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June 19, 2024 85 mins
Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy of Next Up recap the Houston Astros losing 2-0 in the first game of a three-game road series to the Chicago White Sox. Manager Joe Espada was ejected from the game in the bottom of the third inning. The Astros are now ten games back from the lead in the AL West, and five teams are ahead in the AL standings for the final playoff spot. Stan and Chris talk with Michael Shapiro, sports reporter for Chron, about the Rockets ahead of the NBA draft, review the Texans offseason rankings and more.
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talk about sports today as it impactsthe Houston landscape. The range range excuse
me, the Texans if I canget it out, Gordy. The Texans
training cap schedule released yesterday. Webroached it briefly. I want to revisit
that. Also. Pro Football Focushas some thoughts on the teams with the
most approved in twenty twenty four.Where are the Texans on that list?

Did they make that list? They'reeight teams there. As we celebrate the
nineteen ninety four Houston Rockets Cron dotcom, Gordy has a series they've been
running. Final installment is released today. We're gonna talk more about that as
Michael Shapiro is gonna drop by theeleven o'clock hour. We heard from general
manager Dana Brown, who joined theShawn Salisbury Show oh about thirty three minutes

ago. Want to hear more fromhim in probably around eleven thirty we start.
However, as I get back intoit is a holiday, many of
you probably streaming from inside the house, on your phone, your laptop,
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WAP. I would be remissed ifI didn't say again, recognizing June teenth,

some two and a half years afterthe emancipation of slavery in this country.
Union soldiers had to come to Galvestonto help some folks in Texas.
Understand, we don't do that anymore, and thus we celebrate, and we
will continue to do so. Imay drop in some tear bits here and
there. We will also pay homageto speaking of trailblazers and the achievements and
advancement of people of color in thiscountry. Willie Mays passes yesterday last night,

actually at the age of ninety three. We will reflect on his historic
career. Oh but to start,Gordy, there was a ballgame played in
Chicago on the South side of thecity last night, first game of a

three game series involving our Astros,and the Astros got shut out by the
worst baseball team in the league.The White Sox, with a rookie pitcher
who was winless prior to last night, went up against the lineup, albeit
minus Kyle Tucker and jo and AnneAlvarez. We'll talk about the both later.

The Houston Astros, fighting scratching cloningfor their postseason lives, went into
the South side of Chicago and losta ball game two to zero. It
literally comes to you now, Gordy, that literally is the worst defeat I
have seen the Astros face this yearor last year. It is embarrassing,

it's uncomfortable, it is grotesque onmany levels. I have some of the
words I'd like to say, butthey'd get dumped going that was awful.
I mean, they didn't get embarrassed. I'm not gonna say it was the
worst. It's not the worst nineteenwins I seen. Remember a few weeks
ago, Hudder Brown couldn't even getout of the first inning in Kansas City,

gave up nine earned runs. Thatto me is the worst, the
worst game we've seen. Going tostop this, it's not good. And
yes you you got shut down andthe bats did not show up. Fromberg
got you. You know it wasa quality star. Two six innings,
two runs, that's you know,both of them in the run scored on
fielder's choices. Like it's not evenlike he gave up solo home runs or
anything. Run. He didn't walkin a run, He loaded the boat

runners's choice. He put those guyson base. Okay, but he's not
gonna pitch flawless run ball is onany given you would take that any time
out from Fromber valbums context against theWashington Washing, against the Chicago White Socks,
you scored zero runs. He shouldnever get out pitched by a rookie

in his seven start. How doyou get out pitched because your team doesn't
hit the other pitcher. Because that'sthat's what happens. It's the offense to
blame, not fromber Valdez. AllI know is the rookie pitcher for Chicago.
He didn't give up any runs becausesucks. Josel Today oh for four,
Jeremy Panya, oh for four.Frumber give him two hits. Let's

stop like and Bobo Tho's hits resultedin what nothing? They didn't get the
hits didn't score the runs. Thefielder's choices here rocking the people, which
led to the field as choices putruns across the boy. It's not that
you will lose one hundred percent ofthe games. You scored zero runs,
and it is not that hard.And you will also lose one hundred percent
of the games. You let arookie in his seven start go beat you.
Now, I'm not said you lethim beat you. I'm agreeing with

you. I'm not saying that Fromberis the lone reason, the first reason
they lost. I agree with you. The Bats have got to do better
than that, even with going onand Kyle Tuck and not being in the
lineup. It's got to be betterthan that. However, and then a
lot of other people we can play. There's about thirty other people to blame
before you get now, I'm notthere. If Rumbert did that for every

single outing, he would win theSI. He would win the cy Young
if he won six in to runball every start. So you're telling me
against the worst team in the majors, a team that is literally had only
won nineteen games prior to last night, you're telling me it's acceptable for from
a Valdez to get out pitched bya rookie Cannon outpitched. You can't do
anything about getting out pitched the opposingpitcher dominated your lineup. Of course you

can. It means I gotta bebetter than him. It's the same thing
we do in the football. Thisquarterback has got this silly. You've had
some silly arguments. Put six inningsoff two hits on ninety three pitches.
Sound crazy to take that time ina time I've seen the context. Of
course, you would take that ifyou're playing the Yankees, if you're playing
Seattle, if you're playing the Orioles. Yes you take that. Against the

Chicago White Sox. Yes, Iexpect Fromber to be better than that,
going up against that lineup that theyput out there and that opposing picture.
It wasn't good enough. But I'mnot just mad at him. We should
also there are other guys in thislineup that I would like to get.
We should also mention Jonathan Cannon,you know, a highly toun of recruits
size. Last start prior to thisone, he went seven innings of one

run ball against the Mariners. Nowit's a game, they lost two to
one and ten innings. But likeagain, like this guy is coming on,
he's pitching well, but you again, zero is unacceptable, Like you
cannot You've got the find ways toscore runs. I thought the bats would
break out, and I know Tucker'sout, and I know Jordan gets scratched
because of a family issue, butlike, dude, I'm still looking at

It's al two ve Panya Bregman,Jan Air, Jubon, Jake Myers.
I mean, this is these areguys who've been hitting for you. Why
are they you know why they chooselast night to do absolutely nothing. Seven
hits just scattered about one walk Onthe night, the White Side won for
the sixth time in their past thirtygames. They entered the game last night

with a record of nineteen and fiftyfour, tied for the second worst start
in the Wild Card Era. Thisis the team that beat the Houston Astros
last night. Do you think MartinMaldonado, he was so good when he
was here in Houston scouting report,spending hours drawing up scouting reports and tendencies
and all this, what lineup doeshe know better than this one? You

think he gave a pretty damn goodscouting report too, And hey, you
got some pitching on this, Hey, slider away here. I know this
guy's I mean like he knows inlike the back of his hand. The
Astros get shut out for the thirdtime this season. The Astros had more
hits than Chicago. The Astros hadmore total bases than Chicago. The Astros

also had more runners left on basethan Chicago. Their pitcher has a lower
e R raid and Fromber he didnot walk as many as Fromber. He
allowed more hits than Fromber, struckout one less and his team won this

one right here. And you knowwhat, Joe, A Spoder. I
appreciate your effort in wanting to protectjose L Tuove and we'll have to react
on the other side of this onegoing there as we're up against it on
time, I'll make this point abouta Spoder and then we'll go to break.
I respect Joe. He has tostand up for jose L Tuove and

be there to support Twove. Andtwo A was pissed. The strike zone
was all over the place. Weunderstand, Joe. I think that was
the perfect time for you to absolutelylose it. And you said have lost
it in the post game too,regardless of what the fine would have been

our tub And I don't know whatit is about Chicago. The last time
the Astros won Chicago, they wereover at Wrigley and jose L Tuva when
they got swept by the Cubs hadhis head on his hands on the railing
and he couldn't believe it. Herehe is last night, back to Chicago,
knowing they are getting absolutely beaten bythe worst team, not just the

worst team in the majors, oneof the worst teams in the history of
the wild car era and Al twoBay was pissed. He was pissed because
of the strike zone at the plate, and he was pissed at excuse me,
at what happened with him. Andhe was also pissed at what was
going on and how they were treatingfrom the discrepancies in the strike zone.
And he should have been Joe shouldhave gotten run for me. It would

have been a lot more demonstrative.The Astros find themselves now ten games back
from first place in the division.This is the widest margin in the division
going back to twenty sixteen for theAstros. You know, I don't think
there was a postseason berth back insixteen. Yohoma Astros Baseball kp of me

Sports Talk seven ninety This is nextup stuff with Stan Northfleet and Chris Gordy
during this next stage on Sports Talkseven ninety. Yeah, uh, you
know, just didn't agree with thisstrikes on there. You know, I

asked her what that pitch was andhe, you know, he said he
was up in the zone. Idisagreed. I thought I'll do his pitch
the previous inning was up in thezone. So that led to the ejection.
Some Astro skiff for Joe Ah Spottagetting tossed in the third inning.
A lot of discrepancy there with thestrike zone. I listened to the radio

broadcast here on Sports Talk seven ninetyyour Homer Astros Baseball Robert Ford Steve Sparks
had an issue with the inconsistency asthe strike zone. Jose L two V
strikes out. He goes into thefield. He sees that they are squeezing
fromber jose L two ve quite boisterousin the discrepancy there the inconsistency. Michael

