that they would win the series.

Sweet. Yeah, And even ifyou said that on Friday, you
didn't believe it. I mean,come on, like we living reality.
What is Matt Thomas as believe it? You did not believe it. I
mean that that Tuesday night game thatthey get blanked by Jonathan Cannon, like
you you were you were not going, yeah, this seems gonna win the
next five, Like, come on, the worst team in the league.

Ye, now, what's they Therewere times last year where they, like
what they like, beat the Braves, but then they lose to the A's.
It was like last year there weretimes it was like they played down
to the lower competition, but playup to the better competition. This year,
we haven't seen that much, right, I mean, they they lost,
they lose to the good teams,and they lose to the bat Well,
for the most part, they've beatenthe bat teams this year. It's

kind of been predictable this year.Like you played the Yankees, you lost
to the Yankees. You play theA's, you beat the A's, so
it's they gone. Yeah, they'vebeen more predictable this year. But that's
why I kept saying, what's theschedule next few weeks playing team like you're
playing teams, you should take careof business with you have a lot of
potential w's. This was the oneseries I was looking at schedule, going
that's could be tough, and youswept. So now, hey, sorry,

I've raised my expectations a little bitbecause you better take care of business
against these teams the next few weeks. Taking care of business. As we
digress back into what's going on overthere at Kirby, I am I can't
wait. I'm absolutely salivating for NFLfootball in Houston. I think this team

is going to do some very specialthings around here. I haven't seen them
have one damn practice, goard.I didn't make it over there for minicamp.
We were hosting this show while they'repracticing, obviously, but I just
look on paper, this team isgoing to be damn good. And if
the Good Lord sees fit to keepthe Texans healthy, they're gonna make some

hell for some people in the AFC. So one of the sources that we
all refer to, some believe inMike Floydo more than others. I'm a
fan of his work. He's notalways spot on, but I appreciate the
intail for what it is. Smartguy, you know law degree, formerly
a practicing attorney. Blase blah Floriohas his pre camp power rankings, Gordon,

So he says, to start thisout, he says, look,
this is not a prediction of howI think the teams will finish the twenty
twenty four season. This is literallygoing into training camp on paper, this
is how I would stack the rosters. Gordon, I don't know if you've
seen this. Where do you thinkthe Texans would fall on that list?

For Florida? Give me a numbereight? All right, that'd be reasonable.
That's probably about where they should be. He's got the Texans at ten,
He's got Kansas City one, Sanfran two, Detroit three, Ravens

for Eagles, five, Packers atsix, Bills seven, Bengals at eight,
Buccaneers at nine, and there theain't nobody ready. Wait, can't
wait to see Baker Mayfield in thebox. So here's the rite up.
And I think Jordan Love and thePackers are debatable, and certainly Josh Allen
the Bills like who the Olympics,They're gonna sustain the success they've had losing

his receivers. Here's what Florio writesabout the Texans. All great points that
you just make there. The Texanssimple, it's one question, how will
they perform as a team that noone will take for granted? They're not
sneaking up on anybody. And ifyou hear the receiver talking, you hear
well, you've heard tank talk.Nico's been talking. CJ has said a

few things as well. By theway, cj Oli is in Morocco vacationing
with Justin Fields. There's a pictureof them on social Why the hell is
CJ and Morocco with Justin Fields?What type of quarterback training are they doing
in Morocco? Brothers entitled to sometime, all because he's about to get
locked in here for the next sixseven months when they get camp going next

week. I just thought it wasodd. Why is he out there with
j? All right, So backto this power ranking, the hanging out
with a backup quarterback. Anyway,he's been hanging out with the stars,
Aaron Rodgers, go hang out withno Goal, hang out with Anon Rodgers.
Okay, we didn't do this lastweek, but since we're talking quarterback,
I believe you did get to it. Connor did Matt Thomas and Ross
get into this Matthew Stafford thing.Did they talk about that? Yeah,

oh yeah, they spelled like awhole show on it. So if you
didn't hear this, Matthew Stafford's nowwife when they were undergrads at the University
of Georgia trying to get his attentionand doing some of the what do you
call the term, what is itthat the ladies do not? Manipulated?

