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June 12, 2024 81 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros defeating the San Francisco Giants 3-1 to tie the series at a game apiece. After two consecutive walk-off losses, the Astros rebounded Tuesday as Ronel Blanco started on the mound and struck out eight batters, allowing only one run in six innings. The bullpen protected the lead with Tayler Scott, Bryan Abreu and Ryan Pressly each throwing a scoreless inning. The Astros will attempt to win three series in a row with the final game against the Giants on Wednesday. Stan and Chris give the latest updates on Kyle Tucker and Yainer Diaz who are both dealing with injury, review comments from Bill O'Brien who addressed his time as the Texans head coach and general manager, react to the passing of NBA legend Jerry West and more.
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Now what's next? Next stop?It's the Nick Man up. Next step,
the next step, take the nextstep, Next up, next stop,
next, next up? This teamwant to be next? This is
Next Up with Tad Norfleeten Chris Gordy. Let's see what's next next next set

on one here in Hsha. Welcomeinto Next Up here on Sports Talk seven
to ninety. It is a Wednesday, Happy hop day everybody out there.
Lot of homping going on on Wednesdays. The Astros victorious last night, winning
out in San fran three to one. What did you just say? Don't
worry about it? And today achance to take a series. For all

the negativity and all that Astros whentoday can make it three straight series victories,
how about that? Unfortunately, thoseMariners won't lose, so the Astros
can't close the gap with them.Rangers loss, so that was good.
We'll get into that, the makingsof last night. Some oddities last night.
Hey, Ryan Presley got a safe? How about that? So that

was good to see for the Astro. You remembers how to do that?
Great. We'll get into some HoustonTexans conversation as well. Some odds and
ends out there. Bill O'Brien lookingback fondly on his time yuck in Houston.
You know all those great trads hemade, like uh, you know,
trading DeAndre Hopkins for a backup potatochips to day n Clowney, no
first round pick for you. Uhyeah, he did bring up Tunsal.

Hey, Tunsil, he's good.Right, Yeah, I guess he's good.
Let's give up a king's ransom forhim. But nonetheless, we got
all that to get into and muchmore. Stan Northfleet, I'm Chris Gordy.
Welcome in Connor McGovern with us aswell, stand the man. Whatever,
what's up? Good morning, Eystown, everybody, Good Connor d Thanks
to everybody. Appreciate the Sean SalisburyShow each and every weekday morning sixty.

Today, am right here on SportsTalk seven ninety. You're home for Houston
Sports. Get into the show forthe next two hours seven one three,
two one two five seven ninety.You can also hit us up at Sports
Talk seven ninety. Appreciate you doinga rundown right there, Gordon, and
let's start there. Astros in actionlast night Gordon, Late night Baseball in
the Bay Oracle Park and Lo Mahoethe Strolls found a way to win a

baseball game when they only scored threeruns, Gordon, and they would win
three to one. We will bragon a lot of people here, four
starters when we just do a generalYou know, I'm big in the scene
set when you do the general sceneset. We had a very intense conversation
on this show yesterday just about thestate of the Strolls, and y'all know

things could get a little dicey,and we started trying to predict the future
in the trade, the in linenext month, blah blah blah blah.
But for right now, the Strollsneeded to do what was necessary. They
just got to get wins. AndI heard a conversation pop up again.
Stros win yesterday or last night ifyou didn't stay up for the game,
they win three to one. Andin your mind, Gordy, is this

about not just ending the two gamelosing streak you highlighted there being in position
to win three series in a row. Is this about for you ultimately the
seven and a half games back thatthey are in the division, or is
this about being the whatever they sevengames back from being five hundred? Yeah?
I think all you can do rightnow is worry about yourself. You

know, it's it's still very earlyto worry about what the what the Mariners
are doing. Again, ultimately youwant to be closing that gap. But
all you can do really is worryabout yourself. Here's the thing. If
you start winning and you start climbingout of this even if the Mariners keep
winning, what starts to open upis possibly another a Waldcart spot one of
these other divisions. I know wekind of dismissed it saying like, ah,

you know, look, only oneteam, only one playoff team,
is going to come out of theOOS. But again that's where I say,
like, worry about yourself. Youstart winning, you climb out of
this hole. Who knows the Marriorscould run away with aos. But if
you take care of your business,suddenly you can get a wildcard spot away
from some one of these other divisionsif you take care of business. And
now I guess the goal is toget above five hundred. But you know,

look there it's all ebbs and flows. The Mariners are playing the god
awful White Sox in a four gameseries, and so they were able to
win three in a row when inthe last game of the Kansas City Series.
But they got some series coming upagainst you know, the Mariners against
the Orioles, you know, sowe'll see what happens. But again,
first things first, you got toworry about yourself. And how about run

O Bloco. We were concerned alittle bit coming out of the suspension,
you know, is he you know, was using sticky stuff whatever. And
that first game back he pitched seveninnings of one run ball against the A's,
you know, like, okay,great, he's good. But also
it was the A's. And thenext two times out against the the the
Twins and the Cardinals, he getsthe four earned in both of those and
we start to kind of looking ina little sideways, go oh man,

was was this a fluke? Lastnight? Assured us it was not a
fluke. He was awesome. Sixinnings of one run ball. He is
absolutely, in my opinion, youknow, should be in the All Star
conversation. I know there's other pitchersout there who are better in the American
League, but he deserves at leastsome recognition for what he's done this year,
because again, without him, thisAstro season is dead and over.

If ron of Blanco's not doing he'sdoing. I continue to say it because
it's what it reminds me of Blancois doing this year. And I haven't
compared the numbers Blanco's being this yearto god, seeing that JP France was
last year, and more so Ithink Blanco is better. You mentioned the
stats there, Blanco six and twoon the season, getting to win last
night, six innings from him,just three hits, allowing just one er.

How about eight ks walk just onequality start. Congratulations to ron Dell
Blanco, who, by the way, improves to five and zero on the
road as an astro with the winlast night over San fran Blanco absolutely one
of the highlights from that standpoint.And before he handed the ball over to
Taylor Scott, Blanco, what didhe have? Ninety six pitches last night?

Was able to work his way outof a jam late. I thought
they might pull him Gordy in thefifth. I believe that is might have
been early in the sixth. Butnonetheless, he works his way out of
it and boom he hands the ballto Taylor Scott. Taylor Scott and Brian
a bray you both get a wholea Bray you got into some trouble that
should have been the eighth inning,and then huh, here's Ryan Presley in

a save. Opportunity comes and savesthe day. No earned runs for any
of those in relief, just fifteenpitches for Presley. He gets his second
save of the season. Funny howthat works when Ryan Presley is in his
closer role that we remember him manwow, man, and didn't blow us
a. Matt Thomas brought up wesaw a clean shaving Ryan process. I

didn't see it. I'd have aneffect. It's kind of you know,
sometimes players do that, like whenthey're in a funk and they got long
hair, sometimes they'll cut the hair. Bregman would do stuff like that.
He would dye the hair suddenly withblond hair. Bregman gets on a heater.
You know, It's like baseball's veryquirky like that sometimes. And so
I wonder, you know, I'mcurious if you asked Ryan Pressley about that,
Hey, did you did shaving?Did you feel like you're a refreshed,

rejuvenated new player and you just cameout with a lot more confidence tonight.
But yeah, certainly a lot ofgreat stories last night, and you
know, Bregman getting a big hitthat. I mean it was an infield
single that he beat out but scorestwo runs and that was the difference maker.
And yeah, I mean, look, can the offense be better?
Sure? I mean yet it wasa night where you had seven hits and
scored three runs. But you know, these are the ones that matter.

