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June 17, 2024 84 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up react to the Houston Astros winning a three-game series over the Detroit Tigers after a 4-1 win Sunday at Minute Maid Park where Ronel Blanco threw seven scoreless innings before being pulled after 94 pitches. Blanco was not supposed to pitch until Tuesday but was pushed up because Justin Verlander was scratched Saturday due to neck tightness. Stan and Chris discuss the Astros releasing first baseman Jose Abreu from the roster, review the latest win total odds for the Texans, predict what the Rockets will do with their No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft and more.
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Now what's next? Next up?It's the next man up, next stop,
the next step, take the nextstep, next up, stop,
next, next up? This hewants to be next. This is next
up with Tad Norfleeten Chris Gordy.Let's see what's next next next A right,

let's get the week off on agood foot, as our astros have
live from the Sports Talk seven ninetystudios, Nelton in between Uptown Park and
river Oaks. This is Next Upcourtesy of Sports Talk seven ninety staying Northfleet.
Would be me, new to thestation, new to the show,
my radio partner, my brother.He is Chris Gordy Connordy mcgovernent's on somewhere
over there on the other side ofthe glass. Appreciate him this morning,

as we also thank the Shawn SalisburyShow. Each and every weekday morning six
to ten am. We get up, we get entertained and informed about what's
going on in the Houston sports landscape. Happy Father's Day for those that partook
yesterday. Where you are a biologicalor you are standing in the gap and
as I am doing with a threeyear old right now, shout out to

baby Carson, says Standarddy. Happyfalls Day. Meant a lot to me.
Lots going on this weekend. Astroswin a series versus the Detroit Tigers
over at min in May Park.Apparently air conditioning, Gordon is an issue
over at MMP. Some folks werea little warm, sweating a little bit,
and not just because of the performanceon Saturday night. And certainly we

were all blown away by Ronel Blancothrough seven innings yesterday. All right,
not a ton Texans wise, althougha couple things did jump out on the
radar in terms of odds Texans predictedrecord in twenty twenty four odds over under,
as well as CJ Stride MVP Gamefive NBA Finals tonight that is up

in Boston. Will they close outthe series? MAVs fought back in Game
four in American Airlines Center and whateverelse pops up. Gordy, I bring
you guys in. Good morning.Hope you had a really good weekend.
Astros. Take care of business.We'll get into that. I have something
else I want to get before weget into the Astros, But just real
quick from you, Gordy. Goodmorning, how you what's up? Man?

Yeah, good weekend? And youknow, I know you're not a
big golf guy, but really goodyesterday both the US Open. Cool to
see that happening. So yeah,it was. It was a fun weekend.
Now I'll watch watch some of thecollege baseball as well. Damn it.
Virginia A and M taking care ofbusiness and we lost to Florida State.
Tennessee looked good yesterday. So yeah, it's uh, it's just it's

a fun time here where you geta hodgepodge of a little bit of everything.
I made my way over to ButlerStadium on Saturday night the aforementioned three
Oh Baby cause, and I said, oh, let's get over here to
a certain day, no certainday,so late. I was about to lie
Universe Soul Circus, Gordy, thosepeople from all over the world. That

was something that was spectacular. Ifyou haven't done that, they're still in
town. I think they've got HBCUnight coming up this Wednesday night over there
at the Universe Soul Circus. Ijust want to make sure that I give
a nod to them. Very veryentertaining for young people and adults, gord
It, last time you've been tothe circus. Because to my surprise,
and then I remember, animals areno longer part of the attraction. I

think that goes for Barnham and Baileyand everybody else. I think Peter came
in a few years ago. Yeah, there are no animals in any circus.
Oh, that's stupid. I haven'tlooked up the official like, what
is like an elephant? Nothing?Not even the no bears on tricycles.
Nothing. I gave doing away withthat, but like, come on now,
just an elephant doing the thing wherethey like raises on its back legs

and stuff. That's not inhumane.I'm telling you there are people out there.
Some of these people could have beenin the gymnastics. It was unbelievable.
So I I'm going to make sureI got that out as well.
Oh, there was a fight.Javonte Tank Davis beat the hell out of
Frank Martin. That was over quickly. That wasn't even a fight. Glad
I didn't pay for it. Manyof you watch that fight, though I
did miss the fight party. Ipromised I would get to all right,

story of the weekend, shall we, Connor d Let's get to uh for
whatever reason my it is down.We'll work through that, all right.
Gordon Astros win a series over Detroitstand what's the current state of things.
Astros currently thirty three and thirty nine, obviously six games under five hundred problem

manners are still at top of thedivision. Mariners and Rangers went at it.
Marin Is on a three game winstreak. Conversely, Rangers on a
three game losing streak that puts theAstros nine games gordon. So they win
a series and they come out ofthe series a half game worse than they
went into the series. From anal West standpoint, well do this,

like put your hands in the airreal quick, like this, Yeah,
this is this Astro season. Imean to go Hudder Brown outstanding Friday night
to find out early Saturday morning,JV Scritch arrogant, he's gonna go he
gets shelled. And then Ronald Blancoyesterday I got no hitter going again,
Like it's just it's this roller coasterride. Man, it's just again.

All you can hope for now is, you know, just keep winning more
than you lose than you lose.That's that's the best you can do.
But that, that, to me, was the epitome of the Aster season
this this year, it's just it'sup you never any giving game you have
no idea what unit is going togo out there. So Gordon, I
profess to you, I said,Gordy, by Father's Day weekend, I'll

know if I'm tapping out on thetwenty four Astros or not. Can I
get I need more time? RightNo, if you put my feet to
the fire right now. And thisis another thing, I still see a
window. But like I want totalk myself into it, because that's what

I'm doing. I'm really talking myselfinto it. But when you really add
up everything that has happened from springtraining till Sunday afternoon, if you add
up at all, I just howrealistic is it that they fight their way
back winning the division? I thinkat this point is probably not. We're
probably looking at wildcard. I mean, but then I see sixth saying that

it's it's still six teams are aheadof them for the final wildcat spot.
There's a million games left still,I mean, anything can happen. Like
for there are seven games back fromthe final wildcat spot. Minnesota currently holds
that there are ninety games left.Think about think about this way. They're
the twelfth, their twelfth place inthe American lague right now, But there

are four games out of being inseventh place. You know, it's it's
just this little hot this this logjam of teams. Gordon have they had
a four game win streak this season. They actually have because they swept the
A's. But my point like,we can't count on them the Red Low.
So coming out of the weekend,I'm happy we say it at a
baseline, the xpecation on Friday,they must win the series. But then

I go out there and go,was this another wasted opportunity to get a
sweep When you look at that?What was it that second inning on Saturday?
Second and third inning on Saturday?I believe, well, I think
you can't really do anything about Saturday. It was you fight out. JV's
got the next discomfort and Arrogetty's gonnago. You know, he gets pushed
up a day. Whether that had, you know, anything to do with
him getting shelled, I don't know. I said he knew Rrogetty had been

really good his last you know,five starts, and then he gets shelled.
I gotta think he can say itdoesn't have anything doing it, But
you know, I look at facts. He was not good and he got
ten runs by the time we getto the bottom of the third, it
was ten zip ball game. Weall knew that was over. Arraghatty says
he knew that JV and JV toldus Connor, I can't see you,

but you can get in my ear. You can follow my lead here.
JV says, it's been the nexthas been an issue in between starts.
He's been fighting with this for acouple of weeks. Arrogatty knew he might
get bumped up, so he wasn'tcaught off guard from that standpoint, and
this isn't a monstrous Detroit lineup.It was surprising for me that that Spencer

went out there. He gets theloss on the season. He just made
it through an inning and a third. Uh. He gave up five hits.
We know seven earned walked to aswell, so not the best.
But at that point they waved thewhite flag. Did the astros? I
mean it got to eleven zero bythe time we get to the bottom of
the six. It was I almostwonder if he was tipping pictures or something.

Because think of it this way,like, look at look at what
Hardder Brown did on Friday. Theydidn't score a run on him. Look
a run up Blanco did yesterday.I mean, they had a no hitter
going. Like the other pictures inthis series were phenomenal. I mean,
so I almost wonder if Spencer wastipping and he got that cheat nass Aj
Hinch over there on the other side, surprised me if he's got another scheme,

scheme up his sleeve over there.A J. Hens just knows the
roster. He knows how to manipulatethis thing. I want to get to
the That's the fifth quality, fifthstraight quality start for Hunter Brown. Congratulations
him. He's it's phenomenal. Lookat those three starts in June, by
the way, three starts, youknow, one era. It's just I

don't know what happened, but Ilove it. I Mean, this kid
was he was in a bad spot. It did look good. I mean,
he was in his head a yearago. It got really bad at
the backstretch of the last season.You know, they're barely using him in
the playoffs, and then uh,you know, and then just you know,
this season was going haywire and thenturned it around. And so I
can't say enough about him. Whodoos to Hunter Brown? And he's a

vital piece. I mean with allthe injuries and everything he had, He's
gonna have to keep pitching and pitchingwell. But it was good shutout.
Yeah, they shut out by theAstros on Friday Night. I thought was
sensation or again led by Hunter Brown? What's going on? And so I
come back to this the Astros rightnow, the Astros need to win to
make it just easy math. They'vegot to win two games for every one