Brennan, the second base ump tellstwo Ve, you better pipe down and
then he'll comes Joe spot him,Gordon, was it demonstrative enough for you?
Should a Spot had just absolutely lostit? Well, here's the thing.
He got ejected from the dugout,so like those are always it's like
if there's something to debate, andhe comes out of the dugout and he

gets it into it with the umpireand then the umpire tells him, hey,
man, as you don't cool,I'm gonna throw you. And then
he keeps going after him and thenhe does it. Okay, that's earning
an ejection. I didn't feel likeyesterday was like he was in the dugout,
you know, arguing and al twolay's mouth. I just hate those
because it's like, dude, he'sover in the dugout, Who cares if
he's yelling stuff at Like he's not. He's not coming out and disrupting the

game. Now, he's telling yoube better at your job. And this
is what I just I hate theconcept in all of sports. And I've
brought brought this up before. Umpiresin baseball, referees in football. They're
the most protected bunch in all thesports that I don't know why. They
are human too. They make errors, It's okay to say they make errors.
The NBA has gone as far faras to issue a what two minute

report now, where they basically say, here's how r refs ft up in
the last two minutes of the game, and here's what they got right.
Here's what they didn't get right.Like, I appreciate that that's called transparency,
But Baseball, for some reason,is this still unholy protective shield of
the umpires? How dare you sayanything braiding to this guy. This guy's
busting his out out here trying tocall balls and strikes. How dare you

say he was wrong? No,he was wrong. He was bad.
The pitch they call al Twove washigh, it was above the strike zone.
They called it a strike and alTwove struck out and it would have
been a walk. Uh. Andthen from suddenly it starts to squeeze when
the Asters are pitching. This iswhy I'm so on board with get the
damn robot umpires going this, robManford. They've done, but they've delayed.

They've delayed it again. So whatI say. There was an announcement
or report twenty twenty five. Theyare saying they will they will have the
ability to review. That's gonna belike I'm talking, get the guy behind
home plate out all together. Wegot enough technology with you know, all
the broadcasts put the box on thescreen, like we can put a robot

back there that can say ball strike. It's just the human element messes it
up. And so many times itjust feels like guls happened so many times
to the Asterids this year. Notsaying they're the only one, but my
god, it's like in huge spotsand beginnings, we got guys on where
a walk would set up, youknow, a big spot and suddenly now
it's a strikeout and then on theflip side from BER's throwing. You know,

it's funny stance. I've I listenedto Robert Ford and Steve Sparks for
years. I can't tell you I'veheard numerous times this year where they're calling
it out and they normally get it. Robert Ford's as fair as anybody.
Robert Ford, like, I wouldn'tdescribe him as a homer at all.
Robert Ford has said multiple times thisyear, well that, I mean that
was that was in the zone,but they're calling it a ball, so

you know what I mean. Like, it's like, what can't do?
And even the TV broadcast Dog Callousand Jeff Blum they get they get frustrated.
They're like, well, I mean, I was that was a ball,
but they call this strike sell twoface, gotta go sit down.
It's just like, can we getsome damn consistency? Man. It's it's
frustrating, but no, I meanJoe Joe getting ejected, you know,
in how the game played out,I look at it and go I think

I would have rather my manager stillbe in the game to make some maybe
late pinch hit decisions or whatever.Because Omar Lopez stepped in, and I
mean they score zero runs. Soto go to the phone line. Some
people are chiming in on social I'mgonna get to some folks by name Gordon.
Some people are having some issue.Uh, and I believe you do
as well. Seven one three twoone two five seven ninety. I'll come
back to that and address a coupleof individuals. Uh. Astros currently ten

games back in the division, stillin second place. If there's anything to
take away from that. Behind thesea are of the manners. Astros have
five teams ahead of them for thefinal wildcard spot. Seven and a half
games back are the Astros from thewildcard. Let's go to the phone lines.
Friend of the station, friend ofthe show, kJ from Cyprus is

in here. If I can getthis old mouse to act, right here
we go, kJ. What's upon the northwest side? What I've done
on the fellas top of the morningashes? You open show good questions?
Uh? What exactly if it's beendisclosed, what's the issue with the going

on not playing yesterday? It wasa family matter. That's all we know
at this point. They expect themto be in the lineup today. Okay,
so I'm not gonna speak to Richardto that. I bet my first
time hearing it, and I waskind of out right yesterday him getting another
day off after a day off.But yeah, you can imagine what I
was saying. I can't say it, but well, but but you make

a great point. I mean,look, they play one hundred and sixty
two of these guys miss games allthe time. You know, it goes
on porternity to leave because you're havinga baby. You know, JP France
member's wife is pregnant. She washaving an issue, so you had to
skip a start last year. Guyshave issues like that. But it just
it's magnified because God, they couldhave used yours bat last night when he
zero runs it, it just stingsthat much more. I'm gonna be clear,

and I'm not going to I'm gonnalet you finish kJ I'm not God,
I'm not going to attempt to speculateon what the family emergency is.
That that's not what I'm prepared todo. What I will say is this,
they had two off days the teamin the last six days. So
if this is their way of sayingJordan needed more rest, I'm gonna have

something to say about that. Idon't think it was. I'm going to
take them at their word in thatit was a family emergency. However,
Jordan also has to understand Kyle Tuckis not in the lineup. They're fighting,
scratching, caring. So if it'san emergency, things happen. I've
been there, We've all been therewhere you needed to get to your kids,
your your spouse, your your parents, whatever the situation may be.

So I'll leave that there. Butlike you, kJ, when I saw
that announced, when that lineup cardcame out, I said, whoa,
hoa, the hell? What wasgoing on here? Go ahead? Finish
the thought kJ. Yeah, Imean I'm I'm gonna tread lightly on that
one because again I don't know exactlywhat the family issue it was. What,
like you just said, Man,if it was something minimal and again
I don't want to try to categoridmore people consider minimal or major with their

family. So I'm gonna kind ofback away from that one. But if
it was, if it was anyway you could have played, it should
have been out there. But I'mI'm gonna get double and go. My
primary issue is last night something stoodout daring me to me, I'm looking
at the lineup, the top threebattles you had in the lineup last night,
with how two ay, Tina andBreagnan, I really realized how po

district this lineup is. With theabsence of Kyle Tucker and Jordan Alpharez.
This probably hips put the comma toin those negotiations with Kyle Tucker with the
line up they ran out there lastnight. But the line up talked about
you had you had du Bonnos battingthree hundred, and you had Treykavitg Who's

batt in like two ninety seven.He's a rookie. That's a small sumple
side, So that two ninety sevengood pe fools go other than the top
three you had, and bregnant isstill a question mark. Other than the
top three battles you had in thatlineup yesterday, no one in that lineup
put fear in anybody, which emphasizedto me the fact that they do need
to resigned Tucker. That's a given, and they probably at this point with

the fact that it seems like Igot two straight zone last night not included.
It is all over the place.He's swinging that pictures he typically don't
have taken pictures that he typically wasswinging at. So this could have been
the decline of out too. ButI might be getting ahead of myself with
that. But with Al Tucker andAlvarez in that lineup, our lineup is
Chicago White, soizes I'm not there. Gordon kJ I appreciate it, brother,

I cut you a little short forthe second time. Gordon now two
vays a Hall of famer. Hewas OH for four last night. Jeremy
Pinya is a former ALS MVP WorldSeries MVP. He went over four last
night. He's slumping man. He'sas hot as he was to start the
year and he was awesome. Hehas gone into a fault down. He

has had twenty plus bombs last year. Joannia Diaz went oh for four yesterday.
Jeremy Penya had about three sixteen inthe month of April. He was
in Fuego. He's about in oneeighty two. And Jim Jake Myers was
told from game one, you areour center for Okay, Jake, you
had two forty nine on the season. You've now regressed back down. He's
owas three last night. Jake wasred hot in May bat three twenty nine,

the month of May, one ofyour best hitters in June one seven
hits by five dudes. And didI see this? How does this happen?
Like you can't in the emsin fluesof a season. A guy's gonna
have a red hot month and thenhe's gonna cool off. But like,
how does it go with like theyall start cooling off at the same time,
Like, how does this happen?The Astros put two runners in scoring

position in the first six innings.They did not advance a runner to third
base until the seventh inning. Andso I'm gonna stand on this and we'll
talk about some folks that were absentand some bad news on the injury front
on the other side. But I'mgonna say it again, and I'm gonna
get to some folks that have someissue with me on social media as if
I give a damn. That isthe worst loss in the two seasons that