Yeah, manipulate. Matthew Stafford's nowwife then kind of girlfriend, was hooking
up with Matthew Stafford's backup, JoeCox. Where's Joe Cox from Charlotte,
North Carolina? What high school isit? Independence High School? Where one
stand? Northfleet was a four stardefense hold on pump the brakes? What

it came out? It was notJoe Kaw. It was not jo Logan
Gray, who was the third stringquarterback. That's what it was. Logan
Gray way better looking than Joe.How disrespectful. So anyway, we hadn't
talked about it. Look, man, I can't tell dudes how to live
their life. And I actually thissegment's going rails. But there's a friend

of mine that comes to mind.A former teammate of mine, who did
go on to play in the NFLfor about eight years retired. He and
his family are doing just fine.Gordon. In school, his girlfriend was
a young lady that was known tohave private relationships with athletes on campus,

and my boy wiped up. Igave him some advice at the time.
I said, bro, I can'ttell you what to do, but you
do have the documented you do seeher raps right here. This this is
You're marrying this woman, a certifiedbopper if you will now the woman,

she actually is a really really coolchap. She's a great mother, she's
an outstanding wife. They have abusiness together. They're doing great. I
don't know that standing Norfolk could gothat route. And it's tough for me,
Gordy, because as a man offaith, I like to try and
give people benefit of the doubt.Our past shouldn't be held against us.
You allowed to be a new creatureof the word, says I heard good

message. By the way. T. D. Jakes was in town.
He was over at Georgia or Brownon Sunday. I was watching past the
keyon shout out to the home inBishop Jays. So I'm trying to like,
hey, don't hold your past againstyou. But that's different when you're
talking about being my damn wife.Connor, you're a young man, you
know what. Let me not dothat. That's too close to home for
you. Let me not do that. She's been with her, they've been

together forever, though she is sheslipped. Oh oh, and I've went
through this. One time. Ihad a woman. I was, as
a matter of fact, my fifthyear when I played at Texas Southern.
My fifth year, Gordon, therewas a young lady I dated. She
was in undergrad. I was grad. I leave and go to Charlotte.
So I go back to Charlotte.This is O five. I wasn't gone

ninety damn days, Gordon. Shehad already slept with somebody that I used
to play with. But this wasin college, right, it still counts,
Gordon. And I'm saying, like, in college people do silly things.
So, oh, so I'm supposedto just let off the hook.
Well that's saying about it. I'msaying with Stafford, like, yeah,
it's like that was his wife incollege. Now this is twenty years later

and they're happily married. It wouldbe much different if she was doing it
now. You would go, hey, that's not I'd be more pissed then
than now, because the embassment hitshard in undergrad than it does in grad
or does postgrad. It just botheredme. Okay, I don't know why
we got off the rails on thatright there. We got a break.
Let's come back. I do haveother texts things. If you didn't hear
how the segment started, Sorry,I just got caught up. You know

what, let me ask phellis couldyou do it? If wifey? If
you're Matthew Stafford in undergrad, youknow the woman you're crushing on, your
girl air quotes is having it withyour teammate, your boy, your fraternity
brother, your dorm mate. Couldyou steal wifer have? That'd be tough

for Fleet set the next and backup now down door Fleets and Chris Gordy
on's next up on Sports Talk sevenninety Matt Thomas, Ross Virrial coming.
You're weighing about forty minutes, MattThomas peeking his head in the studio.

That man always has fast food withhim, Matt Thomas, A man of
your age needs you to eat better. Say they ate clean this weekend?
They need more like subway drives throisyou know like I do that, Moore,
I'm all yes, smoothe king driver. It takes a while. That's
my people. There'll be no besmirchingthe process as Smoothie King. You can
plaint every day. No it's notSmoothie King's damn door. Dass needs to

get They'll bleep together and make surethat it's still a smoothie and not some
liquid bs by the time it makesit way to the studio. Point being,
it's a lot easier to run throughto get a quarter pounder in under
five minutes of the drive through thatit is to get something healthy. I
had a great experience with the concessionaireover at Minute may Park. I actually
forget the woman's name, but Ihad a bit of an issue, Gordon.

They weren't accepting my method of payments. Something was going up. So
she looked into it got me takencare of. I would just say thank
you to the good people at Minutemade part. It put me in a
good mood as well as some winningbaseball. All right, we're talking some
Texas. Now let me try andget these other things done. Something else
popped up. Oh, this wasactually last week Jim manager Nick Cassio.