they lose the rest of the season. That's the pace. Yeah, And
so I'm going, how realistic isthat? But every time I get ready
to write them off, and Isaid, this was the line of demarcation
for me Father's Day weekend. Thenthey go out and Blanco, God bless
him, and we'll get to that. I want to continue to have that
conversation, Gordy in the next segment. Blanco will get back to justin Verland

as well. But just as wepivot out a segment one here to start
the week on a Monday, Gordy, you say all Star break, Yeah,
because you still got a Todal Wittablegames. He got the White Sox
coming up. Baltimore is your toughieon the schedule. But then you got
the Rockies, the Mats, theBlue Jays, the Twins, the Marlins,
and the Rangers and then it's allStar break. Here's my point,

it's the twenty four Astros. Thegames that should be winnable could easily be
als, and some of the gamesthat we write them off, they find
a way to put up a valianteffort. So I just it's tough for
me to look at the Dana Brownsay the other day. I mean,
he said, this team is tootalented and there always rises to the to
the top. It. They've hadso many unfortunate just like unlucky, you

know, the latest or just butI mean like the late late inning losses.
We're winning the whole game and thensomebody in the bullpen just blows it
and stuff like that, like acertain point, like and you'll still one
or two of those. You justcan't have twelve more of those, you
know what I mean. So likethe creamester rise to the top. Here,
let's go to Chicago. You know, two out of three us to
be the bare minimum against the manimumWhite Sox. But this is this is

where they are now. If we'resweep, you'll be in a great spot
because they aint can afford a lossor to Baltimore. We're in the space
with the Astros right now where winningtwo of three has to happen. We
gotta start expecting sweet How will theyhandle that pressure? The management of Joe
A. Spotta. I want tohear from the skipper of the Houston Astros

as well as general manager Dana Brown, who broke the news once this show
wrapped up on Friday. Gordon,we have yet to get into that as
well. Jose Bray, you givena ton of money to go back to
South Florida this time, He's notgoing to the Florida Complex League. Homer
Astros Baseball taking your call, sevenone, three, two, five,
seven ninety Sports Talk seven ninety tothe next episode. You can't even stop

yourself Bingeon and Next Up. AsNext Up continues on seven ninety till you
know what, Actually today was easierthan the last time, just because we've
asked him to pitch. You know, he was mentally prepared to pitch in
Chicago, and we asked him tocome and and pitch today. That that

fifth inning really got him a littlefatigue. And what we'll ask him like
four of his thirteen starts over onehundred pitches, another three or four.
Right at ninety eight pitches, wehave a four run lead. We have
a really good back end of ourbullpen. But again, was I want
him to be more efficient and earlierand give them a shot one. That's

the manager of the Houston Astros,Joe Aspata. Post game Astro sake care
of business. Yesterday afternoon, firstpitch shok played shortly after one o'clock.
You were watching Wich at Crawford Bock. Astros win four to one, take
the series versus the Detroit Tigers.Astros thirty three and thirty nine on the
season, nineteen and nineteen at home, and with eleven games remaining this month,

the Astros need to pace two victoriesper everyone lost, and they've got
to do that the rest of therest of the season. I don't I
don't know if that's I don't knowif that's the math. No, that's
literally the man, But that's thebeth for what we don't know what the
teams are gonna do. That's themath to win the division based on how
everybody else is pacing. But that'sagain it's the problem with pacing. The

Mariners. We see severear in baseball. The Barriners are winning a lot right
now. They may have a downJuly. I brought this up, by
the way, shout out to myman Zach and my home girl Kim.
We were on k H O Ulast night and I brought that up.
I am not riding the Astros offyet. I was ready to. Then
they played and won the series thisweekend. Blanco goes to do that,

So, I mean, they can'tcontinue not winning series. So if you
just look at it from a threegame series standpoint, they're going to have
to take two of three at aminimum. So they've got they've got about
nine a little over ninety games togo. Forty four percent of the season
has been played today, right,but ninety we're not even halfoyd point.
It got over ninety games left.You're saying they have to win two out

of every three the rest of theway. That would that would be basically
sixty and thirty sixty wins to thisthat would be ninety three wins. That
would be that there. That's insane. That's I think that's what their preseason
win total was. They're not gonnaget there. This is what I'm saying
to you. These are the numbersto win the division. But I'm saying
the Mariner the line for them towin the division, I don't know,

they're forty they got forty three andthirty one. I just don't think they're
gonna pace. They're gonna slow downat some point. They're not gonna piace
this way the rest of the way, you would think. Now, crazy
things happen in baseball the other waythat, and maybe they will. And
I anticipate that both the Ranger justagain, Rangers on a three game lose
a streak. They are in secondplace in the AO WES right now.
Is there a way for the Astros, who are now just a half game

back from Texas for second place inthe division. Is it possible that both
the Rangers and Manners take their footoff the pedal? Sure, but look
at the lead. It's an eightand a half and nine game lead right
now. A lot of baseball left. Yes, we hope the Astros get
healthier, but the Rangers are alsoexpecting some people to come back as we
get into the halfway point and certainlythe back end of this season. Just

these are the numbers that are comingout. The Astros have dug themselves a
hole. Now. The only wayto get out of it is to win
series. You'd like to have somesweet they take two or three. Ronio
Blanco, as we just heard Joespotted right there. Blanco was excellent,
got into a little trouble day inthe fifth, walked a few pitch count

got up. He ends up withninety four pitches yesterday, and the conversation
is for some should a spot Ihave let Blanco return for the eighth inning?
No, not not in the shapethat this pitching stat fist right now.
And they had a no no goingthrough seven, right, and you

just said, I mean he inat seventh, he gets two quick outs
and then Urshella, you know,gets gets to it's safe at first off
throwing everybody Bregman, and then hegets due to fly out. But they
were having conversations there, you know, the pitching coach went out to talk
with him, and I think itwas kind of understood like he's had had
he still been around like eighty eighteighty nine pitches there, then yeah,

you probably you send him out forthe eighth and let's see if he can
get some quick outs and get thisthing done. But there's other wrong with
having a combined no hitter. Imean, it happens all the time,
he asked, us have had severalof those recent years. It's just it
was funny. I was texting abuddy mine as soon as I saw Presley
come in, I said, it'sover. I said that the no hitter's
not gonna happen, and he's textedme. You know, Presley gets the

first out, he goes, uh, oh, Presley gets the second out,
he goes, yeah, you weretalking bat and then boom press with
the single. I was like,dude, it's just not the way this
bull bitches right now. Like Ijust need outs, like for Presley and
Hater and a Brida Brea and allthose guys. They've been much better,
you know, in recent weeks,but like I just need outs like yesterday.
As soon as the single was givingup, I was like, whatever,

who cares about the no hitter?They need this win. We need
wins more than anything right now.Forget history, forget no hitters, forget
all that. We need wins.So that's where I was kind of like,
you know, I expected from Presley. I didn't. I didn't feel
any like Presley, you bum.I was expecting him to give up hits
because I was all year I reallythought a nest by Okay, Presley,
we're in the eight here, bro, let's wrap it up, bring it

on home. Obviously, he givesup the hit that you just said there,
and I'm like, okay, Joshhad at least let's preserve the shutout.
And then Hayter gives up a runand I'm like, okay, we
won the series. Fine, let'sget out of here and we can be
done and bring it on back.All right, let's get some reaction to
Astro's over the weekend and and futureprojection. I said Father's Day weekend,

I would know how I feel aboutthis team and be it and be ready
to put a stamp on the outcome. For the remainder of the twenty four
Astro season. I'm going to askfor an Extinctionion Houston, I need a
little bit more time. Can wenow get into fourth of July and I
may push that into the All Starbreak. I'm not quite ready forty four

percent through the season. I wantto talk about JV. We haven't done
that. And then, of courseFriday the Hose of Bray You news,
Bro, Gordon, we have notdone that seven three two two five,
seven ninety. You want to getin the show talk to myself and Chris
Gordon kJ and Cyprus has done justthat. Good morning to you kJ Fellers,
feed us top of the morning tilyou have a related problems in to

your boat. Thank you appreciating realquick man. First of all, yeah,
not to I don't live in revisionshissue. They said, people who
live in the past have seen theirbest days. However, a statement that
I've made multiple times on this showwith you two guys still arrange truth to
this day. You never can't havetoo much pitching it because got reminded him

of that again this week, ofcourse, and this situation and aren't getting
having gotten rocked the last it startthe other day, we can easy to
say it was this is that thetherap of the fact of the matter.
He's a rookie pitcher and then mayvery well be a book out of am
I hoping this is an outlier,absolutely, but we've seen, you know,

in the past with other players.Once once team's getting your intel on
them, you start seeing whether ornot that what you can make that adjustment
moving forward. Hoping this is justsomething that we have to worry about this
one time, can move on oneanother thing. Man, we got to
stop explaining everything away. And whatI mean by that the minute arrogant it
got rocked. Oh he is becausehe only had four days rest. Am

I excluding that? No, it'svery well. But the dude just had
a bad day, you know whatI'm saying. So we don't need to
and I'm when I say, wehave enough to speaking to you guys in
particular general. Yeah, dude justgot a bad day, you know what
I'm saying. We can blame iton four days rests. We didn't blame
it on this. We didn't blameit on that at the end of the
day, because it just ball downto him just getting rocked. See,
they had his number and they tookadvantage of it real quick. Stay Yeah,