These are the ones you'll look backat the end of the year and go,
look, you just found ways toget it done. You know it's
a pipe dream. I think theoffense can scores seven runs every night,
I get it. But you knowthey have that potential every night to do
that. But these are the winsthat you say, that's a good win.
And and again I hate to putpressure on him, but like win
today, because if you will losetoday, Stan, you lose two out

of three, say, it justdeflates all the You know, it's so
much better to come out of thisand say you've won three straight series.
Let's keep this train rolling as opposedto the train and gets off the track.
If he is today a couple guys, I want to continue to brag
on and then we'll step aside.We'll come back. I want to hear
from jee Spotder. We'll hear fromAlex Bregman as well. We mentioned rone

l Blanco. He's been excellent asa team. It's just something a note
that I came across right here fromlast night. The Astros came into the
game last night just three and twentyeight Gordon in games where they scored three
runs or fewer that obviously now fourand twenty eight finding ways to win that

you just have to. They haveno choice. They're seven and a half
back in the division, six gamesback from being five hundred. You gotta
go get and that's what we spenta lot of time on yesterday. The
winna both third games in consecutive seriesthat were there that they did not take
care of business, or the secondand third game. But you understand my
point. There are Game one versusSan Frean the previous night. Also Alex

Bregman, you mentioned him there onefor four last night the RBI you highlighted
how about the thirteen game hit Streetfrom Alex Bregman. Would you say,
I don't know that. I wouldsay he's heating up, but I would
say that obviously is a welcome edition. I don't think this team can get
done what they need to get donewith how Bregman played in March, April
and May right, and that's andthat's why I've shut down, you know,

I've said, you know, let'snot trade him like he's the I
understand everybody's oh, he's gonna befree agent. Yeah, but what if
you get to the playoffs and youmake a run and Bregman is a part
of that. You know, ifhe walks, he walks. But it's
the same thing has happened with Springerand Korey and all that. Like,
you know, it would be anawesome farewell of Bregman if he doesn't come
back to watch him on the WorldSeries float going down downtown streets, seestras

when their third World Series and whateverit is eight years So you know,
again that's that's what I think ofwhat I think of Bregman. Yeah,
just because you have a hitting streetdoesn't mean the average is getting up there.
I mean, they'll sit at twothirty six. So it's like if
you go one for four, onefor four to one for four every now,
it's not raising your average, butit is helping. And and for
all those games that we've had witha lot of guys going over over over,

you know, and ironically one ofthe guys with multiple hits yesterday's John
Singleton, who finally got to startback at first base. I want to
talk some more about him in thenext segment. Let me finish up this
point on Bregmant the thirteen game hitstreak, longest active streak in the American
League. I think it's fantastic,and I want to also digress to Ronelle
Blanco. After allowing when eight earnedruns in his last ten and a third,

He's allowed one run on three hitsover his last six innings, walk,
one, struck out, a er A two sixty seven da da
da dah, only seven foul ballslike Blancos in his own I saw MLB
dot com posted their five leading candidatesfor the Cy Young in the AL in
NL. No Roneale Blanco in thetop five. I have not looked to

see what the expanded odds are towin the Cy Young. You mentioned all
Star. There will be a kfor him to do such. All right,
we got updates on Kyle Tucker.We also got to get into as
you mentioned, Mauricio dubon John Singleton. You brought up much more astros discussion.
We invite you Houston to get involved. As we are your home of

the Astros. This is Next Upseven one, three, five, seven
ninety to the next episode. Youcan't even stop yourself fin John and Dory
next up as Next Up continues onseven ninety. You know what I wanted

to start with that cause easy's justto let that loss from last night just
linger and drag you, you knowto game two. But you know this
group just bounces back the final waysto fight back and that was a huge
team win. Right there, let'sskip for Joe Aspata responding to the Astros

getting back into the win column inthe Bay Area Oracle Park, Low somewhere
around San Francisco. Welcome back,stan Fleet, Gordy, right there your
home in Astros Baseball here on SportsTalk seven ninety Game three, get away
game of this three game set thisafternoon, we get Afternoon Baseball Gordon Astros

on deck at one point thirty.That'll get you into the Astros radio network.
And then somebody, whether it beMatt Thomas on the back side or
the eighteen, will have Astros ondeck. Matt Thomas will have on deck
because it's in false show. Andthen Russell tenth All right. So that's
the combination there. When the Astrosare in on the struggle bus, you

know you're gonna get real authentic conversationfrom us here on next up. That's
why would a number one sports showat least time for a number one sports
show three months in row? Appreciateyou Houston. All right, Gordon,
let's talk about some good we justheard from George spotted there. Astros have
been really disappointing losses in extra inningsback to back nights. How would they

play last night? Still know KyleTucker in the lineup, though I did
see Chandler Rome tweet this. KyleTucker is still not doing baseball activities,
Joe Spoder said updated on Yannet.Das swung a bat yesterday. Is doing
better. Das could catch in anemergency situation. But we know that the
Astros activated, says Salazar, togive them more flexibility with the bench.

So from an injury standpoint, wehad those two. What else did I
want to get into? John Singleton? No Bray you so we can't bitchmon
complain about Jose Bray you he didn'tplay yesterday? Well, what's it?
What's enough to go back and lookat this, But I don't know if
it be a big discrepancy. Butwhat's their win loss record when he plays
versus when he doesn't play. Isaw that recently and I think it is

and I think it's not that bigof a discrepancy. But you can't remember
this. But it didn't feel likethey were kind of rolling, and then
as soon as he came back,it was like lost loss. Yes,
yeah, yeah. When you talkabout first base and what happened at least
yesterday, a couple of people weneed to brag on. How about John
Singleton? Uh, two for three, two hits for him walk once as

well. Now, the average isn'tgonna blow your way, nor will the
slash line he's batt in two nineteen, but he was at least serviceable yesterday.
I saw somebody post us. Theysaid, go look at John Singleton
reached space three times last night.Husey bringing his last seven games, has
reached pace three times. That's justso See that gets me pissed off because

now when I think about the previousnight, when a spot is pitching,
bray, you and missus didn't didn'tbitch it him? Yeah, so yeah,
well yeah, didn't pinch up.No a bray you got in and
then he started he was over fourand then he batted in the ninth.
I was like, you should haveswitched. You should have put Cabbage up

or somebody and then let uh JohnSingle to come in. There was low
Brafito, But again you know it'schiller on point. It out is low
Perfido could have great success against oneof the best closes in baseball. Probably
not, But what happened was youcome around to the tenth and he's the
go he's the pinch runner at orhe's the runner at second base. You
could have had let him take thatat bat instead of Jose Brad. My

point also want to give a nodeto how about that shot down the first
base line, John Singleton flashing someleather there? What is that? That
should have been bottom of the eighth, John Singleton on that first base line
there when things started to get alittle clunky. Also in the bottom of
the eighth, how about Trey Cabbagein right field getting on his horse,
flashing some leather. So I wantto make sure I love on the guys

when they're doing good things. Fromdefensive standpoint as well, we haven't got
to this. I thought this wasanother critical piece of the game. Gordon
Jose on Tuva. How do yougo down and get a ball that far
out of the zone given his miniaturestature without stepping on the plate, he
found way to get the ball atleast in a position to score. Who

was that on that first one?Was that? Who was that that came
around? Whose the two A scorein that first? Our two B ground
that out? Dubon. Dubon comesaround and scores that made it one zero
top of the third. I thoughtthat was noticeable as well. Anything for
you that was But that's the tradition, Like that's what they need to do
more of, is it was?We call manufacturer run. Dubon has a

ground a little double the lead offterrotated grounds out, but it moves Dubon
the third, Our two A groundsout the second and scores Dubon. Those
are the those are the you know, not leaving a runner and scoring position
that they've been doing so much thisseason. And again this goes came in
hand with the other night extra innings. You know, bunt singles infield singles
like fine ways to get runs acrossstop leaving runners in scoring position and let's

deal some bags. Yeah, Imean we get some things going here,
be pick pick and choose on thatbecause you know our two a's wanting to
get caught stealing a lot. Jordanthinks he's damn Hussein boath. Jordan's out
there running around taking third basis thatwhat do Youordon do last night? Let
me go to this line. Ican't remember one for four. He's batten

two ninety, did not walk,did not drive in any runs. That's
I he was alright to night before. Jordon is allowed to have, especially
in a victory. Jordons is allowedto uh not be fantastic and quote unquote
player of the game. I'll becurious to see the lineup today. I'm
curious that they're gonna put a brayyou back in at for you know,
Singleton is a great game, andit's like, are you gonna go right

back to the Jose bray you again? You know, Jordan Hicks is a
right hander yesterday, so you knowthat was uh, maybe you're playing the
match, you blokeing web as arighty today. Logan Webb's a really good
picture, by the way. He'sjust he's been sucking stuck in San Francisco
where they haven't had they've only madethe postseason once in that crazy in his

six years that he's even higherhood theyused to be. And uh, you
know, but it's crazy, likego look at his numbers. I mean,
this dude just produces two years agoeleven wins. In twenty twenty one,
fifteen and nine, and twenty twentytwo, I went eleven and thirteen.
Last year dipped a little bit,but look at the eras every year
three h three, two ninety three, twenty five, last year, two

ninety two this year. That dudeis the model of consistency. So he's
gonna be a tough matchup today.But you know, the good news is
you got Fromber gone. Fromber's beenvery good as of late. So Fromber's
whipped one point one five. Goodfor you Fromber five and three on the
season. Look his last two starts, it's two starts in the month of
June, he's two to zero witha one thirteen era. I mean,