I've been on the airheen in Houstonlast night, And the sad part is
I still haven't giving up hope inthis team in their postseason aspirations. Morticom
sevene three two two five seven ninetyto the neck to the dirt. Rob
This is next up. You kindof hit on everything I wanted to say
with Stan Norfleet and Chris Gordy onSports Talk seven ninety house. You know,

we all wish we could have themhere, but but but you know,
they're just not So we just gotto find a way to grind through
it and then find out way toscore runs when when those guys are not
in the lineup. We're very muchcapable of scoring runs with those guys not
in the lineup. You know,we have some guys that can. They
can get it done, and wejust need to not get it done.
Today half an hour into a Wednesday, juneteenth edition the next up here on

Sports Talk seven ninety staying Fleet here, Chris Gordia there, Thanks to all
of you in the city of Houston. As uh, it doesn't look like
Gordia, the weather's gonna hit usas hard as we thought it might.
Still, nonetheless, ward on theground, please be said, if out
there moving around, you can certainlycatch us. Go back catch the first
half hour to show anyway on theSports seven ninety dot com site, also

the free iHeartRadio app. Talking toMastros here for the rest of the hour.
Top of the eleven o'clock hour,we'll get into some rockets as cron
dot com has some special pieces thatthey are releasing if you have missed those.
Also some Texans conversation coming up aswell. Gordon. That was joe
Ah Spota on the absence of Jordon, who was not in the lineup yesterday

for personal reasons. Again, I'mgonna be careful in speculating what that is
or is not, but this teamhas to be able to perform without Jordan
a Kylentucky in the lineup. There'senough talent still out there to produce more
than zero runs, which is whatthey put up last night in Chicago on

the South Side. Yeah, andthere's ways to combat. I mean,
like you know that they were theywere getting hits. It's not like they's
like they get I know, butit's not like they got like one hit.
Seven hits, five dudes, kindof a seven hit. But you
gotta be able to manufacture. Andyou know what kills me still is,

you know, to the first pitchof the game last night pops out.
I mean it's it's too much ofthat, man. You the the other
glaring number from last night, youhave one walk, like, where's the
plate discipline, where's the where's theworking? Yeah, he worked a walk,
like you gotta have you gotta bea little bit disciplined. You gotta

work some counting, you gotta yougotta tack. And then, like I
said, you know, a coupleof weeks ago, manufacture runs. You
know, they started doing that likebutt for an infield single, you know,
but a guy over get a runin, like do what it takes
to to to manufacture runs. It'sjust that this offense too much this year
is boom or bust. It's morebust than boom. And it's crazy to

say that because they've got one ofthe best batting averages in all baseball,
their top five in home runs hit. Like you look into numbers and it's
gonna it's gonna tell you a differentstory than what your eyeballs are seeing out
there. Singleton doesn't have a homerun or RBI in his now past seventeen
games. Play still a hole atfirst base? Oh yeah, no,

I mean that that wasn't getting ridof jose A. Brady didn't fix anything.
And John Singleton in any other yearwould even be on this roster.
I mean, you can make casehe still shouldn't be on this roster like
this, This team should have betteroptions. It was a great story.
It was you know, you feelgood that the guy you know has had
a resurgence, lateness career and allthis, but like it ain't happening.

He's he's about in two hundred thismonth. It's just this too many bad
bats. And then when you combinethat with paina going into you know,
playing his worth worst month of theseason currently Jake Myers playing his worst worst
month of the season. You know, I'm looking around going Dubond save me,
Altuve saved me something for me.Steven Salis hit me up on social

everyone. He says, Stand thatloss last night was all on the Astros
offense or lack thereof. Framburgh getsmaybe ten percent of the blame. This
game depended on run support and wecan't figure that out. Also hit me
up at Stand Sportsman. He taggedyou in the station as well. Gordon.
David Hernandez says, Stand Northfleet orStand sports Man is the worst radio

host in Houston. I think it'stime for a change. Gordon and Sports
Talk seven ninety A couple things here, Number one. Wait, should we
do that? What you just allright, let's make we've made the decision.
Let's go. I'm pretty sure froma corporate standpoint, fire Fox Sports
were firing the only brother on thestation on June. Team probably not the
best idea, David Hernandez. Acouple of things. Number one, just

my ass. That's that's number one. Number two, thanks for listening.
I'm gonna get to that, okay, Yeah, kiss my aunt. Number
two. I've seen the ratings.We're good here on next up, which
leads me to number three, whichis why you can't stop listening. Number
four, it's because you disagree withme. If I was echoing how you

felt, you'd be cheering me on, like the folks in my corner that
cheer me on. But that numberfive, that's what makes me go.
Number five. Thanks for listening,David Hernandez. After you do number one,
all right, we've addressed that.We've seen it all the type people
who listen to show agree with you. They agree with me. It's that's
what makes the dynamic good. Youwe don't have to agree on everything.
Yeah, David, her Nana's kissedmy ass. All right, let's go

to the phone lines Michael in theHeights, what up? Yo? Hey
man? Sorry I channeled Uncle Gregyesterday. But hey, dude, that
white sauce pitcher would look great inAstro's uniform. Man, he was really
good. And uh god, Ijust I know. I know they're not.
I know they're not. But Robertscare me, Dude. I watched
like that he threw six balls ina and walk two guys in a row.

Like. Man, he's I don'tknow, Man, if I'm the
Astros, I'm thinking, Man,he's a good trade piece, you know.
I know here's the problem with that. I'm not the only one thing,
but here's a problem with that.Think about the future, because I've
seen a lot of people saying it'snot a complete teardown. We just need
to retool for twenty twenty five.Yes, if that's the case, you

need from bar Valdez for twenty twentyfive. You do not have the starting
pitching dead. Now. Look,if you don't think fromber is a one
or two and maybe a three orfour, I'll go with that. But
he's still got to be one ofyour top four pitchers next year. You
don't have other options. So Imean, this is what's tough about an
entire a roster of pitchers, hitters, relievers. I mean, it's it's

a it's a it's a it's alarge undertaking to manage. That's why you
know you have a general manager whooversees all this on a daily basis.
But like, you're gonna need fromBervaldez the rest of this year and the
rest of next year, regardless ofwhat happens this year postseason wise or not.
You need him next year because you'vegot literally, you know, right
now off the back. You knowyou're gonna go into at least half the

season next year with no Javier andno Orkidi. You hope McCullers and Garcia
get back and there's something and thenthey come back and start next season.
Verlander, I mean, he's inhis forties and he's on the IL right
now. We hope he gets backto form. We hope he's ready to
go next season. All I'm sayingis my one known right now is fromber
It's been pretty good, So Igotta stick with the pretty good. Pretty

good gets to stay for next year. I don't I don't know about the
rest of the guys. I don'ttrust him, and if I'm not gonna
pay him, his track record saysyou should truce. No, his track
record since I've been sitting in thissea, he says. I don't have
to trust him because I've seen himin the postseason and the regular season.
He's a radic. He's calling offpitches, he's going rogue, He's in
his own head. No, Idon't trust him. He is literally the
model of inconsistency on this team,at least on this staff. I don't

trust him, and it's been muchbetter than bad overall. I would not
pay fromber Ace money. So ifyou're going to move him, move him.
But you got him for all nextyear. I said, stick it
out. And if he walks,he walks. Carry in mont Bellevue.
Let's close out this segment. Ifyou would, you're next up. Appreciate
it. Fellas Hey, I concuron far I've always thought Farmer is just

a head case. I mean he'sgot the tools. I think he gets
mental out there and know if he'sthinking too much or what happens. He's
always been like that in my mind. Do you trust him? Carry?
I don't trust him. I neverhave trust callers either, So I'm not
well and I'm rich. Trust anybody, then I guess there's nobody appreciates you

carry at Mount Bellevue. I mean, he's having a nice season. He's
five and five with a three ninetyone e RA and last night's losses and
even you know, it's not onhim, it's they got no run support.
So he threw eleven consecutive balls.I understand it wasn't great. He
wasn't flawless, put it that way. But six things and two run ball
is good enough to win every singleexcept when you're playing the worst team,
the second worst team in the historyof the Wildcar Era, that might be

a problem. I'm not said zero. I'm not saying from Umber is the
reason they lost. I'm saying hecan't get outdueled by a rookie shutouts.
Yeah, Okay, Sports Talk sevenninety do it again, Onto done,
next to us next as more ofNext Up continues now on Sports Talk seven

ninety home of your World champion HoustonAstros. Yeah. So he just he
just wasn't feeling feeling well enough tostart playing catch. So he just needs
more time to get over this,uh, you know, to get over
the uh the neck discomfort, sowe decided to put him on the al

and give him the time needed toget him back on the mountain. Well,
look back into your home Astros BaseballSports Talk seven ninety legendary kV and
me is what we're doing around here, Stan Fleet, Chris Gordon, thanks
to you, City of Houston.Feel free to get in seven three,
seven ninety in downtown Jack on thesouthwest side, coming your way here.
Momentarily, that was the voice ofJoe A. Spotterer Gordy yet another starter,

this time for the second time.Justin Verlander goes to the IL with
what they are classifying as neck discomfort. You know how I feel about the
plan for the staff and the rotationcoming into the season. JV joins Christian