He was on with Yahoo Sports talkingwith Ka Adams, formerly of Good Morning
Football on NFL Network, and shereminded us of something as it pertains to
Casario and so many people just outand about Gordy in conversations with my crew,
Stan, you acting like the Texansgot a chance to win the Super
Bowl. They do. The rosteris bleeping good, and I disagree with

Mike Florio having the Texans roster goinginto camp as the tenth most talented in
the league. I think they're moretalented than Green Bay. I think they're
as talented as Detroit. They're moretalented than the Bills. I would say
they're as talented, if not morethan the Bengals. The Buccaneers ranked the
head of the Texans is laughable.I will have none of that. So

anyway, she reminded that Kay AdamsNick Cassario of what he has accomplished and
what he means to this organization.Let me hear from Kay Adams on Casario.
Please. I'm fortunate to be affiliatedwith a very successful organization for a
number of years that provided me greatopportunity. I mean, I have my
Super Bowl rings, but Honestly,I don't even know where they are because

I just kind of put them away. I'm just that's not my personality.
So I mean, I just enjoywork. I enjoy the process. I
enjoyed being part of a team.So I think if you have good people
with good process, and then theresults are going to be the results.
So I mean, we just wantto try to build something that's sustainable for
a long period of time. Herewhat the end result is, ultimately it's
up to the players. So ifwe just get the right people, the

right players in the building, givethem opportunity to go out there and execute.
When it's all said and done,I mean football is going to go
away. So I mean hopefully I'llbe judged by how good of a husband
and a father I was to mywife and my girls. So honestly,
I mean I haven't given it oneiota of a thought of the other things
I think that are more pressing andyou know, more important in my life.
But I enjoy football. I enjoyedbeing part of a team and just

working with people. So I meanthat's and I just kind of take it
one day at a time and justtry to improve and try to continually get
better and remain curious and just lookfor ways to a healthy organization, you
know, get to get to agoal that I think everybody in the league
wants to achieve. All Right,that was Nicko Sario Yaho's sports with kay
Adam. That man is so robotic. Well he did show some love to
the I hope that I'm ultimately judgedas a man and a husband and a

father. Nick, we get allthat the question, right, he's so
robotic. The one day this teamis gonna win a super Bowl and he's
gonna stand up there in the micand he's gonna go yeah. I mean,
really, the results are the results. I mean, it's just about
the process. And like it wasgonna go get the mic out of his
hands, like it's okay to takea bow. Sometimes it's okay to say
I'm excited about this draft pick,I'm excited about this signee. Yeah,

we had a good offseason. Notwell, the process is the process.
I mean, we gotta see itthrough. We gotta see what the results
are. It's like, okay,numbers guy, Like it's okay to have
some emotions. I agree with that. I asked myself that this weekend.
Do you think Cal and Hannah wouldhire Nick Cassario again? Would they do

it again? I think that isyes. I think when you look at
it, most certainly they would keepDemiko Rans. I believe those two Dimico
and Nick Casserio are going to dosome big boy things around here. You
already have the quarterback hardest part.By the way, there are several articles
out there, Gordy, I thoughtabout you this morning. I think cbsports

dot com has an article up onWho's going to be the first quarterback to
sixty million. They had Dak listedas number one. CJ was at five.
They were basically saying, if nobodyelse checks that box before CJ's turn,
CJ will be the one. SoI think GM check for now,
head coach, check for now,quarterback check for now. That right there,

those are three pillars you can builda championship organization under. So when
people are like, no, man, Cassarrio, is he good? Is
a job is he not? Let'sjust snapshot in the last two off seasons,
what were the Serio offseason misses?Who did he miss on the last
this season coming into this season andlast year. So Sheldon rankins check he

hit. Who else did they bringin? Jimmy Ward went down due to
injury. Jimmy Ward, though,went healthy, that's a hit. Robert
Woods Shaq Mason going to him.Okay, Robert Woods was a miss.
He got hurt too, But evenwhen healthy, Robert Woods just wasn't an
impact for player, especially at thatmoney. I'll take that. Who else,