Fromber's been awesome. Fromber has indeedbeen awesome. Uh, says on Anasa.
I'm not you know, they gotto put somebody up there. Now,
what they're doing with Joey Lopafito.You brought that up, and I
need somebody to help me understand whatexactly is this? You are just burning
his options for what reason? Youkeep telling us? What did Joe Bottle

tell us we will see him playingin San Francisco? Yeah, we saw
him play. We didn't see him. Bet they what do they do?
Pinch run with? They pinch runwith with local fedo. What are they
doing here? Either you think thekid is ready to help you or he's
not. But this up down,all the rounds just didn't make a sense
for me. Help me, God, I need you give me something.
I mean, I don't know isthe answer? It Again, he comes

up, he does this thing.He gets set back down because you're not
playing him every day because Chaz comesback and you know, basically sat up
here for a week not playing.So they send him back down to Triple
A. They start using him asthe first baseman and outfielder and kind of
back and forth, and then theyput Kyle Tucker on the on the IL

and and they bring him up andit was almost just like insurance. He
just said he didn't play an anygame over the weekend. And then and
people are like, oh, wellit was all lefty pitchers. Okay,
I get it. But then listento Dana Brown on the pregame on Sunday.
He goes, oh, yeah,he's gonna get in this Giant series,
and then we don't say a spotof Dana and then we don't see
him play, and so it's justI don't know, man, it's it's

a little bit. It's a littlebit frustrating. And again, you know,
some people in the baseball circles andproposed maybe if they do put Jake
Myers out there as a trade piece. You know, if if you could
get you know, a piece foryour farm system for Jake Myers, it
opens the door to let Low Praffitobe your everyday center fielder. You could
still use chats in different spurts andall that. But did Jake Myers stock

went down last anyone oh for fourto three strikeouts, So not not a
good showing for him. If youwanted to flip him. There's my guy,
my Hondurian homeboy, Mauriceo Dubon Hunt. Look at my boy Dubon going
two for three, score two runs, Batten three to oh three. That
should be tops on this squad.Yeah, that's tops on the squad right

now with Kyle Tuck and not playingMauricio Dubon, and that's really what broke
the game open. Bragman reaches onan infield single to third in the top
of the fifth. We know thereis a huge throwing error by third basement
chat Dubond scores that makes it threeto one. My man, Dubon finding
ways to make himself critical. Iknow you like keeping him in that utility

spot. That is where he's bestserved. But given that Dubon being a
former Bay Area native form a memberof the San Francisco Giants, that's got
to feel good me. He's alittle bit more him playing that team.
Yeah, it is funny. SoI heard Wex was bringing up yesterday.
You know, is he have alot of hits in recent games. Yes,
but it's been a lot of onefor four singles with nobody on and

nothing really happens with it. Youknow, people who want Dubond to play
every day will look at oh,he's batting three h three on the season,
But if you really dive deeper inthe numbers, you know this month
he's played in a dozen or sogames and he's got he's been two fifty
and like I said, it's alot of one for four with you know,
a fifth inning, two out singleand then nothing really happens with it.

It's like the numbers could deceive youa little bit. I need a
little more pop, I need alittle bit more power. I need a
little bit more help me produce runsas supposed to just getting dinky singles.
So I don't disagree with you.I just like guys that play winning baseball,
and I know the things you highlightedobviously transition to wins. But given
where the Astros are, I'd ratherhave Dubond playing than not. Next up

continues now. So I'm a newlistener at already a huge new listener.
I love the show with stant Northplatted Chris Gorty on Sports Talk seven ninety.
Man, We're half an hour intoa hump day live from the Sports
Talk seven ninety studios, Nelton inbetween Uptown Park and Riverokes. New to
the station, New to the show, Stay in Northfleet, me, Chris

Gordy him Sports Talk seven ninety us. We are your home in Houston.
Sports We thank you so much forallowing us to maintain our status as such
before we get back into ASTROS.Few other things and some other Major League
Baseball notes, some directly impact inthe ASTROS, some not so much.
I want to make sure that Ipay homage and respect to now the eight

great Jerry West. News broke ohabout an hour ago, give or tape
that he has passed. He's beencalled home by the Lord at age eighty
six. Jerry West, Gord,I know that you have the all of
his accolades, but to qualify whatJerry West, yes the logo, what

he has meant to the game ofbasketball, not just as a player,
but as a personnel man. Thisis a guy that was very influential in
how several championship organizations and going tofind some diamonds in the rough and helping
guys get to positions. You knowSteph Curry anyone. Many of you did

not watch him in college. Yousaw him in the tournament, but many
of you did not know many andI didn't who knew that he would turn
into that. But Jery West sawsomething else. Several other people or some
other players. So I just wantto make sure I acknowledge the contributions to
a game I love professional basketball andwhat Jerry West meant to the community going
anything from you on the pass andthe Jerry West the only thing I mean

obviously the logo and then the youknow, the docuseriies Winning Time that they
did. They portrayed him as atemperamental, foul mouthed executive prone to angry
outbursts and mood swings and not allof that is a last April twenty twenty
two, he demanded a retraction fromthe network within two weeks for the cruel
and deliberately false depiction, as playedby actor Jason Clark. I still have

not seen Winning Time. What's theone that's on Netflix right now? About
uh? Clipped, yeah, clippedabout Donald Thurling and Ed O'Neill. Who
I know him is al Bundi.Many of you, the younger audience will
know him from the office. What'shis character in office? Is it office?
Or no? What's it called?He was a modern family, Modern
family. It is the one I'mthinking about, Thank you all right?

So, and he was Stan Makitain Wayne's World on the Donut Chop.
Hard for me to remember Wayne's World, You're I've seen It's a classics the
holds up. There are a lotof things in this old brain of mind,
and yeah, Wayne's world is justnot up to us. Sphincter says,
what awkward transition there? The wayyou started the show with people humping
on Wednesday and now you got sphinctersConnor, what the hell did y'all talk

about in the pre show meeting withChris Gordon? Still, let's get back
into the phone calls a few otherAstros things as we also pivot into Major
League Baseball seven one three, two, one two five seven ninety. Astros
win last night three to one overthe Giants in the Bay Area. They
will play some afternoon baseball around thoughtwo forty five or so this afternoon.

Ronie Blanco gets the win and thebullpen was excellent. I really appreciate Taylor,
Scott, Brian and Brady Ryan Presley. Presley gets his second save on
the season. So we had somereally good pitching when the bats were not
a popping I threw out this statif you didn't hear it in the first
segment of the show. The Astroscame into last night just three and twenty

eight in games of three runs orfewer will in games, they scored three
runs a fewer, so the strollersdo that. God. Before we get
back to some other news, let'sgo to the northwest side of the city.
Welcome in, Steve. Good morningto you, Steve. Hey,
guys, Yeah, earlier you weretalking about Dubon. You know, I
don't know if y'all obviously you've seenthe movie Moneyball, Yes, you know.

The one thing that the that themanager or the general manager said is
I pay you to get on base. And that's what Dubon does. He
gets on base. If I'm notmistaken. The night before he had two
doubles and I believe a single.And I understand he doesn't have power,
but the whole idea is to geton base, and the people behind you

are supposed to bring you around.So I don't understand. I think I
don't forget one of y'all said that. You know, I want more out
of him, No, I wanthim on base. He's no good to
us if he's not on bass,if he's sitting in the sitting in the
in the dugout after strike out.And the next thing is is you know,
Singleton I would say probably has maybethe third or best I on the

team. This guy here walks alot, and why he is not a
permanent fixture at first base. AndI understand we went through the gottlet on
on on why he's not. Butyou know, the whole idea of baseball
team or any team, is toput the nine best players that gives you

give you the advantage to win onthe field. And that's what Joe Spot
is not doing. And I hopeit's not coming from the top just because
it's a money thing. And ifyou guys do know that, I'll hang
up and listen to the appreciate you. Steve on the northwest side, Gordon
tackle Dubon, But just because Iknow you the one mentioning about Pop.

Yeah, I mean he's he's fine. But all the point I was making
is batting averages and everything like againand go look at Dubon has eight hits,
eight hits and thirty two at batsthis month. You know, he
had the double last night, Butmajority of these hits have been, like
I said, a dinky single inthe fifth when you've already got two outs

and nobody on you single, andthen the next guy lines out and that's
it. But to the college point, do you see some validity and just
get on base and we'll figure everythingelse out. Like Dubon was in the
eighth hole yesterday or last night.Sometimes he's in the ninth. Yeah,
he's been high in order. Iwant to put it this way. People
talk about him like he's the Ohmy god, this guy is one of

the best bats. What are youdoing not putting him in there every day?
And the point being, again,yes, he's had a couple hits,
but again, batting two fifty thismonth in you know, a dozen
or so games played, he's fine. I have no problem with him playing,
but just the whole thing when wefreak out when he's not playing,
it's like it's whack, like it'syou're sitting Barry Bonds or something. I

just think when you are fighting,scratching clawn, I don't care about righty
lefty matchups. I don't care aboutanything. Put your best dudes that get
on base, that move guys around, that pitch the best, that need
to pitch multiple innings. Like nobodyruns better than he is in the last
fourteen games, I do not one. Okay, So again, like he's
fine, I'm okay with him,but again, let's not act like Scott

