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June 24, 2024 19 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up review where the Texans land on various pre-training camp NFL rankings and make predictions on how the team will perform during the 2024 season. General manager Nick Caserio joined the Texans organization in January 2021 and has assembled a talented roster during this latest offseason. Stan and Chris evaluate Caserio's efficiency over his tenure and attempt to place proper expectations for the Texans' future.
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All right, we're talking some Texas. Now let me try and get these

other things done. As something elsepopped up. Oh, this was actually
last week general manager Nick Cassio.He was on with Yahoo Sports talking with
k Adams, formerly of Good MorningFootball on NFL Network, and she reminded
us of something. As it pertainsto Cassio and so many people just out

and about Gordy in conversations with mycrew, Stan, you acting like the
Texans got a chance to win theSuper Bowl. They do. The roster
is bleeping good, and I disagreewith Mike Florio having the Texans roster going
into camp as the tenth most talentedin the league. I think they're more
talented than Green Bay. I thinkthey're as talented as Detroit. They're more

talented than the Bills. I wouldsay they're as talented, if not more
than the Bengals. The Buccaneers rankedthe head of the Texans is laughable.
I will have none of that.So anyway, she reminded that Adams,
Nick Cassario, what he has accomplishedand what key means to this organization.
Let me hear from Kay Adams onCasario. Please, I'm fortunate to be
affiliated with a very successful organization fora number of years that provided me great

opportunity. I mean, I havemy Super Bowl rings, but honestly,
I don't even know where they arebecause I just kind of put them away.
I'm just that's not my personality.So I mean, I just enjoy
work. I enjoy the process.I enjoy being part of a team.
So I think if you have goodpeople with good process and then the results
are going to be the results.So I mean, we just want to

try to build something that's sustainable fora long period of time. Here what
the end result is, ultimately it'sup to the players. So if we
just get the right people, theright players in the building, give an
opportunity to go out there and execute. When it's all said and done,
I mean, football is going togo away. So I mean hopefully I'll
be judged by how good of ahusband and a father I was to my
wife and my girls. So honestly, I mean I haven't given it one

iota of a thought. The otherthings. I think that they are more
pressing and you know, more importantin my life. But I enjoy football.
I enjoyed being part of a teamand just working with people. So
I mean that's and I just kindof take it one day at a time
and just try to improve and tryto continually get better and remain curious and
just look for ways to to helpthe organization, you know, get to
get to a goal that I thinkeverybody in the league wants to achieve.

All Right, That was nicko SarioYahoo's Sports with k Adam That man is
so robotic. Well he did showsome love to the I hope that I'm
ultimately judged as a man and ahusband and a father. We get all
that. The question was on themicrophone. He's so robotic. The one
day this team is gonna win aSuper Bowl and he's gonna stand up there
in the mic and he's gonna goyeah. I mean, really, the

results are the results. I mean, it's just about the process. And
like it was, gonna go getthe mic out of his hands, Like
it's okay to take up how sometimesit's okay to say I'm excited about this
draft pick, I'm excited about thissignee. Yeah, we had a good
offseason. Not well the process ofprocess. I mean, we gotta see
it, we gotta see what theresults are. It's like okay, numbers
guy like it's okay to have someemotions. I agree with that. I

asked myself that this weekend, doyou think Caln Hannah would hire Nick Cassio
again? Would they do it again? I think that answer is yes.
I think when you look at thismost certainly they would keep Demiko Rans.
I believe those two Dimico and NickCassio are going to do some big boy

things around here. You already havethe quarterback hardest part. By the way,
there are several articles out there,Gordy, I thought about you this
morning. I think cbsports dot comhas an article up on Who's going to
be the first quarterback to sixty million. They had Dak listed as number one.
CJ was at five. They werebasically saying, if nobody else checks

that box before CJ's turn, CJwill be the one. So I think
GM check for now, head coach, check for now, quarterback check for
now. That right there, thoseare three pillars you can build a championship
organization under. So when people arelike, no, man, Cassio,

is he good? Is a jobis he not? Let's just snapshot.
In the last two off seasons,what were the Casio offseason misses? Who
did he miss on the last thisseason, coming into this season and last
year? So Sheldon Rankins check hehit? Who else did they bring in?
Jimmy Ward went down due the injury. Jimmy Ward though went healthy,

that's a hit. Robert Woods,Shaq Mason going age him? Okay,
Robert Woods was a miss. Hegot hurt too, But even when healthy,
Robert Woods just wasn't an impact forplayer, especially at that money.
I'll take that. Who else DevinSingletary, I mean a lot of the
guys they signed in those one Noelhit, Dalton Short hit. You're talking