Devin Singletary, I mean a lotof the guys they signed in those
one Noel Brown hit, Dalton Schultzhit. You're talking all the hits.
Okay, I'm asking give me themisses. Give me a minute to look
back, because it's my brain can'tretain all. All right, So danil
Hunter hit, we believe the NicoArchery hit. Well, we can't say
hit until we see them. WhatI'm saying is their bodies of work and

what those veterans have been in theleague up until this point. If there
are any semblance of that, that'sgonna be a hit. It's not.
Devin Secretary to one year, threepoint seventy five million deal last year,
which you call that a hit?Yes, because he outperformed that, he
had a career year. Yeah,I mean the thought was though Damian Pierce
was supposed to be the guy,and he's a Nick Casara draft pack,

and he wisely doubled down at thatposition, and when it guy a veteran
that ended up being the bell count. To me, that's a hit,
Casario, what'd you say, RobertWoods, that's probably the one. I
go. Christian Kirksey didn't really DenzelPaaraman and Perry Now you gonna call that
backer Corey Lyttleton. No, thoseguys really didn't bunch. Lileton wasn't making

money, so I don't count.But I'm saying they were all one years
at two to two million, threemillion, four million, like they were
all sinees, but really none ofthem kind of hit. Dinzel Pairman started
at the mid linebacker. He wasfine, he's a starting Sheelle the Rankins
was a hit, like Robert Woodswas a bus two years, fifteen point
two five million, ten million,fully guaranteed. Noah Brown was nice on

a one year deal. Yes,a hit. Jimmy Ward two years,
thirteen million. I got gotta behealthy. If he misses half the season
again, you'll go, that's notThat wasn't the best signing, but I
get why they brought him in I'mlooking even this year, like okay,
and then we're gonna get to therunning back spot here In just a second,
case Winovich got a one year,two million dollar deal. He didn't

do anything, he didn't need tomake it out of camp. He got
cut. So what I'm saying islike some of these guys are getting cut,
but these guys weren't like penciled inas starters. I'm saying the dudes
that played Robert Woods is probably hisbiggest miss the past two off seasons the
top of my head. So likeAziz as Shier, he's gonna be a
player if he's healthy. Not worriedabout him, Not worried about Danil Hunter,

not worried about Danika Autry, allof those interior defensive guys, Tim
Settle Junior and Edwards Junior, thoseguys Mario, it was Junior. I'm
not worried about them. They hasto merge from that group. But I'm
saying Caseirio, his resume is notgonna be stayed by those guys. It'll
be the Danil Hunter Autry. Andthen you flip on the other side,

going to get Stephan Diggs hit,going to get Joe Mixon hit bringing back
Dalton Schultz had to do it.So I look at Caserio, Go,
don't look at the two thousand andtwo fridge. Noout been here. Yeah
we're not getting into any of that. But that's you get that is all
your tenure. No, you getcredit for all he scouts. No,

no Caseero gets judged him and Demkothat dysfunctional and Jeff DRIs aout any now.
No, we't got nothing to dowith that. Oh hold on,
NFL Rookie Watch just posted something onsocial tank Dale is reportedly already looking like
a better player than he was lastseason. Many NFL scouts reportedly believe Takao

will be the first two one thousandyards this season of the Texans wide receiving
corps. It's crazy to think aboutthe Texans managed to land tank Dale,
Stroud, and Will Anderson in thesame draft. That we like them,
but can we stop it? Likethey haven't played a game. This this
is like those dudes who the highschool player in late December goes for I'm

a four started to five star,and I go, wait a minute,
did I miss a high school gamethat he played that he like? It's
just good we're subject. We getthe name in our head and we start
to romanticize it. Oh, TankDell's freaking awesome. Yeah, he's awesome.
Now I think he's gonna be oneof the best ever. Like wait,
spe so down, we could sayhe's gonna be awesome without like elevating
him. Now, still, he'sgonna be the first thousand yard receiver?
What what's going into that? Like? How are we deciding that? People

are just talking? The only wayI can say with that stand is okay,
Yes, Stefan Diggs and Nico Collinsare drawing all the attention of the
top two corners, so Tank Dellfinds himself open. Yes, he'll probably
by that letter of the law.Yes, he could hit the thousand yards
first. But you know, Imean if you go and I haven't done
it, and I probably should dothat exercise if we tracked like big play,

like yard's per reception is not thathard to do. I would like
to compare Steph Diggs, Tank andNko. I think Tank had more yards
per reception than Nico did a yearago, So if you extrapolate that out
over a full season, I'm guessingthat's why they're saying Tank is gonna get

to one thousand yards for he hada sixty eight yarder against Jacksonville earlier in
the year. But outside of that, really's only other big plays. He
had a forty yard catch against Arizona. That was the one that got everybody's
attention back of the end zone Arizonaon the score, a couple of twenty
nine yarders, But yeah, Imean it wasn't a ton of long bombs.
Nico had a couple. Yeah,the seventy five yard a versus the
Colts certainly stands out there. Allright, let's break, let's come back.