needs to be playing every isn't it? But but put your best bats in.
Yeah, but y'olse An. Youguys who can produce runs, and
a guy like John Singleton with oneswing of the back can get your run.
All right, let's come back.Let's talk more about the AO.
Wes Gordy has a note for fromthe Rangers. A familiar name, last
name Bigio is also in the MajorLeague Baseball news cycle, and we will

talk some more astros. I gota couple of things I want to hit.
We'll get into the eleven o'clock hour. On the other side, Sports
Talks An Night, Stanton north Fleetand Chris Gordy. This is next up
on Sports Talk seven. I washere, I don't know I was playing
on the other side and then feelsgood. Now it feels good. Shah

faces a familiar face at the sametime, you know, it's just coming
out here and doing us an actress. It's pretty special. Let's wrap up
our one here next to us SportsTalk seven ninety your Homer Strokes baseball,
we will talk Texans in the eleveno'clock hour. A familiar face and voice
to the Houston Texans is uh inthe news. He has some stuff to

say. We'll hear from Bill O'Brienof all people. Also uh some good
things, as it pertains to WillAnderson Jr. That to come for now,
Gordy, I got a I gotan email. I want to make
sure I read this. I don'toften get the emails on air, but
this particular gentleman, he says,Uh, staying I may be wrong,

but Low pa Fido was sent downbecause Johnny DZ dealing with that injury,
and they had to call up SazarSalazar. Yes, but they didn't have
to send him. They could havesent down Cabbage. They could have moved
other people. Why is it lowPerfito and it's not the first time he's
been up and sent back down?Doesn't make a ton of sense now.

That spawned a text exchange by onemy June Gemini brother, one Matt Thomas,
who explained that apparently, because there'sa discrepancy out there right now,
maybe others can clear it up.I can't read it right now, but
Matt Thomas is under the impression thatyou're not burning Low Perffedo's options by sending

him up down, up, down. He's saying there's one option over the
entire season, regardless of how manytimes you go up and down. Now,
I respect Matt, I do.I just heard conflicting information that it
does impact. So somebody out therethere just said, willmore stut, you
just said, this is from thisis from yes m obi website. Only

one minor league option is used perseason, regardless of how many times the
player's optioned to and from the minersof the course of a given season.
However, players may only be optionedfive times per season. After that it
requires outright assignment waivers. So callup, send out, call up,
send out. So he's been calledup? Is that twice? Two or

three times? At least twice?Yeah, so anyway, so it's it's
burning one option year, but youonly got five times. He has to
be on the roster or designated eitherway, is that right? In other
words, you can call him up, sending a call him up, center
out five times. If you doit a six time, what happens he

has to stay on the big leagueclub, or maybe if you try to
send it back down, he's thenoutright is to waivers and anybody can claim,
which they're not going to do.For Joey Lopafito. We know that,
okay, with the point being itwas it was very unnecessary you call
him up. He did. Hewas all up here for three games,
didn't play, and then what wasa pinch runner in the tenth the other
night. So it's just kind oflike everybody's looking at it like do you

like him or not? Like areyou gonna play? And then I saw
some fans saying last night, likeI get this whole thing with the under
diaz as an event, but likeput him on the IL then it'll go
retroactive. And the last day heplayed, Like again, I think they're
thinking, well, if we canget them back in the next couple of
days, But like, I don'tknow. It just it's some of the
things they do. It's just tadscratching, as it pertains to the Astros.

I did see this pop up MajorLeague Baseball news wise just a familiar
name. I saw the name.I thought it was worth at least mentioning
the LA Dodgers have acquired. AndI always want to call him the wrong
thing. Cabin Bigio from Toronto,So Vigio is headed to the Dodgers.

So it's just till ESPN, addingthe veteran after the Blue Jays designated him
for assignment last week. All right, so Craig's kid is on the move.
You had something. As it pertainsto the AO West. We know
that the Astros currently sit seven anda half games back from the Manners at
first place, but they've narrowed thatgap with the Rangers, at least for

right now because of the outcomes oflast night. What's going on in the
AO West with Rangers. Yeah,shout out to the Rangers who continue to
just kind of stub their toe andthe Astros are just one game behind them
in the standings now. Would loveto close that gap a little bit more
and catch them and surpass them.But the the Rangers out there in La

taking on the Dodgers in a threegame said, by the way, can
we stop this? I saw abunch of the Rangers reporters tweeting out pictures
of Dodgers Stadium the Mecca, thegreatest stadium of all time. Look,
yes, if you're fifty five yearsold, yes, it's the greatest stadium
of all top. I've been toa lot of the ballparks. It's fine.
It's a little bit of a dump. It's like a dumping. It's

la and it's cool and it's hip. It's up there caasars Ravine. What
does it called shot shot there wego, okay to the whole shoe la
vista thing, and you like palmtrees and all that, but one way
in one way, and it's notso much nicer ballparks out there. So
it is a good conversation one wewill have to pun on and do it

again another time. But when youstart thinking about the iconic ballparks, uh,
fin Way, I have not seen. I'm sure that's pretty cool.
We used to make fun of it. It is it and it is still
dumpy like this. It's but it'sit's you know, the history and all.
I don't know. I felt thehistory more It's Fenway than I did
at Dodger Stadium. I had achance to go sit on the first baseline

at old Yankee Stadium. I thoughtthat was pretty bleep and cool. But
I like and puts it to shamecuriousness, so just way better. But
I like something about the just isgood as shown and the guys we're talking
this morning about the astrodome and weneed to tear it down, tear it
down. New is good. Wecan we can separate everything dies. Okay,

you're gonna die. I'm gonna We'reall gonna die. Damn get rid
of We can get rid of stateold stadiums, this whole like we gotta
hold on to the memories now,man, memories will live on, will
watch film on it. Knock downthe damn stadium. Oh it was better
also, Ao Wes, how aboutthis Seattle Man his right hand to Brian
Wu scheduled to go East Pitcher,scheduled to go and get an MRI on

his pitching elbow after being scratched aheadof his schedule start last night versus the
White Sox because he's three and ohwith a one point seven e r A.
If Wu has an unfortunate season,thing, this could be good for
that as shows going down and neateverything I can get. Ye, he
missed like the first month or soof the season. He didn't make it

start start until May the tenth.But uh yeah, hey, look it's
it's gonna happen in the ebbs andflows of the season. You're gonna have
times where you're gonna have good times. You're gonna have some bad times and
deal with some injuries. But backto the point with the Rangers. They
got their ass whooped by the Dodgerslast night. It was good to see,
you know, Freddy Freeman hits ahome run, Hayward hits a home
run, Coscar Hernandez hits a homerun, and then that that ol Tani.

Dude, he crushed one to spitthe Rings. So they lose fifteen
to two, and Evan Grant,who covers the Rangers, tweets out this
drops the Rangers to six and ahalf games back in the Al West,
the biggest deficit of the Bruce Bochieera. How about that? Yeah,
if you didn't hear the beginning ofthe show, like I get it,

the Astros are six games back fromfive hundred, seven and a half games
back from the division. They're onegame back from the Rangers. At this
particular point, I'm more concerned withcan we get to five hundred. Let's
be playing five hundred baseball and wecan turn this thing around. And I
heard the guys on the broadcast lastnight and I wanted to make sure I

got this graphic into the conversation.Gordon. It was something like, so
the game is. Let me makesure I do this scene set right.
It's one zero for a while,so it's one zero top third. They
homer wisely homers for the Giants tomake it one to one bottom third.

So then we get to the fifthand there's you know, Bragman doing the
thing, the Arabi third baseman Chatmanright. So I saw this stat like
coming into last night, the Astrostwenty eight and twelve, when leading at
the end of the seventh inning,first, second, third, fourth,

worst record in Major League Baseball.It's just like they won't let us get
comfortable. So even when it wasthree to one Gordy top of the fifth,
three to one, I was stealing. Nervous as hell. I saw
them put that graphic up on SpaceCity last night on the And how about
the Mariners rally again to beat theWhite Sox their thirteenth comeback of the season,
and that puts them nine games abovefive hundreds for the first time this

season. So you know, wetalk about that clutch gene. The Mariners
have just had it this season.For some reason. Father's Day weekend is
upon us fellas good news. TheDetroit Tigers are in town for a three
game set over at min and MayPark starting on Friday. Go on it
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to the world they are open everySunday. So if you can't get over
there today Tomorrow Friday, make sureyou put it on your calendar. Get
over there on Sunday after church orbefore family dinner, whatever, and upgrade
your ride over there. Fred hasto the world. Now, what's next?