I heard what you said about thenumber with the two out of three
games. Look the way with everyflows in the baseball season, I'm not
even worried about that. The numberI'm worried about is us winning ten more
games more than Seattle the rest ofthe season. That's all I'm worried about.
How we get there. I cancare less. So when I know
those numbers. Yeah, I'm thinkingabout what you said, winning ten more
games in Seattle, who currently hasa nine game lead. So that means

you're saying you got to not onlycatch them, but then surpassed them.
Or you're saying, because of thenine game league, win ten games,
push you a game ahead. Isthat what you're saying? Absolutely? Okay,
Now I will say this, Andsince we're talking about numbers, I
did some digging in this past weekthere and I looked at I looked at
the astros. The astros are inthe at worse, the middle of the
pack or up. As far asyour offense is concerned. The pitching staff

is either the middle of the packor lower. And that again speaks to
what I started a conversation with aboutus needing to picture. It's probably too
late now because whoever, whenever bignames were available, popularity signed. But
at the end of the day,as of right now, I still think
the biggest issue with the team.I say the office isn't an issue at
all, But the biggest issue withthis team is the pitching staff. And

to add to that cavity you lookat Seattle. Seattle was probably bottom of
the Maryland hitting they're clean up atmatter and has a two forty afters.
Yeah, their has been done nowthat Gordon and I have talked about that
exactly. Yeah. Throughout the courseof the season, we're up against the
I appreciate your sentiment, brother,Thank you for supporting the show. You
know that, Gordon, can Iadd one thing and we will get heavy

into this Jose Bravey thing on theother side, as well as some other
nuggets I want to hear from DanaBrown and some more from a spoder.
What's going on with I have neverseen so many contusions and so much damn
neck discomfort by millionaires. Well,it's just it's the word they use now,
right, I mean, any anykind of injury, they just say
this comfort. So it's net discomfort. This is the second start of this

year that has had neck discomfort.Now, it could be a pinch nerve,
it could be I think it couldbe that. It could be a
number of things. They just thinkthey decided a couple of years ago.
They're just not gonna tell you whatinjuries are. So like, I could
have a broken fibulary, you knowwhat, They're gonna call it? Arm
left arm discomfort. I mean that'sjust what that what it is. We're
gonna be transparent. Seriously, though, is this what's going on on these

flights? Is it the pillows inthe hotel? I mean, these are
extremely wealthy men that can afford thebest accommodations that money can provide. Well,
it does get to a certain point, says He's been dealing with this
for two weeks. Jeremiah. Theirtrainer is pretty highly thought of, and
he overall has done a good job. But it does get to a certain
point where you look around this yearand go, what the hell's going on?

Why do we have this many injuries? Like is there something being done
wrong here in the conditioning? Likewhat's going on? Last part on Verlando?
For me, let's not forget heneeds to get to one hundred and
forty innings to vest the thirty fivemillion for next season he'll have, for
which the Mets are paan. Heis not pacing for that right now.

That is in concern that Verlander couldin essence be a free agent. He
needs one hundred and forty. Yeah, he's a fifty seven. Think about
that, Gordon. We're halfway point. We're not at the halfway point.
We're forty four percent through in ninetygames left. How many starts as that
for him? I mean he'll getthere. Okay, he's forty one years
old. And by the way,they did say both Dana and Joe spot

Ass yesterday both said they don't thinki Els didn't they think he's gonna start
the show, which is positive.Now they have not had the Astros and
we'll do this on their side.They have not highlighted who will go in
Game one versus Chicago coming up tomorrownight right here on Sports Talk seven ninety,
your home Astros Baseball seven one three, two, one two five seven
ninety, let's sound off on thefirst base scenario. They told us one

thing and it did something else.Immediately after releasing Jose air Bred you Sports
Talk seven ninety. Next up continues. Now, I'm a new listener at
already a huge fan. New listener, I love the show with Stan or
plated Chris Gorty on Sports Talk sevenninety. Welcome back into Sports Talk seven
ninety. We're halfway through the hourone here on a Monday. Appreciate all

of you in the city of Houstonsupporting us. Pre set number one on
the audio dial and your automobile.There traffic, little light coming into work
today, people out on vacation,school out, all the things. Nonetheless,
we still appreciate you allowing us tomaintain our status as you're a home
for Houston sports. You can alwaysfind that's on the Sports seven ninety dot
com site as well as the freeiHeartRadio app readily available. Standing north Fleet,

meet Chris Gordy, him and we'retalking some strolls here seven one three
two one two five seven ninety.You want to get in talk about the
weekend and the biggest news of theweekend other than the Stros taking two or
three from Detroit, currently nine gamesback in the division, racing Friday,
Gordy, an hour after you andI got off, Matt Thomas so bleeping

lucky. He and Ross they getthe breaking news. I'm looking at an
email now from the Houston Astros Joseand Bray. You officially released he and
his former MVP career, as wellas essentially a season and a half give
a take in an Astros uniform.He walks out Gordon with thirty one million

dollars in guaranteed money moving forward.Yeah, but I think it got it
got to a point where the moneywas irrelevant. Need to know is the
player, how was the money run? Because he gets Peter. The way
we needed to know, is theplayer going to get back to some form
of his old self and we coulduse him or let's cut bait. And
as Taylor Roam said on Friday,it seemed like they kind of had a
drop date, like that's why theybrought him back. So not quickly,

you know, because he wasn't gonefor a month, but it was an
escalated kind of all right, acouple of games to your Triple A,
and let's let's bring him up.I think they just kind of said,
look, he got he went toFlorida, he tweaked them mechanics, he
did everything he could do to fixthe swing. He got back up here
and it just wasn't gonna happen.So I think, like Taylor said on

Friday, if the Astors had aneight nine game division lead, they could
have kept trying the experiment of abreak and just think they would because we
saw last season he stunk the firstreally the whole season, he stunk.
Postseason, he was hot and hewas one of your best postseason hitters,
and we can't forget that. Soyou know you did get something out of

him, you know, and camean eyelashed away from getting back to a
World series. But you know,I think it was just time you've dug
this this big hole for yourself.It was time to go. This ain't
happening. Let's move on, Let'sget a better bat in there. And
so it's gonna be very interesting tosee how they handle us the rest of
the season. We know that Josebray You, or rather John Singleton's gonna

get a good bit of those atbats. Can I stop you there?
Well, I was gonna say,but if he struggles, they're gonna keep
finding people to plug in there.We saw du Bond getting them. But
this is my point, this iswhy the Astros be full of blee.
I'm We're gonna hear from Dana Brownjust a little bit. This is when
the Astros start pissing me on.And it's not personal but from a business
standpoint, either like be consistent inyour messaging or don't tell us anything you

told us. Verbate him from DanaBrown, uh A bray You being released
is going to open up more opportunitiesfor John Singleton. We're moving forward with
John and evaluate from there. Andthen the first game that Jose brad You
is released from this team Friday night, when Hunter Brown is dealing, they
tried out Mauricio Dubon at first base. You're being duplicitous here, Well,

I think part of that, Let'sbe consistent. You were facing the best
picture in the American League on Fridaynight, Tark schoopl I don't give a
damn if Cy Young himself was outthere, you said, And I don't
have an issue with Dubon playing.Dubon has been my guy, Mahn Durian
homeboy, y'all know that. Butthe proper thing from a messaging standpoint would
be, Hey, we're gonna gowith John. We're gonna give John,

you know, an opportunity. Dada da John go out there. Now.
Dubon didn't play any more games atfirst, the remainder of the Tigers
series. Singleton went out there onSaturday, and then Singleton went back out
there yesterday. I think part ofit was Schoobl's the best picture in the
American League this season. You couldargue best, you know, among the

best pictures in baseball this year.I mean, he's a legitimate sy Young
conversation question. But John Singleton,his numbers aren't great either way. But
against righty's this year, he's backin two twenty seven against lefties four.
So I think they're looking at itas we don' when they face lefties.
I hear all they're gonna put abetter round and done with the bleeping analytics

and saber metrics and all this otherWho I get it. Are they saying
we're gonna put the best baseball playerout there? Cool du Bond is better
than Singleton? Put them out there. Just tell me that. Don't tell
me that Singleton you got all thisconfidence in him, because they did the
same thing with Jake mine as tostart the year. Oh Jake, you're
our guy. The first moment theypull they could pull Jake, they got
his ass out of there. Itjust upsets me because his disrespect was not

necessary. Now. But then theycame back to Jake and you can't tell
me you have confidence in me.And then there's a moment that I could
rise to the occasion and you pullme on. I just don't like that.
Jose Air Braden. This is toughfor me because as a former athlete,
I understand to a degree that Ican what it takes to get to
these moments. Do I feel sorryfor Jose air Braid you? No,

He's a professional. Jose air BraidYou understands this is a production oriented business.
He was not producing. He wasgiving more opportunity than anybody else would
have been given because a his resumeand be the salary Bagwell and Crane.
Don't we know how Gordon, youand I go back and forth about their

balance statement. They don't want topay Jose air Brady to go home.
They had no choice. This isegg on their face and it had to
happen. Cool. Should it havehappened a week, two, a month
earlier? Probably, But this iswhere we are now. I'll also add
to is I was talking with acouple of folks at the ballpark on Friday.
This is really their first miss onfree oh oh, free agents?

