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June 20, 2024 82 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros tying the three-game series with the Chigaco White Sox after a 4-1 victory Wednesday at Guaranteed Rate Field. Hunter Brown started on the mound and delivered his sixth consecutive quality start, allowing only one earned run across six innings. Victor Caratini was taken out of the game after an awkward slide at home plate and might be placed on the injured list with left leg discomfort pending imaging. Cesar Salazar took over as catcher in the third inning, recording a pair of RBI. Brian Bogusevic, former Astros outfielder and Space City Home Network analyst, joins to discuss the Astros calling up right-handed pitcher Jake Bloss, a third-round pick in the 2023 MLB draft. Bloss is expected to make his Major League debut Friday against the Baltimore Orioles. Stan and Chris predict whether the connection between quarterback C.J. Stroud and wide receiver Stefon Diggs will prove effective for the Texans, review the latest updates from the Kendrick Lamar and Drake hip-hop beef and more. 
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the next man up, next up,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, stop next,
next up? Next wants to benext? This is next up with
Tad Northfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's seewhat's next, next next. These guys

are crazy inside of the Sports Talkseven ninety studios. That's a Sean Salisbury
show each and every weekday morning sixtyten am. We wake up and have
a good time with that crew.They're crazy. Basic white guy names was
the topic of the conversation, spillingover from their show again sixty ten am
each weekday morning. Hello Houston,this is next up for the next two
hours. Staying Northfleet Me, ChrisGordy, him Connordy McGovern on the other

side of the glass. Appreciate youguys hanging out with us as we are
your home for Houston sports here atseven ninety. Astros will be the top
of a conversation this morning. Abouthalf an hour, we'll hear from I'm
a former astro current analysts on SpaceCity's home network, Brian Bogusvi's gonna drop
by for his weekly astros went actionlast night getting a dub in Chicago rubber

match getaway game coming up at theconclusion of this program, So no Matt
Thomas show today. We will gostraight to Astros on deck. Some Texans
in the news and there's a lotof conversation about quarterback contracts. What will
that mean for one Cole Ridge,Bernard Stroud Junior and uh, they've got

some rankings right, We're about toenter into the list season. Y'all know
how this works in sports talk radio, as training camp is a month from
today, crazy and I just havean issue. There's a Texans edition that
is being omitted from some lists andI'm a little bit pissed off about it.
Taking your phone calls as well asseven one three two one two five

seven ninety, you can also engageus on the show at Sports Talk seven
ninety. Gentlemen. We left hereyesterday and I said to you when we
signed off, I said, Astrosbetter be careful because if they take a
l and lose this series to theWhite Sox, I'm jumping off. They

take care of business. Gordon,And it was led by several people,
but the guy that's at the frontof the four to one win over the
White Sox, Hunter Brown, wasabsolutely nails, and this has been the
trend since about the first week ofMay. I'll delve into the numbers here
in just a little bit. Butas I come to you to open up

the show, good morning to you, Gordon. Astros. They keep us
locked in. I'm still here.We'll see what happens this afternoon. But
Hunter Brown I thought was fantastic andhe needed to be with them. Down
now to just four starters with JVon the IL. Yeah, real quick.
We'll get more into this as theshow goes along. But there's breaking
news coming out that the Astros areexpected to promote Jake bloss They're a fast

rising pitching prospect who will make hismajor league debut this Friday against the Baltimore
Oriols. So I'm actually going tothe game with a friend and so you
need to shoot him at text.We're gonna get to see the third round
pick from last July. Stan.I mean, it's so funny. It
used to be major League Baseball.You're a drafted kid and you wouldn't hear
about from him for like three fouryears, and he finally, Oh,
here he comes. We're seeing moreand more promotions. I mean, look

at Paul schimes in Pittsburgh. Imean literally less than a calendar year.
He went for pitching in the CollegeWorld Series to pitching for the for the
for the Pirates. Cool stat onhim. I heard he has not taken
an L yet in any of hisminor league or Major league starts. Meteorit
right. He hasn't gotten a winin all of them. But he hasn't
taken an L. He's either beena no decision or gotten a win.
That's kind of cool. But Bloss, of course was He made just eight

starts at Double A and will bypassTriple A entirely. He's twenty two years
old. Pitch to Georgetown has aone to seventy four ERA across sixty two
minor league innings this season. Ofcourse, he was part of that no
hitter first nine inning no hitter thrownfranchise history with the Corpus Christy Hooks.
So Jake Bloss, pretty cool story. We'll see if he's ready. And

it's is it risky a little bit? I mean to go from Double A
to jump to the big leagues,But that's how much face they have in
this guy. And again he's ahot This is one of your high prospects.
This isn't you know, Blair Henleycoming up for a for a spot
start. This is a kid thatyou know, again, maybe only make
one or two starts, and thisis out of necessity with Verlander on the

IL. But it is exciting ifyou're an Astros fan because you get a
litt glimpse of all right, let'ssee what this can do. I guess
one of the best teams of baseball, the Baltimore Orals. It's not like
you're playing the friggin Marlins or somethinglike. This is a really good team.
So we'll get an as show goesalong. But I just want to
pass along because it is breaking newsand everybody's reacting to it out there.
But yeah, man, it wasmuch needed less. How good is Hunter
Brown? My god, like,he's excellent. He has been phenomen here

in the last What is it Ihave said I was gonna pull it up,
I've been I want to get backto Jake Glosses reel. Here we
go, Hauntera Brown, last sixstarts, I'm six. Let's see going
back to May twenty second, sixinning to earn, next start, six
innings one earned, next start,six inning, three earned, Next start

six inning, no earn, nextstart seven innings, no earned stay in
fight. He's fife starts in Aprilsixth only one of them he bought six
innings, six straight quality starts byHunter browns Man. He has shaved his
ray. Uh. This is accordingto Chane Leroon. His elray has been
lowered from season high nine point seveneight down to four point seven to two.

It is two point four to fiveacross his last fifty and a third
innings. Unbelievable six innings, sixconsecutive. He's thrown at least six innings
in six consecutive starts. They neededto go out there, and I called
it. If you didn't hear theshow yesterday, I called what was that

Wednesday Night? No Tuesday Night?I called Tuesday Night's loss the worst loss
that I've seen from the Astros inthe two seasons that I've been on this
microphone. They needed to write theship and it was night two, not
only not having Kyle Tucker, butJordan Alvarez away from the team as well.
We will see if he will jointhe team for some afternoon baseball.

So they needed a better effort allthe way around. Now, yes FROMBA
gave them a quality start in Gameone, the bats didn't do enough pivoting
to the bats that were alive lastnight. The most unlikely of heroes,
Gordon Savezar Salazar comes in in thethird inning because carry Tiny for whatever reason,

thought that he was gonna make ithome with his slow lass. He
gets leg discomfort, his shin getscrunched. He's out of the ball game.
And then comes Savezar Salazar to saytoday with two Ribby's, I do
believe as I pull up the boxscore from last night, Well it was
the ultimate you know, White Soxdidn't have any like, did they go
over any scouting report on says ourselves. He already he was getting they weren't

expecting him again. Also, yeah, it was just kind of you know,
happenstance. But yeah, curse tohim. Let me jump in right
here. On the catching situation,some people were asking why Yannier Diaz didn't
go to catching once uh Karantining wentout the game. It is a note,
had Yana Diaz gone to catcher,you lose the D eight, right,

So they had to keep Yan atd H and incomes the most unlikely
hero, saves ourselves. The topicearlier in the year though, because we
know how good of a hitter Kartinican be, and at times they were
doing a thing, you know ingames where Karatini would catch and they would
dhan or Diz. Earlier in theyear, we made the argument they should
have like last season they started lastseason, we saves ourselves on the roster.