Next up? It's the man up, Next stop, the next step,
Take the next step, next up, next stop, next next up.
This team wants to be next.This is next up with Tad Northfleeten
Chris Gordy. Let's see what's nextnext, next, locked in, locked

in, I tell you live fromthe Sports Talk seven ninety studios on a
Wednesday. Stros baseball coming up ina couple hours up until now. No,
you'll have myself stand Northfleet. Heis Chris Gordon Connor Dey McGovern on
the other side of the glass.Appreciate his production and program and skill set
them. Thanks to all of youallow us to maintain your home for Houston

sports here Sports Talk seven ninety.Well, we'll Texans talk and listen.
We will talk from Houston, Texansto this hour. We will do such.
Now we will pivot back in theAstros and Game three of the NBA
Finals tonight in American Airlines Center VictoryPark. They're in Dallas, just outside
of downtown. We all know whatthat is located all right by the way.

I did see that the point spreadhas gone up Mavericks favored by two
and a half. Now, sowith afternoon Astros baseball, that lends my
eyeball tonight to Game three. Perhapssome of you will be watching that as
well. If the Mavericks don't winthe night, Gordon seriosz they go down
three. Oh sorry, yeah,let's see the christaps porzingis news is interesting.

We'll get into the details of that. You could very well be right,
all right, Houston Texans Mini camp. Mandatory Mini camp has come and
gone. We did not get achance yesterday, Gord. It because we
were arguing about the state of theAstros. We did not get a chance
to go to mandatory mini camp.It is this week for like a dozen

teams in the league. I thinkit's ten teams, of which the New
York Jets are one of the teamsthat don't have We have two prominent members
of their starting twenty two one beingtheir quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the other being
an All Pro and Pro Bowl passrush Hassan Reddick, traded from the Eagles
of the Jets. He wants acontract. He is not a camp so

we need to do that. Weneed to go around the NFL camps and
discuss any tidbits. There a guythat used to be in control of NFL
camps here in Houston. He usedto be the coach here as well.
Bill O'Brien is in the news.He was on the Ironically the Next Up
podcast with Adam Brenneman courtesy of YouTube, and Bill O'Brien was asked who's now

the head hancho in Boston College.Bill O'Brien was asked about his tenure as
head coach and general manager of theHouston Texans. He had this to say,
would going to make you the GM? So in the end, that's
not who I am. That's anotherlesson learned, right, Like, you
know, I didn't really enjoy beingthe GM. I didn't enjoy negotiating contracts.

I in some respects I lost relationshipswith some of the guys that I
was coaching. Bill O'Brien says hedid not enjoy negotiating contracts. It impacted
the relationships he had with some ofthe players. And so many of us
that follow the Texans loved the Texans. We certainly wouldn't trade the Miko away

to bring a Bill O'Brien back.We like hot. His Demico CJ thing
is working, but for the hellof it, kind of a slow news
week. He's rewriting history though hewanted that, of course he did.
He fought for he wanted full control. He wanted to Belichick. He thought
he was a second coming to Belichickbecause he worked with Belichick in New England
and the McNair's were obsessed with Everything'sPatriots and it was like, Oh,

this guy's gonna get us going here. But yeah, man, it was
not It was not a good decision. He was he was a good football
coach, not bad. He wasnot great. He was just a good
football coach. The Texans had somegreat success champs what is it three times
three time? Yeah, three timesAFC South Champs. But you know what,

what what ultimately happened was he hebutted heads with I mean basically you
look at the Texans GM history andyou know he came in and kind of
butted heads with Rick Smith. Theybring in Brian Gain in twenty eighteen,
who by all accounts did a prettygood job, and Gain only lasted a
year and then Bill O'Brien runs himout of town. And you know that

this coincides with the whole Jack Easterbything coming in and getting more control and
Billy Oh becomes the de facto GM, and it was it was just not
a good decision. And again Iwill say it was the worst trade,
not just the history of the HoustonTexans. The worst trade in NFL history.
Whoa trading job, No, no, no trading bay DeAndre Hopkins for

a rundown David Johnson and surgery.It is the worst trade in the history
of the NFL. So I can'tgo there. That's you know it is.
Give me up it give me aworst one the Texans traded. March
sixteenth, twenty twenty is the daythat will live in infamy. The day
the Texans traded David DeAndre Hopkins inthe middle of his prime, a Pro

Bowl wide receiver, all Pro typewide receiver, question and a fourth round
pick and you throw it a fourthround pick and David Johnson was making David
john You didn't even get a firstfor d hop You got a second and
a twenty twenty one fourth. Imean that was the he got fleece going.

It is the worst trade in thehistory of the NFL. Find me
a worst one, I'll find I'llstart rehearscha Walker. That was a terrible
tray. The Cowboys won multiple titlesoff that one trade. I'll just start
there. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just saying I'm not saying it's
wasn't good. It's just not theworst one. Ever. Here's what I
never understood about Bill O'Brien. Tome, it wasn't just a d hot
deal. The Houston Texans let goof Dwayne Brown in his prime, Jadeveon

Clowney, and DeAndre Hopkins and nota single first round pick came back in
either of those deals. That isimpossible to fathom. Nonetheless, there are
plenty AFC South banners hanging over there. NRG to solidify with Bill lebron How
about this one? Bill Lebrin wenton the quote, yeah, we made

some controversial decisions, meaning as anorganization. Yeah, good night. Bill
was on was reading something else fromthis thing? What did he say?
I didn't know. The two andthe tox praide has worked out. But
at the time they get that wasa lot they gave up for Toshio like,

and it's been worth it. Youyou have to have a franchise left
tackle. So whatever they paid,and I don't have the exact trade in
front of me, it was worthit to get a borderline Hall of Fame
left tackle. I'm not saying he'sthere, He's got some work to do,
but borderline, he'll get some boats. Certainly tons Lt in the first
ballot round the Texans said, orLaramie Tunsel, Kenny Stills in a fourth

came from Miami to the Texans fortwo first round picks, a second round
pick, and then they throw inJohnson Bademosi and Julian Davenport again to to
first and a second for tunsl Asgood as he's been, we can still
look back at hindsight and say that'sa lot none I'm doing that. You

have to it's at and you knowwhat I'm gonna say it, since many
people get on you, I don'tthink you could have found that left tackle
with none of those first round pick. No you could have. You're not
finding there's a been a good lefttackle since Tunsel, not better than him.
No, we're not doing this.We're not going back by the direct
wary draft and we're not doing this. You're not finding a left tackle better

than Laramie Tunsel. That's just you'renot doing that, not giving where everything
else they needed at that time.So I'm not doing that. I know
you're on the Bill O'Brien payroll.I'm not telling you I'm with Billy Oh
I'll pay you for the second.That deal? Cool with that? Okay?
Let me just look Kendrick Wills andTristan Worth's been pretio pro bowler with
the US. John, you don'tknow they would have been in position to

do that. They needed other thingswith two first in a second one of
those not going to be around thesecond round. We know there's thirteen not
going to be around in the secondround. Okay, then I would have
taken one of those first and thesecond package them together to move out saying
I still have another first. You'resaying that now you don't know what that
is in real time? Can Imove on with Bill O'Brien quote that stood

out to me, He says,in my opinion, there are very few
guys in the history of football thatcan ever be coach and general manager simultaneously,
and they are the greatest of thegreats. I feel like I'm a
good coach. I know how toevaluate talent, but I shouldn't be negotiating
contracts and things like that. Soin the end that that was a mistake

by me, and I really wishI didn't do that, to be honest
with you, Houston, Billy BillyO'Brien apologize. Billy O says he's bad.
He didn't mean to do that toAugust. Welcome back here there in
Boston. Why are you doing thatto Bill? Oh, he didn't do
anything to you. Does the guyfall who falls more upward than Bill O'Brien.

I mean, like the dude likeliterally went from Cliff Kingsbar. He
he went from getting high to bethe OC at Alabama and then be Can
gets the OC job at Ohio Statethis offseason and he goes, oh way,
BC wants to me as a headcoach. I'm gonna go jump there
like Jesus is he is it gonnabe the head coach of the Raiders next
year? Like he just keeps fallingupward? kJ up in Cyprus. Man,

let's talk some text and shallow.What's on your mind? Pallas Pallas
fellaws again? Man? I loveto show. I feel like I'm part
of the crews Are you are?Indeed? But real quick man, Chris
argue with you. This is revisionis history on Bill O'Brien's part. Uh.
Bill O'Brien and I think everything thatBill O'Brien said for the most part

of the interview with self service.Bill O'Brien wants the NFL job, and
he knows right now, as ofright now, it's track record in the
NFL with general managers it's very tainted. So this is this is his way
of trying to put a spin onit, to make him look humbled,
make him look make him make itlook like he realized his shortcomings as a
general manager. Two potentially opens thedoor for him to come back to the

league. That's just my opinion.I'm do everything that substantiate that, but
that's my opinion. He's putting thespin on to try to get back in
the league and real quick before Ilet y'all go man. I may have
asked outed this a couple of weeksago, but I want to get y'all
if I did just work with meright now the Rockets. It's a random
Rockets question. But right now,with the with the core young players,

they have Torry Easton, Amary Thompson, Shingoon, Jalen Green, Jabreri,
Jabari Smith and Sham with it.I know we're not going to I know
we're not gonna be able to resignall of those guys, But when the
when, when When the when?The when the payment is due, as
you can only keep three of them. Of those three, which the three
guys that you guys build a teamaround, has us a lettership here.