I got one other nugget on theTexas I want to get to before
we pivot into Rockets. There's aRockets nugget as well. Draft coming up
Wednesday night. We will be overat the George H. Brown if memory
serves correct, all right, HomerHouston. Sports Sports Talk seven ninety name
of the shows. Next Up,Next Up continues on your phone since us

Sports Talk seven ninety on any devicewith our free iHeartRadio app. What's going
on Monday? Getting things started onthe right foot here in the gallery area
West Loops South to be precise,stay in sportsman Chris Gordon, appreciate you
guys allowing us to maintain our statusas your home for Houston sports. If
you missed the first hour and ahalf of the show, go to Sports

seven ninety dot com. You canalso use the free iHeartRadio app. Talked
a lot about astros. We'll getback to astros in that opening hour.
We have now pivoted into the NFLand a couple things with the Rockets that
I want to get to here injust a little bit. One of the
things we were talking about Nick Casioin the previous segment and his hit rate

since he and Dimiko have been joinedis really really good, not perfect,
but really really good. Every GMis gonna miss, but those two dudes,
along with CJ. Stroud, thoseare the pillars We're gonna build a
Super Bowl champion off of now.One of the moves that Nick Casserio has
made this offseason is obviously the additionof running back Joe Mixon Gordy. We

mentioned last year he hit on DevinSingletary. I was higher on Singletary when
he was signed than you were.It ended up Devon had a great year.
He was rewarded with a contract.He gone, fine, Joe Mixon
is a better player. There's anupgrade at the running back position. We
will see if Damian Pierce looks morelike he did in year one, or

is he more like it was inyear two that it wasn't that great.
We'll see. And then they've draftedJawar Jordan out of Louisville and I think
that was round four. Now,CBS dot com they ranked the top twenty
running backs heading into twenty twenty four. Gordy, is Joe Mixon on this
list? No? Should Joe Mixonbe on this list? No, that's

insane. So I think you areright. The article is up. It
came out this morning about an hourago, so to speak. So obviously
they have McCaffrey listed as the bestback in the league. He's earned that.
McCaffrey is working on one of thoseHall of Fame type careers they have

because they went in versus ordered,it went the other way. So McCaffrey's
won. Derrick Henry's two, I'mscrolling Bjon Rominson is three, Like,
wait a minute, what are wedoing? Bijon has three? Well,
look to break out potentials Himnathan Taylor'sfor they barely used him in Atlanta last

year, and he's still almost gotto a thousand yards. Like they under
they under your life. I thinknow it's a different coaching staff. There's
a different group in there. They'regonna say, we gotta get peeched on
the button. Look, you gotall these weapons. Now I got Kirk
Cousins actually have an actual decent quarterback. So yeah, I can make the
case for some of these guys.I can't make the case for dude like

Nick chubb is coming back off ofsignificant knee injury, multiple surgeries. They've
got him at five, but onehealthy Nick Chubb is is a better is
the top five runner? We haven'tseen how he performs, Like, we
don't know what he is coming offsurgery. Saying can be said for Breeze
Holme, who did not look thesame after his offseason injury. Still Kim
and I last year of one thousandyards, say Kwan Barkley is on this

list at seven. Jamier Gibbs,I like in Detroit, Josh Jacobs,
I mean all the names. Theyone had just undred thousand yards last year,
but that was in Philly and theyweren't really I mean Jalen hurts.
It's more than run game. Doyou think he I'm sorry? Or was
he in New York with the Eaglesthis year? Will say Kwon Barkley be

burning running back? I think so. Of course, he's gonna have better
quarterback play and better weapons around him, a better offensive line. For sure,
he'll be better. Like James Connoris on this list at sixteen.
I mean, then we start gettingto bro and James Connor, though every
time I want to discount him andthem. Looking at this from a fantasy
perspective, because that's that's what youlook at. Dude still was six in
the league in rushing last year.I don't like it. I don't.