We're like, why the hell theystart with him on the rock,
like, you know, you hadall these catchers and then come to find
out like they didn't do it thisyear, and it was like, well,
this was a year you should havehad him up because of that exact
situation, having the third catcher,where if you need to move the Chartini
around. What about the storyline justthe catchers, right, Martin Maldonado,

he's the Chicago White Sock, CoreyLee, he was behind the plate last
night we talked about sa Salazar divesjonnire Diaz at DH and then Quarantini goes
out after getting his lower leg crunch. We got more discomfort on this team.
I just thought it was interested inall the catchers from the Astros the
last couple of seasons are being mentionedthere. Another note I saw this,

Where was this at we'll get toChicago White Sox pitcher Garrett Crochet. Crochet
had given up eight hits to lefthanded hitters all season. Saves Salazar,
who entered the day with twenty onemajor league plate appearances, has two run
scoring singles against Crochet. Baseball man, you just can't predict or anticipate well

and crazy stuff like that. Thatthird ending, they only get the one
run, But I mean they wereall team like Carotini singles, McCormick doubles,
al two Vea singles. I meanthey were making good It was good
contact and they were getting hits.The next inning what Salazar singles, and
then into the fifth you had Dubondsingles, Bregman singles off. I mean,
they were hitting them and that itwas pretty shocking because this guy's been

really good against everybody all season.Some other things of note. As we
get ready to take a break herein about fifteen minutes, a little bit
more than that, about twenty minutes, we'll get Brian Bogasavkin here to get
his player Personnail Eye. I wantto brag on my Honduran homeboy, Mauricio
Dubon wasn't perfect last night. Firsttime Dubon batting in the top five in

the lineup, six careers start atfirst base. Did you see the three
six three double play? My guyDubon critical thought Dubon was excellent last night.
Uh, Cooper Hommel gets his firststart in left field, Gordon in
jo and on Alvarez's absence a little. I wasn't a fan of that one.
Anyone out for three? Okay?How about that? Every astro got

to hit except Cooper, Hummel andme and Trey cappas came in for Cooper
later in the game. Yeah,they need Kyle Tucker back, no question,
and Jordan they get. They canget Jordan's and Kyle tuckerback here soon.
Hope pulic offense can keep up someother notes. Look at Uh,
yeah, that was ugly Dubon.What are we doing? You're picked off

at third in the top of thefifth in it? Why did you even
that was his? That was hiscall? Yeah, he went He thought
he had cur Chase timing down anduh what was it? Who was catching
Corey Lee? He like stood up. It was like, hey, hey,
hey, throw the third, don'tthrow to me. Throw the third?
Got in him out? How aboutthis Dubon has played every position in

the lineup except for pitcher and catcher. Think he's the only play in the
majors that can claim that I heardthat this morning somewhere. Uh there it
is again. Eight Houston starters hadat least one hit. Savesar Salazar's first
career multi RBI game. That's whatI got there. Oh, Jeremy Pinya,
good to see him. He snapsan zero for sixteen drought that he

was in. He gets a singlethere in the top of four. There's
a trend that needs to be buckedhere, Stanley, is that Astros' last
eight games have gone lost win lostwin lost win lost win. They won
yesterday. You gotta break this trendtoday. You gotta win to that me
too. Let's hear from the skipper, won't you say? On the other
side of this thing, Astros winfour to one. They gain a game,

now just nine back from Seattle,still sitting in the second spot,
giving the tiebreaker with the Rangers.What do they now going to? Oh
that's six games under five hundred.What does the manager have to say by
the performance last night on the Southside of Chicago? Next up, getting
warmed up on a Thursday Sports Talkseven ninety Next Up continues. Now I'm

a new listener at already a hugenew listener. I love the show with
Stan North plays at Chris Gordy onSports Talks. Really good pounding his zone,
what six inting again? No walks, the punch outs, uh,

you know, the the hit bypitch, you know, getting that call
change the first batter of the gamethat was. I thought that was big.
You know, it could have gonedifferent ways if we didn't get that
one back out. But yeah,he was. He was really good fishing,
you know his stuff. He justkeeps getting better and better every time
he's out there. So it's awesome. That's the skill. Joe a Spotta

talking on, uh, the performanceof one Hunter Brian and so the last
time we saw Hunter Brown Gordy andI meaning the end of last season,
and he admitted as much. HunterBrown said, I was fatigued. I
was tired. It's the most anxietyof a logged, high leverage situation so
to speak, or high pressure moments. A lot was expected. We limped

to the finish line in route toanother division Crown and Hunters out was tired.
Didn't have my best stuff. Whatdoes he do in the off season,
Gordon, He goes to work onhis body. He says, I'm
gonna get back in the lab.Gotta make sure I'm in peak physical condition
to come get these foods. Work. In twenty twenty four and through the
last six games, it was bumpyearly now, but I have quieted on

picking on Hunter Brown. Yeah,what game was that? Was that the
Angels game here? Or no,the Cardinals game here that he got shelld
that got away from him a littlebit. Since then, I believe it
was the Cardinals game. Since then, he's been absolute money. And really
throughout the month of May, sinceMay has ended, he's been money.
Hunter Brown. You're talking about it? Yes Brown? You know, I

mean his last his last not great. I mean like Milwaukee mid May pitch
against Milwaukee with five inches, giveup four runs, but he got the
win in that one. Really,his last bad start was the Guardians or
at five and a third, gaveup six runs, but that was back
in April. I'm thinking about irrigated. Was it irrigated? It got banged
up that one? Okay, excuseme now, Hunter Brown, is I

mean it's just been this is one, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, Notreally nine starts straight, Like I
said that Milwaukee start four runs atfive inches not great, but he got
the win, so and all theother outings. I mean, this is
three straight starts for him. They'tpicked up a win. And you know,
get he's four and five now recordwise, and I didn't think we'd
ever see him get close to perhapsa five hundred record on this season.

And what was he using last night? He went to a pitch that he
hadn't been throwing consistently since college.I learned he went to the sinker and
he was working that thing last night. And uh, he pitched to some
some ground balls. The ball wasn'tin the air on him. When we
hear all the JV comparisons, notby career trajectory, but by play style

and those types of things. Stylistically, this is what people are talking about.
This is good. Hunter Brown andthe Astros absolutely have to have this.
I saw Julia Morales the Space Cityhome network. By the way,
we'll be joined by Brian Bogus Saviccoming up here in about ten minutes.
Julia Morales is Space City. Apparentlythere's a pictures picture of the game WWE

style built that rotates around the clubhouseand she has a photograph up on the
x dot com platform with Hunter Brownrocking the Houston Astros picture of the game.
He was wearing it on the onthe broadcast, so I start,
but he couldn't get it to Huck. So he's like doing the interview and
in front of his locker, he'slike fumbling with the belt trying to get
to stay on him. And thenI think, Sayesar Salazar. They call

him Sally apparently says Zars Salazar hasa hit. What is it? Is
it player of the game or hitterof the game. I know the Astro
Social team credited Saves Os Salazon asthe player of the game, but I
can't. I don't know what hisbelt says. I hadn't looked at that.
And by the way, shout outto the guardians doing some of our

dirty business taking care of the Marinersyesterday. What blanked them like eight to
nothing or something. So but yeah, so Astro's close up, close up
within a game of the Mariner tenback, they're nine back, Astro steal
in position. Can we do thisas well? I bragged on my Honduran
homeboy Mauricio Dubon. What was it? Yeah, it was one for five,

but that was a rivy needed thatstruck out once mauricel Dubon. In
terms of who's been in the lineupthe last two days, with Jordan and
Tuck being out, Dubon and nowtwo ve are both back in two ninety
seven, that's the best on theteam. Got to have my man Dubond
and there he was in the twohole last night. That was he was
back at first base. As youmentioned. Since we're on names, can
y'all help me with this? AndI asked Julian Morales this on my social

media at stand sportsman, Guys,how do you spell Doobie? What version
of Doobie? The Houston Astro socialmedia team spells it d U B I.
I saw last season when he washaving a gold Glove year, people
were spelling it like do d doB do d o O B I E.

How the hell do we spell doubIe? Can we get some consensus in
Astro social media's name d U BO N So it's gonna be a U.
What his name is, Dubald isspelled U B. I'm not changing
the U. The oh oh it'sabout how it sounds. No, it's
it's it's the but the nicknames gotto stick with Howard phonetically. The guy's
name is spelled, not necessarily,but to your point. The Houston Astro

Social team they spelled dob d ub I. But I've seen other folks
on the Astro difference. I wouldsay d u b I E. That's
dobbie. No, that would betwo b's. Do you b b I?
What's the streaming service? Isn't ittoo B? Don't they spell it
to U B I? Yeah?Now I'm going d this official. I'm

making the proclamation right here on nextup, Astros listeners, Astro social media
ticket holders, fans, within thesound of my voice, Gordon, from
henceforth, we are spelling doobie du b I. Are we all on
board here? Uh No, I'mdu b I E. In fact,

type d U B I E onTwitter and you will see nothing but pictures
of Mauricio Dubon. I'm going withAstros Twitter. They said, do you
be I'm talking about from the teamaccount. I was almost calling you,
Chandler Connor, you be the tiebreakerhere? How will you be spelling Mauricio
Dubon. How will you be spellingDubie? Do you be? I thank
you? No e, you lose. That's silly, all right, that's

that's like, that's that's too closeto the country, Dubai. What nobody's
gonna mistake that? So the apparentlythey called save Salazar Sally? Are we
good with that? Why do weneed nicknames? Because you hate everything fun?
I hate nicknames. I think it'sso stupid. I call you Jez.

Nicknames are called guy, but hislast name. Not everybody has a
cool last name. Back in myname fleet. Nobody coming. That's just
saying, like fifty sixty years ago, nickname? Sure, that's say hey
kid, hey look here, Jean. We're going to see the say hey
kid like yeah, but not likelook here, Stanley, We're going to
see Doopie over at the ballpar Thatsounds perfe That sounds stupid. You ridiculous?

What they call tub too a?What's wrong with that? It's just
been around a while around Okay,But you don't hate that? Why because
it sounds cool as hell? Gordon? You hate cool things? No,
I hate nicknames, all right?Always do this. Ay Ten is a
good player when he needs a nickname. No he doesn't, No, he
doesn't. D U b I.It's official. That's what we're going with.