Yes, yeah, free agency.You know every other guy that that they
had signed via free agency during thischampionship run, I mean have been haad.
So it's funny because other organizations havedone all the time. Go ast
to the Yankees have lost that kid, But you quit knowing that we're not
talking about them we're talking about place, but we were comparing because they're they're
supposed to be on the same level. He said that the Yankees, they're

gonna say anythingcause they're New York.We're not worried about bro, But I'm
just saying, like other organizations havemet. So, yes, do we
criticize their braid You signing. Guessit didn't work out, criticized it.
Now they're allowed a few misses,and this was their first one. Here's
what makes this one. This wasand now I like you all listening.

When a braid You was signed,we all said, makes sense, we're
moving on from Gariel Peace to youUli. Understand it's not there anymore time.
It's peak. It was the bestavailable name in fre agency too.
When they tried to get Josh Belland Bell ended up going elsewhere. This
was the backup plane Bell. Yeah, and I was never on board with
Bell. He look at his numbersthe last couple of years, they've not

been good. So but the bottomline is, when A braid You signed
here, I said, I understoodit. I'm with it now. We
were the only ones being in Houston. Crane to go get was the only
one that was willing to say,we'll give you the third year and guarantee
that Jose every Brady was like,all right, cool, the white sauce
human. The Cubs wanted to keephim in Chicago. He left his Chicago
to Cox. No, I thinkthe Cubs made all the Cubs. Well,

the Cubs made an offer to keephim in the city. We know
that he played with Chicago. Cranecomes in gives him the third deal.
Here's the question we must ask ourselves, because this is now nineteen and a
half million. Well, the prorated the half of that for this year.
The thirty million could have been goingto someone else to help us right
now. So Crane we go.This is what many have asked. I
know we're up against it. Connor, will we'll do this more? On

the other side, do we believejose Bray you would have been signed to
that same deal had Dana Brown orsome other GM been in place at the
time. Well, you just saidit. I mean it was. It
got int a bitting war. Butmaybe Dana saying now, I don't want
to break you at the third year. I'll take him for the two years
and whatever it is. Sometimes twoyears and sixty, sometimes it's a price

oft pain plank poker. I meanfor Josh Hater, you know that the
was understood when you want to gethim off the market. You want to
play to play the four year deal. You want to play poker. When
it comes to a brave help problemsigning guys to three and four year deals.
I have projac with nine and ten, but you didn't want to do
that with Blake's. Now, Ijust had that in the back of my
head, like okay, and it'sof course they did. They got arm

issues. They got if you couldlook into your magic gate ball and see
you you started a year with expectationsthey were returning. Glad you just had
to be a return and I'm gladyou're sillaring to return. But Katy was
knocking on the door. But guesswhat Sugar or Katy played for the Houston
ass in twenty four It didn't workout? How many pay twenty three.

You have the foresight to see inthe future and go all I know,
guys have to pitch yourself is allgoing to get hurt. All I know
is if I'm starting a year withfive six dudes starters on the I l
probably a signifier with one hundred andsixty two game season with them, was
locked up into them, Mate,want to go get some insurance. You
don't even know you feel good aboutArroghetty. Raghetty had to come up earlier

than Expe. You didn't know whatthe hell arion? You just gonna Donna.
You can see congrats, No theydid. You should open a tarot
cart shop. I don't believe payyou for that. I believe in the
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Idon't believe that. On the other side,
I'm gonna make another proclamation about thisjose air Bray, you scenario that
we all know and you won't admit. Seven one three two one two five

seven ninety Stanton rth Fleet and ChrisGordy this is next Tough on Sports Talk
seven ninety Yo Homer Astros Baseball SportsTalk seven ninety What Up Houston on a
Monday. Were over here in thegallery area hanging out. Stan Fleet at
stand Sportsman. He is at ChrisGordon at Connor d McGovern wrapping up our

one. Matt Thomas Ross Vierry arecoming your way at noon, talking some
strolls. That's what we do here. KB and me we kind of legendary
like that strolls take two or threeversus the Detroit Tigers over in minute May
Park. I heard it was kindof human in it. May don't know
what's going on with the AC orwith Reliant. I don't know. Somebody

get on that with the roof closed. They're telling me it's still warm,
hadn't been over the min and maypol I may get over it when they
come back. Astros on the roadin Chicago Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays this
week. Oh, I'm definitely goingthis weekend. Baltimore's in town Friday,
Saturday, Sunday for a three gamehome said how many? How many off
days can the Astros ask for?In the damn month of June? They

were all Thursday to sixth they wereoff Thursday to thirteen, They're off today,
They're off next Monday, and thenthey're all Thursday to twenty seven.
They can't talk about rest gorder ifthey don't get this thing done and turned
around. They need to essentially taketwo or three as they are nine games
back from the Mariners to lead thedivision. They are I believe six games

back. Let me double check thatfrom being five hundred yes, six games
back from being five hundred Astros playingfive hundred baseball at home. We left
the previous segment left off discussing theJose A. Brady release. Gordi and
I hadn't had a chance to getto that as it happened an hour after
we signed off on Friday. Gordiand our in agreement it had to happen.
We all can discuss how sooner itshould have happened, but nonetheless,

it is what it is. JoseBrady is getting to check for about thirty
one million dollars and he gone.I appreciate his contribution. I respect an
illustrious career, decorated rightfully. Soit just wasn't working, and that's okay.
Dana Brown was asked before the gamethat should have been on Friday,

I believe about the release of JoseBrady. This was at Men and May
Park, Gentleal manager Dana Brown.It's always a difficult time when an older
player gets to that point of hiscareer when it's probably time to hang up
the spikes. Very difficult, goodhuman being, great career. As you
mentioned, we tried to do everything. You know, we send him,

send him down for three weeks,got like personal hitting instruction, extra at
bats. Uh looked like he wascoming along there for a while. Brought
him back, you know, startedoff okay, but then kind of like
still couldn't get to you know,his timing and rhythm, and you know,
it's just it's unfortunate, but youknow, this is part of the

game, and you know, thesethings happen. You sign these guys,
you know sometimes the multi multi yeardeals and they don't all work. You
know, no one bats a thousandwhen it comes to uh, you know,
these deals, so very unfortunate.But uh, you know, he
was very graceful when we talked tohim and we told him, he totally
understood. He was a true professionalgentlemanager. Dana Brown on the release of

Jose Abra You Friday afternoon. Thatwas actually that now that I heard the
background on the noise in the background, that was yesterday, Robert Ford on
the pre games you doing it?So look, yeah, I respect him,
but it had to happen. Itsounds like he was a trooper.
I saw something and I'll get tothat. There were a couple guys that

mentioned just what how hard Jose Brady, the professionalism that he exudes how hard
he worked here in Houston. Therea couple guys I saw something and here
was this Mauricio Debon. This isa guy that has fifty sixty million in
the bank and comes here and showsup like he's a rookie. Dubond said,
this is courtesy of Athletic, aChanneler Rome article. This is a

guy in Jose Bray who was anMVP, a guy coming up and trying
to build a career. It's prettyadmirable watching him. He works, he
has an MVP, he has allthe money. Why would I not work
every day? When I see howhe works, it says Jose Brau's work
ethic is almost mythical. Inside theAstro's clubhouse. Last one Kendall Graveman,

who came over at the trade deadlinelast year with Justin Verlander. Graveman obviously
has been injured and has not playedin a while. It sounds cliche,
and you could probably say this abouta lot of people, but I've told
multiple people, even when he signedover here, that he is personally the
hardest working teammate I've ever played with. Kimda Braidman. No, it's it's

a tough situation. I was inthe clubhouse Friday after Dana brownspoke. We
went in the clubhouse and was partof that scrum with Mauricio, and Mauricio
almost had tears in his eyes,like he said, you know, whatever
gets talked about is what this guymeant to the clubhouse. You know,
we all saw him working. Andto Jose Brady's credit, that dude never
once said I got I got thirtymillion in the bank. It's all good.

That dude busted his ass to tryto make it work. Every time
I got to the ballpark on agame day, two o'clock, one thirty,
get to the ballpark early. He'sout there. There's nobody else out
there. Jose Brady was out theretaking batting practice. I mean, he
tried his asshof all throughout the postseasonlast year. He was the first guy
out there working. I mean,he he wanted to make it work.

Isn't like I'll screw you Astros.I got my money. He wanted to
He wanted to try to win theWorld Series with the Astro. I have
a ton of respect for people thatare willing to work for their money.
Jose Air Brady's getting compensated. DanaBrown just said it in the sound bite.
Then in the game we play aprofessional sports. Sometimes you bet that
a guy's going to be around,and sometimes the body fails you. The

body failed Hoseir bra You. Ido not believe we will see him pick
up a bat in the majors Again. I could be wrong about that.
He has not that I've seen announceretirement. I just think, jose Air
bra you, the writing is onthe wall. It is what it is.
I think he's gonna bow out.Now. Somebody may give him a
flyer though, you know, butI think if it's him, I don't

think he would do it. Ithink he goes, I'm good, I'm
gonna take this thirty and I'm gonnaride out. Now he is allowed to
double dip. The thirty one nearlythirty one million from the Astros is not
precluding him from going to get moneyfrom somebody else. A veteran minimum,
now, yeah, they said ifanybody was asignaim, it's a verter minimum.
I mean I would be shocked.I think somebody might be willing to
sign him and then, you know, assign him to your triple at club.