I would never take him in fantasybecause I don't want to watch the Arizona
Cardinals play football. But he's goodman, he produces. Devon a Chain
is on this list at number seventeenformer Aggy He's awesome. I mean,
and Raheem Moster was still the starter, but I think they should have given
all the carries where now there arenot twenty running backs better than Joe mixing

other Texans. I remind you JoeMixon was eighth in the league in rushing
yards last year wild splitting time,he had one thousand and thirty four yards.
Joe Mixon average four yards of carry, Joe Mixon nine rushing touchdowns,
yards per game. Joe Mixon wasin the top half of the league in
running backs. There are not twentybacks better than Joe Mixon, and it

pisses me off that he's not gettinghis due here. Yeah, E said
it's ten, but I wouldn't.I'd put him somewhere in that eleven and
fifteen range. Bro whoever that wrotethis article, I look at the author
here just a little bit. Theydidn't even give Joe Mixon honorable mention.
Honorable mention went to Alvin Kamara,James Cook, David Montgomery and Detroit Najee
Harris with the Steelers, Ramadre Stevensonwith the Papers who just signed a nice

extension, and Rashad White with theBuccaneers. So that's how many more dudes
one, two, three, fouror five. There are twenty six running
backs better than Joe Mixon in thisleague. That's crazy. People are sleeping
on this Texans roster on paper.Florido is sleeping who wrote this damn article?
Because I'm getting heated when I thinkabout the CBS. This is cbsports

dot com. Garrett Podle, don'tknow who that is. That's the problem
is they bringing these little dudes fromright out of college. It's Ontario as
a CBS sports writer. And yeah, look, I'm not gonna say.
I mean, there could be acase that maybe you think mixing is kind
of hit. We've seen his bestdays, right that this is kind of

it. He's peaked. He wasthe belcoll last year in Cincinnati. I
mean it wasn't like they had atwo headed run attack. He was the
guy. He had two hundred andfifty seven carries. The next best guy,
Chase Brown had forty four. Imean, he was the belkout.
Oh I'm thinking about him spening carriagea couple years ago with Samachi p Ryan.
Yeah. No, he was thedude in running football last year.
And when they lost Joe Burrow,that kind of had to you know that

they had to pivot and maybe runthe football a little bit more with him.
But he's twenty seven and maybe youcould think, you know, that
was he's seen his best days.And he played all seventeen games last year.
Did Joe Mixon? Yeah, he'shad a thousand yards four different times
in his what is this six yearcareer? Seven year career? He rushed

for one and twenty twenty three.He did it again in twenty one,
He did it in nineteen, anddid it in eighteen, Like, what
are we doing here? I justit really took me back. I said
again, this is now back toback years. I'm making this proclamation.
Joe mixing running the football in thissystem. And if Damien Piers don't even

he doesn't even have to be whathe was that first year, that rookie
season. If he can give meseventy five percent of what he was as
a rookie to compliment Joe Mixon,this will be not the best, but
one of the best. This willbe one of the better running back rooms
in the league. And for whatBobby Sloyd and Demico want to do with
this offensive line being healthy, We'regonna look up at the end of this

year. And I haven't even gotto Joe Mixon as a receiving back.
We're gonna look up at the endof this year, Jim like I said
about Devin Singletary, and we're gonnago. Joe Mixon was worth the money
ESPN already has their I'm surpriseding herhalf this out. They normally you don't
see this until later in the summer, but they've already got their top you
know, they're basically their cheat sheetsfor eight team by team. Yeah,

for fantasy football? Fantasy where wouldyou think they have Joe Mixon ranked in
terms of fantasy running back? Runningback? Here's why I don't like fantasy
in this capacity. I know thequestion you're asking, Joe is going to
have to split like he's not gonnaget the touches When you got Stefan Niko
and Thank and Dalton Schultz, whynot your teams still gotta be predicated in

the run game. He's not gonnaget the touch. Is that a Josh
Jacobs or a Saquon is going toget? So I would say you're talking
about strictly running back where it's ESPNhasn't at fantasy football. I need a
dude who can produce numbers. Wheredoes he run? I don't think he's
going to be that guy. I'mgonna say running back. They probably got
Joe Mixon at fifteen eleventh best runningback. Okay, okay, now we're

talking with some Zam McCaffrey, Breishall, b Jon Robinson, Jonathan Taylor,
Kyron Williams, Saquon Barkley, Pacheco, Jamier Gibbs, Travis at and Derrick
Henry. Then Joe Mixon. What'svery interesting about this is that's just the
position ranking. If we're doing justtop three hundred, and this is non
PPR, just top three hundred playersin fantasy, Joe Mixon is twenty three,

twenty third best. Somebody has somesense, what bet you said,
this is your best? Yeah?No, this is just the ESPN's like
their fantasy So that's uh that theyput out every year. What's his name?
Uh, stell, I forget thekid's name, the dude's name.
He's not a kid anymore. Well, it used to be Matthew Berry and
a bunch of all those fantasy guys. Yeah, let's do that. Let's
pause, just come back, let'sdo the rockets back in the strows.