Yay, all right, before weget to Boga Sevic, did I
have something else up my sleeve?I wanted to get to a well,
Apollo had a T shirt Mane.It's with d U b I E on
it. It's d U b I. Damn du b A E. Not
going with b I A nah.Jeremy Pinya is batting point one eight to

two in June. Jake Myers isbatting point one four zero. I think
that can improve. He had ahit yesterday or two hits yesterday. Yeah,
I said, Jeremy Pinia broke uphis O for sixteen damn pinion hell
going on? It is more fun. It's it's more crazy that they did
this. I mean this was whenwe looked at the starting rotation in this
series, we thought that that wasgoing to be the loss. He's been

pitching all you you're right there.You just mentioned and the Astros have not
put it out on their social mediaaccount as of yet. The call up
of uh bloss that's gonna be calledup. He's likely going to go on
Friday. You said Chandler Rome hadthat I need to use that. So
he's skipping sugar Land. But Ineed to brag on sugar Land. Space

Cowboys clinched the first half Pacific CoastLeague title with a forty seven twenty four
record. It marks the first postseasonappearance in affiliate history of sugar Land.
But what does that mean? Soit's the first half. Yeah, but
they've never done this is new.I don't know what this means. So
we're doing playoffs after the first halfof the season. I don't know how
to wake I'm be honest, Idon't watch a ton of sugar Land baseball.

I'm just going on. Well,but the minor league's always operated like
the major league. You go thewhole season and then at the end of
the year we have a postseason.I've never heard of a post first half.
You clinched the like whatever, It'sweird. Sugar Land was crowned Triple
A West Eastern See didn't make sense. The club was crowned Triple A West

Eastern Division champions in twenty twenty one, but no playoffs were here for the
first half of the season. Yeah, that's why I got oh, I
also want to brag on real quick. You mentioned h coming up. How
about my guy? He is andI want to make sure I get this.
I want to get this in.We're let me go back over here.
Bryce Matthews Astros promote top twenty twentythree draft selection Bryce Matthews to double

A Corpus Christy. Less than ayear after being drafted, Bryce Matthews is
already at double A. He cameup through the Astros youth organization. He
and another gentleman that plays for theRangers. Maybe could be the Cubs.
I could be making up something.Anyway, let's break, Let's talk to
more Astros. Brian Bogo Sevix,Space City Home Network going to join us

here at seven ninety home Astros Baseball, but Houston as Astro. This exclusive
Astros segment on Sports Talk seven ninetyis brought to you by Moral Mechanical.
Yes, let's go, Hey,let's go guys. Welcome back in the
next up here on a Thursday ofvictory Thursday, as the Astros even things

up one game apiece. They're inChicago on the South Side. Last night
for the one Hunter Brown was fantasticand for more insight on where the Astros
find themselves in this series, andas they make their way home for a
series three game set versus the Orioleson UH this weekend, Let's go out
to the guest line, friend ofthe station, friend of the show.

You see his hand some face onSpace City Home Network. Brian Bogasvic,
former first round pick of our Astros, welcome into the show for his weekly
appearance. Right here, next up, Bogie. Good morning, sir,
Good morning. How are y'all.I've never heard somebody be so anti nickname?
I thought we were all name Gordia. Hats is Brian Boga. His

name is Doggy Boogie. Listen,Brian, Nobody has ever called me that,
Thank you. Gordi hates puppies,he hates Santa Claus, anything that
was quew and right, no fun. Gordon, That's what we called him
around here. So it was funlast night to watch the Astros finally play
some complimentary baseball. Hunter Brown wasout standing. Unlikely, he rolls,

says Salazov. What stood out foryou last night, Hunter Brown? And
just the complete one eighty that hisseason has done. It was it was
so tough to watch the first sevenstarts of the season, and ever since
that one relief appearance in Detroit,everything has completely flipped and he's going out

there and I mean, obviously theresults speak for themselves, but he's going
deep into games. He's being moreefficient with his pitches than we've ever seen.
And you know, it was obviousearly in the season that he would
need to be pitch more effectively withhis fastball, and I thought that that
meant better command of the forceame youknow, get it to the top of

the zone, get it to theto the glove side to set up the
slider. But apparently he's just beensitting on a sinker that's like a completely
dominant pitch, So yeah, goahead, bust that thing out. And
ever since he has, it's beenincredible to watch just the how complete a
turnaround it's been for him and gettingmore ahead and counsel. I mean,
look, look at the last twogames. Not one walk. I mean,
that's that's incredible for what he's beendoing. I remember talking with my

fan fest Brian. I remember himtelling us like he was. He said,
I was in a bad spot mentallylast year. He just was,
you know, he was down onhimself, down on his stuff. And
all that, and so it's kindof seems like it's got to be a
combination of things. It's a combinationfrom you know, refining your arsenal,
making you know, having confidence inyour pitches and what you throw, but
also being in a good headspace andhaving faith in yourself and your stuff.

Yeah, and the season can beatyou down. And when you go through
an extended period of struggling or anextended period of just not feeling like yourself,
you spend the four days in betweenstarts thinking, Okay, today's the
day I'm going to put in allthe work for the last four days.
Today is my start day. Thisis going to be when everything changes.

And then if it doesn't, itjust wears on you and wears on you
and you start to get discouraged.So it's been the opposite though, it's
been more and more success, breedingmore and more confidence. And that thinker,
the cutter that he's using those areaction pitches. Those are not pitches
that are meant to get swings andmisses. He's throwing them and wants the
hitters to swing at them, wantsthe hitters to put the bat on the

ball, and wants to get weakcontact and end that bats. That's something
that we've almost never seen him dosince he's been here in the big leagueses
have pitches that he's throwing with theintent of creating contact, and that's what
allows you to be more efficient.That's what allows you to be an innings
eater. And you know, he'sshown the stuff to be a top of
the rotation guy. He this isthe first time he's really shown the plan

of attack and the approach to bea top of the rotation guy, which
is be out there with the intentof going six seven innings every time out
and not just trying to make itthrough five with one hundred pitches. That's
the voice of Brian boga Sevic,former Astro twenty fourth overall selection in zero
five MLB draft. Played a fewgames over there at the real yard,

then he started putting in some workin the outfield, dropping by for his
weekly You played a lot of places, meaning positions. So does Mauricio Dubon.
Half of this Astros fan base wantsto see Dubon in the lineup every
day. Gordy, who doesn't wantanybody to have fun, wants Mauricio to
keep his ass in his utility rolebecause every baseball team should be cut the

exact same way. I mean,I need Dubon. How this team is
really I could use Dubon's back,his glove work, the value of what
Dubon brings, and would you playhim every day? Bogy, Well,
right now you have to. Youknow, if you have a perfect scenario
where everybody's healthy and everybody's producing,you probably have a guy like Mauricio Dubon

who is the guy to fill inat different positions all the time. But
they don't have that luxury right now. He's he's one guy who has been
consistently swinging the bat well, sohe's got to be in the lineup because
there haven't been very many of thoseguys throughout the course of the season.
And where the lineups at right now, with Tucker being out, with Jordan
being gone the last couple of days, it's all hands on deck. So
yeah, Dubond's an everyday guy rightnow. Yes, it's different positions still,

but you know, a platoon typesituation doesn't have to necessarily be two
guys sharing one position. You essentiallyhave Chaz and Singleton in a platoon type
situation right now with Mauricio Dubon fillingin at multiple positions while those guys are
shuffled in and out of the lineup. So yeah, I mean the way
the offense is going, if somebody'shitting the ball, well, they got

to be in there every day.And that's Dubon right now. One a
good bit of news. The lineupfor today's game just came out and jord
On Alvarez is back in there.So Jesus back from whatever the family emergency
was that held him out of thelast two games. Brian News coming out
a little while ago that Chandler Romathe Athletic reporting that the Astors are expected
to call up Jake Bloss from DoubleA Corpus to make his big league debut

Friday night at Minute Made Park versusthe Baltimore Orioles. His numbers are very
impressive at the Double A level,and every now and then there's a special
talent that comes along that jumps tripleA. I mean, I understand a
lot of people are a little concerned. This is this is a risk,
you know, going against one ofthe best lineups in all baseball and jumping

triple A. But a chance tosee what this kid can do, and
you know, it's very intriguing.What do you make of the move?
I think a couple of things.Obviously, he has impressed enough to put
his you know, work his wayto the top of that minor league depth
chart of who's available. So there'sobviously something there that the organization has liked.

