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June 12, 2024 10 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up react to former Houston Texans head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien, who made an appearance on the "Next Up With Adam Breneman" podcast to reflect on his time in Houston, saying he regretted taking on the general manager responsibility.
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A guy that used to be incontrol of NFL camps here in Houston.
He used to be the coach hereas well. Bill O'Brien is in the
news. He was on the Ironicallythe Next Up podcast with Adam Brenneman courtesy
of YouTube, and Bill O'Brien wasasked who's now the head honcho in Boston

College. Bill O'Brien was asked abouthis tenure as head coach and general manager
of the Houston Texans. He hadthis to say, would would make you
the GM, So in the end, that's not who I am. That's
another lesson learned right, Like,you know, I didn't really enjoy being
the GM. I didn't enjoy negotiatingcontracts. I in some respects I lost

relationships with some of the guys thatI was coaching. Bill O'Brien says he
did not enjoy negotiating contracts. Itimpacted the relationships he had with some of
the players, and so many ofus that follow the Texans Lovedxans. We
certainly wouldn't trade the Miko away tobring a Bill O'Brien bett. We like
that his Demico CJ thing is working, but for the hell of it,

kind of a slow news week.He's rewriting history. Though he wanted that,
of course he did. He thoughtfor he wanted full control. He
wanted to be He thought he wasa second coming to Belichick because he worked
Belichick in New England and the mcinair'swere obsessed with Everything's Patriots and it was
like, oh, this guy's gonnaget us going here. But yeah,

man, it was not. Itwas not a good decision. He was
he was a good football coach,not bad. He was not great.
He was just a good football coach. At the Texans had some great success
South champs. What is it threetimes? Three time? Yeah, three
time AFC South Champs. But youknow what, what what ultimately happened was

he he butted heads with I meanbasically you look at the Texans GM history
and you know he came in andkind of butted heads with Rick Smith.
They bring in Brian Gain in twentyeighteen, who by all accounts did a
pretty good job, and Gain onlylasted a year and then Bill O'Brien runs
him out of town. And youknow that this coincides with the whole Jack

Easterbrey thing coming in and getting morecontrol and Billy Oh becomes the de facto
GM and it was it was justnot a good decision. And again I
will say it was the worst trade, not just the history of the Houston
Texans, the worst trade in NFLhistory. Whoa trading job. No,
no, no trading bway DeAndre Hopkinsfor a rundown David Johnson off risk surgery.

It is the worst trade in thehistory of the NFL. So I
can't go there. That's you knowit is. Give me up, Give
me a worst one. The Texanstrade in March sixteenth, twenty twenty is
a day that will live in infamy. The day the Texans traded David DeAndre
Hopkins in the middle of his prime, a Pro Bowl wide receiver, oh
pro type of wide receiver, anda fourth round pick and you throw it

a fourth round pick and David Johnsonwas making David john You didn't even get
a first for d hop You gota second and a twenty twenty one fourth.
I mean that was the he gotfleece go. It is the worst
trade in the history the NFL.Find me a worst one. I'll I'll
start with Herschawalker. That was aterrible trade. The Cowboys won multiple titles
off that one trade. I'll juststart there. I'm not saying it's bad.

I'm just saying I'm not saying itwasn't good. It's just not the
worst one. Ever. Here's whatI never understood about Bill O'Brien. To
me, it wasn't just a dhot deal. The Houston Texans let go
of Dwayne Brown in his prime,Jadeveon Clowney, and DeAndre Hopkins, and
not a single first round pick cameback in either of those deals. That

is impossible to fathom. Nonetheless,there're plenty AFC South banners hanging over there
NRG to solidify with Bill O'Brien.How about this one. Bill O'Brian went
on to quote, yeah, wemade some controversial decisions, meaning as an
organization. Yeah, good night,Bill was okay. I was reading something

else from this thing. What didhe say? I didn't know the two
and then trade has worked out.But at the time they get that was
a lot they gave up for tonsllike and it's been worth it. You
you have to have a franchise lefttackle. So whatever they paid, and
I don't have the exact trade infront of me, it was worth it
to get a borderline Hall of Fameleft tackle. I'm not saying he's there.

He's got some work to do,but borderline he'll get some boats.
Certainly tons Lt in the first ballotrun the Texans said, or Laramie Tonsel,
Kenny Stills in a fourth came fromMiami to the Texans for two first
round picks, a second round pick, and then they threw in Johnson Bademosi
and Julian Davenport again to to firstand a second for tunsl As good as

he's been, we can still lookback at hindsight and say that's a lot.
None I'm doing that. You haveto. It's a lot. And
you know what I'm gonna say it. Since many people get on you don't
think you could have found that lefttackle with none of those first round pick.
No you could have. You're notfinding there's a bit a good left
tackle since Tunsel not better than him. No, we're not doing this.