I want to hear from Steve Sparks. Came by the Shawn Salisbury Show at
seven o'clock this morning. I dobelieve we'll close out of Monday here in
Sports Talk seven ninety studios. LegendaryKBM me to the next episode. You
can't even stop yourself, Finn Johnnext us as Next Up continues on seven

ninety rope, We're gonna run ifhe ain't getting no money? Cut up
could up final segment here on NextUp in the Sports Talk seven ninety studios,
Stan Fleet, Chris Gordon, ConnedyMcGovern alongside Matt Thomas, Ross Viry
coming your way for the Matt ThomasShow in about twelve minutes. We will
talk more Rockets basketball tomorrow. ButI saw something that I have to get

off my chest. NBA Draft Roundone coming up on Wednesday night. Rockets
have the third overall pick and wewill be over at the Georgia r Brown
Round two. Not to conflict withthe presidential debate coming up on Thursday,
So the NBA gonna split that forthe first time. Speaking of television,

Gordy Astros off tonight, We're gonnatalk about astros here in just the second
ass Off tonight. You said thedebate, It's Thursday, Thursday. That's
why they split up. What's thesecond draft? Second round that night and
it begins they got rather watch thesecond round of the draft. The second
round begins at like four o'clock localtime or something crazy. It's because they
don't want to conflict with prime timeto debate, So NBA moved it up.

I think two begins Thursday, oreven stupid doing it because who cares?
Like, who's gonna watch the secondround the NBA Drift. I want
to know where guys are going.For example, you could see one of
those guys play Jamal Shad could bea guy at pick forty four for the
Rockets that could stay right here inHouston. Point god, oh your half.
Those guys are either cut during trainingcamp or their second one end up

stashed on the g lead. Willyou let us have our fun. We
appreciate diamonds in the rough. Youcould find uh, Draymond? You know
what they should do? Should gothe NBA Draft. We're gonna TELEVI televise
the first round nationally and then roundtwo will be on the app. You
gotta go stream it, go checkit out there. You are so bo
humbug when it comes to things.Let me see what time? Yeah,

Thursday, June twenty seventh, thesecond round of the NBA Draft begins at
three o'clock local time, four o'clockon the East Coast crazy. All right,
Uh, one of the things thatI saw it jumped out this morning,
and this is according to Michael Scotto. He's a senior NBA insider.

He hosts Hoops Hype is one ofthe social sites that many of us hoop
heads we dig into it. He'salso with USA Today Sports fifty five over
fifty five thousand followers on social ifyou care about that type of thing,
he says, does Mike SCOTTU.The Houston Rockets are the latest team to
show interest in Paul George. PaulGeorge would need to opt out of the

final year of his deal with theClippers. Quote. The Houston Rockets are
big game hunting and one of manynotable names on their radar is Paul George.
League sources told hoops Hype. Georgecould potentially exercise his forty eight point
eight million dollar player option to facilitatea trade to his next destination, but

currently the chances of Houston landing Georgeis unlikely, sources said. Now I
remind you Paul George is from Fresno. One of his young guys is Jalen
Green, currently of the Rockets,who was also from Fresno. So there
is a connection there. Don't knowwhat that means. It says it's unlikely,

but it's just something we'll keep oureyes on as the draft approaches and
we get into NBA free agency wherewoes and sham starts doing their deal.
It's Paul Pierce's best days behind him, Paul Pierce. Yes, Paul George.
He probably has the same guy now. Paul George is thirty four years
old. If Paul George was onthe Rockets team this past season, they

would have been in the playing tournament. They might have actually made a sixth
seed in the West forty one percentfrom three last year, but the two
seasons prior thirty seven and thirty fivepercent. Paul George is a good player,
forty seven field averages, he's averagestwenty two to twenty three. I
mean, he's a good player,but just it's like you said, he
would have gotten too the playoffs.But would they have one? Don't know.

