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June 20, 2024 9 mins
Brian Bogusevic, former Astros outfielder and Space City Home Network analyst, joins Next Up following the Astros defeating the Chicago White Sox 4-1 on Wednesday at Guaranteed Rate Field. Hunter Brown started on the mound and delivered his sixth consecutive quality start, allowing only one earned run across six innings. Brown struggled to begin the season with 25 earned runs allowed across five starts. However, "everything has completely flipped" ever since Brown made an appearance out of the bullpen in Detroit in late May, Bogusevic said. With adding a power sinker to his pitching arsenal, Brown has given up just seven earned runs across a combined 37 innings during this stretch of quality starts. Mauricio Dubón started at first base on Wednesday and recorded an RBI and a single to extend his hitting streak to 12 games. "Right now, you have to" play Dubón because his consistent bat has "got to be in the lineup." The Astros have an opportunity to win the three-game series against the White Sox on Thursday. "You've got to win today," and "the offense needs to lead the way." Bogusevic also talks about the Astros calling up right-handed pitcher Jake Bloss, a third-round pick in the 2023 MLB draft. The 22-year-old has split time between High-A Asheville and Double-A Corpus Christi and is expected to make his Major League debut Friday against the Baltimore Orioles.
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And for more insight on where theAstros find themselves in this series and as
they make their way home for aseries three game set versus the Orioles on
UH this weekend, Let's go outto the guest line, friend of the
station, friend of the show.You see his handsome face on Space City
Home Network. Brian Bogasevic, formerfirst round pick of our Astros, Welcome

into the show for his weekly appearanceright here next up, Bogi. Good
morning, sir, Good morning,How are y'all. I've never heard somebody
be so anti nickname. I thoughtwe were all for GORDI hats is Brian
Boga. His name is Doggy Boogie. Listen, Brian, Nobody has ever
called me that. Thank you.Gordie hates puppies, he hates Santa Claus,

anything that was you and write nofun. Gordon, That's what we
call him around here. So itwas fun last night to watch the Astros
finally play some complimentary baseball. HunterBrown was outstanding unlikely heroes, says our
Salazov. What stood out for youlast night, Hunter Brown? And just
the complete one eighty that his seasonhas done. It was it was so

tough to watch the first seven startsof the season, and ever since that
one relief appearance in Detroit, everythinghas completely flipped and he's going out there
and I mean, obviously the resultsspeak for themselves, but he's going deep
into games. He's being more efficientwith his pitches than we've ever seen.
And you know, it was obviousearly in the season that he would need

to be pitch more effectively with hisfastball, and I thought that that meant
better command of the forceame you know, get it to the top of the
zone, get it to the tothe glove side, to set up the
slider. But apparently he's just beensitting on a sinker that's like a completely
dominant pitch, So yeah, goahead, bust that thing out. And
ever since he has, it's beenincredible to watch just the how complete a

turnaround it's been for him and gettingmore ahead and counsel. I mean,
look at last two games, notone walk. I mean, that's that's
incredible for what he's been doing.I remember talking with my fan fast Brian.
I remember him telling us like hewas. He said, I was
in a bad spot mentally last year. He just was, you know,
he was down on himself, downon his stuff and all that, and
so it's kind of seems like it'sgot to be a combination of things.

It's a combination from you know,refining your arsenal making you know, having
confidence in your pitches and what youthrow, but also being in a good
headspace and having faith in yourself andyour stuff. Yeah, and the season
can beat you down. And whenyou go through an extended period of struggling
or an extended period of just notfeeling like yourself, you spend the four

days in between starts thinking, Okay, today's the day I'm going to put
in all the work for the lastfour days. Today is my start day.
This is going to be when everythingchanges. And then if it doesn't,
it just wears on you and wearson you and you start to get
discouraged. So it's been the oppositethough, it's been more and more success,
breeding more and more confidence. Andthat thinker, the cutter that he's

using those are action pitches. Thoseare not pitches that are meant to get
swings and misses. He's throwing themand wants the hitters to swing at them,
wants the hitters to put the baton the ball, and wants to
get weak contact and end that bats. That's something that we've almost never seen
him do since he's been here inthe big leagueses have pitches that he's throwing
with the intent of creating contact,and that's what allows you to be more

efficient, that's what allows you tobe an innings eater. And you know,
he's shown the stuff to be atop of the rotation guy. He
he this is the first time he'sreally shown the plan of attack and the
approach to be a top of therotation guy, which is be out there
with the intent of going six seveninnings every time out and not just trying

to make it through five with onehundred pitches. That's the voice of Brian
boga Sevic, former Astro twenty fourthoverall selection in er five MLB draft.
Played a few games over there atthe real yard, used to pitch,
then he started putting in some workin the outfield, dropping by for his
weekly You played a lot of places, meaning positions. So does Mauricio Dubon.