Xavier as starters that has had multipledesignations. Now we know the Vier is
done for the year. Verlander sayshe's been fighting through this for a couple
of weeks. Do you believe,Gordon that it is just neck discomfort?
It is believed. Perhaps we willsee him. Verlander was scratch scheduled to

start against Tigers on Saturday and dD all right, so we'll see the
next time we catch Verlander My pointto you is, are you concerned about
this forty one year old jav secondtime on the io this year. I
mean, when the guy's not hurt? Yeah? You How am I gonna
say? No? I'm cool withit. I mean yeah, I mean
it's it's not great good, Butthe hope what they're making it sound like

is he's tried to pitch through ithasn't been great. He hasn't felt like
his dominantself, so they're gonna tryto They're giving him time to let this
thing kind of you know, getsome treatment, do whatever to get it
back right. Like in other words, the vibe I get is if they
if he had to go pitch today, if it was a postseason game today,

he'd probably go, you know what, let's let's push through it.
But because they know it's a onesixty two, they know it's a long
season and he and he's pitched throughit these last two games and the numbers
haven't been great and he's kind offelt off. They're saying, give this
thing a little time to get toget rest and get I disagree with that
thought. If that's what they're thinking, they're in playoff mode. Now you

gotta win two of every three games, which is why I still haven't thrown
into town as ugly as last nightwas the worst loss in the two seasons
i've been here. If they wintonight and tomorrow afternoon, and they win
the series, you've gained a halfag you know you've gained half against positive
they lose night and or lose tomorrow, I'm thrown into town with JV.

Now on the il we mentioned whenwhen they were down the five starters.
Now you're in a situation where yougotta go a bulls paying game. You
might have to call up some dudes. What was the requisite move with JV
going to the al Who did theybring up from Sugarland Hernandez? Yeah?
Nick, they brought up Nick Hernandez. There's no reason Nick Hernandez should be
playing for the Astros. Well,he's another ARM. I mean, he's

actually pitched well. And there's acouple of spots outing. I'm not gonna
do this, but y'all know howI feel. You had an opportunity to
do ARM insurance. You didn't haveto be in this situation. But I'm
gonna leave well enough to know Tomin downtown. Let's get in here wrap
up out one. Hey man,I want to start by going to the
comments about the show. You know, I'm from New York City. I

lived there as a kid and movedout of here twenty five years ago.
I used to listen to a guyin New York on WABC radio, Art
Rusk Junior. The guy was amazn on boxing. Knew everything about sports.
He said one time on the radiothat styles make fights. Now,
when I listen to you, twoguys talk on the radio, I see

two different styles, and what comesout of that is entertainment. You are
entertainers. That's what you're there todo. I don't know what your numbers
are, but I'm sure they're good. I got the radio on every day.
I don't always get a chance tocall, but I always find that
the entertainment is right up there withanything else. You got two hours to

say the things that you like tosay. You cover the bases real well.
Don't worry about what people say aboutthe ass shows. You got it
about the ass. One thing Iwant to talk about is farmer of all
days, and I've felt this fora long time. The guy's a super
pitching I mean, he's got greatstuff. But he lacks toys. It's

easy to get under his skin,whether it's the umpires or something that happens
on the field. You know,he's going to be looking for a lot
of money from this team. Butthe way he's been performing, I don't
know. I don't know if Iwant to give that guy that ton of
money. As far as the Astrosas a team, I said there's a
month ago, and I still feelit. They're the same team when they

were twelve and twenty four. Thatwas the second run of eighteen games coming
up to them. They lost threein a row to the Mariners, went
twelve and six. Before that,they went nine and nine in the next
eighteen games. Where they are nowis there's still seven games under five hundred.

They haven't grown at all. Youknow, they got good players.
I'm still rooting for him, butI think it's over. Man. They've
had a great run. Uh,I don't know. It's all I got,
man. What you do guys?Thank you much. Tom in downtown
jack on the southwest side of thecity. What up, I'll be brief.

I did, I'll did on whathe said about your show. I'm
a recent convert from your primary competitor, and I just love your show.
Now a comment on Daniel Brown,he lost most and then a question.
He lost most of us when hehad when he said the back of the
baseball cards by pray you should start. That is the worst. That's the
dumbest thing I've ever heard of GMsay. The second thing is then he

said he wouldn't put a rookie atfirst base. Uh, when our first
base has been a total disaster fromthe get go. We knew they we
knew the two guys couldn't hit,and and that's and they just let it,
let it be, and we seewhat the disaster was. Low Berfido
played a year of college at firstbase. He came up and thrilled everybody,

and they're screwing him, sitting backdown, sending back. I don't
any he's a great outfielder too.Can y'all explain that first base comment?
Why no rookie at first base?That makes no sense? Yeah, I
appreciate the call and the support.Jack on the southwest side of the city.
Man, welcome into the number oneshow and the number one station for
Houston sports. Gordy, I knowyou and I have had our bouts about

low Palfiedo. At first, I'mlike, hell, try it. He
can't be much worse than Singleton.And to bray you, they just adamant
he's an outfielder. They won't puthim up there. Low Palfido has not
played a single game in the majorsat first. He has played a handful
at first in Sugarland. I don'thave a reason why they are hell bent
on not putting a rookie at first. And the thought was, I mean,

at least etting between the lines,thought, okay, well with uh,
you know with the release of Joseirbray you that we would see a
little bit of Now now I think, what's his face? It's they still
have to wait because they sent himoff or set him down or whatever like
that, to wait a couple moredays to be able to bring low Berfito
back up. Uh, and weexpect to probably get brought back up on

that when that time ends. Butlike I just I don't see why one
once a week put him at firstbase. Try it? How how bad
can it be? Because look,well we heard last Friday when they cut
hose, they bring you what we'regonna give, We're gonna give John Singleton
every chance. Well, and thenthey tried it out or they started to
do ball on Friday night. ButSingleton started every given first since and I

repeat, a couple of hits hereor there, but nothing really happening.
John Singleton doesn't have a home runor an RBI in the last seventeen games.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I needI need a first baseman neck in
mash. That's just that's what itis. Greg and third ward man,
let's get in here on juneteenth.What you got, Yeah, I'm Craig
over. This is his soul food. Good friends of Dusty Baker. But
a question. You had a rookiepitcher pitching last night, yea, And

when he left the game and theeighth inn and he was still left in
one hundred pitches, No, no, no, nice thing. He left
in the ninth at Yeah, andthe ninth inn and less than one hundred
pitches. Why do these guys gotto swing at the first pitch all the
time. They should have had thatguy in the game with probably the fifth
or sixth inning being that he throwingtoo many pitches. But he had a

pitch count of six and seven andone inning and all those types of things
they don't know other than Bregman,he used to be a person with a
good eye, and Tucker has agood eye. But every guy up that
swings at the first pitch if youroll it up that they're gonna swing.
The only way they don't swing itif you don't hit him in the head
with him. But they're giving theseguys that don't deserve to be in the

game long too many times to getout of it the ending because their first
pitch swinging. They need to starttaking some pitches and getting back to fundamental
baseball. Appreciate you, Greg andthird Ward. And I don't know if
that's a coaching staff. I don'tknow if that's a spot of allowing certain
veterans the latitude to do what they'recomfortable with. I don't have an answer

for that. I'm not in theclubhouse. I haven't seen anything reported on
why, you know, the platediscipline has not been what it normally is.
Well, it's true, you knowagain Scotting reports say sometimes jump jump
on the first pitch, you know, and that's what al Twove does,
and sometimes he hits a lead offhome run. But I just it kills
me when you have these eight,seven and eight pitch innings against a pitcher

like dude, this guy's gonna goa complete game. That's why what's his
face was able to get into theJohnson cannon eight and two thirds, one
hundred and six pitches total. Er A three point three four did not
obviously did not allow Earn run struckout four. Astro's back in action.
That's tonight, shortly after seven o'clock. We'll get first pitch Astros on deck

right here at the conclusion of theA team at six pm, Astros return
the minute May part coming up onFriday night. Baltimore is in Town Gordon.
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World. Now, what's next?Next step? It's the nish Man Up,
Next step, the next step,take the next step, next step,
next stop, next, next up? This team? What's to be

next? This is next up withTan Norfleeten, Chris Gordy. Let's see
what's next next next man. Let'skick off second half for the show.
Final hour it b line from theSports Talk seven ninety studios. Here as
we celebrate Juneteenth, twenty twenty four. Stay in Northfleet, me new to
the station, New to the show. Chris Gordon, my radio partner.

