Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Odds and Ends ... and Friends

Have you ever heard the terms "digital ownership, web3, and NFTs? Whether you are into it or not, this show isn't about those things. It's simply the stories of how people came to them and what they're doing with them now. Welcome to Odds and Ends... and Friends, a discovery of the people and things that make up this incredible, eclectic community. Our show is co-hosted by bitfloorsghost, Marrk888, HinkieCrypto, and Classic_Craig, presented by RELaiTED. RELaiTED is an exclusive Web3 community focused on community and content curation. Our primary mission is to build relationships, support each other, create content, network, and celebrate AI in all of its different forms. Through our RELaiTED network, our hope is to provide our community with an opportunity to be heard and valued for the work and contributions they put into the space. Our entire reason for existing is to elevate our community and bring value to them, however that may look.


July 11, 2023 63 mins

Get ready to be captivated as we journey through the riveting world of business ventures, personal connections, and the dynamic framework of NFTs. Our guests, Drew Cohen and Stefan Nason, bring their unique perspectives to the table - Drew, with his extensive expertise in media and marketing, and Stefan, sharing his professional athletic journey and how he plunged into the pulsating NFT market. These two narratives fuel a rich conv...

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Ever bitten your nails while trying to navigate the world of NFTs and crypto? Join Craig and Ed, as we share hilarious stories about our bad habits and our dive into the crypto space. We discuss how Bro Summer inspires us and the importance of family in our lives. Plus, we'll explore the world of personal branding and its connection to family content – trust us, you won't want to miss this!

We also reminisce abou...

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June 12, 2023 46 mins

Whoa. WHOA. We are eternally grateful for Erick, aka Snowfro, the founder of ArtBlocks, for being on the pod. It's an amazing conversation and you'll just have to listen to find out moreeeee. We talk about his professional history, life in general, the NFT space, and even some of his favorite music and movies!



Odds and Ends and Friends is a RELaiTED podcast!

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This one is a true banger, one of the best episodes we've ever done. Why? Well, Coach (https://twitter.com/bpatel515) is an amazing human with insights that anyone can benefit from. We talk about his life, his journey, and web3 all in this fantastic episode!

Odds and Ends and Friends is a RELaiTED podcast!

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May 15, 2023 57 mins

On this week's episode, Ed, Craig, and Mark sit down and discuss the unspoken rules of the web3 space when it comes to memes and copypasta. Is it the responsibility of the people already in crypto to onboard people, or is it on new entrants to learn the rules?

This episode is brought to you by RELaiTED. https://twitter.com/RELaiTED_

Odds and Ends and Friends is a RELaiTED podcast!

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May 8, 2023 50 mins

In this week's episode of Odds and Ends, Ed, Craig, and Mark sit down with Mark's longtime friend, @coleman__15! Listen in as we discuss everything from how Mark and CoCo became great friends, to how we used to steal things as children, to our kids using loopholes to say bad words.

Yes, it's as fun of an episode as it sounds!

This episode is brought to you by RELaiTED. https://twitter.com/RELaiTED_

Odds and Ends an...

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Welcome to another RELaiTED episode of Odds and Ends and Friends. In this one, Mark and Craig dive into some of the thought processes behind the NFT space, from how much money we put in to how the momentum of the space can be truly taxing on the mental health. It is truly a wild ride and we're so glad you're listening along, so please don't hesitate to say hi on Twitter or Discord!


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April 24, 2023 166 mins

Welcome one and all to the PROOF Edition of Thinks and Drinks with Hink, our resident pontificator on all things crypto, NFTs, and life. In this episode, we feature a bevy of guests from the RELaiTED fam, like Mike Elf, Novil, Neil Verni, Mark, and more! 

Now, this is also a SUPER POD in that it was a lengthy and fantastic conversation about the intricacies of a $100m company in NFTland, complete with positives, negatives,...

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April 17, 2023 59 mins

On this week's epic episode, Ed and Craig have a fantastic conversation with an incredible founder, developer, and honest individual... Mulligan!

Brenden joins us in a conversation about the entire NFT space, Premint and Vulcan (his products), and really reframes our minds on how his products help creators. We previously thought "security, security, security" when we talked about Premint and Vulcan. Now, we...