Half of this Astros fan base wantsto see Dubon in the lineup every
day. Gordy, who doesn't wantanybody to have fun, wants Mauricio to
keep his ass in his utility role, because every baseball team should be cut
the exact same way you cut.I mean, I need Dubon with how
this team is really I could useDubond's back, his glove work, the

value of what Dubon brings and wouldyou play him every day? Bogy,
Well, right now you have to. You know, if you have a
perfect scenario where everybody's healthy and everybody'sproducing, you probably have a guy like
Mauricio Dubon who is the guy tofill in at different positions all the time.
But they don't have that luxury rightnow. He's he's one guy who

has been consistently swinging the bat well, so he's got to be in the
lineup because there haven't been very manyof those guys throughout the course of the
season. And where the lineups atright now, with Tucker being out,
with Jordan being gone the last coupleof days, it's all hands on deck.
So yeah, Dubond's an everyday guyright now. Yes, different positions
still, but you know, aplatoon type situation doesn't have to necessarily be

two guys sharing one position. Youessentially have Chaz and Singleton in a platoon
type situation right now with Mauricio Dubonfilling in at multiple positions while those guys
are shuffled in and out of thelineup. So yeah, I mean,
the way the offense is going,if somebody's hitting the ball, well,
they got to be in there everyday. And that's Dubon right now.
One a good bit of news.The lineup for today's game just came out.

Jordan Alvarez is back in there,so Jesus back from whatever the family
emergency was that held him out ofthe last two games. Brian News coming
out a little while ago that ChandlerRoma the Athletic reporting that the Astors are
expected to call up Jake Bloss fromDouble A Corpus to make his big league
debut Friday night at Minute Mate Parkversus the Baltimore Orioles. His numbers are

very, very impressive at the DoubleA level, and every now and then
there's a special talent that comes alongthat jumps Triple A. I mean,
I understand a lot of people area little concerned. This is this is
a risk, you know, goingagainst one of the best lineups in all
baseball and jumping Triple A but achance to see what this kid can do.
And you know, it's very intriguing. What do you make of the

move? I think a couple ofthings. Obviously, he has impressed enough
to put his you know, workhis way to the top of that minor
league depth chart of who's available.So there's obviously something there that the organization
has liked. But you're in asituation now where maybe this is just one

game that you have to fill,but every game is important, So you
got to go down and get yourbest guy. And if he's the best
guy, go get him and seewhat he's got. And you know,
he's got big time stuff. It'sninety six ninety eight miles an hour on
the fastball. He's got good swingingmis numbers and strikeout numbers. And you
know, one thing that we've seenas pitchers have come up from the minor
leagues here over the last year ortwo is a lot of guys have had

trouble being in the zone in theirfirst couple of starts. Stave Nibble,
we saw Blair Henley when he firstwhen he came up for a spot start,
errag Getty when he first got here. JP Franks last year when he
first got here, they were nibblingthe edges of the zone, trying to
get big league hitters to swing atpitches that were four six inches out of
his zone. That's not going tohappen. You need somebody who can come

in and at the very least throwstrips and go out there and compete,
and you bring up a stuff guy. A guy with big time stuff will
have more confidence just going out thereand saying, Hey, I've been throwing
it by guys in Double A,I might as well try to throw it
by guys in the Major League.So I like that approach also of getting
somebody who can come up and atleast have the confidence of knowing I can

go after these hitters with my stuffbecause it's plus stuff. Bulga, we'll
get you out of here on thisone. In looking at today's action and
a little bit of a snapshot previewfor your expectations versus the Orioles this weekend
here in Minim Park, Well today, you've got to win today. You
know, this was a series thatwe were talking about, potential sweep coming

in the first game was a hiccup. You end up beating Crochet in the
one game that you thought would beyour toughest matchup. So you've got to
go out there and win today,and I think the offense needs to lead
the way. Eric rag Getty isplenty good enough to shut down struggling White
Sox offense, but you know,you can't expect three games in a series

to just completely shut down an entireoffense. The Astros hitters have to come
out and put up some big numbersand give a little bit of a cushion.
And then going into the Baltimore Series, I mean, it's going to
be a fight. That's one ofthe best offenses there is. That's a
young, hungry team that's trying tostay competitive in the American League East.
So it's going to be a realgood test of can we rise to the

occasion. Yes, it's going tobe a long row to try to climb
back into the division or to climbback into the wildcard situation. But when
you have a team who's one ofthe best in the American League and they
come to town for the weekend,can you rise to v occasion and compete?
I think it's going to be agood sort of litmus test to see
where we're at all right, Bogey. We'll be following your work man on
Space City Home Network. Brian Bogasavic, former first rounder for the Houston astros

Man, now does a great jobanalyzing the strolls for us. You can
find him on social at Brian that'swith an. I am Boga Savic b
O, g U, S E, V I C. Or you can
just call him Bogey, which iswhat we do. Everybody other than Gordon
Bulga appreciate it, Bro. Isee you next week. Thanks guys,
all right, take care,
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