Let them play a couple games.Are but it has he been air
quotes humiliated enough, like I'm allfor being a humble dude, but Josea
braid you at some point for whatMauricio Dubon just said right there in that
quote, I'm an MVP with hundredsof millions of dollars in the bank.
It's going through the minor leaks forwhat, Nah Man, I'm good,
but go back to South Florida andenjoy your family. But look at the

work ethic. He doesn't want toquit. That's fair too. And we've
seen other people do it. Now. I don't know if they were financially
where jose Braidy is, but like, God on them. Good for him.
Now, this is another extension ofthat conversation, and I'm gonna say
it because it needs to be said. You brought up a word, and
I want everybody to be here listento my word usage. Josea braid You
is probably in this era, theworst free agent signing by the Astros.

The worst contract in this era isLace mccullis junior at five years and the
eighty five million dollars a contract hereceived prior to and I know what he
did in the postseason of twenty twentytwo. To me, my personal opinion
is not personal. Lance. Iteach you about open up locations and stores,
but be a businessman. I'm aproud capitalist. Have at it.

But the contractually, I at leastsaw jose A bray you all of last
year. I at least saw joseAbrey you, although it wasn't great below
the mendoz A line for the majorityof a season and a half. Here,
I ain't seen Lance mccullis juniors intwo years, and I did call
him a juniors in two seasons.But isn't that a good thing? That?

No, well, no, it'snot good. But what I'm saying
is i'd rather you say it's adud because he's been hurt as opposed to
performance. When he's pitched, he'spitched well. The hope is he he
gets back, I know. Butthe hope is he's going to get back
this point this season, and whenhe gets back, he pitches well this
year and next year and the yearafter. But that's the only reason you're

saying it's bad. To me,it's worse to have, but it's worse
to sign up guy to a longterm contract and him just suck and that's
what happened with Jose Brad and yougotta pull the plot. Lance mccullos,
JUNR is raking in seventeen million dollarsthis year, but he do with fifteen
to two last year, and he'sgot seventeen on the books for the next
two seasons and twin he's getting hurt. I mean, like, what do

you know yell at him. AllI'm saying to you is this is the
contract that hurts the worst. Itain't Montero, it ain't Jose Bray you,
it wasn't the Michael Brandley deal.It's the Lance mcaullor' jeni And if
in when he gets back, he'shealthy and pitches, well, then it's
fun. It doesn't hurt. Andif he doesn't, then we have a
different conversation because you assured me thatwe'd see Garcia and we will not.
Speaking of the Houston Astros obviously resideingget minute May Park follows the weekend.

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Next step? It's next stop thenext step, Take the next step,
next stop, stop next next stop. This team wants to be next.
This is next up with Tad NorthfleetenChris Gordy. Let's see what's next
next next. Our two is uponus were kicking off. Let's call it

the third quarter, shall we Gordysecond half? If you will. Line
from the Sports Talk seven ninety studios. We're in the Gallery area West Loops
South. To be precise, thename of this show is next Up,
the number one rated sports talk showin the city of Houston, for that
is about three months running. Appreciateall of you which allow us to maintain
our status not just here's your homein Houston Sports, but also real Texas

Talk and listen to Sports Talk sevenninety as the Texans News, the NFL
News. Gordon is a little slowright now. We mentioned the Treble Lawrence
contract extension on Friday and what thatmeans or would mean for CJ Strout moving
forward. Nothing on the Texas front. Guys will continue to work out and
get ready for training camp coming upin July. We know we have the

Hall of Fame game versus the Bearscoming up, so here in the next
few weeks we will begin to shiftand get into that mob. Did you
see Tank Dell had a football campover the week, So I did not
see that here in the city.Yeah. Saturday at willow Ridge High School,
and you know, talked about thecamp being given back to community and
all that. But but then hewas asked about all the offseason editions,

and this was tak Tell's quote.We ready. We're all excited. We
know we have a target on ourback. We got a lot of things
we want to accomplish, super Bowl, playoffs, things like that, So
we're ready to go to work again. You were a few weeks ago excited
when one of the players mentioned theword here it is again. I've heard
Nico say it, I've heard Tanksay it. Somebody else comes to mind

that has said it. I thinkCJ has said it. So I'm like,
okay, yeah, Now I don'tneed CJ to say it. I
need other guys to get in there. But that's good. Shout out to
Tank Dale. Appreciate him for doingthat. I was we were on what
was on? Oh, I wason KJOU last night and we were kicking

around me Zach and Kim. We'rejust kind of kicking around, you know,
coming out of Mini Camp Texans.You know what it looks like,
too low, too high? Andit reminded me of an article that I
saw in The Athletic NFL twenty twentyfour over underwin totals. Chris Gordon for
all thirty two teams, scroll downhere to Houston. I guess these are

updated and I should have it.I can tell you what it is.
Nine and a half is where theTexans come in at. Now I remind
you that Matt Thomas did pay offhis bet. Many of you did not
believe in from a wins lossar standpoint, Demico, Ryans and CJ could do
it in year one and they gotit. Now they exceeded my expectations.

Now there are expectations, Gordon.The most improved team in the league last
season, says. The Athletic addedStefan Diggs, de Neil Hunter, Denico
Autry and Isis al Shaya, andthey have the league's next great quarterback in
CJ. Stroup. He continues,You think about Nico Collins, a healthy
tank Dell. They give the Texansa potent attack. Stroud already seems like

a great leader and he should beable to keep Digs in line if you
will. Uh, but it's adeal breaker if he can't. Da da
da. The addition of Joe MixonDa da da It, says, these
complements of weapons should give Houston achance to exceed expectations. I ask you,
and let's go to the phones andask the people seven one three,

two, one two five, sevenninety the Texans will or will not go
to exceed nine and a half menwins? And why? I think it's
a good line. I mean,based off of what they did a year
ago and expectations raising, but schedulegetting tough for us. Well, so

they went ten and seven last year, but now you play a first place
schedule. I mean, nine andeight is is It wouldn't shock me if
this team went not in h justbased on the schedule. And here's a
caveat too, they could get toDecember with nine wins and not win a

game the rest of the way.Dolphins at home, you don't bel at
Kansas City home for Baltimore at Tennessee. There's a chance, no chance.
The five games. I'm saying Miamiout of the bye week, it's home
for Miami at Kansas City, homefor Baltimore at Tennessee. One in three,

I mean it's I wouldn't that's notcrazy. One in three isn't crazy.
And Tennessee you're like, oh,Tennessee, stikes it's a division game.
Division games are always that teams playoffsin their play down of their competition.
So would you if you were goingto put a little something down,
and by the way, you shouldbe gaming responsibly. If you're gonna put

a little something down at minus oneforty five with the Texans over and under,
would you go nine wins or tenwins with the nine? I'm gonna
bet if. If I'm gonna beton it, I'm gonna bet the over.
Because you want to be an optimisticTexans fan and you want to root
for your team. Because what happensis they got nine wins going to December,
and I got one thousand dollars beton that. Yes, so then

I have to do I got abit root for them to lose. Well,
to be optimistic, you want togo over. I see that a
little differently. I can be aTexans fan, but I'm also a fan
of taking care of my household givingthe money that I'm putting down, so
I don't bet myself. I willdo a gentleman's agreement every now and again
just to have some fun. IfI were going to put some money down,

I would take the over now onpaper, right now today, I
have the Texans at ten and seven. We went through that when the schedule
was released in the dates and time, when we had the dates, I'm
sorry, we had the opponents thedates and times came out, so I
said ten and seven. So you'resaying Vegas put a good number. Here,
Vegas put an excellent number. I'mtaking the over. I believe in

CJ. Stroud and Demico Ryans.I believe in Joe Mix and Stefan Diggs.
I believe in a healthy offensive line. I do not believe they're going
to have the same amount of injuriesup front that they had a year ago.
Defensively, is it going to lookdifferent? Yep. But the second
year in Domico's complex structure, andhe's got more guys now with his e's

Al Schier that understands it. TheNeil Hunter is an upgrade over Jonathan Grenard.
I think the team is better,but none of it. And again
this is what I keep going backto, the team can be better and
still go nine to eight because theschedule's tough, and it's tough to be
tough. Really good teams in thisconference, in this league, it's tough

to win hard games on the road. I mean, that's that's the tough
part about this is you got tounderstand the NFL is parody. Teams win
every week that aren't supposed to win, and the Texans can be all those
things they can be. They canbe better on offense this year, they
can be better on defense this year, but still lose close games. Now,
I got heated yesterday my man Zachover at KHOU. He gave us

the show topic the thirty third team, Gordon. We referenced them a lot.
They're similar to Pro Football Focus.They do a lot of analytics,
washingt tay tay you what they thinkthis is. Marcus Moser put this up
the top eight offensive corps in theNFL heading into the twenty four season.
Gordon, he's got the Texans offensivecorps at eight. Now he lists Nico