off the hits, Okay, I'masking give me the misses. Give me
a minute to look back, becauseit's my brain can't retain allSome. So
Danil Hunter hit. We believe theNico Archery hit, but we can't say
hit until we see them. WhatI'm saying is their bodies of work and
what those veterans have been in theleague up until this point. If there

are any semblance of that, that'sgonna be a hit. They signed Devin
Secretary to one year, three pointseventy five million deal last year, which
you call that a hit? Yes, because he outperformed that he had a
career year. Yeah. I meanthe thought was though Damian Pierce was supposed
to be the guy, and he'sa nick draft packer, and he wisely
doubled down at that position, andwhen it guy a veteran that ended up
being the bell count. To me, that's a hit, Casario, what'd

you say, Robert Woods, that'sprobably the one I got. Christian Kirksey
didn't really Denzel Paraman and now yougonna call that linebacker Corey Litlton. No,
those guys really didn't watch. Liltonwasn't making money, so I don't
count. But I'm saying they wereall one years at two to two million,
three million, four million, likethey were all sameeese, but really

none of them kind of hit.Dinzel Pairmid started them at the mill linebacker,
he was he's a starting. MICHELLEA. Rankins was a hit like Robert
Woods was a boss. Two years, fifteen point two five million, ten
million, fully guaranteed. Noah Brownwas nice on a one year deal.
Yes ahead, Jimmy Ward two years, thirteen million, I got you gotta
be healthy. If he misses halfthe season again, you'll go that's not

that wasn't the best signing, butI get why they brought him in.
I'm looking even this year like okay, and we're going to get to the
running back spot here in Just assaid case Winovich got a one year,
two million dollar deal. He didn'tdo anything, he didn't need to make
it out of camp. He gotcut. So what I'm saying is like
some of these guys are getting cut, but these guys weren't like penciledan as
starters. I'm saying the dudes thatplayed Robert Woods is probably his biggest miss

the past two off seasons the topof my head. So like Aziz as
Shyer, he's gonna be a playerif he's healthy. Not worried about him.
Not worried about Danil Hunter, notworried about Danika Audrey, all of
those interior defensive guys, Tim Settle, Junior and Edwards. On those guys,
Mario, it was Junior, I'mnot worried about them. They has
to merge from that group. ButI'm saying Casserios, his resume is not

gonna be stayed by those guys.It'll be the Danil Hunter autry. And
then you flip on the other side, going to get Stephan Diggs hit,
going to get Joe Mixon hit,bringing back Dalton Shultz had to do it.
So I look at Casserio and go, don't look at the two thousand
and two fridge. No, we'renot talking about that. Miko has been

here. Yeah we're not getting intoany of that. But that's you get
That is all your tenure. No, you get credit for all he scouts.
No, no, Caserio gets judgedhim and Demko that dysfunctionality hour and
Jeff drist think about any of them. Nah, wen't got nothing to do
with that. Oh hold on,NFL Rookie Watch just posted something on social
Tank Dell is reportedly already looking likea better player than he was last season.

Many NFL scouts reportedly believe Takla willbe the first two one thousand yards
this season of the Texans white evencore. It's crazy to think about the
Texans managed to land Tank, DaleStrout and Will Anderson in the same draf.
Yeah we like him, but canwe stop? But like they haven't
played a game. This This islike those dudes who the high school player

in late December goes from a fourstart oh five star and I go,
wait a minute, did I missa high school game that he played that
he like? It's just good.We're subject. We get the name in
our head and we start to romanticizeit. We go, oh, Tank
Dell's freaking awesome. Yeah, he'sawesome. Now I think he's gonna be
one of the best ever. Like, wait, spe so down. We
could say he's gonna be awesome withoutlike elevating him. Now, still,

he's gonna be the first thousand yardreceiver? What what's going into that?
Like? How are we deciding that? People are just talking? The only
way I can say with that standis okay, Yes, Stefan Diggs and
Nico Collins are drawing all the attentionof the top two corners, so Tank
Dell finds himself open. Yes,he'll probably by that letter of the law.
Yes, he could hit the thousandyards first. But you know,

I mean, if you go andI haven't done it, and I'm ros
should do that exercise if we trackedlike big play, like yards per reception
is not that hard to do.I would like to compare Steph Diggs,
Tank and Nico. I think Tankhad more yards per reception than Nico did.