But you're in a situation now wheremaybe this is just one game that
you have to fill, but everygame is important, So you got to
go down and get your best guy. And if he's the best guy,
go get him and see what he'sgot. And you know, he's got
big time stuff. It's ninety sixninety eight miles an hour on the fastball.
He's got good swinging mis numbers andstrikeout numbers. And you know,

one thing that we've seen as pitchershave come up from the minor leagues here
over the last year or two isa lot of guys have had trouble being
in the zone in their first coupleof starts. Stave Nibble. We saw
Blair Henley when he first when hecame up for a spot, Star Arragetty
when he first got here. JPFranks last year when he first got here.
They were nibbling the edges of thezone, trying to get big league

hitters to swing at pitches that werefour six inches out of the zone.
That's not going to happen. Youneed somebody who can come in and at
the very least throw strikes and goout there and compete, and you bring
up a stuff guy. A guywith big time stuff will have more confidence
just going out there and saying,Hey, I've been throwing it by guys
in Double A, I might aswell try to throw it by guys in

the Major League. So I likethat approach also of getting somebody who can
come up and at least have theconfidence of knowing I can go after these
hitters with my stuff because it's plusstuff. We'll get you out of here
on this one. In looking attoday's action and a little bit of a
snapshot preview for your expectations versus theOrioles this weekend here in Minima Park,

Well today, you've got to wintoday. You know, this was a
series that we were talking about,potential sweep coming in the first game was
a hiccup. You end up beatbeating Crochet in the one game that you
thought would be your toughest matchup.So you've got to go out there and
win today, and I think theoffense needs to lead the way. Eric
Ragetty is plenty good enough to shutdown struggling White Sox offense, but you

know, you can't expect three gamesin a series to just completely shut down
an entire offense. The Astros hittershave to come out and put up some
big numbers and give a little bitof a cushion. And then going into
the Baltimore Series, I mean,it's going to be a fight. That's
one of the best offenses there is. That's the young, hungry team that's
trying to stay competitive in the AmericanLeague East. So it's going to be

a real good test of ten werise to the occasion. Yes, it's
going to be a long road totry to climb back into the division or
to climb back into the wildcard situation. But when you have a team who's
one of the beast in the AmericanLeague and they come to town for the
weekend, can you rise to theoccasion and compete. I think it's going
to be a good sort of litmustest to see where we're at all,

right, Bolge, We'll be followingyour work man on Space City Home Network.
Brian Bogasavic, former first rounder forthe Houston Astros man, now does
a great job analyzing the strolls forus. You can find him on social
at Brian. That's with an IAn Boga Savic, b O, g
U s Vic, or you canjust call him Bogey, which is what
we do. Everybody other than GordonBulgar Appreciate it, brother, I'll see

you next week. Thanks guys,All right, take care, let us
step aside. We come back.We get ready to close out a couple
other nuggets on Astros, and wealso get into sports beef because once the
Astros game concluded last night, Icouldn't take my eyes off of beef of
another nature more tocomers. Wrap upour one here inside of Sports Talk seven

ninety studios Staton or Fleet and ChrisGordy. This is next Tough on Sports
Tunks seven. Let's wrap up ourone here on Sports Talk seven ninety.
Next up up until noon before weget into some Astros afternoon baseball. We

get on deck coming up at noon, first pitch shortly after one o'clock the
oh Thanks to Brian bogus Sevic SpaceCity home network Astros analysts dropping by for
his weekly You can go to Sportsseven ninety dot com in a little while,
order free iHeartRadio app and get caughtup on what Bogie had to say
about the win last night. Astrosdid gain a game. They are nine

games backs. They owned the tiebreak with the Rangers, so the Astros
are on second place in the AlWest. Gordion, I'm gonna take a
quick peek over there at this wildcardsituation where I think most of our attention
should go right now. Four teams, just four teams ahead of the Astros
for the final wildcard spot. KansasCity's in it right now, followed by

Boston, Tampa and Toronto. They'rethe Astro six and a half games back
from the final spot. Yeah,it's so, I mean really, it's
like, Okay, you're six andhad back of a walker, you're nine
back of the division, so it'syou know, it's still it's a mountain
on both ends. But you know, again, still got over half the
season left to go. By theway I did see. Grek Cole made
his return to the mount for theYankees last night, when four innings gave

up two runs and the Oils handledthe Yankees in ten innings, so shut
out Oriels, Yankees lost. Yeah, so you mentioned it came out as
we were talking with Boga Sevic.There. The lineup for this afternoon's game
is out Jordan Alvarez. We canbreathe a sigh of relief. He's back
in the lineup as a DH.He's in his three hole, yan In

Dz in the four hole. Yeah, there Dz, most notably back at
catcher. Gordy Dz has started justone game at catcher since June ninth,
when he took that foul tip offthe right index finger out in Anaheim.
So good to see Yanny Diz.That also tells me what's name may be
banged up? Carotina may be bangedup from taking that shin guard to his

shen trying to slide home last night. If he couldn't come back into the
game. Yeah, that thing doesn'tfeel good. So al tuo ve Bregman,
Jordan Yanni middle of the lineup.There's John Singleton back at first,
so no Dubon at first today,followed by Jake Myerson center. There's Pena
his customary short at seven eighty nine. There's Dubon and left tonight chas in

right giving up, there's no KyleTucker, and then on the bump is
Spencer Raghetty. He goes against SpencerArraghetty Chris Flexen. Chris Flexen comes in
with a five point three five eLRA for Chicago. He's just two and
six on the season with a whipa little bit better than Arraghetty one point

four to one point seventy to onefor Aaron get Well, former Seattle Mariner
that was really really good back intwenty twenty one. You at fourteen and
six that year with a three sixtyone ERA and it's kind of just never
been able to replicate that year.I spent three seasons with Seattle, was
with Colorado the back end of lastyear, and then white Son with the

White Sox this offseason. But yeah, it's a guy at the Astros have
seen many times and should get afterEric Gated. I want him to get
those walks down. Thirty one walks. And I don't have his exact number
of games played, but I'm lookingat his win loss record nine games that
he has a decision thirty one walks. That's a little bit aggressively. I

want to see him pitch his bestpays. Basically it's yeah, he's basically
walked two to three guys per outing. The thing becomes you know that last
outing it was he had to shiftup and you know obviously he wasn't ready.
You know, he got rocked byDetroit. I almost wonder though,
so it's funny when you look atthat Detroit series how the Astros the other

two games of that series. Yes, was just dominated their lineup and shut
them down. You wonder if therewas a tipping pitches. I have heard
there was something off like that,because normally a lineups that's struggled like that
against everybody else doesn't just shell thatone guy. I mean, it's arrogant.
He might have been doing something signalor you know, tipping us pictures

could have been. While the Astrogame was in conclusion, I listened to
Dan Matthews in the tenth inning showafter they wrapped up. My attention immediately
went to a rap beef and somethinghappened in sports and entertainment last night.
That for me, the energy andlooking at the video out in California at

the Forum in Inglewood, this thingwith Kendrick Lamar and Drake just went to
the next level. Gordon, itwas dominating social media last night. Let
me get that I love this song. This you've heard this song before,
it's relatively new. Is crazy.This is stupid, Gordon. So Kendrick

Lamar for June tenth does a popout concert where he invites other Kendick Mars
from Compton, California. It's aneighborhood in Los Angeles. Pop out.
You said pop out, It's thatlike a sold surprise. No, that's
pop up. Pop out is likeyo, like we out here, like

you know how sometime we say weoutside. Some of my guys might say,
yo, standing Sunday, meet meover off web whatever. I'm gonna
pop out, it means. Itjust means I'm out. I'm gonna demonstrate.
But they were inside. But theywere inside the Los Angeles hopout in
You're gonna pop out indoors some seventeenthousand people, I mean standing room only.
Lebron was there. Former Rocket JamesHarden was there. Former Rocket and

Los Angeles native Russell Westbrook was there. For Cali native DeMar DeRozan was there.
Several other rappers West Coasters it wasa unifying moment for West Coast rap
and they had one guy targeted.And this song is aimed directly at what

is it Aubrey Graham otherwise known asDrake. Listen, Gordon, if you've
got about an hour and twenty minutes, if you all hadn't seen this,
please If you are a hip hophead, you just appreciate music, and
this is old school rap beef,Gordon, this is This is up there
with Nas dropping Ether, This isup there with fifty dropping Wangster. I

mean, this is all time.I have never seen someone perform a dish
track on stage on social media.I think it was damn streaming on what
was it streaming on Connor? Whatwas it was on Amazon? So yeah,
Prime is streaming this live. Kendrickapps he has the entire arena screaming