Collins's wide receiver one. I havean issue with that, not you personally,
Nico. I think Stefan Diex isbetter. I would have listed Stefan
Dieks's one, but that's need didn'tknow that He's got the Texans as the
eighth best offensive corps behind Buffalo atseven, Atlanta at six, Detroit at
five. I don't have a hugeproblem there. San Frian at four,

no problem, Baltimore at three,no problem, Philly at two, no
problem, Kansas City at one.The Texans should be higher than Atlanta in
Buffalo? Are you okay with theTexans having the eighth ranked offensive corps according
to third to thirteen? I mean, they shouldn't be behind Buffalo. How
did they lose Stephane Diggs and gaybabies Stefan Diggs? And yeah, that

made no sense to me. Imean, the only thing I can think
is James Cook takes another step thisyear, is a really good running back
in the league. I do likeDalton kink their tight end, but I
just don't think overall their offensive weaponryisn't better than Houston, nor is Atlanta.
I like Jon but they, forexample, their wide receiver one in
Atlanta's Drake London. We've got tohell. I could make the case Tank

Dale it's better than Drake London.We got three receivers better than their wide
receiver one. I don't understand thatthat PI is very inconsistent. Who else
did I say? I don't havean issue with San fran Detroit? Now
Detroit is interesting. Jared goff JamiirGibbs it running back. I'm on Ross
Saint Brown as wide receiver one andSam Laport at tight end. That's an

excellent offensive cord. Not to mentionPina Sewell all Pro at the tackle spot.
That's a good offense. I don'thave an issue with them being I
think the Texans are on with aDetroit Just something that popped up real quick.
I'm looking at it. There's oneof these betting websites to score predictors
for like Week one, like kindof like you betting line on over under

where you think they'll go. It'sit's basically the score projection for Texans Colts
Week one is twenty four to twentythree Texans like, and that game is
on the road. Have you betthe over under on the Texans to score
twenty four and a half and theColts over under score twenty three and a
half. It's just that's what I'mtalking about when I talk about the NFL.
Should this Texas team? Are theytalented enough to go in Indianapolis and

win Week one? Yes? Yes, However, it's the NFL. It's
tough to win on the roads sometimes, as we saw last year, Texans
lost in Carolina, lost in Atlanta, lost at the Jets. All games
they should have won. CJ's rookieyear, Bobby Slowk's first time, oh,
C Demico, Ryan's first time here. Coach. Okay, but second
year, they know what to expect. Here we go. But you won

games on the road last year,you won it. Yeah, I mean
so, I mean it's not likethey couldn't win on the ROADW Well,
I'm just saying this gives them abetter opportunity. Let me hit this on
the way out from an MVP standpoint, I saw this on SI dot Com.
Odds improved for Patrick Mahomes, CJ. Stroud, and Jordan Love to

win the NFL's MVP in twenty twentyfour. Patrick Mahomes, appropriately sol remains
the favorite for the MVP award.According to bet MGM. His odds have
improved since opening at plus six hundred. They are now plus five hundred.
What did I see? Joe JoshAllen comes in at second. Joe Burrow

comes in at third, next bestafter Mahomes. They both are plus nine
hundred. C J. Stroud,the remaining offensive rookie of the year for
the Houston Texans, has the fourthbest odds. They are shorter now at
plus one thousand. They opened upat plus eleven hundred. Can I make
something on the way out real quick? CJ. Stroud will end up with

He will end up on the MVPvoting, ahead of Josh Allen and ahead
of Joe Burrow. Bucket stan Fleetsaid it on Whatever this is June seventeenth,
Joe Burrow and Josh Allen two AFCfos Strouder have better MVP not odds,
but he'll have more votes by thetime we get to the end.
Y'all hold me to that. Keepyour receipt On the other side, Let's

stay in the state of Texas.Let's go up here. I forty five
North a little bit, even thoughthat's on the game is on the road
and Boston Night NBA Finals will commenton that will pivot back into Astros at
eleven thirty as well. You wantto get into the show sev one three,
two one two five seven ninety stattorfleetech Chris forty this this next time

on Sports Talk seven ninety getting tradedhere. This wasn't one of my options,
you know, it wasn't like numberone on my list. So when
the trader opportunity got approached to me, you know, instead of going back
and appreciating the Celtics history, Ijust came in with the open mind and

just kind of like, all right, I'm just gonna go with the flow
into this. But I think thatwas the wrong approach. Dallas Mavericks point
guard Kyrie Irving, wouldn't you say? He is a polarizing figure. Dallas
Mavericks make their way over to Bostontonight. Td Ameora Trade Garden is what
they're calling it these days. I'mpulling it up now by my recollection.

I do believe that the Boston Celtics, and rightfully show should be an our
favorite tonight Boston favored by six anda half. Chris Gordon Game five NBA
Finals tonight, seven thirty local time. I will be tuned in, perhaps
you will be, as the Astrosare off. Tonight. Astros made their
way up to Chicago. Three gameset versus the White Sox coming up starting

tomorrow night. Well, you thoughtI was thinking I was gonna be watching
it asters today. No, Astro'soff, stupid, so I'm gonna be
watching Monday. Who's gonna I saidyesterday should the NBA have put Game five
last night? But you got youknow, Sunday Night Baseball? You had
what else was on there? Uh? You had Sunday Night baseball, you

had a golf yesterday. You getthe spacing out, like, what are
we doing here? Let's play anNBA Finals game. Then let's take four
days off and you completely forget aboutit, like this is stupid. I
can't wait to see what I justthink o over like three weeks, it
seems like I can't wait to seewhat the overall ratings are for this NBA
Finals. I know a lot ofpeople that haven't watched a single game.

It just hasn't been intriguing for them. We'll see. The NBA says that
the viewership is up, the digitaland social numbers are up, which is
why these rights fees are going tobe quite generous for the NBA as an
entity. It's got to hit aseiling eventually, though, right Like we
keep saying that they keep sixty milliona year players in the NBA, Like

this thing's gonna there's no way ESPNis is profiting like big time on the
back end. So I had anexecutive share this whip me someone that works
in Bristol with NBA program and sharethis with me a couple of seasons ago.
And this is probably too much behindthe curtain, but we're gonna nerd
out for just a second, sojust so you all know how TV works,

Like, uh, first take isa bad example Greenie, Right.
I don't have an issue with MikeGreenberg. I think he's excellent at his
job, fine, making a tonof money. He's accomplished. Coop.
They aren't making money off Greenie.They probably aren't making money off Who's I
got on right now? Pat McAfee, ESPN uses shows on TV. They

are making money off First Take.They're using shows like McAfee and Greenie to
drive you to the live programming.That's where they make their money going there.
That's why they continue to pay thisnumber. I've just always said the
NBA, it's it's so funny,like they're more intriguing their off season and

for agency is more fun to talkabout than the actual game. That's fair,
you know. And look, we'vebeen a little bit of a desert
here in Houston with the Rockets notbeing relevant, and they showed glimpses last
year and hopefully they're on their wayto being a contendant. By the way,
they're gonna have their uh draft,you'll be a part of that,

So make sure they're listening a sevenninety George Brownson. But you know,
it's just it just feels like it'sgonna hit like, for instance, it
for Turner doesn't feel like it kindof hit a ceiling for them, Like
why are they just letting them go? Right? They don't have to go
To be fair, They've asked theNBA if they lose the overall bid,
could they have some Tier two gamesand still maintain Barkley over the weekend said

that maybe that was Thursday Barkley ThursdayNight. He says he is retiring after
the twenty twenty twenty four twenty fiveseason. He will no longer do TV
emphasis on TV. Barkley also sayshe will not be joining another network until
NBC comes with her. He sayshe's tall. I take Barkle at his

word. Box is making a tonof money off his thought with Nike.
He's not broke, but yeah,it's just it just feels like it's going
to hit a ceiling eventually that it'slike, we can't keep going down this
road. We keep saying that,but but again it's grown. Let it
go. I'm and look what theESPN does over here, the cut they
finally get talented staff, and it'slike, is this the best that?
Just for rights? I mean,think of the rights they're paid for the

college football playoffs, like a billiondollars for the rights. Like in the
end, is juice worth the squeeze? Well, it is if it's Georgia
versus Ohio State for the national championship. But what if it's Liberty versus Kansas
and it's not? You know whatI mean. So it's it's something to
consider, no doubt. Boston favoredby six and a half. On television
last night, I was asked aboutReed Shepherd, point guard, slash shooting

guard out of Kentucky. He hasbeen linked to the Rockets. Should they
stay at pick three as the selection? It was asked to me last night,
I would ask it to you thepeople now Reach Shepherd out of Kentucky
if he is selected at pick three? Is he is that selection too high?
Is that too high of a draftslot for Reach Shepherd? And would

we have an issue Rockets fans ifthat was the pick? No? Because
I mean, there's there's some mockssaying that he could you know, he
could be in conversation at two maybeeven one if if they fall in love
with him. Whoa one, He'she's a legacy. His dad played at
Kentucky Scott Shepherd crazy. He's sixtwo, he's one eighty seven, he's

still growing into his body, buthe was already a sharp shooter. And
what is everybody in the abandon ineach shooting. But y'all have to be
athletic too. We want to makesure you can defend a little bit.
I mean, look Jimmer for dadand kind of guys. That's a comfort.
Hey, they made a living offof that now, I mean they're
not like franchise players you'd build around. But like what this guy did last

year Kentucky shooting fifty two percent fromthree And it's not like it was a
small sample size. He shot aton of them, seventy five for one.
Four. Like, that's a greatpiece for the Rockets to come off
the bench. They're asking to start, but like they could use a bench
shooter. They could come in andknock down three, knockdown three, and
I mean it would be a greatcompliment to what this coreless Rockets team is

now again a little high to saytake him at three, but what if
he does hit a ceiling and getseven better, develops into an all around
player. This is exactly what Ibrought up last night. Okho, you
don't so let me pose the scenariotoo. Is three too high for Reed
Shepherd in this draft? It probablyis? But where the Rockets happened to

be, specifically with what six firstround picks in the last three years on
the roster, with the veterans thatthey brought in, and what the rocket
Its need based on what Udoka andRoephelstone shout out to you, sir,
you celebrated GM of the Rockets.He celebrated a birthday over the weekend or
last week. When acknowledge my gymand Gemini shout out to you, Roefelstone,