Alongside there's Connedy McGovern. Sit there, Houston. We thank you, my
favorite sit in America. Pleasure tobe here. Appreciate everybody that's hanging out
with us on a holiday let's talkfirst hour. It's all heavy Astros is
where your home for Astros Baseball hereat KD and me. You want to
go back here the first hour theshow Sports seven ninety dot com. You
can also use the free iHeartRadio app. Switch gives a little bit. Shall

we let's go to the phone lines. Now making his maiden voyage here on
Next up Michael Shapiro chron dot com, also Sports Illustrated, previously joining us
talk about a piece he's got outon cron dot com, a series chronicling
the ninety four championship team for theRockets as we saw the NBA season come

to conclusion night before last as theCeltics hoist their eighteenth banner. Michael good
morn, how you feel? I'mdoing well? Thanks for having me on.
I appreciate it all right for sure. So walk us through today is
I don't know if it is outas of this moment, but there's what
a five part series detailing the runto the finals back in ninety three ninety

four. What can you tell usabout what you guys have rolled out there
at cron dot com. Yeah,for sure. Today we are rolling out
our fifth and final installment of ourseries on the ninety four Rockets. Tonight's
article is titled two Nights at theSummit When Olajwa's Rockets Became Champions. Basically,
it talked to you Jukum LaJuan,Rudy, Tom Jonovich, Robert Dory,
and many of the principles involved inthe ninety four run. This story

specifically focuses on game six and Gameseven at the Summit, the Rockets scene
that followed, and everything that ledup to that. So it's been great
talking with these old Rockets, gettingto know them, getting to know their
story and real intimate detail. Andyou can find all five pieces of the
series on cron dot com. Yeah, what's so fun about it, Michael
too? Is I mean, it'sit's the first real, you know,

at least a championship in the cityof Houston that people you know, that
people can remember and still it's freshin our minds. Crazy to think that,
you know, it's been thirty years. But it's so funny too when
when I talk to people about lookingback on those years, so much has
brought up about old Jordan was out, Jordan was out? How much did
did did that come up at allof the conversation with those guys in the
conversation about the Rockets winning that ninetyfour title. Yeah, you know,

it's so interesting because that's something thatI came to Waju and I spoke to
him over a nice long zum chat. He actually brought that up kind of
unprompted to me, and I havea quote here in the story today from
him. He says, even whenChicago was winning championships and we had a
more average team, we were beatingChicago. He follows that he gave us
all the respects and that's what's importantto me. Oajuon kind of says that

Jordan, even without explicitly saying it, does note that the Rockets in the
nineties were a tough match up forhim, doesn't act like he would have
coasted to eight straight rings. SoI don't think that Michael Jordan would say,
Okay, we definitely would have lostthe hood team in the Rockets.
But does seem much a situation wherethese titles are not simply because Jordan vacated
the league. Talk with Michael shapirocrondot Com got the final installment of a

five PCE series chronicling the ninety fourchampionship team for the Rockets here in Houston.
When I think about those Rockets,and yes I've heard the Jordan conversation
as well, I think about justhow that team was put together, and
I'm trying to segue and it's kindof a two part question into the current
state of things over at Toyota Center, But I think about, like,

everybody own their role, right,Matt, Max, Jed, obviously,
King Dregs, all the requisite pieces. Did they speak to the camaraderie and
Rudy's leadership and allowing guys to dotheir thing, the makeup of that team,
and then spill that over into whatyou're seeing over there today. Yeah,
I mean, first off, Ithink that's something that was definitely discussed

time and again, just the timeand hours that these guys and the years
they put in together as a group. Remember, Rudy was an assistant in
Houston before becoming the head guy.The team had to go a decade before
winning the title. A lot ofthese pieces were here for multiple years.
So it's a thing where you buildthose scars over time to become a champion,
and I think that's something with thecurrent Rockets core. That's something that

we're looking to do. Right,they have a core six players right now
that are guys that hopefully will takeincremental steps that I'm not saying that goll
quinch a championship like these current Celticsor anything like that. What the Rockets
have done is established six pretty impressiveyoung players. They're going to probably add
to that and try to grow incrementallyinto champions which is something I think is
kind of refreshing, so to speak. So this is the fifth and lastes

sol them in the series coming outtoday, and like you said, focusing
on the sixth and in game sevenof the Summit at the Summit rather,
are you going to do one onthe ninety five series as well? You
know, I have been thinking Iprobably will have to write about ninety five
next year, and I think specificallyI kind of want to write about Team
versus David Robinson. Right, DavidRobinson takes the MVP, but Team absolutely

destroys him in the playoffs. Ithink I might have to try to call
in another favor of the Rockets andspeak about ninety five as well, given
it was back to back rings exactlyright. So I made the comment yesterday
that coming off of email Udoka watchingI'm gonna air quote his Celtics win the
title the other night in Game five. Hopefully that puts even more motivation as

fuel to the fire in his bellyand he could get even more hyper focused
on trying to get this young rosterdeveloped and get him to the postseason.
Anything that Rudy t spoke of interms of the psychology of this thing,
the motivations. Did he have toput foot to butt foot? Am I
saying that right? Yeah? Footto butt of that team? Or was

he able to just let veterans godo their thing. I can't remember the
exact ages of all those guys andhow many years of service they had in
the league at the time, buthis overall coaching style and thought process from
a psychologic standpoint and motivating that team, Yeah, I think Rudy is definitely
a guy that cal passify as aplayer's coach. Although I think Matt Boeller
told me he wasn't afraid to curseor get horse, I kind of want

to take it back to the emaything. I think that Udoka really is
the perfect coach for this young group. I think it's something I touched on
Cron dot com time and again lastyear the transition from Steven silas all do
you respect to him? To emyUdoka was massive. I think is really
a pretty top flight coach in thisleague, both in terms of stematics but
also player development, growing these guysinto men, making them mature NBA players.

So I think for the Rockets,the roster itself is something I still
think you can perhaps nitpick have questionsabout. I think the coach is one
hundred percent the right guy in placein my estimation. Toger Michael Shapiro of
kron dot com and again go checkout his piece on the Rockets in the
ninety four title run, Incredible memoriesfor Houston fans, Michael. A week

from tonight, the Rockets will bedrafting third overall pick in the NBA drafted
to do a little bit different thisyear than moving. First round will be
Wednesday, second round will be Thursday. Everything we read, I mean it
sounds like they may end up stickingwith the pick and taking the pick because
we say, oh, it's abad draft, so trade back. Well,
the other thing is nobody wants totrade up because it's a bad draft.

So I keep seeing mock drafts takingread Shepherd from Kentucky number three.
A lot of people are in thatbandwagon. Where are you and what the
Rockets should do with the number threepick? I think it's kind of a
two full situation. I kind ofthink, you know, here around the
league, the Rockets are kind ofshopping that pick. I think I believe
that. Also, though, areyou necessarily going to be able to consummate
a deal for a veteran star?I'm still pretty skeptical that will actually happen.

As for sticking and picking, I'llprobably go read Shepherd. Yeah,
I'll have to kind of take thehook and sensus here. The guy is
an elite shooter. He's an analyticsdarling in the Rockets front office is very
analysts friendly. Alprin Sheng Gun wasI think the number two player on their
boards in the twenty twenty one draft, just behind Kate Cunningham. Reach Shepherd.
He can really shoot it. Hefeels a need. He doesn't necessarily

look the part, but hey,he's an effective player, and I think
the Rockets, if they're not goingto trade for a star, need to
find some expert shooting, and Shepherdcan kind of provide that. Out of
Kentucky. All right, that isthe voice of Michael Shapiro ofcron dot Com.
Also does work for s side.Now find him on social, won't
you. He is at m sh A P two. That's mshap two

on cron dot com. Fifth pieceof the installment, excuse me, the
piece on the ninety four championship TeamHouston Rockets get the first championship for the
city. More of that to come. We will continue to monitor what you
have to say about the current Rocketsand we'll look for that ninety five edition
as well, coming up here inabout a year. So Michael, hey,
appreciate it. Thanks man, takecare. Appreciate Michael Shapiro, Chron

dot com. Gordia, a coupleof things. Did you find these playoffs?
Gordon? In the NBA? Didyou find them entertaining? Overall?
I like that we had some newblood, you know what I mean,
Like it was getting stale a littlebit with every year Lebron, Steph Curry,

the Warriors all this. But onthe flip side, I feel like
less people cared. Now maybe that'sbetter. Maybe you're getting more the diehards
will always watch the diehards of thediehards, but maybe you're getting people conditioned
to, oh, Luca, maybeI'll watch him more now. Now I
don't know if that happened with Jokiclast year, did people go, oh,
Yokic, I gotta tune in seewhat the Nuggets are doing. Now.
It's just we can't keep going oldhat every year, Like it can't

just be Warriors, Warriors Wars andthey lose, I'm out, or Lebron
Lebron, Lebron, Lebron loses,I'm not watching anymore, you know.
So, like the NBA has toget they have to get other superstars elevated
in people's minds for the casuals topay attention to tune in because you know
again like well it's Lakers Celtics forchampionship, and it's Kobe Bryant and you

know Paul Pierce, Like yeah,everybody's watching. But like on years where
it's the Denver Nuggets versus Miami Heat, or you know, this year the
Dallas Mavericks versus Celtics, Like arepeople watching? People care? So the
NBA's got to do a better jobof that. Bobby Marx ESPN released the
teams that are in the luxury taxthreshold of which the Rockets are not one.