What I gotta say, appreciate you, kJ Up and Cyprus. We did
this about a month ago, Gordon, and I said, the three that
I would keep moving forward if youif I had to do it today is
Shing Gun, Jalen Green and AmnThompson Cam Whitmore. I'm sorry, I

love Cam Whitmore's game, your three, Gordon on the way to break,
I mean what more? Like II The toughest part of this is we
don't know what any of these guysare yet. Like Japari Smith we've seen
for two years, but isn't heeven like twenty still Jamith might be still
twenty Like I still he's twenty one. Like I'm not giving up on that
kid yet. He just started twentyone a few weeks ago. Like I'm

like, i gotta see what he'sgonna be in year three, year four.
Jalen Green would kind of have anidea on what he is already.
I'm in there very high on Ithink his potential is out of this world.
But It's tough because you're paying FredVan Flinton, Dylan Brooks a ton
of money. You gotta keep rollingwith them the next couple of years and
build around them. But I don'tknow, man, I'm curious to see

if they getting any phone calls ofany established stars out there. I mean,
all the RUMs are still out there, for Michale Bridges, Zach Levine,
Jeremy Grant up in Portland, There'snone of those guys are like,
no worldly, I'm not, youknow, I'd rather stick with the young
core and keep developing them. Allright, Let's step aside, come back,
you brought up the NBA or theNBA was brought up by revkj up

there in Cyprus Finals Game three tonight. We would pivot back into Astros And
I still have what I thought wasa pretty interesting nugget from all places.
Forbes has been talking to Will AndersonJunr. Yeah that Forbes, what is
that all about? Will continue togo around the city of Houston and the
sports landscape here on next up SportsTalk seven ninety. Legendary KBM me stator

Jay This next time on Sports Talkseven ninety, What the Business Is?
On a Wednesday, Sports Talk sevenninety is the station. Houston is the
city, best city in America,feeling good on a Wednesday Fathersday weekend,
Sharros on the right side of thewind lost column. They win three to

one in the Bay. We'll dosome afternoon baseball here on seven ninety,
your home of the Strolls. Youalready know that though we get Astros on
deck at one point thirty got'll takeus into the Astros Radio network, and
then somewhere around a quarter to threethis afternoon, we'll get first pitch from
of our des on the mound,and then we will as a station,
will take you into the tenth Inningshow, into the afternoon program in some

culmination of the Matt Thomas Show,and uh, the eighteen. So that's
what's going on with the Strolls there. Speaking of the Strolls, friend of
the station, Friend of the showhas been holding Gordon Michael lin heights.
Sorry, we got caught up talkingfrom Texas, brother, but I appreciate
your patience. You are next up, good sir. What can you believe?

It's June what twelve and the Astroshave not had a winning record all
year? That is that is thatis unbelievable to me that that has not
happen. I don't even know when'sthe last time that has happened. I
thought about that year and what he'ssaying, Gordon. It's June twelve and
the Ashros had not had a winningrecord. No, it's easy, is

that right? Yeah? Because theystill and yeah that started zero and four
and then they think they was unbelievable. Man, this is this is a
terrible, terrible year. And youknow, I heard you guys talking yesterday.
I called in, but I gotI got wrapped up. But no
question. I mean you're just like, you have so many good players you
can't blow it up. But Imean you also, there's rumors that are

going to trend for a Alonso thefirst basement on the mass and I like
it. I don't know, man, Yeah, I like you too.
Man, you gotta do something.Was given those rumors, Michael, here
we go doing this. They aresome nerd with a blog and five hundred
Twitter following. They should trade forAlonzo. I literally people start going,

oh, it's a rumor, Like, no, it's something in his mom's
basement. Put it out. Iliterally read that last week from J Jeff
Passing, We discussed it. JeffPassing wrote that the Astros should trade for
Peter Alonzo. Jeff Passing said,Alonzo is a vailable boy. When you
look at the holes on the Astrosroster, he and because they keep saying
him in flat junior, could thosebe because pending free? And this is

what I'm saying to you, Sostop acting like some guy in the basement
is the only one. We don'tlisten to those dudes. So what do
we do with John Singleton and JoseHey, Mike, Mike and the Heights.
What can we do to bray yousee, hey guys one more?
They sorry, let me switch usup real quick, because you brought up

Bill O'Brien the B word. Yousaid the B word, and you ruin
my day. I would like toknow the that if you could put a
dollar amount to the amount of damagehe's done to the franchise because the day
that he traded DeAndre Hopkins, Iliterally think the entire city hated the team.
Like, imagine how much revenue theylost from ticket sales and you know,
et cetera, et cetera, jerseysales because literally the team went garbage.

And oh I don't know you guysremember this game when they played the
Chiefs with Alex Smith the quarterback shutus out thirty four to zero in the
playoff game. Oh my god,I hate you, Bill O'Brien, I
hate you. Later, guys,my man Michael and the Heights. Yeah,
so as predicted, this is accordingto bleacher reports, Carry Miller.

We know all the great work KerryMiller does, right, I mean,
when you think back on all thegreat big stories broken in baseball, Carry
Miller's at the top. What CarryMiller has three thousand? Twitter? What
are you talking? He's got apicture of a dog sitting on this Who
can we do time out on thiscouple of things? Number one? And
I want the listeners to hear mebecause Gordon will block this out. Y'all
quit believing people to have followers.That doesn't mean people can I get Can

I get out? Let me knowwhen I can go uninterrupted? People with
sources, yes, not some nerves. Let me let me know when I
go go ahead trying to prop upa nerd. I don't even know who
this person is. I didn't referencethis. Everybody in baseball knows who Jeff
Passing is. Buster the only peopleknow who these people are. Who John
Morosi? We know who these peopleare. People say, oh, Stan,

I know a ton of people andthis is no, but this is
just real. There are a tonof people that have more Twitter followers than
stand Sportsman. All I know isI'm very comfortable in every market I've ever
worked. Glory to God that I'vebeen giving the ability in the platform to
do my thing, and I doit pretty well. Glory to God.

So you can listen. I alsowork for Major League Baseball, an actual
team. I've been in clubhouses,I've been in the business meetings. I
stand casting is one of the guysthat I lean on when I need to
talk about something going on in baseball, same thing in NFL, same thing
in NBA. But if you're justgoing by followers and somehow that's that song,
I get it, and I'm stillgoing you discredit what somebody has to

say. It's so I have personallybeaten Adam Schefter on a story before.
And what year technology ten years ago? No, it was twenty twenty one.
My point being, you're not inthe breaking news business'll the regular You're
not the one with when's la sendyou in a minute? Ma Park,
if you broke something about three intelof you know, here's what I'm hearing,
we would be like, well,like, I trust the people who

are there every day with the sources. But what we do some guy who
lives in Milwaukee trying to break ASTROSnews and I understand what you're saying,
what we discredit it? With allthis technology, I'm holding up my cell
phone. With all this technology thatwe have, you can FaceTime and zoom
and text and tweet, and youcan. You can do a lot with
people without having to be there.The most important thing is sports, period,

is relationships. And I have relationshipsas you do as the rest of
our line. Sean Salisbury can getinformation on universe A Southern California's football team
right now. That's some jamokes ontheir affiliate in LA. Cannot why because
he's Shawn Bleeping Salisbury. So Ijust it really burned me when we talk
about people don't have relative content,but the if they don't have a bunch

of fos. But we're also livingin the state of technology where people are
looking they got it. Like ifI'm a blogger for Bleacher Report, you
know I gotta do post the storyevery day, So I'm looking for anything.
I'm taking a piece of dog crapand throwing against the wall to see
if it'll stick. So I go, hey, you know the astrosh you
do trade for flat Guerrero. Andthat's fine, it's a great thought.
You you put it out there,and you put your resource it and you

put the explanation on well, he'sa petnic free agents, so they can
make it work all that. Butthen what I've got is dopes on Twitter
go did you hear the as thelint to flight Girl? No, some
loser is mother's basement linked them toflaund this particular case with Alonzo and Vlad
Jr. Credible baseball people have saidthere's a connection site please sight because I've

not seen any any credible buster onHe's not said that literally. Hasson wrote
it last week. Give me exactlywhat Jeff passingwron you look at us.
You have a smart device right now. What he probably said was who would
be available with this? And here'sguys whom no one has said, see
you look at as hey, Isee a fit as people saying definitively,
Jim Craine is going to go getyou know Alonzo, he didn't say that.