I knew I liked you for areason. Roethfelstone and Imo Udoka have
both said shooting and quite frankly,some length, another big it's some shot
blocking and some defense. Those arepart of the things they need based on
what they currently have. What ifI told you this, Gordon, So
the people that are down on addingReed Shepherd because of his size, he

is slight. He likely would comeoff the bench. He's probably not gonna
develop into a lockdown defender, buthe doesn't need to be. If I
told you the Rockets were gonna packagesome players and the third over our pick,
and they were gonna go on someother NBA team and grab a guy
that could shoot forty forty two fortythree percent consistently from three, and that

veteran was gonna come off the benchfor you, we probably wouldn't have a
problem with Well, I'm just saying, use that pick on Read Shepherd,
and I don't see an issue.Let me give you this. Kevin O'Connor
over at the Ringer. He justput out his mock draft an hour ago.
He doesn't up at the Ringer,and he's got the two frenchmen going
number one and number two and numberthree overall. Read Shepherd to the Rockets,

and here's what he says. WithFred van Vliet already under contract,
there'd be no pressure for Shephard todevelop quickly in Houston. He can learn
from the Vet while providing a sparkoff the bench with his knockdown shooting ability,
which the Rockets could use more ofafter they made just thirty six percent
of their threes last season. Becauseof Shepherd's abilities on and off the ball,
It'd be easy to see him forminga dominant two man game with Alpi

Chegoon operating in ball screens and dribblehandoffs. He is an underrated passer.
He had a couple games last yearKentucky where he had eleven assists average.
He's a willing passer on the topof a knockdown shooter. Again, like,
we can say it's too high inall this, but also we can
say this is not a draft loadedwith talent. So you want to take
a chance on the big man fromYukon or something like that. Hey,

I'll listen to it. But Ijust know what my eyeball saw with the
Rockets last year standing and there weredroughts where they couldn't hit a three,
saved their lives. We know thiswhat Fred Van Vliet and Dylan Brooks are
not the best three point shooters.Jalen Green was very up and down.
Jabari Smith very up and down.Give me a dude I know can knock
out three. Facts he translated orcomps I should say too, Oh,
this will be a throwback for myeighties babies and older, Mark Price Jimmer

for debt and something that is underrated. As we go to break and we'll
talk strolls on the other side forthe main and a half hour. Don't
underestimate playing for John Calipari at Kentuckygives you an advantage in terms of understanding
the NBA game. His analytical ishis cerebralness, in which the way that
Reached Shepherd plays the game is likelyto be attract if to a guy like

em Udoka who prides not just athleticismbut the willingness to compete and being smart
on the floor as well. Somethingto keep your eyes on. NBA Draft
is coming up a week week fromgood is it? A week from this
Thursday? Is what I believe.We have more information on that to come.
Let's episode come back talk some strokeshere on your home astros Baseball Sports

Talk seven ninety Next up continues onyour Apple TV. Listen to Sports Talk
seven ninety on any device with ourfree iHeartRadio amp. You know what,
being an All Star team in thisin any league, any professional league,
it's not easy. But I thinkhe's earned the opportunity to be an All

Star Game. He's he has pitcheda continues to pitch as an All Star
fly across the country. I've beenit's the show, and I all about
twenty five minutes. And now we'llget you over to Matt Thomas. Ross
very out for the Matt Thomas Show. In the meantime, this is next
up. If you're new to thestation, new to the show, appreciate
you hanging out with us here ona Monday stay in Northfleet. Me Chris
Gordon, him Connor Dy McGovern assistingus on the other side there with his

production and programming prowess u's skipper joeAh Spotta. After yesterday's game, shortly
after one o'clock, first pitch,Rone Blanco was excellent. Roneale Blanco's seven
innings of Hitler's ball, and thenobviously you get Presley and Hayter. Presley

gives up a hit and Hayter givesup a run which essentially ended the shutout
there. But the Astros come awayfrom the weekend winning two of three versus
Detroit. They put another series intheir bag. They find themselves now nine
games out from first place, asthe Seattle Mariners are currently on a three
game win streak Astro six games underfive hundred and there are what five six

teams ahead of them from a wildcardstandpoint, So this is where we are.
Rone Blanco was excellent, retired whatthe first fourteen batters that he faced,
and I agree with Joe Spotter,Gordon rone Blanco would be considered an
All Star. Got some work todo from a cy Young standpoint, but

he has been a pleasant surprise.And where would the Astros be without Ronel
Blanco this season, who already hasno hit on his resume earlier this year
as well. Yeah, I forgetwith with Major League Baseball. It's it's
still you fans only vote for thepositions and then the manager that I'm not

sure. I got to look thatup. Yeah, I think it still
goes that way. So regardless,you know, look, Renald Blanco is.
It's it's been an awesome year.He is well deserved of getting to
an All Star Game. But youknow what, like the way the season
has played out, I'm fine ifyou know, I'm fine if Jordan doesn't

want to play in the game.I'm fine if Altuve a few days before
the All Star break goes Yeah,he's having some hand tightness, you know,
just you know, just something likewhere it's guys, we got bigger
plans, bigger goals. We coulduse those extra four or five days to
just rest up and get healthy.When everybody catch their breath, no usure.
So it's as cool of it,honor as it is, and as

fun as it would be standing tosee Jordan Alfarez get invited to play in
the home run derby and all that. I would just go ahead and pass
on on that, and then againfor All Star Game, I'd go I'd
go show up, do the handwaveand all that. But I don't know.
In my mind, I'd rather thanthese guys just rest up and be
ready for bigger goals than just beinghonored in Arlington, by the way,

where they're gonna get booed unmerciflessly.And when I got booed in Tmobile Park
in Seattle last year, when KyleTucker and Berlander walked out there with Dusty
Baker, they got shot with booze. It's just not fair, but it
is what it is. We know, how some folks, you know,
how do people feel about that?There is a question, though I want
to congratulate Blanco for navigating an interestingfifth inning walk. Some guys loaded the

bases a little bit. I thinkhe had a twenty five off the top
of my head pitch fifth d excuseme, god, let chop and h
ninety four pitches through seven. Manypeople wanted to see Blanco come back out.
Could he go to distance and dothe no no on his own?
I at ninety four pitches and wherethis staff is from a health standpoint,

do not have an issue with Joespot Up pulling Blanco and not allowing him
to go out there for the eighthinning? Do you? Because Steve Spots
came by to Sean Salisbury Show earlythis morning, Gordy, before we get
to that, I want to hearwith what Spark has said. Before we
get to him, let me hearfrom you. You got an issue with
Blanco being pulled? No it again, totally makes sense, especially on a

day after you find out Justin Verlandera scratch from a start and you're already
tight with this five man rotation,not much wiggle room. Like no,
I'd be pulling everybody early for thenext week, just to kind of anytime
the score looked like like pulling theWho's at a spot of waved white flag
on Saturday. Let's see Tuesday nightin Chicago, Verlander is through six scoreless

innings and he's had eighty two pitches. Go take a seat. I'm like,
there's no reason to send them backout now, you know JV's gonna
wave off. Well, yes,j JV. I don't know why I
can't talk right now, Justin Verlandercould not. He's got to get his
innings. He wants his money.He's trying to trigger that vested option for
yet it's out. I wouldn't worryabout that. Let me hear Steve Sparks.

He's not pacing me to do soat the moment, but I understand
your optimism. Steve sparks issue withBlanco being pulled yesterday for you, sir,
you know, probably probably the scenarioif he gets through eight innings,
he's probably, say, with sixteenmore pitches, it's going to be at
one hundred and ten. So what'sthe difference that makes it sound like Spark

wants to keep him in. He'sa little but Steve's Steve's a little bit
old school. Salisbury goes old school. I just again, you're you're in
a tight situation there. I justI would have ern on the side of
caution. Again, you're supposed tohave these great arms on the back end
of the bullpen and right Rusley ruinsthe no hitter. Oh. Steve Boks
was also asked about the bullpen.Let me have Steve sparks six please.