O V ho at Drake's over yobrand, making fun of them, calling
the man hope, what's the originof this beef? Do they it's too
deep. We don't have enough timeto get into it. You need to
research that. But bottom line isDrake and Kendrick used to be partners,
and then Kendrick is he's an acquiredtaste. I would admit he's not one
of my favorite artists, although Ido respect the skill set. I from

an artist standpoint, lean on Drake, who's now a Houston resident. If
you go back to the road,if you're gonna get all excited about Kendrick
Lamar, like you don't. Youhave to choose a side here. You
can't like both. Yeah, Ichoose a side. I choose hip hop.
This was good for hip hop lastnight. It was a monumental case.
But that's a little song. Drakeas that a week later, you're

gonna go see Drake or Drake Ilove you. You gotta pick a sign.
You have to way side. Thisis not East Coast West coast.
This is Trato versus everybody. Sothat's Drake. He took an I do
not think Drake is gonna be ableto come back from this. There is
no response. Kendrick Lamar played thissong. Doctor Drake introduced him to one
of these songs. He played thissong, rapped it five consecutive times to

end the concert. It was twentytwo total songs. He destroyed Drizzy.
I have never seen Drizzy get knockedout like this. Rick Ross came in
Drizzy that was ugly too, ButDrizzy Cohod was saying that Connor it is
over throw the tie in. Drakeis done. In terms of this beat,
I know that Drake is networth worthdouble what Kendrick Lamars. First of

all, we don't know what anybody'sactually. No, you don't know what
somebody you think. Those men reportevery money, all the money they get
coming in. No, you don'tknow what somebody's worth. Now, I
will agree at Phade's value, Drakeis worth significantly more dough. He has
more acclaim more awards does Drake.But on some mc old school hip hop

rap battle eighties, early nineth tomy OG's out there, to my real
hip hop heads, Kendrick Lamar kickedDrake's ass last night. It was embarrassing,
Drake. You got twenty four hoursto respond, my boy, twenty
four hours. He got a wholearena scream at Ovo. It's bad.
It's just bad, all right,Let's talk about some good things. Also,
what's going on? I keep seeingNFL players in Paris. Let's talk

to NFL on the other side.I disagree with some of this bleep that
people are talking about. I'm madat CBS and I'll tell you why astros
in action this afternoon. Returning homethis weekend, I think I'm going over
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you're coming to the ballpark from,I assure you the good people at JB
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awareness. They are plugged into thecity from a zoning standpoint. How you
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theirs. Go to Jbtibadeau dot comfor more intel tell them. Stan Fleet
said, come holler now, what'snext? Next stop? It's the next

man up, next stop, thenext step, Take the next step,
next up, next stop, nextnext stop. This team wants to be
next. This is next up withTaan Norfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's see what's
next next next. Hey, let'sget out of halftime and take care of

business. Wrap up things here ona Thursday sports Talk seven ninety studio.
We got fifty seven more minutes todo. So new to the station,
new to the show. This isnext up. Stay in Northfleet Me.
I'm at stand sportsman on Social,my radio partner, our program director here
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show as well as the Matt ThomasShow. He is at Connor d McGovern
on Social. No Matt Thomas Showtoday, Those gentlemen never worked. Today
we get afternoon baseball as the Astrosgame three getaway game rubber match versus the
Chicago White Sox there on the southside of the city before they return home
for a three game series versus theOrioles. So you'll stay right here seven

ninety, home of Astros Baseball.I want to pivot off a lot of
baseball talk in that first hour.We will get back to it about eleven
thirty or so. But I dowant to get into some NFL tiabits that
popped up overnight. First of all, it is Paris Fashion Week, so
I imagine some of the hip hoppersthat would have been in Los Angeles last

night at the Kendrick Lamar pop Outconcert. Some of those guys are in
Paris and some notable nflers, CalebWilliams is there. Who am I seeing
in this photograph? Oh there's LamarJackson. I saw somebody else say,
oh, look there's Stefan Diggs,current Texans wide receiver. And that really

is where my attention draws to thisarticle on CBS dot com. Who offered
this thing because I'm pissed Shannon Mcarriston. Don't know who she is, but
it's out. The tyler of thearticle is NFL teams with the most players
on Pete Prisco's twenty twenty four topone hundred lists. So of course anytime

these lists come out. I'm bullishon the Houston Texans. I was last
year. I'm doubling down this year. Right now, I've got him at
ten and seven. I think theTexans are gonna kick some mass win a
playoff game, and then we justgot to look at where the health and
the matchups are. From that standpoint, I believe in Demico, Rance and
CJ. All Right, So theTexans roster, we all will agree,

is better top to bottom than itwas a year ago. I think we
also can agree it is arguably themost talented roster the Texans organization has ever
fielded. I'm talking about the fullfifty three that we anticipate we'll go out
there as of now. Training campbegins a month from the day. So

leading away the San Francisco for thenine Ers, when we talk about Demico,
Bobby Sloyd, They've got nine playersin the top one hundred. The
Chiefs, Lions, and Ravens haveseven players. I'm like, Okay,
the Texans should be coming up herein a little bit and voila six players
in the top one hundred. Cowboys, Eagles, Texans. When you say,

that's pretty good company from an NFLstandpoint, Say what you will about
the Cowboys. They do get tothe postseason. They win a lot of
divisions. The Eagles, we knowwhat their pedigree has been. Although they
are aging and they took a stepback a year ago, and here are
the burgeoning Texans. So okay,the Texans have six players in the top

one hundred according to Pete PRISCOCBS dotcom, cbsports dot com. Let me
take a look at these six fromthe Texans. Ah, it do all
right? Defensive end Danil Hunter comesin ranked number thirty five, ahead of
c J. Stroud number thirty eight. I've got a problem with CJBN thirty

eight off the top. You can'ttell me there are thirty seven football players
in the league better than c J. Stroud. That's BS nonetheless, and
Danil Hunter ranked ahead of Stroud.Stop this Danil Hunter, CJ Stroud.
There's Lamy Tunzel coming in at fiftyseven out of the top one hundred.
Nicocollins comes in at number seventy seven, Derek Stingly at number eighty, and

Will Anderson just barely makes it atnumber ninety nine. I'm sorry, where
the hell is Steph Diggs? Areyou telling me that Stefon Diggs, according
to Pete Priscoe, is not oneof the top one hundred players in this
league. That is absurd. NicoCollins is Nico Collins on that list?

We need to stop this why Nicois not better than Steph Diggs. It's
not hating on Nico, He's justnot better than him. So I go
to Buffalo. I'm like, clearly, well, maybe Pete Prisco had an
oversight and he put Steph Diggs withBuffalo. Buffalo only has one player in
the top one hundred according to PetePrisco. Of course it's Josh Allen,
So they completely left Steph Diggs offthe list. I'm like, what are

we talking about here? That's absurd, Pete. Somebody to get him on
the connor make a note. Somebodyreach out to Pete Priscoe. He's got
an answer for this. It's disrespectfulto the great Stephan Diggs. Kind of
a jerk. He's good at football. No, I mean, Pete,

miss because you said that about himtoo. Him And then who's the other
dude who just retired? George Pickensis number sixty eight for the stealers.
That wide receiver, George Pickens isnot a better wide receiver than Steph Diggs.
We can stop that right now.I will have none of that.
People, I mean, are peopledown because he like he kind of weaseled
his way out of Buffalo. Well, the only thing that comes to mind

is he says he didn't want toleave Buffalo, it just got contentious.
Didn't because they felt like it gotcontentious. And essentially it's additioned by subtraction
type of thing. Wow, theydidn't trade Josh Allen. You're not trading
your franchise quarterback. That's I'm certain. Well, if he's the top one
hundred receiver, you don't trade himeither. They elected to move on him
and the quarterback. Whatever's the deal. Here's my point. I think it's

about how the season ended and whenthey changed offensive coordinators, how they used
Stefan did changed. Now this atrocityis connected to something that I actually think
is really damn cool. The GreatTom Brady the Goat himself joined Colin Cowherd

yesterday, a gentleman that I revere. Many of you are fans of col
hurt, some of you not somuch. I think he's one of the
best in our business. It wasit was really good and did you watch
the whole thing? I did notwant. It's a good conversation. It's
the vibe you get though, iscol hurts fanboy Tom Brady for and Tom
Brady even mentions in the interview.He's here because of false no question,

because of his employment of Fox.They're making him do this, no question.
I thought Tom Brady dropped the gymhere for everybody. I'm play it
now. It's a little bit linked, it's about a minute, But Tom
Brady dropped a nugget here that Ithink is going to be critical for CJ.
Bobbis, Floyd and Demico in termsof how they're gonna get busy in
twenty four. Yeah, you alwaysfelt like you had to do something to
get them the ball. And ifthey hadn't touched the ball in practice,

I'd make sure, O, God, you know, hey, gotta get
so ball because I want him tokeep running hard and I want him to
be ready for when the ball doescome and and you know, you see
it a lot in NFL games.Been practicing a lot of these games.
I want to see the best playerstouch the ball early so they can break
a sweat, they can get intothe flow of the game. And good
coaches do that. When you scriptplays at the beginning of the game,
you're saying, Okay, you're theNiners coach. I'm going to make sure

McCaffrey touches it either first or secondin the game. I want to make
sure Deebo Samuel touches it first orsecond of the game. I'm going to
throw it to him quick somehow.I know the ball is going to be
in his hands so he can dosomething with it. I want to get
him into the flow. So wewould always try to script so that everybody
would feel like they were in theflow of the game. The last thing
you want is your number one receiverto go two and a half quarters into
a game and not see a ballto get one target, because he's going

to get discouraged. He's got togo out there. He's got to break
the huddle. He's got to runout twenty five yards to his alignment.
He's got to run down the fieldas fast as he can try to get
open. He's got to run backto the huddle. It's a lot of
effort that he's putting into not gettingthe ball. Tom Brady courtesy of The
Hurt Common Cow Hurt Show as weKnow yesterday, referencing the importance for getting

your best receiver the ball. Early. I saw something from Warren Sharp.
If you don't follow at Sharp Football, his company is sharp analytics. He's
a very smart man. I appreciatehis work. The receivers with the most
targets in a team's first ten playsof a game last year Gordon number one

in the league, Stefan Diggs fortytargets over the course of the season.
Down here at number what do youcall that? Two, four, six,
eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen, Nicocollins. It is
going to be incumbent on Bobby Sloydand CJ. Stroud to I'm talking about

they're gonna have to script these playsnow because you gotta get Nico going and
you gotta get Steph Diggs going.Step Diggs is accustomed to getting the ball
off the rip, so is Nico. They're gonna have to work that out.
So that's just something that popped upin my head when I heard Brady
say that, How will they categorizethat? How they're gonna manage that process?