He said, here's a connection.There are people connecting the dice,
and you go too far. Youlive in this damn black and white world,
Gordon. When it's either the feastor famine, there's a lot of
gray in light. I live inrealistic, not video game world. And
Madden. I could add, Icould give the Texans Stefan Diggson and Justin

Chance. And you pissed me off. You're acting like there's no way on
God's green Earth. Let me giveyou an example. There is no way
the Texans can have Patrick Mahomes.So I wouldn't give a damn if Adam
Schefter got on his knees here infront of the State the Stadium, in
front of NRG and said, theLord himself told him that that's not happening.

Crowd and will Anderson and multiple notap on Earth. Now, I
bet I could make it working man. What's the comic where the DC guys
come from? What? What?What universe? The multiverse? I don't
know what happens in a multiverse,but what happens in real life is there's
no chance in hell that Patrick Mahomesis putting on the Texans uniform There is
a chance, however, that aPeter A Lonzo or Blad Guerrero could put

on a Nashville's uniform. Not withbeing up against the luxury tax. They're
just not gonna So it's impossible.It's impossible. And again unless somebody credible
on the literous reporter Jeff Psen JeffPessen's lover. I just read the piece.
He's not reporting anything idea. He'sjust saying there are some people out
there who could be available. Okay, we're going to circles here. His

article read is about god. Weread we read it last week, and
there are people saying, look atthis, look at that, dude,
The Assos not have a hole atfirst base? Have I been watching the
wrong team for the last seventy games? Am I looking at the wrong thing?
Your point I'm making is we understandone thing to say these people could
be available and the Astros could makea move. It's different from saying the
Astros have reached out. No onesay that, but that's what it becomes

on knowing people go. The Astershave been linked to Vlad Guerrero. The
Asters have been linked to Pedal Alonzo. They have been linked to Jack they've
been linked through an article hypothetical.Somebody floated out there understand the difference.
So I'm saying you don't think fansunderstand. Of course, Michael just said.
Michael just said, did you hearabout the Astros and Peter Alonzo?

And what I said is you hebrought up Bleacher Report or somebody you got
caught up in that. He referencedBleacher Report. I backed them up and
said Jeff Passing and again I stay, I respect JA. I respect Jeff
Passings baseball more than Chris Gordon.I do, my man, but that's
just fair. I do as well. But fight me. Were Jeff Passing
lengthy? I still on zone.All he said was they have a home

and here the guy's available. Thisis bad radio, but they are good
people that can help us take careof this. I need to talk about
the good people that are in responseto Gord. It's got me flustered.
Good people that will help you takecare of your real estate needs as it
pertains to a custom home. Maybeyou want to move close to the mini
a park. My folks over atJB. Thibodaux Homes and Properties can help

you do such. I assure youtheir blueprints are designed to save you time
and money. There are investors thatcome to Houston from all over the place.
There are folks that live in Houstonthat want to get into the real
estate game. You don't have tobecome an expert on your own, lean
on three generations of real estate andhome construction experience. The good people over
at Jbthibodau dot com will hold yourhand throughout the process. They will teach

you lit to relief, how tocapitalize on the current state of the market,
and where the trends in Houston aremoving from a commercial or residential standpoint.
Maybe you want to remodel as well. Let's construct a new property.
JB. Thibodeau dot com For moreintel JB Thibodeau dot com. Next up
continues on your Apple TV. Listento Sports Talk seven ninety on any device

with our free iHeartRadio app. Twentyfive minutes from now, Matt Thomas and
Ross Ryal would normally be doing toMatt Thomas, They're gonna work today.
We'll have astros on deck coming yourway at one thirty, and then we'll
get some Masstros baseball. That's whatthis program Rundowns is one thing that's I

think that's lost. So you getfirst pitch at two forty five, give
a take local time. Realistically,what match you do is run on deck
from one forty five to two fifteen. We will get to Matt Thomas show
for a little Uh yeah, Ithink he's I think he should do Matt
Thomas Shall from noon to one fortyfive and then go one forty five to
two fifteen. It's see on deck. We only have forty five minute on

Deck show. He will Brian McTaggerttoday, though, like MICKT, Mick
T would likely clear up some ofthis stuff. That's what McTaggart says.
McTaggart is rarely ever wrong on anything. All right, so mct is well
sourced. I reference his work alot. I appreciate his efforts on the
Beat, as I do the restof our constituents and colleagues on the beat

as well. All right, Uh, Astros, let's do this, Astros
win. Last night we talked aboutthat we will hear from some of the
heroes, if you will, AlexBradman, Mauricio do Bond. I also
want to hear from a spot.But since you pissed me off, about
credible sources and not. I foundanother article we can argue about Bradford Doolittle

ESPN STAFFEESPN dot com one of thebest. Right when you think of the
great articles, Bradford Doolittle. Cana man do a job? I will
say, he's got the four lettername behind him. So do you think
they would hire Bradford Doolittle if hewasn't utting on the daily basis? Getting
rid of the ed Warders and greatjournalists of our time. Maybe not the

best they're hiring. We will learnin time. It's a corporate entity.
They have bosses, their bosses espI mean Disney. Excuse me, I'm
scared rid of all the people withcredit building. I didn't say it's what
I would do, It's what theydecided to do, all right, they're
shedding some salary. Bradford Doolottle ESPNstaff writer has an article up this morning

seven am this morning, what allthirty MLV teams must do before the trade
deadline? Chris Gordon, we poppeddown here and he's got him into uh,
he's got them into sections here armingfor October. That means obviously buyers
positioning for a push, not outof it yet building for better days and

what category of the astroisk Coming inat number nine, he has the Astros
just behind the Kansas City Royals,positioning for a push. Here's what mister
Doolittle says, and I'll read it. It's an easy quick read. Simply
put, the Astros have about amonth to write the ship or else there

will be little choice but to shufflea roster that is again aging in several
spots. He comes down a fewlines later. Place in Houston is in
this group. The forecasts obviously seea roster with a lot of positive regression
in the offing mean moving a pieces, but we need to see it and

soon, because the Astros haven't lookedthis lifeless for so long, since before
the current window of contention open nearlya decade ago. The tone of this
quick piece says that the Astros shouldbe looking to a choir help. Yeah,
because he's got them ranked. Heranked teams based on their best percentage
chance to make the postseason, andhe has the aster still at ninth with

a sixty eight point nine percent chanceto still make the playoffs and a four
point seven percent chance to win theWorld Series. So what's interesting about this.
Let me pose this question to youSan, what if the Astro because
take his first sentence again, theAstros have about a month to right the
ship. Yeah, let's say theAstros start winning at a high clip,
but the Mariners continue as well.So the Astros get back up about five

hundred, but there's still seven eightgames behind the Mariners. Then what do
you do because you're back maybe inthe wild card hunt. It's gonna be
tough. But like, that's wherethat's where it becomes very difficult. Because
let's say the Astra like they couldwin seventy five percent of their games this
month, but if the Mariners dothe same thing, you don't close the

gap with them. Are you stillthinking buyer? Are you thinking sell it?
Like? That's that's an interesting scenario. I believe the ownership group and
the brass over that at many MayPark, regardless of the some damn CBT
and by the way, it willbe lesser on a pro rated portion by
the time we get to July thirty, first trade deadline at five pm Central,

they should be buyers if the scenarioyou outlined that a wild card is
still within reach and by the sametoken to some degree. The division is
still in reach seven seven and ahalf, eight games out. You should
be buyers, see I label aless stamp patters. You're not buying or
selling. You're just sitting tight withwhat you what you got. And as

Dana Brown will set on Sunday andit'll say it again. You know,
we get Luis Carcie it back.That's like, that's like making a trade.
Dana Brown has a lot of staringa player. And it's not personally.
I don't know Dana, but Danaand Joe Spotted. They just talk
and I'm be honest, they contradicteach other. They contradict themselves sometimes is
no disrespect. It just gets onmy bleeping nerves. But again I go

back to people complained about the frontoffice dysfunction when James Colik was here and
they won the World serious with it. So it doesn't mean, you know,
it's magnified when you're losing dysfunction andnot having harmony or whatever. But
you could still win with it thecase. But the problem is when we
look at the schedule this year,they aren't winning and so it, to

your point, magnifies what's going on. I don't know who's to blame.
I just know the players from what'sbeen reported. The scenario you outline for
me is very simple. If youhave a chance, go for it.
Had you done some things on thefront end of the year, you wouldn't
be in this position. Necessarily,there were some unforeseen circumstances. You know

how I feel about arm insurance,all those things. Before we get out
of this segment, Gordon, letme go to the fall lines here.
Let's go up to Conro. Let'sget Conroe James in here. You're next
up, good sir. Okay,yeah, I just got out of the
meeting and there's some ASCRO fans inthe meeting and we're all talking. No
no, no, no, no, no no. We were all talking.