We're not going back by the directevery draft, and we're not doing this.
You're not finding a left tackle betterthan laram and Tunsel. That's just
you're not doing that, not givingwith everything else they needed at that time.
So I'm not doing that. Iknow you're on the Bill O'Brien payroll.
I'm not telling you I'm with Billy. O'll pay you for the second
that deal? Cool with that?Uh? Okay, let me let me
just look Kendrick Wills and Tristan Wurf'sbeen pretio pro bowler with the Buck John.

You don't know they would have beenin position to do that. They
needed other things with two first ina second, one of those picks not
going to be around the second round. We know there's thirteen not going to
be around in the second round.Okay, then I would have taken it
one of those first and the secondpackage them together to move out saying I
still have another first. You're sayingthat now you don't know what that is

in real time? Can I moveon with Bill O'Brien quote that stood out
to me? He says, inmy opinion, there are very few guys
in the history of football that canever be coach and general manager simultaneously,
and they are the greatest of thegreats. I feel like I'm a good
coach. I know how to evaluatetalent, but I shouldn't be negotiating contracts

and things like that so in theend that that was a mistake by me
and I really wish I didn't dothat. To be honest with you,
Houston, Billy, Billy O'Brien apologize. Billy Oh says he's bad, he
didn't mean to do that to August. Welcome back here, Boston. Why

are you doing that to Bill?Oh? Knew anything to you? Does
the guy fall who falls more upwardthan Bill O'Brien. I mean, like
the dude like literally went from hehe he went from getting figed to go
be the OC at Alabama and thenbegin gets the OC job at Ohio State
this offseason and then goes, ohway, BC wants to me as a
head coach. I'm gonna go jumpthere, like Jesus is he is it

gonna be the head coach of theRaiders next year? Like he just keeps
falling upwards. kJ up in Cyprus. Man, let's talk some text and
shallow. What's on your mind?Fallous Fallace fellas again? Man, I
love to show I feel like I'mpart of the crew are indeed, but
real quick man, Chris argue withyou on this is revision this history on

Bill O'Brien's part, uh, BillO'Brien, and I think everything that Bill
O'Brien said for the most part ofthe interview with self Service, Bill O'Brien
wants the NFL job, and heknows right now as a right now he's
track ricking in the NFL with generalmanagers, it's very tainted. So this
is this is his of trying toput a spin on it to make him
look humbled, make him look makehim make it look like he realized his

shortcomings as a general manager. Twopotentially opens the door for him to come
back to the league. That's justmy opinion. I'm down everything to substantiate
that, but that's my opinion.He's putting the spin on to try to
get back in the league and realquick before I let y'all go man.
I may have asked out this acouple of weeks ago, but I want
to get y'all if I did justwork with me the Rockets. It's a

random Rockets question. But right now, with the with the core young players,
they have Tory Eason, Amari Thompson, Chongoon, Jalen Green, Jabiri,
Jabari Smith and Sham with it,I know we're not going to I
know We're not gonna be able toresign all of those guys, but when
the when? When? When thewhen? The when? The payment is
due? And you can only keepthree of them. Of those three,

which the three guys that you guysbuild a team around as used a lot
of show here. What I gottasay, appreciate you and Cyprus. We
did this about a month ago.Gordon and I see the three that I
would keep moving forward if if Ihad to do it today is shing Gun,

Jalen Green and I'm in Thompson,Cam Whitmore. I'm sorry, I
love Cam Whitmore's game. Your threegoing on the way to break? I
mean what Moore? Like I IThe toughest part with this is we don't
know what any of these guys areyet. Like Jabari Smith we've seen for
two years, but isn't he liketwenty still? Ja Smith still twenty like

I still he's twenty one? LikeI'm not giving up on that kid yet.
He just started twenty one a fewweeks ago. Like I'm like,
i gotta see what he's gonna bein year three, year four. Jalen
Green would kind of have an ideaon what he is already. I'm in
there very high on. I thinkhis potential is out of this world.
But it's it's tough because you're payingFred Vanvleeton Dylan Brooks a ton of money.

You gotta keep rolling with them thenext couple of years and build around
them. But I don't know,man, I'm I'm curious to see if
they getting any phone calls of anyestablished stars out there. All the rumors
are still out there for Michael Bridges, Zach Levine, Jeremy Grant up in
Portland, There's none of those guysare like, no worldly, I'm not,
you know, I'd rather stick withthe young core and keep developing them.

All right, let's step aside,come back, you brought up the
NBA or the NBA was brought upby REVKJ up there in Cyprus Finals Game
three tonight. We will pivot backinto Astros and I still have what I
thought was a pretty interesting nugget fromall places. Forbes has been talking to
Will Anderson Jr. Yeah that Forbes, What is that all about? Will

continue going around the city of Houstonand the sports landscape here on Next Up
Sports Talk seven ninety Legendary KB andMe
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