Conversely, tim or Fertita is aboutto get a check for twelve million
dollars because Golden State, the Clippers, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Boston, Denver,
Miami, and the Lakers are allover the luxury tax threshold Gording.
So twenty two teams below the luxurytax are gonna get a check. So
not only do the Rockets have capspace, we know that they have the

third overall pick, which obviously wasBrooklyn's pick. They also have an additional
twelve million going into free agency.Let's see if they do something with that.
I saw another note that I wasgonna get to about the game.
Yeah, is there one name you'velooked out there and said I'd love to
have that piece? It's really notlike a glaring guy, you know what

I mean. I mean of thebest available. I mean, you're talking
about the guys that are at thetop, that are like realistic. You're
talking about you know, Donovan,Mitchell, Zach Levine, Michale. Bridge's
name continues to come up. ClayThompson. There's rumors that he's in love
with Orlando. I don't know howtrue that is or not him tho,
Yeah, he stopped. He unfollowedthe Golden State Warriors organization. Did Clay

Thompson? Would I love to addKlay Thompson here? Yep? But then
you start getting to add a guylike Clay or Donovan Mitchell. You're taking
the ball out of the hands ofAman Thompson right he's getting minutes Jason Green,
how does that look? You know, you start minimizing certain guy's growth
and development. Don't know how tohappen. I'd love to be a fly

on the wall right now with heMay and and uh and Rufelle Stone and
like, how do we build thisthing for? Like, how do you
how do you stick with these guysand give them the rope to continue to
develop versus we need some dudes too. Last one of the NBA from me,
I thought this was cool, speakingof well, that was nineteen ninety

four of the reference to Michael Jordannot being around in retirement when the Rockets
won those two titles forty years ago. The nineteen eighty four NBA draft,
with Hakeem olajuwon locked at the numberone overall pick, then Olympic coach Bobby
Knight calls Trailblazers Stu Enman. Mmansaid he just couldn't draft Michael Jordan at

number two. We need a center. Bobby Knight responded, draft Jordan,
play him at center. Portland takesSam Bowie from the University of Kentucky,
who admits he lied about pain duringhis physical. He would let her fracture
his leg. His career would neverlive up tonight, said Enman on Michael
Jordan eight years later. I can'tsay I saw that greatness that would manifest

itself. He didn't see MJ becomingMJ. He didn't believe. It's not
where you pick, it's who youpick. Let's come back on the other
side, says the teams that havethe most approved. Where do the Texans
rank and do they rank it all? Real Texas Talk and Listen Sports Talk
seven to eighty Next stops and backup, now down Door Fleet and Chris

Gordy on Next Up on Sports Talkseven ninety Welcome back in the next up
staying Northfleet. Chris Gordon here onthe juneteenth Wednesday. Appreciate everybody hanging out
with us as we are your homefor Houston sports. Real Texans Talk and
Listen, speaking of which let's getinto that a little bit. I saw

something going there, and I wantto pivot later into the Texans announce the
eight training camp practices that the publicwill be allowed to attend. We'll get
you more details on that coming uphere in just a second, but there
are a couple little nuggets that Ithought were good to get into some Texans
convo as Texans training camp opens amonth from tomorrow, a month crazy bumped

up a week obviously with the Texansplaying in the Hall of Fame game.
We have Andre Johnson to thank forthat. I appreciate. Drake out of
Clinton said can't come soon enough withYeah, it did time up nicely.
Gonna get out of Texans like trainingcamp, dude. By day four or
five, you're like, all right, oh this guy look really good to

how many times can you say thisguy's in great shape? Oh, this
guy had a nice day today.Xavier Hutchinson, man, he caught an
incredible pass today, and then youdon't hear from four more days. It's
just the the grounded training game.It's fun right out of the gates,
and then it's like, all right, I like that with preseason two.
I love for starting to elimited preseasongames. I'm look, when you get
to that second preseason game, you'relike, all right, let's get the

damn season here already. All right? Would you rather talk Astro spring training
every day, Rockets summer league slashpre season, or Texans training camp preseason?
I think most people will say Texanstraining camp preseason. There's something about

the euphoria of the NFL, especiallythe team is good now. This team
has Super Bowl aspirations over off Derby. I mean, like the people are
clamoring twenty fourteen. No one gavea damn about Astro spring training in twenty
eighteen, nineteen, twenty twenty one. When you're a World Series contender,
Hell yeah, chalk it up.When the Texans were starting Davis Mills at

quarterback, you know what, Ididn't give a damn about training camp updates.
Tell me how Davis Mills look greattoday. Tell me about bill O
Bonehead trading away DeAndre Hopkins for aback of potato chips, like you know
it's it's it's ebs and flows Rockets. You know, after James Harden is
out and I'm watching washed up JohnWall and Boogie Cousins go out there.
It wasn't it wasn't that fun.Now where they've actually you got a legit

coach at Emyrdoka and actual young piecesdeveloping. Yeah, now of Comorana,
I'm excited for this Rocket season.They got some more money to spend to
add around Dylan Brooks and Fred vanVliet. How can you not be excited
about the Rockets? So yeah,it's that dasts are putting that bitter taste
in our mouth right that because you'resupposed to still be in this championship window
at R I mean it's still youknow, this thing could turn around.

They could win twenty of the nextthirty and you know, turn it around.
But it's just yeah, like givenright now, who do we have
most optimism about? I mean,well, no, Rockets are Texans,
and Rockets are optimism right now,and Astro seems like pessimism. Pro Football
Focus asks a question to their readershipand they have an article up and it

says, uh, the eight teamswhat the most to prove this season?
Do you believe the Houston Texans areon this list? Should they be on
the list? Do the Texans havesomething to prove? One of the eight
teams that have something to prove thisseason? Would you classify Houston in that
depends how you how you quantify thatsomething to prove. See, I would

not put them on this list.I don't think the Texans have anything to
prove. I think they did thatlast year. Yeah, let's run through
some teams like right here to takesWell, I'm just like thinking off the
top of my head of like myDIVA teams. Cowboys, you have something
to prove there on this list?Yeah, see that's that's like what I
the way you define that? Yes, all right, here are the eight
teams and then we'll get through thedifference in the Texans in this group.

We'll take your phone calls on Texasas well. Seven one three, two,
one two five, seven ninety Jets, Eagles, Dolphins, Cowboys,
Falcons, Jags, Bears. Arethe eight teams. PFF highlights. Each
of those teams makes sense to adegree. The Jets need Aaron Rodger to
produce despite the history of issues thathe continues to need him to show up.

Is he going to show up?The Eagles haven't been the same since
the Super Bowl win over the Patriotswith an aging roster. The cow Boys
and Dolphins are perennial disappointers, whilethe Jaguars are stuck in the nine and
eight rut. The Falcons spent alot of money on Kirk Cousins only to
turnaround and use the eighth overall pickon Michael Pennix. So the pressure is

in Atlanta to win. Now leadsus to the Bears, while the Bears
got the first overall pick and KaylebWilliams, how he performs will go a
long way in determining if the Bearshave a future. But that's not like
there. I wouldn't say there's somethingto prove there, like Kaller Williams may
just go through rookie Groen pains in. I think every first round pick,
excuse me, every first overall pickthat's a quarterback has something to prove.

We're hanging the franchise on you.And given how quirky and different Caleb Williams
comes into the league under the scrutiny. From that standpoint, yeah, I
think the Bears they've gone all in. They need to see if this is
a guy can you pull a CJ. Stroup. This is where the Texans
come back into play. It saysThe Texans don't don't fit with any of

those other teams. They're young,unlike the Jets, They're coming off a
great postseason run. Unlike the Eagles. They don't have the same history of
hype and disappointment I e. Dolphinsand Cowboys. They're even the team that
helped the Jaguars get on this listbecause the Texans have been beating them up.

They won the division last year.They also didn't make any foolish decisions
involving the quarterback position this offseason.A La Falcons CJ. Stroud already looks
like a stud and they're not hopingfor the future. The future is here.
Unlike the Chicago Bears, the Texansshould not be on that list.
I thought it was good conversation.I'm gonna say it because you you proved

yet last year. You are aheadof schedule, so I don't I don't
feel Yeah, the Dolphins, yougot something to prove. You have one
of the best offenses in the leaguelast year and your one wild card postseason
game you lose twenty six to seven. I mean, it wouldn't even club.
That's man, that's you got somethingto prove. They spend a lot
of money on Tyreek Hill. JaylenWattle now two on once his bag.

Yeah, bro, y'all well,I mean, but is it smart to
do that? I mean, andthat's their problem. I don't give it,
damn what they got going on?I saw this. Seth Walder is
an ESPN analytics guy for the NFL. On ESPN dot com, he listed
twenty twenty four NFL off season gradingmoves and changes for all thirty two themes.

I thought this was cool. Sowe go down here to Houston.
What do they say? See ifyou guys agree with this? As soon
as I get Houston to come uphere we go. He grades Houston's off
season gord it as a B minus. His biggest move trading for Stefan Diggs.