And that's before Gordon. We evenget the Tankdale. Yeah, I
mean why you got that? Look? Well, again, I don't think
this is a thing. I thinkthat's a thing. So to think for
Tom Brady, huh, I meanthat was his mindset. He's the best
ever doing but you think that appliesto everything. Okay, So CJ's gotta

have that mentality every yees, whatif he does? What if he goes
to you know, and what ifhe go if he goes to Nico Collins
on the first three targets in thegame. Well, this is the dynamic
I'm explaining right now. It's doyou foresee Tom Brady just said right there.
You heard it out of his mouth. It is important, he said,
critical to get the ball to thereceiver early and then you work from

there. Nico has been experiencing thatthe last season and a half, so
to speak. Stefan Diggs is usedto that on a regular base a couple
well, and it was part ofhis why he bitched in Buffalo constantly because
they won't get him the ball.No, No, he wanted to win.
They were getting the ball to dudesthat don't play winning football. He's
like, giving the ball, clearly, we win when I touched the ball,

which is why he had the mosttouches in the first in plays in
the league last year. I'm sayingit like, how you manage that process
is gonna be important for slowly andCJ and I don't know if it's based
on opponent, I don't know ifit's based on coverage. All I know
is and Tom Brady, if youlisten to the whole interview, as you

said, Gordon, there's a momentin there where Tom Brady goes, you
can't wait till the second quarter forthe defense to allow your guy to get
the ball. You have to forcethe ball in his hand. They're gonna
have to spread the ball around.No matter what I mean's gonna be.
There's gonna be weeks where teams keyit on Diggs and it means Dell and
Nika are gonna be opened more.And sorry, if we get the halftime

of a game and Steph's only gotone cat, no, what's his face
sauce guard on it? I'm sorry, You're not You're not open. No
other guys are. No, no, no, you musch Sexas have a
lead that doesn't know get on youin the must putting the ball in the
hands of the best wide receiver mustAnd Josh Allen said, trade this guy
because he keeps telling me that.Right, And Josh Allen's won what Josh,

Josh, Josh Allen wont a damnthing he's got probably as many playoff
wins and stuff digs. Steph hasmore. He was in Minnesota winning games
before Josh case Keenum. Oh andby the way, Buffalo Bill's won a
playoff game with Tyrod Taylor before JoshAllen got there. Stop Dad. Sean
mcdermy was the coach too. Ishis first year. I will see if
the divas shows up in him.Let's step aside. I want more wide
receiver talking in the NFL has atelevision issue. Goodell and Jerry Jones were

in court. We mentioned it yesterday. We didn't do a deep dive on
it. More to come. Nextto up Sports Talks seven ninety legendary KB
and Me Chris Gordy. Next toimeon Sports Talk seven ninety forty minutes from
now Astro's on deck. We getsome afternoon baseball. Houston rubber match,

Chicago White Sox. Spencer Arraghetty ison the mound. Jordan Alvarez is back
in the lineup. See can theStros bring it home? What are they
now? Six games uh? Sixgames two back from five hundred nine games
out from the division leader Seattle Manors. What did I say? Some six

and a half games back? Now? In the wildcard. Pull that up
real quick. Yes, four teams, just four are ahead of the Astros
for the final wildcard spot. SoDana Brown said earlier in the week,
was that early this week of latelast week, it was early this week.
It was the other day, DanaBrown said, by the end of
June, we gotta cut this deficitdown. And as putrid as that game

was on Twonesday night, Astros rightthe ship. Last night they win.
What is that? Four to one? Hunter Brown was fantastic. Six consecutive
quality starts for him. He hasshaved his era down from like nine point
seven eight down to like two pointfour to seven, give or take.

They absolutely need everything, and withJV being on the fifteen dail, it's
all hands on deck. Who isthe Astros had to call up somebody?
Who's this kid they just called up? Is a Gloss or Bloss? What's
the kid's name? Jake Bloss isbeing called up from Corpus. He is
skipping Sugarland. Played his college ballin Georgetown and he's going to get the

ball in his hands tomorrow and thatwill be Versus Baltimore Orioles at minute May
Park. All right, just comingoff talking about the NFL the wide receiver
position as it pertained the Texans trainingcamp begins a month from today, and
while we're on wide receiver, Iwant to acknowledge a couple of things I

saw over the last few days.Djbenemy ESPN dot Com has a quote from
Nicocollins. After Nico Collins signed hiscontract extis he shifted his mind to another
personal goal. Gordon, I'm tryingto get fifteen hundred yards minimum. That's
what I'm chasing. Quote from NicoCollins fifteen hundred Oh where would that have

put him in last year? Letme put that up re quick, Gordon.
Who will lead the team in receiving? Gordon, I'm saying Steph Diggs.
You're saying who Nico? Who willbe their leading receiver? Leading receiver
on this team doesn't matter, ofcourse it does. They're both thousand yard
receivers. Guys trying to get money. Gordy. Yeah, I mean you're
you're for some reason, you're interestingin on what the guys make. Yeah,
that's kind of important for dudes thatmake their livelihood. It's more important.

You had Stefan Diggs under contractor NickCassia, Well, let's tear up
those extra years. Nico one yeardeal. Talking to Nico had just under
thirteen hundreds. He had twelve ninetyseven. Now he did miss a game,
So Nico at fifteen hundred, doesthat leave a lot of meat left
for Steph Diggs and Tank dead.They're not bringing back Diggs. Enjoy your

one year with him. He willnot be talking about twenty four. And
you've been wrong about this in thepast because you said the exact same thing
about Dalton Schultz. Can we focus. I want to say Dalton Jos was
not gonna do I said he wasgonna hit for you. You said when
they signed him. Stand it's aone year round till. I'm not gonna
get excited. He's probably not gonnasign back here. That's what you said.
It's on take take the L andlet's move forward twenty twenty four.

It's not an L. He exceededexpectation. No, he signed back.
You said he probably wouldn't. Hedid take the L. Well, the
L is on Nick ca Cerio,who keeps signing guys to one year deals
who have a potential walk. Hey, Nick, how about you give a
guy a two or three year contract? We're gonna maybe keep him around a
while. We're gonna hit from himshortly. We're not going back. It
was like Jim Crane approach. Takeyou for a year or two, but
uh, we are not gonna bagon Nicks. Does he not? Is

he have a commitment issue? We'renot gonna bag on Nick Caserio while he's
with Domiko. He's been excellent,the two of them together. We're gonna
hear from Nick Caseio here in justa minute as well. All right,
So that's Nico Collins go fifteen hundredyards. Probably a little aggressive, but
I like guys that puts that puttheir stones out. Fifteen hundred that's what

he said. He said his personalgoal is fifteen hundred yards minimum. No
for Nicocollins, well, definitely nothim, all right. I also saw
this from Tankdale. Tankdale has highexpectations for his second year with the Texans.
This is according to NFL dot Com. Quote from Tank I'm way better

than I was last year at thistime, he continues. In a separate
post. This is from Sam Monsonof Pro Football Focus, quote, Tankdale
is gonna be is going to completelyrewrite the requirements for being an NFL wide
receiver. Now, that's a guythat didn't play. That's a guy that's

over an organization Pro football focus thateverybody in our industry references for better or
for worse, seems a bit hyperbole. That's I mean, rewrite the requirements
for being an NFL wide receiver?Whoa so? And I can't believe I'm
to say this, but I'm opposingto the people. Y'all jump in.
If you want seven one three,two, one two five, seven ninety

is it possible with Steph Tank,Nico Schanz, Joe Mixon, CJ Straup
they literally, Gord, it couldhave the number one offense in all of
football next year. That is notfar fetched. They could surpass what the
Bengals have, what forty nine ersdo, They could surpass what Patrick Mahomes

and Kansas City does. Like thiscould be the standard for the twenty four
season in the NFL. I'm excitedas hell about that. If Bobby's still
look at the controls, do whatyou do, Bobby, you don't look
out the mystic going, well,I just again, I know what you
know. You've got to have ateam mentality, and hopefully all these guys