A year ago, So if youextrapolate that out over a full season,
I'm guessing that's why they're saying Tankis gonna get to one thousand yards.
For he had a sixty eight yarderagainst Jacksonville earlier in the year.
But I side of that, really, there's only other big plays. He
had a forty yard catch against Arizona. That was the one that got everybody's
attention back of the end zone.Arizona a couple of twenty nine yarders,
but yeah, I mean it wasn'ta ton of long bombs. Nico had

a couple. Yeah, the seventyfive yard a versus the Colts certainly stands
out there. All right, let'sbreak, let's come back. I got
one other nugget on the Texas Iwant to get to before we pivot into
Rockets. There's a Rockets nugget aswell. Draft coming up Wednesday night.
We will be over at the GeorgeH. Brown if memory serves correct,

all right, Homer Houston Sports SportsTalk seven ninety Name of the shows.
Next Up? Next Up continues onyour phone. Listen to Sports Talk seven
ninety on any device with our freeiHeartRadio app. What's going on? Monday,
getting things started on the right foothere in the gallerya area west loops
south to be precise, stand SportsmanChris Gordy appreciate you guys allowing us to

maintain our status as your home forHouston sports. If you missed the first
hour and a half of the show, go to Sports seven ninety dot com.
You can also use the free iHeartRadioapp. Talked a lot about astros.
We'll get back to astros in thatopening hour. We have now pivoted
into the NFL and a couple thingswith the Rockets that I want to get

to here in just a little bit. One of the things we were talking
about Nick Caserio in the previous segment, and his hit rate since he and
Dimiko have been joined, is reallyreally good, not perfect, but really
really good. Every GM is gonnamiss, but those two dudes, along
with CJ. Stroud, those arethe pillars We're gonna build a Super Bowl

champion off of now. One ofthe moves that Nick Casserio has made this
offseason is obviously the addition of runningback Joe Mixon. Gordy we mentioned last
year he hit on Devin Singletary.I was higher on singletary when he was
signed than you were. It endedup Devon had a great year. He
was rewarded with a contract. Hegone fine. Joe Mixon is a better

player. There's an upgrade at therunning back position. We will see if
Damian Pierce looks more like he didin year one, or is he more
like it was in year two thatit wasn't that great. We'll see.
And then they've drafted Jawar Jordan outof Louisville and I think that was round
four. Now CBS dot com theyranked the top twenty running backs heading into

twenty twenty four. Gordy, isJoe Mixon on this list? No?
Should Joe Mixon be on this list? No, that's insane. So I
think you are right. The articleis up. It came out this morning
about an hour ago, so tospeak. So obviously they have McCaffrey listed

as the best back in the league. He's earned that. McCaffrey is working
on one of those Hall of Fametype careers they have because they went in
verse order, they win the otherway. So McCaffrey's won. Derrick Henry's
two. I'm scrolling Bjon Robinson isthree, Like, wait a minute,

What are we doing? Bijon hasthree? Well, look the breakout potential
of him. Nathan Taylor's forth theybarely used him in Atlanta last year and
he's still almost got to a thousandyards Like they under they under yours.
I think now it's a different coachingstaff. There's a different group in there.
They're gonna say, we gotta getpeeched on the button. Look,
you got all these weapons. Nowhe got Kirk Cousins actually have an actual

decent quarterback. So yeah, Ican make the case for some of these
guys. I can't make the casefor dude like Nick Chubb is coming back
off of significant knee injury, multiplesurgeries. They've got him at five,
but one healthy Nick Chubb is ais a better is the top five runner?
We haven't seen how he performs,Like we don't know what he is
coming off surgery. Saying can besaid for Breeze Holme, who did not

look the same after his offseason injury. Still Kim and I last year of
one thousand yards SA Kwan Barkley ison this list at seven. Jamier Gibbs,
I like in Detroit, Josh Jacobs, I mean all the names they
one had just hundred thousand yards lastyear, but that was in Philly and
they weren't really I mean, JalenHurts was more than a run game.

Do you think he I'm sorry?Or was he in New York with the
Eagles? This year? Will SaeKwon Barkley Benning running back? I think
so. Of course he's gonna havebetter quarterback play and better weapons around him,
a better offensive line. For sure, he'll be better. Like James
Connor is on this list at sixteen. I mean, then we start getting
to bro and all do this isConnor though every time I want to discount

him. And I'm looking at thisfrom a fantasy perspective because that's that's what
you look at. But dude stillwas six in the league in rushing last
year. I don't like it.I don't. I would never take him
in fantasy because I don't want towatch the Arizona Cardinals play football. But
he's good man, he produces.Devon A. Chain is on this list
at number seventeen, former Aggy.He's awesome. I mean, and Raheem