It depends on the matchup. Don'tknow. Well, I'll tell you
because you don't know how deep Howdeep is Paul George? You been in
the postseason every year. He getsto the postseason every year, which I
mean playoff p is a real thing. I'm seeing another report. Another site
has the same report. All right, we'll talk more about Rockets and drafts
and Fred Shan stuff. Probably getinto that tomorrow. We'll do that.

Let's get back into the Astros.Astros off tonight, Staying, what did
they do over the weekend? Theyswept the Baltimore Orioles three games to none.
Sent there, ass back up thetoll way there from DC, headed
north and here we go. Astrostwo games back from five hundred? Are
they? Astros have just two teamsahead of them in the wildcard race?

Staying, tell me about the divisionbehind the Mariners. Six games the Astros
have cut it off. Winners fiveof the last six series belong to Houston,
with another winnable series coming up atMini May Park Tuesday and Wednesday,
as the Colorado Rockets will be intown. Steve Sparks dropped by the Shawn
Salisbury show this more. Let metry and hit these real quick, Steve

Sparks, what can we do?What do you take away from this weekend
stro sweeping? Yeah? I agree, I mean it was very impressive.
I mean, especially against the qualityof starting pitchers that they faced, and
how they dominate. I mean,the last two starts for the Astros against
a very potent team, they dida phenomenal job. So, you know,

stepping up in a big moment.We've seen the Astros do that a
couple of times this year. Buthey, you know, they walk onto
the field and they've been in thepostseason for a lot of years. They
should have some swagger. It's notlike you're holding the Baltimore Orioles and such
reverence. Everybody should be looking atthe Astros the same way. And when

they're healthy and when they're playing well, and you get guys, you know,
starting to step up that weren't earlierin the season. This team is
a handful. Steve Sparks joined ShawnSalisbury Show this morning he would continue moving
forward. It's our hands on deckwho were leaning on sparking. I'm gonna

say it's Kyle Tucker. And thereason why I say that is, I
mean, it's an obvious choice forhis talent. But the reason I say
that is because Bregman's swinging the batso well, I think he stays in
the two hole. I don't thinkTucker goes back to the two hole.
So where's Tucker gonna go, He'sprobably gonna go to the clean up spot.
And who's he gonna protect, Who'she gonna protect, And that's your

do on. So I think forthe Astros to really take over and to
play great baseball, I think Kyleneeds to continue to wrack up the RBIs
in big situations because a lot ofa lot of teams don't like to pitch
the jord on and for good reason. But Kyle Tucker's in the MVP conversation
as well, and I think forthe Astros to get it done, and

it might be the guy that hitsafter Tucker, might be Yin or Diaz,
but those guys are gonna have topick up the slide because the first
three guys in this lineup right now, I can say a former Spots one
half of the Astros Radio network alongwith Robert Ford. He was on the
Shawn Salisbury Show this morning, Gordon. He says, Kyle Tucker is the
key in terms of who needs tostep up next. It has been all

hands on deck. Mauricio Dubon getstwo starts over the weekend at first base.
Joey Lopaffido, he's over there leftnot just flashing leather, Lopa,
Fido knocking the ball around a littlebit. Who else did we see?
We gave some kudos to Jake Blossin his debut on Friday Night. Looked
pretty good in his debut prior toleaving in the fourth inning. You agree

this thing is about Tuck getting backgetting healthy. I agree because look at
what he did in the month ofMay. Played the whole month of May
by to two sixteen. Kyle Tuckerwas not good in the month of May.
He was an MVP candidate in Marchand April. Hell put this,
I mean he had eleven home runs. But I'm just saying, like average
wise, a lot of overnights inthere, and for her, guy's gotta

be all. He's the catalyst overthree oh for four, oh for three
ohver four. I would love tojust get a report on where how's it?
They said, he's uh what Isee like he's on the bike or
something. He's riding the bike oron the elliptico. It's still out on
the field doing what they call BAbaseball activities. Yeah. Austin Gomber of
the uh Colorado Rockies is going tomorrow. We'll talk more about that. Hunter

Brown you are next up. You'vebeen excellent, sir. We have been
next up. Connord McGovern, Chris, Gordy stan Fleet, all of you,
yes you Houston, that allow usto maintain our status as your home
in Houston Sports. Enjoy your lunch, be well, let's have a great
week. God Willie will do itagain tomorrow. Peaceleve
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