The move he liked the most,extending nico'commins. The move he disliked
restructuring the Diggs contract into a oneyear proven So he goes on and for
the sacond time, I can't getinto all the factors, but he highlights
Danil Hunter coming to board. That'llbe good for Will Anderson Jr. He
does say, does Seth Walder?I would have preferred to keep Jonathan Grenaud

for cheaper than the money Houston hasspent on a two year, forty nine
million dollars deal for Danil Hunter.This is a better player. I agree,
Danil has a longer track record ofnow. Again, maybe the concern
because he's getting older, maybe hecould get injured and miss time. But
like I don't know, Gard Grenard, it was. It was a great
story, but to bank on himdoing that, you know, five straight

years, I think it was agamble. Danil, I know what I'm
getting every year. Facts Seth.Walder also says the Houston's home run came
in the pre draft trade that tookadvantage of Minnesota's quarterback Horny Desperate self garnering
a future second round pick, ofwhich they ultimately dealt to the Buffalo Bills

to get Stephan Diggs. They godown here, he says, oh,
similarly Houston's oh. And then hesays, well, wait a minute.
You had Digs on a team friendlydeal. Then you give up, He
said, Then you had Joe Mixonon the team friendly deal and you get
before he even plays it. Hesaid he didn't love that part. And
he concludes by saying Houston did geta critical extension done at a value price

with Nico Collins. Granted they wereable to get him at twenty four point
twenty five million per year on average, compared to the top flight wide receiver
deals that came out immediately following lastsentence. Going for going forward in twenty
twenty four was the right move forthe Texans, though the Texans have paid

too much of a price to doso. This is a scary team to
face, which was Nick Cassario's goal. Was the juice worth the squeeze on
the way out? Gordon, We'llreact more on the other side, would
I'll take your call as well,now that the ross is mostly set,
do you agree with Cassario's process heand Demico to get to this point.

Yeah? Absolutely. This team ishis light years better than it was two
three years ago. Many people,and perhaps it's a topic we should carry
over to the other segment. I'veseen it say it in some circles on
social and beyond. This is themost talented Texans team since this team's inception.
Well, but they also better coachingtoo. You know, this same

roster would have looked the same underDavid Cully, you know, would CJ.
Stroud be playing well, would NoahBrown be playing well. I think
Demiko and this coaching staff has asmuch to do with it as much as
the roster. Let's stap out comeback half an hour ago. He on
the juneteenth Wednesday, Sports Talk sevener Next Up continues on your phone.

Listen to Sports Talk seven ninety onany device with our free iHeartRadio und welcome
back into show fourth quarters upon us. That means the final half hour of
the show before we get you overto Matt Thomas Rossvillrial for the Matt Thomas
Show. Staying Northfleet here, ChrisGordy there, Connedy McGovern hanging out as
well. Appreciate his assistance and makingsure we bring you, guys what you

need as your home for Houston Sports. It's what we do from the hours
of ten to noon and what wedo as a station. We'll pivot back
in the astros herd from General managerDana Brown joined the Shawn Satisbury Show for
his weekly visit this morning at ninethirty. I want to hear you know
a lot of times I'm preparing formy own show, moving around to Jessis.
We've got stuff going on, soI'm not able to always hear Dana

when he's on with Sean, SoI'd like to try and get back through
that audio. Earlier in the show, we were joined by Michael Shapiro offcron
dot Com. They've got a pieceout now. It's the final piece of
a five piece series chronicling the ninetyfour championship team for the Houston Rockets,
and now that what the be adraft is a week from today, we'll

be over at Georgia or Brown andsee what the Rockets do with the third
overall pick. Will in Houston hasgiven us a shout, feel free to
do the same. Seven one threetwo one two five seven ninety Will wants
to talk some Rockets hoops? What'sup? What hey? My brother?
Actually I wanted to talk the Houstonsport all right, I mean, yeah,
yeah, talking about uh, let'sgo with the Texans. Fird.

Man, I'm so excited looking forwardto them because I see we can really
do something. Our only weakness thatI feel we have is our secondary because
Singley, we just need him totry to stay healthy, which he can't
do. And then that other side, we we have a lot of ifs.
If this player Johnson can come anduh maybe do something in his career.

And then the other player we gotwho was the first round pick,
if he can be coached up tobe you know, and then if the
college name we just drafted, ifhe can fill them shoes. So we
got a lot of ifs in thatsecondary along with them safety, you know,
a ward if he can say havethe Petrie, if he can get
away from them, stop more Jenson, and then the young man we just

dropped. Say that as the way, and we got a lot of ifs
in that secondary. But that offense, that offense is so potent. Hopefully
we can put a lot of pointsup and uh, but it's gonna be
close because we know that secondary.It's We've got a lot of good teams
we're gonna be playing and I'm lookingforward to it and coming back around to

the Rockets now and with the Astrosreal quick Astros man gave us seven great
years of baseball. I'm not upsetwith this year like so many other callers
are, because I'm really happy forwhat they have gave us. I mean,
man, when I'm at that game, it's thirty thousand, still strong
going to the game. We stillhave start players, we still have a
future. We just have a downyear this year, now a Rockets day

situation. We need to start playerthere. That's what's hurting now. That's
what's hurting us here. Even whenJames Harden was here, that Houston James
Harden Man, when we would goto them games, that place would be
lit, it would be fired upbecause we had potential. We had that
possibility that maybe we can beat theteam, to beat Golden State. I

appreciate you would for the essence oftime. I understand where you're going there,
and you make some valid points.I think if you would have asked
most Texans fans, the concern forthe twenty four Texans right now would either
be a defensive tackle or at I'mgonna say cornerback two. I think the
cornerback two spot is more pressing andmore concerning than Jimmy Ward, Jalen Petree

and who was that bullet that theytook out of Southern California in the third
round. What better stay healthy thoughif he misses, That's what brother was
saying. He was like, man, can you trust on Jimmy Ward to
stay healthy? Not sure. Iwould probably put linebacker as the third concern.
So the concerns on this team.I don't know. I would probably

bump offensive line up there a littlehigher than some I feel good about linebacker.
You don't feel good about linebacker.Some people don't. Some people saying
if something happens to a zz alShire or if Christian Harris goes down,
Neville Hewitt isn't. Yeah, they'rein trouble. But but I've said,
you know what, I keep Ikeep bringing his upstand and in depth is
always an important issue. The backupto CJ Stride. I don't know why.

It just keeps coming up in mymind. I wish they would have
invested something into that, whether it'sJacoby Brissett, somebody that's a serviceable,
serviceable backup. I don't want toput I don't even want to say it
because I don't want to put thatjuju on them. But starting quarterbacks in
this league miss time every year dueto fluke injury. Sure you know your

own quarterback missed time last year.I just don't feel confident, like what
if you're in a tight AFC Southrace. They were CJ misses three games
they were last year and they splitand zero faith in case keenum Davis Mills
quarterback room zero, okay, twopercent. I mean they went one on
one last year. Now here's theinteresting thing. Case and Davis, I

believe, are unrestricted at the conclusionof this season. So if both of
them are own the roster, andI have no indication whether that's going to
be the case or not. Imean I shouldn't say that way. I
don't believe either of them are gettingcut right honestly, round picture had this
year when I invest in a quarterbacklike Spencer, the Saints took Spencer rather

and they took a quarterback in thethird round last year they got paying David
Carrton like, or Derek Carr.Tim Boyle is the fourth quarter Like,
why didn't you at least just takea flyer on one? He's late round
Joe Milton went to the Patriots.They like what they got. I'd love
to have a guy like that justsitting and developing. It's nothing wrong with
it. And Cassaria knows that betterthan anybody. New England was synonymous with
you dudes, because you know,behind Brady and develop and then they flip

them. Don't know what that one'sabout. Also, Wood gave us a
call about the Rockets adding a star. I think sometimes you have to let
the stars develop. Right where wecalling Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum all NBA
guys and their third and fourth years. No, it took them ten years.
Yeah, it took it to thispoint. Tatum showed glimpses and you

thought he could develop, and hedid. And what do we say about
Jalen Green. We see the glimpsesand then so I'm not saying Jalen Green
is going to become Jason Tatum.What I am saying is alprashon gun Jalen
Green. Let's see what this amand Thompson kid can do as he conteased
to hone his skills, find thatjump shot, growing to his IQ and

learning from Fred van Vliet and learninghow to run an offense at this level.
I'm not ready to pack it inon these young dudes. They may
prove to be because that's what ultimatelyfor the cethics wanted. They had pieces
working together and it fit perfectly andthey got a title lot of it.
Yeah, it's interesting look at someof the pieces that are out there.
I'm not looking at the highest dollarfigure, guys. I'm just looking at

like, who's a piece you couldadd as rotation coming off the bench,
and just some names that they're outthere. Taylor Horton, Tucker, Nick
Claxton, Xavier Tillman. Just kindof look at some guys that are in
their twenties that aren't you know,thirty four it up and cost billions of
dollars. That that you could add. Malik Monk is an interesting piece.