do but there was only one football. You know, we say this all
the time in the you know,the NBA, when it's like the super
teams started getting cut cocked in,and it's like they better all be willing
sharers because there's only one basketball.Not every got byke can get thirty five
at nights. So in the NFL, yes, these are that Texans have
a superstar offensive lineup, but there'sonly one football. So if Joe Mixon

only has twelve touches, he mightbe unhappy. Stefan Diggs only has five
targets, he might be unhappy.If Tank Dell and Nico Collins are getting
the ball, they're gonna be onit. So it's just they all need
to be bought in. And Idon't think Demico would bring guys here that
don't understand the team concept. Well, but Diggs's history is no, he
hasn't understood the team. Not true, it's true. No, No one

has reported that's Stefane is a selfishplayer. What they have reported is his
passion and communicating his desire to win. It's called spinning. No, I'm
just telling that's called spin. Thepeople in voting so bad, I yielded
at my quarterback. You didn't getme the ball, though, so did
Tarryl Lowins. He's a Hall ofFamer. So did Michael Irvin. He's
a Hall of Famer. Like guysYell, sometimes you get impassionate about what's

going on, and sometimes you gottaplay your role. And Bro, there's
other good players on this team,player role making him to be something he
has not shown to be. There'sa different indeed, what does that mean?
What does that mean? It meansthey would have if it and if
it was fine, they would haveput up on neither of those teams.
We'll see what happened with Buffalo.Minnesota has not been as good since Stefon

Diggs left. They were vying foran NFC championship when he was there.
Asking who they'd rather have justin JeffersonStefon Diggs. The point is asking what
they'd rather get back to the gamesthey were in when Steph Diggs was there.
He's not anymore got rid of KirkCousins, who's follows at Stay chosright.
I do want to do this,Nicko Sario. I appreciate the work
you've been doing. I know we'rea little bit overcondim I'm gonna let this

ride. Kay Adams, what platformis she on right now? Kay Adams
is on the Kay Adams Show courtesyof it's on YouTube. That's a better
of course it will you hush sometimesI like to give people the credit of
the platforms they use. You wasteour time when you do that. You
insert of looking it up, justsay it's a k Adams show. Let's

go to break. I'll do iton the other side. Sports Talk seven
ninety Next Up continues on your AppleTV. Listen to Sports Talk seven ninety
on any device with our free iHeartRadioapp. Man, We're twenty seven minutes
from Astros Baseball on Deck show comingup at noon once we wrap here on
Next Up, staying Northfleet is me, by the way, my radio partner.

That's my brother to Chris Gordon,Connedy McGovern. Thanks to everybody hanging
out with its Houston, favorite cityin America. If you missed the first
hour and a half, go lookus up if you would. Brian Bogusvic
came by. He talks to MastrosSports seven ninety dot com as well as
the free iHeartRadio app. We're notonly your home for Houston Sports. We
are your home for Astros baseball.Gordon, you just whispered something to Connor

and I off air, and there'san update on something that took place last
night. Sees Salazar was excellent.He was a hero, one of the
heroes of the game last night outsideof Hunt of Brown. That was because
Victor Arantini got nicked up in thethird inning. You have an update on
Kartini's health. Yeah, Matt Carr, horror of the Chronicles up there,
caught up with his Joe spottus pregamemedia availability says Victor Kartini is getting imaging

on his left quad today. Joespottis to Kartini was caught pretty sore this
morning. Termed it as a potentialil situation, but the Astros will wait
on the test results. Potential Iam, is that what you just said
got hurt? Yeah? Quarantine Hehas a quad and he could go to
them. I mean, this isunbelieving, believable it happens. Let me

so, let me guess we're gonnahear these two words in the next twenty
four hours. Discomfort or contusion.Those who are gonna pop up. What's
quads like upper thigh. That isthe thigh. So as he was sliding
down, do we think it's histhigh hitting Corey Lee or it was like
so as he slid the leg maybeone weird way I recall it, and

as I pictured it in my head, it was kind of shin to shin.
But then maybe the force the impactdid something to the upper leg.
Don't know. We do know thatYannia Diaz is catching today, and of
all players, by the way,a quad like your catcher that's got to
stand up crowd crowds like there noquestion Yanni and Diaz is going to catch

for the second time since he hadsome discomfort in that right index on June
ninth out in Anaheim. So heis behind the plate today. I had
to line up up just a fewmoments ago. If you guys see that.
We'll get to that here in justa little bit. I want to
recap last night and really let's quantify, excuse me, qualify what today means.

Gordyre, I stand by what Isaid. If the Astros lose this
series, in other words, theylose today, I'm jumping off for the
season. At some point it becomestoo daunting. They should be beating up
on the White Sox. White Soxare a bad baseball team. I understand
that the White Sox are gonna winsome fifty sixty some of our games.
Fine, they shouldn't be beating theAstros. They're not more talented than the

Astros. Jordan is back in thelineup tonight though this afternoon. Excuse me,
thank god, but let me premiseit. Put it to you this
way. If they lose today butthen take two out of three against the
Orioles, it's the same as ifthey beat the White Sox today and lose
two out of three the Oriols.They do many of the exact same spot.
My point is, they can't losetwo out of three to anybody.
Wow, this is the one Oriolesis the one team that I mean,

they're good. Like if you lookat Vegas odds, so probably askers were
probably expected to lose two or threeagainst Baltimore. I would presume that that
be the case, even though thatgame is here. My pot them said,
like, it's yeah, I guessperception. You don't want to lose
two other three to one of theworst teams in baseball. However, you
know, again, it's it's it'sall mathematical thing. Now, if they
were to lose this, all yourdrops was half a game in the series.

You know from where you are cominginto the series. So it's it's
it's the long game. It's theYes, you need to keep closing ground
and keep winning more than you're losing. But but again, it doesn't mean
the season's over if they lose today. No, for me, I just
look at the ground they've got tocover. They must win. No,
they've got to win two games foreveryone, they lose the rest of the

season. I heard Dana Brown saying, let's let's talk the end of July.
Dana, I'm not there. Iwanted to see where they were at
my Father's Day weekend. And theytease me just enough to add an extension
and addend them to my statement,and we'll see. I'll let you know
now. Right after the Orioles,even if they lose the Oriole series,
Gord, on the twenty fifth andtwenty sixth of this month, there are
two games at home versus the woefulColorado Rockies. So what if they lose

to the Orioles, then they winthe two and sweep the Rockies again.
Then we're back into having the samething, all right. Uh you mentioned
with Karantini potentially going on the il. Still no word on Kyl Tucker at
some point, don't they have totell us something about Kyle Tucker. Well,
they it's been like a week anda half. They said the other

day he still wasn't even running.Yeah, he's doing no baseball activities.
He's just working out on some equipmentin the facilities when they're traveling and doing
their thing. At minute. MayYeah, buddy, might ask you think
it'll be back tomorrow in tomorrow's game. I was like, hell, no,
they barely walk. He's not doingbaseball activities Friday. You can't go
from I'm limping to I'm just gonnasprint out a right field Well, what

is this spot of Say earlier inthe week too, he said, the
longer this goes on, he's probablygonna need a couple of rehap starts,
I'm gonna tell you. And Ifelt this way when I saw it,
and just going back to seeing TuckGrimers on the ground, I know they've
reimaged that thing a couple two,three times it break. It would not

surprise me if Kyle Tucker had togo on the I L retroactive, I
L it would not surprise me onebit. Please on the IL they ended
up moving on. They did moveTuck diye, I'm sorry I forgot about
that designation. I apologize for that. Yes, that did happen. So
we'll see where he's at when he'seligible to come off. Last night,
a lot of catcher conversation last night. The White Sox Corey Lee former astro,

he played for them. We knowMaldonado's on that roster. We have
Kartini gets hurt. Uh Yann there. Diaz was at DH. He couldn't
go back to catcher because you losethe DH if he leaves DH to go
catch. So incomes Saves Salazar.Let me hear Joe Spotter. Let me

hear Spotter for joege Spotter on theperformance from Savesar Salazar. These two RBIs
last night, Yeah, yeah,yeah, you know, but Sally's ready.
He's always prepared, salmly. Youknow, he knows. He knows
his team so well, he's beenhere before. He's always aware of the
situations that we're in. He knowsour pitching staff. He s he's down

with our pitching coaches, you know, so it's for him, it's easy
to adjust. But again, youknow, he came in and got a
big knock against some tough picture,against a tough pitcher, putting it bat
on the mall, and the sackbunt gave us stott Insuran' trim. So
you know, Sally was a bigpart of our wind tonight. Joe Spott
on the performance. Player of thegame, says Salazar. He was two

for two to RBIs did not strikeout. He also didn't walk seven point
fifty average. Look at that slugginone thousand saves Salazar unlikely Hero Gordon.
They played some small ball last nightin Chicago. Is that one of the
keys to manufacturing some runs? Andthey only scored four runs, but it