Moster was still the starter, butI think they should have given all the
carries out. We're Now, thereare not twenty running backs better than Joe
Mixing other Texans. I remind you, Joe Mixing was eighth in the league
in rushing yards last year wild splittingtime. He had one thousand and thirty
four yards. Joe Mixing average fouryards of carry, Joe Mixing nine rushing

touchdowns yards per game. Joe Mixonwas in the top half of the league
in running backs. There are nottwenty backs better than Joe Mixing, and
it pisses me off that he's notgetting his due here. Yeah, I'd
said it's ten, but I wouldn't. I'd put him somewhere in that eleven
to fifteen range. Bro whoever thatwrote this article, I look at the
author here in just a little bit. They didn't even give Joe Mixon honorable

mention. Honorable mention? What toAlvin Kamara, James Cook, David Montgomery
and Detroit, Najee Harris with theSteelers, Ramadre Stevenson with the Papers who
just signed a nice extension, andRashad White with the Buccaneers. So that's
how many more dudes, one,two, three, four or five?
There are twenty six running backs betterthan Joe Mixon. In this league.

That's crazy. People are sleeping onthis Texans roster on paper Florido is sleeping
Who wrote this damn article? BecauseI'm getting heated when I think about the
CBS. This is cbssports dot Com. Garrett Podley, don't know who that
is. That's the problem. Andthey bringing these little dudents from right out
of college. It's as a CBSsports writer. And yeah, look,

I'm not gonna say. I mean, there could be a case that maybe
you think mixing is kind of hit. We've seen his best days, right
that this kind of it. He'speaked. He was the belcout last year
in Cincinnati. I mean it wasn'tlike they had a two headed run attack.
He was the guy. He hadtwo hundred fifty seven carries. The
next best guy, Chase Brown hadforty four. I mean was he was

the belcout. Oh I'm thinking abouthim splitting Carrious couple years ago with Samachi
p Ryan. Yeah no, thishe was the dude in running football last
year and when they lost Joe Burrow, they kind of had to, you
know, they had to pivot andmaybe run the football a little bit more
with him. But he's twenty seven, and maybe you could think, you
know, that was he's seen hisbest days and he played all seventeen games

last year. Did Joe Mixon?Yeah, he's had a thousand yards four
different times in his what is thissix year career? Seven year career?
He rushed for one and twenty twentythree. He did it again in twenty
one, he did it in nineteen, and did it in eight. Like,
what are we doing here? Ijust it really took me back.

I said again, this is nowback to back years. I'm making this
proclamation. Joe Mixon running the footballin this system, and if Damian Pierce,
he don't even he doesn't even haveto be what he was that first
year, that rookie season. Ifhe can give me seventy five percent of
what he was as a rookie tocompliment Joe Mixon, this will be not

the best, but one of thebest. This will be one of the
better running back rooms in the league. And for what Bobby Sloyd and Demico
want to do with this offensive linebeing healthy, We're gonna look up at
the end of this year and Ihaven't even got to Joe Mixon as a
receiving back. We're gonna look upat the end of this year, Jill,
like I said about Devin Singletary,and we're gonna go Joe Mixon was

worth the money. ESPN already hastheir I'm surprised her half this out.
They normally you don't see this untillater in the summer, but they've already
got their top. You know,they're basically they're cheat sheets for eight team
by team. Yeah, for fantasyfootball? Fantasy Where would you think they
have Joe Mixon ranked in terms offantasy running back? Running back? Here's

why I don't like fantasy in thiscapacity. I know the question you're asking,
Joe is going to have to splitlike he's not going to get the
touches when you got Stefan Niko andTank and Dalton Schultz, why your team
still gotta be predicated in the runninggame. He's not going to get the
touch? Is that a Josh Jacobsor a Saquon is going to get?

So I would say you're talking aboutstrictly running back where it's ESPN hasn't at
fantasy football. I need a dudewho can produce numbers. Where does he
don't think he's going to be thatguy? I'm going to say running back.
They probably got Joe Mixing at fifteeneleventh best running back. Okay,

okay, now we're talking with someSam McCaffrey, Breistall b Jon Robertson,
Jonathan Taylor, Kyron Williams, SaquonBarkley Pacheco, Jamier Gibbs, U s
A. T and Derrick Henry.Then Joe Mixon. What's very interesting about
this is that's just the position ranking. If we're doing just top three hundred,
and this is non PPR, justtop three hundred players in fantasy,

Joe Mixon is twenty three, twentythird best. What bet you said?
This is the Yeah, No,this is just the ESPN's like their fantasy
so that they put out every year. What's his name? Uh, Stele,
I forget the kids name, thedude's name, he's not a kid
anymore. Well, it used tobe Matthew Berry and a bunch of all
those fantasy guys. Yeah, let'sdo that. Let's pauls has comeback.

Let's do the rockets back in thestrows. I want to hear from Steve
Sparks came by Deshaun Salisbury show atseven o'clock this morning. I do believe
we'll close out of Monday here inSports Talk seven ninety studios, legendary KB and ME
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