I like Malik Monk, you know, just putting out some names because you
know, Pascal Siakam is the firstplayer that is gonna, you know,
basically gonna sign a high dollar figureto stay with his team as a free
agent. That's the only one that'scome out so far. But you know,
all these other high dollar figures,I'm not you know, Klay Thompson
would be great, but I don'tpay him forty million to come here,
Like I don't need to. Idon't need to do that. All right,

let me add this one nugget wegotta break. Go to the Texans
training camp schedule is out. Wehave eight dates that are open to the
fans. Now, you must havea free ticket to enter. You can
claim free tickets to practices beginning tomorrowat ten am through ticketmaster dot com limited

number of tickets available per day.It's anticipated that the tickets will go quickly.
I imagine like there were people outlast year, it's gonna be a
circus out there this year just becauseof the people are going to get a
show with the what I'm wanna say, Cordon, I'm sorry, I got
caught trying to read the playoffs onthe roster. That offense. That offense

will start studying. So the peoplegonna be out because they want to see
the ball fly around. So yougot eight dates. There is an evening
game, no question about that.Nine am on every day except Sunday,
August the eleventh, that's a fivethirty. You know. That's that evening
practice deal. There's a joint practicewith the Rams in there in late August

as well. So you go tothe Texans page and take a look there.
Something else that's interesting. When theteam goes up for the Hall of
Fame game, they're not coming backhome. They're going to train in Ohio.
They're going to practice at three practicesin Huntington Valley, Ohio August if

through the seven we and then they'llgo play the stealers. You want to
go maybe we can get a Ihave zero desire and win a Bago company
to give us an RV. Youmet Connor. We hit the road.
I don't like y'all that much.We sleep. We're stopping BUCkies on the
way gets get stopping at BUCkies nampout in the middle of nowhere, Ohio.
You got to get the chop Qfrom BUCkies. What are you talking

about? All right, let's comeback. Dana Brown dropped by the Sean
Salisbury Show. Let's get ready toclose out and the Astros in action tonight.
They are in Chicago, first pitchshortly after seven o'clock. Back in
town this weekend three game series versusthe Orioles. And any time you're thinking
about the city of Houston and yourreal estate, really your construction needs from

a real estate standpoint, whether thatbe residential or commercial, I want you
to consider JB. Thibodeaux Homes andproperties. They are not your average home
builder. I know these folks personally. I can tell you there's a different
energy. There's a vibe in howthey advise you. No matter where you
are in the contry instruction process.Maybe your first time home buy and you're
looking at this from an investment standpoint, and you don't know the ins and

outs of where do you build andzoning and lots and getting drawings and renderings
from the architect. Let JB.Thibodeau and his friend excuse me, family
and friends, teams of experts.They will assist you in that process wherever
you want to build in bringing yourvision to reality again, whether that's residentially

or commercially, go to Jbthibodau dotcom. That's Jbthibodeau dot com to the
next episode. You can't even stopyourself, Finjon and Dorty next Us.
Next Up continues on seven ninety.I think it's a game. Yeah.
I mean sometimes you get these ripkiesthat come out and they pitch and you

don't have much information on them.And I think he did a good job
of keeping us off balanced, andyou know, got there late in the
game. Guys started to try todo too much and never got anything going
until the last inning. And thenyou know that last inning, late rally
with two outs just wasn't enough.And so you go through this game and

you get two runs and it's frustrating, but you know, ultimately, you
know you got to gotta win theseries again. I mean, my whole
thing is you got to win theseries to get back to five hundred,
and once you get back to fivehundred, that's when you go on your
runs. General Manager Dana Brown joinedThe Shawn Salisbury Show for his weekly appearance

nine thirty this morning here on thejuneteenth Wednesday. Appreciate all of you celebrating
and hanging out with us. Chris, Gordy stan Fleet, Connordy McGovern for
another ten minutes before we get youto Matt Thomas and ross vieal Astros embarrassed
themselves last night. It is theworst loss in the two seasons that I've
been here. And all due respectDana Brown. Jonathan Cannon was a rookie

and there's just not much. It'sour first time seeing him. He was
making his seventh start. He waswinless. He outpitched Fromer Valdez. Yes,
I'm not saying that Fromber is thenumber one culprit in last night's outcome,
but it doesn't like two things canbe true. Framer can't get out

pitched by rookie, not for theworst team. I brought this up earlier,
the White Sox coming in. I'mgonna find it again so I can
say it correctly, because God knowsy'all love correct to me. Here we
go. The White Sox just wan. But the White Sox won for the
sixth time in their past thirty games. They entered with a nineteen and fifty

four record, tied for the secondworst start in the Wildcar Era. That's
the team that Astros lost to lastnight. So all due respect, Joe
with a team that still fields Altuve, a Hall of Famer, Jeremy Pine,
a former ALCS and World Series MVP. No, Jake Mines is not

a spring chicken. Johanny Diaz hadtwenty plus bombs a year ago. They're
still more than enough to not havea goose egg. You got shut out
by the worst team in Major LeagueBaseball. It just can't happen. Mauricio
Dubon's got a gold glove. Hewent one for four. We had seven

hits by five guys. That's thatlost last night. Is not okay?
That the one thing I will giveDana credit and you'll hear some of the
Dana replayed on the Matt Thomas Showcoming up here. But Dana Brown told
Shawn Salisbury earlier this morning. Weneed to get a bat. He said
that in the conversation. He said, we need to get a bat in
the middle of the line up.Hey, think now what position you know?

Is that a first baseman. I'dlike to think first basement, because
I think first base is the offoutfield. We're fine, So first base
we're not fine. I mean,Chads and Jake need to pull there on.
But when Tucker's bag, you're anunstudent. This thing, you're covered
there. I like where Sean askedhim this, and it was a really

good question, And for me,it's just that simple. Is this a
World Series team? Dana Brown eight. Now, I've mentioned before, we're
always in the market of trying toget a starter. If we can get
a starter that makes sense, we'llget a starter. I'd like to get
a bat. If there's an opportunityfor us to get it back to hit
in the middle of the lineup,we're gonna do it. So it's not

that we're not having these conversations,but I would say, make no mistake,
this team is definitely good enough toget the postseason play and get back
deep into the postseason. Now,in terms of winning the World Series,
you know you know, we mayhave to make a move here or there
that would really, you know,give us a better opportunity to win the
World Series. But in terms ofgetting back to the postseason and getting deep

into the postseason, this team isreally good. I said, if we
can this league in half by theend of July, you know, I
think everyone in Astrolab will see goodthings happen. Gordy, I disagree with
Dana Brown there. This team ascurrently constructed is not good enough with five

now four healthy pitchers to get tothe postseason, They're gonna need some help.
He admits. In this same interviewyou heard him just say, yeah,
we'd like to get it back inthe middle of order. And I'm
always in the market for starting pitching. I don't want to argue because we
don't have time in terms of whatassets they have to go get who and
put names to who. Y'all knowhow I feel about the start of the
season. He could have buffered andmade a strength stronger. He didn't do

it. And even in this interviewGordion, he goes on to say,
adding Luis Garcia and Lance mccullis,is like, Loia, stop this.
We haven't seen these dudes in twoseasons and he believes they're just gonna come
back and be nails. Oh andnobody else may get hurt with less than
one hundred games to go in therest of the season, stop this.
Let me show this in real quickbecause you brought it up before. Justin

Verlander. In the vesting option,he has a thirty five million dollar player
option for next year and only vestsif he throws one hundred and forty innings.
So far, he's thrown fifty seveninnings eight about eighty nine games remained
for the Astros. He needs eightythree innings. So by the time he
comes off the ten day il,he projects to have mathematically seventeen remaining starts.
Now that could be sixteen, couldbe fifteen, based on days off,

whatever he would need. If hegoes at least five innings in those
games and JV goes five innings automatically, that gets him to eighty five.
That gets him just past the eightythree needed. So he's gonna have a
couple of the where he goes sixinnings and that will you know, six
inning, six innings, six innings. That will knock it down and that
will afford him to miss another coupleof starts, but it's gonna be close.

JV. On the fifteen day,I l with net discomfort. I'm
still not throwing into town. Wesaid this team had to win two of
three and sprinkling in some They winthe next two games tonight and tomorrow afternoon
versus Chicago White Sox. All right, business usual, they lose tonight.

I'm throwing into town for the twentyfour season. Matt Thomas and rossber Man
stop, We'll see what happens.All right for comedy mother Chris Gordy standing
Northfleet, all of us here nextup on a Juneteenth Wednesday. We appreciate
you, Matt Thomas and Rossberry comingyour way, Gordon, when the people
are watching and join the holiday weekendand night watch some strokes. What' should

they be sitting on the astros playbetter when you're drinking. Crawford bok I'm
putting on you guys. You guysare not opping drinking Crawford Bocking out from
Carl bock Buring. It is ahome run every time with Crawford bach at
Carbock Bering. By the way,we'll be out at Carbock Bering this Thursday.
The A team tomorrow will be outthere after the day game and uh
they'll be hopefully talking about an Astro'stwo game win streak. Tomorrow from Carl

brock Burn, Ross Vrell and myselfwill do a live edition of the Crawford
Box Cast from six to seven.So if you're knocking off work tomorrow you're
looking for somewhere to come hang out, come hang out a Carbock Browing.
We'll be hanging out there enjoying somegood food, some good drinks, and
particularly those to kill sundry stripes onthe side of the can of the Crawford
Box. Come on out and seeus carbock Browing tomorrow
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