Okay, now we're moments away froma fire drill bringing in relievers as
starting pitchers because we're down to theminimum, and you're absolutely right, we
need to make a move. Okay, but how did we get in this
position? And we were saying,and I thought this was a very good

point, where how many Tommy Johnsurgeries have we had? Are we forcing
our pitchers to throw harder and harderat one hundred miles an hour? If
we have them trained to pitch atninety miles an hour. Nolan Ryan made
a fantastic career at pitching at ninetymiles an hour. Can we keep our

pitchers healthy by limiting how fast theythrow and it'll be effective? Or are
we shooting ourselves in the foot byforcing them to throw harder and harder.
And also to your student analysis ofthe appreciate you, Conrade James, I
cannot, in all due respect,I cannot answer that because I'm not equipped

to give informed commentary about the mechanicsof pitching in Major League Baseball and the
ramp up and stretching a guy out, and when they're in spring training,
how hard are they making the guys? So I can't get into all of
that. And sometimes injuries just happened. I mean, I understand we all
want to point to, Oh,it must be this must be that.

I don't know. Sometimes injuries justhappen. Conrade James, I appreciate you
thinking about me and us in thestation, your home, and the strows
while you are in your meeting.I presume you are not the only one.
We appreciate all of you catching us, whether it's on Sports seven ninety
dot com or the free high HeartRadio WAPP. Thanks for having us preset
number one on the audio dial aswell. Let's come back. Let's take
these phone calls seven one three twoone two five, seven ninety and we'll

wrap up a Wednesday live from theSports Talk seven ninety studios. The legendary
KB and me Just stand Northfleet.It's just a five, Chris Cordy,
next up, the next up mentalityon your radio over about it that you
go through prepares you for the nextone. Welcome back to next up on
Sports Talk seven ninety. Hold on, wait a minute, come out?

I was finished. Wait up atthat, y'all? I thought it was.
I'm like, pop off. It'sspinach boy, y'all gonna get me
in. It's a Wednesday. I'mnot ready to turn up like that just
yet. All right, let's comeback. Let's close out. Next up
here on a Wednesday again. Astrosbaseball coming up. At some point during
the Matt Thomas show. He andRoss Vierry in the building, Connordy McGovern

alongside as well Fleet Gordon and acouple of things. As it pertains to
the Houston Astro also have a Texansnugget as well. What did I see,
Gordon? The people have hit usup. A couple tweets have come
in. Let me read these.Uh this is Doug, Doug says,
great show. I do have togive stad extra credit as Gordy is somewhere

in between realist and obstinate. I'malways often leaning towards the ladder. I'm
always realist, Doug. Some ofthe voice of reason. Some call me
the voice of reason. No onehas ever calls you the voice of reason.
I think you're more hard ahead ofthe times than I am. I
am balanced. No, you areyour bricks. I'm sord I am consistent

and I am balanced. Are youcrazy? I call it like it is.
I don't play the games. Ijust talk about what they do.
And if that pisses some people off, don't be mad at me, be
mad at the dudes out there goingoh for Ford to play? Why is
Aaron Rodgers trending? What do Isee on that? He's everything? He's
skipping mandatory mini camp and unexcused absence. Head coach Robert Sala told us today

there's some of politics. There's apolitical event that he wants to be at
to support somebody in some political realm. And I don't know if he's tying
that to Hiahuasca or what he's doing. But the quarterback who played fourth place
with him last year is not inmandatory mini camp, high price pass rushing

Texans see them win. It's aboutmiddle of season Halloween. Yeah, I'm
not afraid of New York. Iwas speaking of Texans. C Stroud lost
lost time what he did, andhis head had no business but to go
up there. Again. That's aThursday night, prime short week, prime
video game turf and he just gotto go up there and play. Maybe

Aaron Rodgers, but real quick onAaron rodgersoning, Okay, you want to
go do all that, that's fine. Don't you owe some explanation to your
team, Like shouldn't you send agroup text to all your teammates? But
hey, guys, look, justthe heads up. I got this thing's
really important to me that I wantto be at. I understands mandatory in
the camp, but I want tobe there. Like, don't you have
to give that explanation to your teammatesas the leader of the team. Now,
the dudes playing don't give a damn, but organizationally, they would like

the respect of at least addressing thisnowfel chooses to call it mandatory miniicap and
fight you if you're not there.Aaron Rodgers, who's made hundreds of means,
is not concerned about an NFL fineat this point. He missed all
of last season. I think youowe it to your team to be there.
I'm not saying it is what Iwould do, It's what he chose
to do. Speaking also of theNFL, I did see this, Oh

did you see Deshaun Watson. Wetalked about Bill O'Brien earlier. Deshaun Watson
was quoted as saying, I'm inI'm paraphrasing. It's something like I must
be a somebody or I must begood if people keep talking about me type
of deal. And you guys cango look at the quote for yourself.
I don't have it up right now. Deshaun Watson. I saw Jameis Winston

dropping some dimes in Brown's what's theother saying? Not all? Not all
publicity is good publicity. He goes, man, all the bessages, polls
are in town, are talking aboutme? What are you talking about?
I'm just gonna come all the buzzon a positive note. Let's talk about
a current textan I was looking atan article in Forbes magazine while I was
pricing as Richard Milly watch over herethat they have in the ad. I'm

not in the market for Richard Milly. By the way, Uh, there's
watches anymore? Well, people do. Phone's got the time on it.
Some of them are. It's moredecatury. It's more of an accent piece.
And you you know what, Iwon't do track my steps? No,
when you can afford a Richard Milly, I don't think tracking your steps

is that. I mean, ifI'm gonna pay that much, the least
they could do is track my stepsfor me. No, I think they're
tracking action of a different Briday.When you got a Richard Milly, all
right, bring up the pawn shopso quick. Nah, you gotta get
this a lot. Can I getfive Apple watches? You get more than
five, way more. You canget five percent of Apple for the cost
of one rich And I just don'tunderstanding, Like, I don't know,

I'm I'm I'm not materialistic. Butlike the NFL players, like they get
they get their signing boats immediately goby the big gold chance like Okay,
maybe rent that, maybe rented fora day, you look cool for the
photo opportunities, But like, whywould you spend a quarter of your signing
boat that's on a gold chat?Well, I'm you gonna do with that?
I think that. And I'm nottalking like a thin gold I mean

like the heavy ones that like arejust for show. Cuban links, all
the things they got huge bedazzled charmswith VVS one diamonds in there. I
get it. Look, man,people are going to spend their discretionary dollars
on various things. Some people vacations, they gotta stamp the passport, tattoo

on the passport, they gotta gosomewhere. Other people, I'm an experienced
guy. I will not pay fora gold chain or platinum chain or whatever
else. What I will do isgo to the super Bowl for five days,
and I'm going to sit in thelower level and I'm gonna go to
all the steakhouses and cigar bars,and I'm gonna have the entertainment experience.

That's me. Other people are intothe cars. I'm not really a car
guy, but I understand it.You're spending three four, five hundred thousand
dollars on an automobile. I'm nothating, kind of jealous, but I'm
not hating, just not sure thatI would do that. People go spend
their money on what they want tospend it on. Some folks like going
to certain establishments up and down Westhim, Hey have ad it if that's

where you want to go and experiencerecom vacation. All right. In this
Forbes article, it's hard to greasea guy that takes care of his business.
Will Anderson jil You remember we talkedto We talked to Aaron Wilson,
and we said, hey, Aaron, how's well? Oh no, we
were talking to a mobile koye aMobi went out to practice during mini camp.

I said, hey, how's WillAnderson looking? Staying He's added way,
the brother looks much bigger. Isaid, I need you to quantify
this for me. Forest Magazine didthat. Will Anderson Jr. Who weighed
between two forty eight and two pointfifty last season, has muscled up.
Still listed at six y four,he's up to two hundred and sixty five

pounds, said he expects to playat two sixty this season. He said,
yeah, my whole thing coming intothis offseason was to get bigger,
stronger, faster, and I've beenable to do all those things, he
said. He sat down for ameal with Danil Hunter, and Denil Hunter
was like, ey bro, whereare your vegetables? He's like, oh,
I got called out by perennial probowler. Let me get my bleek
together. Now Will Anderson has hisvegetables and he's doing all the things.

Will Anderson a bigger, faster,stronger Will Anderson Jr. I like you,
I don't think we'll ever see aday where Will Anderson stops working hard,
where he's like, you know,I've achieved everything I needed. My
body's in great chap. I don'tneed to work out. That's why he's
going to be able to Afford RichardMiller, all right, gotta do it
for us. That's Conney McGovern,Chris Gordon, stan Fleet and all of
you that called it to the show, tweeted it to the show, listened

to the show. We couldn't doit without you. Thank you for llowing
us to be your home in HoustonSports the number one sports talk show in
the city. All Right, yougot Matt Thomas Rossville, Yal, come
your way. God willing we'll doit again tomorrow. Enjoyed Astros baseball this
afternoon. NBA Finals tonight, Maverick'sfavorite by two and a half. I'll be welcome
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