I think some guys, I thinksome guys are pitching a lot, right,
and not just pitch pitching in games, but they're getting up in the
bullpen a lot too, you know, and we've talked I think we talked
about that last last week as wellas you know, those ups in the
bullpen where you get up once ortwice and don't get into a game or
very taxing. So that's happening alot too because they're chasing. And I

don't blame them, you know,they need to right now. They need
to chase the close ones. Butthere's a lot of guys with a lot
of double barrels going on. Doublebarrels means two relievers ame time and only
one of them is getting in.Uh So that's just the way it is
right now. That's the way theyhave to play a lot of these games.
But it's very, very taxing soI think depth, to have some

depth in the bullpen where you canwrest those guys from time to time is
going to be imperative. It wouldnot surprise me. By the way.
That was Steve Bok's former stron isall Right. You hear him, one
half of the Astros radio network alongsideRobert Ford here on Sports Talk seven ninety
your Home with the Strokes. Sparkswas also asked Gordon, I'll come to
you after this the need for addingpitching as we approach the deadline. Sparks

too, We got that content.I think if you ever feel like you
have to do anything, you're introuble bad if you make bad decisions.
So do you they have to?I would say U, so, I
and I think you're always looking forways to make your team better. But
if you ever feel like your back'sagainst the wall, you'll make stupid decisions.
So I'm gonna I'm gonna go againstthat a little bits here. So

you also have to start thinking aboutwhat's it gonna take for this team to
get five or six games beyond fivehundreds. And they've got a ways to
go to get that, and they'regonna have to chase some wins. They
just have to at this point,you know. So some games that you're
down by a couple of runs inthe sixth evenings, you might use Brian

Bray. You just to keep itas close as you can, you know,
things like that. So with thatbeing said, I think you need
depth in the bullpen, and Ithink that costs a whole lot of that.
And I think for the Astros rightnow, I think it's gonna take
a lot for them to get there, and what are they going to look

like by the time they get there? How gass are they going to be?
And I think they need to fortifywith some depth. Oh so Sparky
saying he believes they should. Iagree with him, Gordon, you close
this segment out for us. I'mbanking that the Astros will add another bat,
another position player, likely over thereat that first base spot, and

they're going to add somebody else inpitching, whether it's a starter or a
reliever. I don't know. There'sanother arm come here at the deadline.
And my question is how don't know? And you and I have gone back
and forth the tough There's a tonof names and scenarios out there. Move
this guy to, you know,move Pressley to bring on somebody else,
shed salary, a Monterro or somebodyelse to come. There are a lot

of names and scenarios we could getinto. Do you believe there will be
new guys that didn't start deal withthe Stros when we get to the deadline.
Yeah, I think they'll make amove or two. But I don't
think it's gonna Like I said before, I don't think it's gonna be this
monumental. I don't think it's gonnabe a huge name. You know.
It's like, that's that's why wewere throwing around the uh what was it

the Marlins pitcher the other day?Uh? You know, I sard seawing
and them kicking around the dude fromthe White Sox, the crochet, that
dude. The asking price is gonnabe monumental for him. And then again,
it's not just you and the WhiteSox talking. The White Sox gon
go hang on, Astros. Theygot any more other teams on the line,
and they got better offers. That'sthis is where it gets tough.
And so it's like that's where Isay, go for the marginal, go

for the go for the guy whocould be the fifth guide your rotation.
You know, when they trade forhim, people are gonna go, wait,
this guy's numbers aren't that great.Yeah, but let's hope he gets
here and gets with our pitching coachesand starts to pitch a little bit more
consistent. That's what you're gonna belooking for. But they're not gonna be
signed. They're not gonna be gettingthe hottest name on the market. They
don't have the they don't have theassets to get it. Let's come back.
Let's close out a Monday edition ofNext Up seven one three, two,

one two, five, seven nine. You want to get in on
the strolls strolls off today made theirway up to Chicago. We'll get going
again. Uh there on the SouthSide. Coming up tomorrow night, Sports
Talk seven ninety stand Northfleet. It'sjust a five Chris Cordy, Next Up.
It's the next Up mentality on yourradio over dollar that you'll go through,
prepares you for the next. Welcomeback to Next Up on Sports Talk

seven ninety. What's going on?A soun My favorite city in America.
I tell you that each and everyday. I hope everybody had a great
weekend again, salute to all thefathers and father figures holding it down.
Had a good weekend. Man madeit over way over there to uh what's
that Butler Stadium the Universe Soul Circuson Saturday night, watched some Stros baseball.

Over the weekend, Gordon and uhwent to brunch. What else did
I do? Came in? Whatelse I did? Got got some worshiping
as well. Oh, Blood Driveon Saturday as well. Up there in
Fall Creek, Miss Jet Atlanta Sportssaid, last night, yeah, I
know you and Jason Bristol some otherpeople went over there. How was the
show last night? It's good?Huh. Although I forget those shows that

the woodlands in the summer. They'rejust so hot, like you really got
to play, but don't you gota tent thing over over the top of
it and the sun was setting asthe show was getting started. But it's
still yeah, it's like yeah,and then you're like you're down in the
big tall boy like seltzers or beers. Oh, so you really do need
to mix in the waters too,because you're you're dehydrating yourself drinking. So

that's why I got that text fromyou this morning, as you might not
be with it oh no, no, that was no, no, no,
I'm just teaching, trying to makelight of it. All right,
we got Matt Thomas Rosberry. Icome your way here in about eight minutes,
give or take. Gordy. Astroscurrently nine games back. I mentioned
leading up to this week Father's Dayweekend, I'll know what the Astros are

by the time we get there.We're here, and I need an extension.
I'm not ready to put a declarationon what this Astro season is going
to be right now. I understandit is daunting. Nine games back in
the division, six games under fivehundred, seven and a half games back
from the final wildcard spot, whichMinnesota currently occupies. There are five or

six teams. I believe it's fiveteams ahead of the Astros for that third
and final wildcard spot. The taskis daunting. I understand we got JV.
He's now got a neck issue.Doesn't sound like he's gonna go on
to il. It sounds like wewill see him in Chicago. I think
that's on Thursday or Friday. Ithink that's Thursday. We may get some

JV not freaking out there, butthis bull you hearst the sparks in the
previous segment the bullpen. They're I'mnot gonna say their text, but Gord,
they've been working and this starting thestaff, these five they got to
eat up innings. We just don'thave the bodies right now. The key,

the key that can solve a lotof the SOO is keep keep the
bats going. You know, wetalked about it earlier some of the some
of the recent wins. But Imean what's crazy is go look at what
the pitching is done in about thelast ten games. Really you had the
Spencer Righetty blow up last time onSaturday, but prior to that, I

mean the other two games against thetrait you hold them. The one run
in, zero runs out in SanFrancisco, the pitching won the problem you
know fromber had that that the badearly outing. But still you lost five
to three. You know, again, like you can win that game six
to five, eight to five.The game you won that series three to
one, you help them to onerun. The other game you lost ten

innings four to three, and thatcame after you took a three to one
lead in the top of the tenth. A lot of the time, so
point Bett and then prior to thatagainst the Angels, you lost nine to
seven, win the bullpen bullet,but probably that you won seven to one
and six to one. So moreoverall, the last couple of weeks you've
been pitching, well, it's justyou know, you've had a couple of
duds where maybe the pitching wasn't greatand the offense didn't back them up.

But here's the issue, and Iunderstand that point, and it is valid.
All of that which you just fitwas facts. I want to also
add this to the conversation. OnFriday night, Hunter Brown was excellent.
The Astros only scored four runs,yet they won. Yesterday afternoon, the
Astros only scored four runs, yetthey won. So when those two scenarios,

the pitching was outstanding and four runswasn't enough to win. They've got
to be better down the stretch.The Astros must be better in the early
innings. The Ashros have to bebetter when they have the lead after seven.
The Astros have to be better inclose games. The Astros have to
be better in extra inx. Theymust improve and based on their eleven games

remaining in this month, they needto be winning eight of those eleven.
The Astros have to not only winseries, but there need to be some
sweeps in here if they're going toclose the gap. I have not thrown
in the towel on these Astros becauseI saw Seattle and Texas Rangers. They
took their foot off the gas ayear ago. The Astros ad Vertland at

the deadline and boom, here theygo and they win the division. Yeah,
I'm not ready to make a declarationnow. Speaking specific to some folks
that are banged up. You mentionedthe All Star Game also in the previous
segment. Somebody give me some intailon Kyle Tucker because I hadn't seen it
nor heard anything. Kyle Tucker ison the il. He was eligible to

come off on Friday. He didnot. Dana Brown, this was yesterday
at the ballpark. Give me anupdate on Kyle Tucker. Please, trending
in the right direction. He's sore, though you know, I knew that
it got him really well when ithit him, you know, and just
hit him square right on the shin. I was very happy that it was

there were no fractures, so uh, but for him to take this long,
it's it's been tough to deal withbecause you know, he's a big
part of our offense, and soyou know, he's at least moving around,
you know, throwing weight at ballsand and and doing some things like
that, but not back to fullactivity. Uh. You know, hopefully
we'll get him back soon. It'sall about, you know, day to

day, you know how you know, one day he could come in and
say, look, guys, Ifeel great and start you know, running
and jogging, and then now we'llbe looking at him turning the corner.
Hopefully he gets to that point withinthe next week. I do not I'm
trying to be optimistic here, Gordon, but every time I see talk out

there limping to the little celebration line, I get nervous. I was happy
it's Diaz returned to catching on Saturday. He also called on Sunday, I
want to also tip my cap tojose L Tuvey homered yesterday his first Father's
Day home run in his illustrious career. And we got to get them some

better pillows at men in May Park. What the hell? JV's got a
neck Early in the season, Jabierhad a neck. Don't know what that's
about. I'm sure Matt Thomas andRoss Villrial will talk more about that.
They are coming up for Connedy MagovernChris Gordy standing Northfley than all of you,
Houston, Yes you. They allowus to do this thing called next
Up. We couldn't do it withoutyou. Enjoy your lunch, Be safe,
God blessed. We'll do it againtomorrow. Y'all be well
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