was enough versus the White Sox lastnight, largely because of the performance by
a Hunter Brown Arraghetty. So Iasked you the formula to winning today is
it more they gotta be excellent onthe man and Arrogetty's got to go do
a performance similar quality start from HunterBrown last night, quality start from from
Bavaldeas the night before, all beingin defeat. Is this about errag Getty

or this is about you and onand the rest of those guys getting gone.
I mean, it's a little bitof both. Arty He's got to
be what he was the three startsprior to the Detroit game. You know,
I think I think he'll bounce backand get back to what he was
doing, being being very productive.But you know, Flexing is kind of
you look at what he's done.He got chilled by the Diamondbacks last time

out, gave up six runs,four from earned off nine hits in just
three to third innings. But priorto that, five innings of two run
ball against Boston, five innings ofone run ball against the Cubs, five
innings of two run ball against Toronto. So I mean that's kind of more
like if Flexing does. If ChrisFlexen goes five innings of two run ball
today, I mean, you're probablyyou're probably gonna tie two to two game

going to the seventh sometuthing like that, and you're trying to find a way
to scratch across a run. Interestingif you didn't hear the breaking news.
As of about maybe half an hourago, Astros are calling up right hand
pitcher Jake Bloss to start on Fridayat min and may Park versus the Orioles,
the Athletic and Chandler Rome was thefirst with that played his college ball

at Georgetown. He's skipping sugar Land, going straight from Corpus to the show.
So we'll talk more about that tomorrowand see what he has for us
over the weekend. Let's come back. Let's get ready to hand thing off
to the Astros on Deck show intothe Astros Radio Network. You're home with
the Strolls, the legendary KBM mefirst one to remind you guys. Coming
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Cordy to be next up, thenext up mentality on your radio. Every

bou prepares you for the next Welcomeback to next Up on Sports Talk seven
ninety. Yeah, they really likeJake bloss the kid in double A.
That that's that's pitching really well.That was part of the no hitter the
other night. Dana Brown has talkeda lot about he's all about fast tracking

guys, and he has would haveno problem fast tracking him. He scheduled
to pitch on Friday in Corpus forCorpus Christy Again, I'm not sure you
want him to debut against that team, the Orioles at min at May Park
and kind of what that could doto his psyche. I mean, he
seems like a I mean, he'sgot like a master's degree in finance from

Georgetown. It doesn't seem like he'sone of these dudes. That's like small
brain or anything. It seems likehe can handle just about anything. But
that could be an option too.Who knows that that's Chandler rome. Courtesy
of The Athletic via Sports Talk sevennineties the eighteen. I think that interview
was yesterday when Chandler was asked,Hey, what do they do with JV

going on the fifteen day? Il Chandler took a stab at it.
There were three options Gording. TheAstros could have gone Ronie L. Blanco
on Friday for Rest, they couldhave gone bullpen game, or they could
do what they ultimately decided to do. And Jake bloss is he's gonna get
his shot in the show. Now. I agree with Chandler n anytime these

guys get called up, especially whena guy doesn't even go to sugar Land.
We know that Dana Brown has boastedhe's all of fast tracking dudes.
Dana Brown doesn't believe in wasting time. You do not have to go to
sugar Land. You can come obviouslystraight from Corpus all the way up.
I do get concerned not knowing theindividuals Dana does. Everybody's psyche can't handle

here. We are needing every inchthat this team can fight, scratch and
claw for. And there's Baltimore,a game and a half behind the Yankees
for the Al East Crown. Baltimorehas been raking now last season into this
year. They're really good team.Now, granted it is a home game
on Friday night, but that's bigboy baseball. Do you think Jake bloss

is built for this. You're concernedabout him getting rattled? Yeah, I
mean I think you gotta be.I mean, anytime a kid makes some
mediorc like this and and look hehas pitched, well, there's a reason
why they're doing it. They're notjust rolling the dice. They're saying he
has earned this. But it iscertainly a tough ask to go against the
best lineup in baseball. You know, they're they're I mean, it's debatable,

but I mean they lead the leagueat home runs that they have one
hundred and sixteen home runs. Youknow, they've driven in three hundred and
sixty two runs on the year.And their pitching staff is pretty damn good
too. They're second in All Baseballand Tembra at three eleven. So they
do everything well. That's the reasonwhy they're over fifty wins and it's look
I mean, but I appreciate,Like if you pulled Astros fans and said,

which would you rather take a chanceon? Would you rather break up
Blair Henley? But we saw,we saw it make a spot star that
was not good. Okay say orwould you rather say Jake bloss who's been
pitching very well through your system.He's one of our top prospects. We
believe in him. Let's bring himup, give him a shot, see
what he does. Well. Wehaven't seen Blair Henley again, so I

can't to what his psyche is.We said the same thing about Eric Getty.
I remember coming on the air theday after Aaron Getty went out there
for his debut. He wasn't ready. He was going to get called up
at some point this year, justnot as soon as he was, and
his performance at that time showed thathe has. Since Aaron Getty gained some
confidence, it wasn't too big forhim, he has pitched well in spots.

After that initial we hadn't seen anythingelse from Blair Henley. Also,
we know that Forrest Whitley is hurtagain, so they can't go back down
that well. I think it's probablydone for Forrest with there's two names we
just don't even say anymore. Fortwiatelyon Land. Some colors just like when
something happens with them, it's likewe'll bring up on calling me when they're
in the lineup. That's how Ifeel about both of those guys. So

we'll see what happens with this JakeBloss guy. Aaron Getty is taking the
ball today. Jake Bloss will bethe third big leaguer in Georgetown baseball history.
Considered the Astra's tenth best prospect bythe way on the current MLB Prospect
rankings, Jacob Melton won Joey lotPerfido number five on that list, Jake

Boss tenth. Jake Bloss is alreadyGeorgetown's highest ever draft pick. Bloss spent
the first three seasons at Lafayette.He'll also be the third big leaguer to
come out of there. Pirates closerDavid Bednard is one of the other two.
Chandler Rome added that what has hebeen doing at Corpus Gordon Brian mctager.

He's a right hander, but Papahe threw six and a third no
hit innings on Saturday, owns aone point six one ERA in eight games
in Corpus four and two on theseason, one point seventy four in twelve
starts between the hooks and high Abaseball in Nashville. That's what we're getting

on Friday. You're gonna get madif I say it, and I'm not
gonna spend a time a lot oftime on it because we're up against it.
We gotta close that. I shouldnot be looking at Jake Bloss.
It just shouldn't be well. Imean, injury is happening. Yeah,
if they don't, if they don'thave an epidemic of injuries there were we're

talking about a log jam. Theyhadn't We're talking about them trading. They
had an epidemic of injuries to startthe season. How could he not see
that they're going they were going toneed pitching. You had to see that
they roll the dice. And thisis where we are. I wish Jake
Bloss is very the very best.I will be watching. I know you
will be watching this afternoon as weget ready to sign up out of here.

Gordon. Uh congratulations. By theway, Minor League Space Cowboys clinched
the first half Pacific Coast League title. We still don't know what that means.
I don't know what it means.I'm just trying to celebrate the Space
Cowboys. They've played well grant.The Aciators will host the first Triple A
Championship weekend, a new playoff formatfeaturing three winner take all games. So

is this like the stupid NBA inseason turnent season tournament, yes, which
was a success for the NBA.Oh random, and I didn't get a
chance to get to it yesterday.Yeah, this happened last year. The
Triple A season was split into twohalves, with the first half ending June
twenty fifth and the second half later. The regular season concludes September twenty fourth.
The first half winners will serve asthe host of the pair of best

of three lcs whatever. Okay,you mentioned the NBA, and I couldn't
get to this yesterday. I wastrying to find it in my notes.
The twenty twenty four NBA Playoffs sawa significant decline in viewership compared to twenty
three, with ratings dropping by elevenpercent down to two point four and viewership

by twelve percent down to four pointfive to three million. Wow, I
don't get up in arms of thatthough, because it's like NBA has got
a much younger fan base, wewould think right like compared to that of
the NFL, Major League Baseball baseballis definitely higher. A lot of kids
aren't watching regular TV anymore. They'rewatching games on their phone. They're watching

those now include and all that.It's just down this by many people accounts
with some of the most boring postseasonbasketball in recent memory. Well, then
get ready for the rest to giveLebron every call next year, so they
well make sure Lebron's in the playoffs. We'll talk some Rockets tomorrow. I
saw something pop up that I wantto get to tomorrow. Astros in action

coming up. Who's got on debt? Gordon Ross, Rossburry out, bring
your Astros on debt. Preciate allof you that support the show, allowing
us to be the best that Houstonhas an offer from a sports standpoint.
I mean that respectfully and affectionately,as we are your home for Houston sports
here at KP and me Conneddy McgovernorChris Gorde over there pissing me off per
usual, stay fleet here, Thankyou again, Houston. Enjoy your Astros

baseball. This afternoon, God willingwill do it again on Friday. Be well,
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