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April 11, 2023 51 mins

We've got a great episode here for you today ALL about NFT NYC, which is literally this week! ETB joins us in a fun conversation about the happenings in The Empire State this week, some musings about Opensea's Gemesis, Nakamigos, Killabears, and more! We met ETB in the Proof ecosystem, just one of many great places to make friends in the NFT space.

Enjoy this episode of Odds and Ends and Friends, a RELaiTED podc...

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April 3, 2023 54 mins

In this episode of Odds and Ends, Craig, Mark, Hinkie, and Ed sit down with Emmitt from Low Effort Birbs and PROOF fame! Tune in as we discuss everything from recent developments in AI to Emmitt's project Low Effort Birbs and his Lunar Society Proposal!

Follow Emmitt here: https://twitter.com/emmitt_art

Check out our RELaiTED newsletter here: https://bitfloorsghost.substack.com


And be sure to follow our official Twitte...

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In this special episode of Odds and Ends, Craig and Hinkie sit down with Neil Verni to talk traditional art and how the Bored Ape Yacht Club fits into the blue-chip art world. Listen in as Neil describes why, in some cases, Apes may be the play over a Picasso.

Check out our RELaiTED newsletter here: https://bitfloorsghost.substack.com


And be sure to follow our official twitter: https://twitter.com/RELaiTED_

If you want to s...

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March 20, 2023 52 mins

n this episode of Odds and Ends, Craig, Mark, Hinkie, and Ed go over the founding of their new community, RELaiTED. Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of our new project and where we hope to take it, along with current events such as the recent banking fiasco that took place and seemed to threaten the space once more. Plus, Hinkie drops some incredible nuggets of wisdom from his ten years in the space.

Check out our RELaiTED new...

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On this special episode, Ben Cohen took the seat of our Hink Hefner and filled in amazingly as we dove through some current events (like Vitalik’s NFT) and deep into Ben’s amazing business history - how he came to be the CEO of Killabears, one of the most successful NFT companies around. 

They recently launched a successful open edition, bringing thousands of new holders into their ecosystem while raising $1.5 million in revenu...

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In the latest episode of Odds and Ends, Craig, Mark, and Ed sit down with Joe, aka @bunchubets, to talk about how he got involved in the NFT game. Joe is a co-founder of @forum3_ and @dgennetwork, and he talks everything from his Babe Ruth signed baseball to helping Starbucks break into the web3 space. Check it out now!

If you're looking for the best updates in NFTs, check out Proof of Update: https://bitfloorsghost.substack.co...

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February 27, 2023 43 mins

In the latest episode of Odds and Ends, Craig, Mark, and Ed sit down with Ed’s great childhood friend and crypto ally, Brendan, aka @Hinkiecrypto, to talk all things going on in the world of crypto. From Blur rewards to Proof of Conference being canceled; from Opensea lowering fees to Manifold enabling the burning of 721s, we run the gamut in this episode. We loved having Hinkie on and are looking forward to doing so much more freq...

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February 20, 2023 65 mins

Steve is awesome.

That should be the entire intro and show notes, but, while that is true, it won't do him justice and allow you to learn more and get to know Steve.

To do that, listen to the episode, follow him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/NFTbark) and get ready to jam with Steve, Ed, and Craig on a variety of topics. From Starbucks Odyssey to Nintendo Switch, this conversation was fantastic and yet ano...

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February 13, 2023 50 mins

An entirely new type of episodeeeee. Welcome to another groovy edition of Odds and Ends, Trio of Friendship style. Ed, Mark, and Craig dive into some awesome topics including digital identity, what is going on in NFTland lately, Open Editions, Discord flow, and a deep diver on Killabears, a very cool entertainment company that has figured out how to engage their audience, add value, and grow... which is tough to do!

To le...

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January 30, 2023 57 mins

Getting to know people through this podcast is THE best thing about web3 and NFTland. Mark and I had the pleasure of hosting Kyle Nelson, aka KyleATX in Discord, a Proofer, company founder, and all around awesome human being. If you need a wine recommendation, or better yet, a wine and movie pairing, he is the guy to go to. The conversation was so fun, as we talked about not just what Kyle's building and working on, but his ta...

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January 23, 2023 71 mins

LOVED this episode. Ed! Mark! Me!

Trio of friends just hangin' out, talking life, Ethereum, NFTs, Discord, AI Art, and much more.

We're having fun, so why not join us?

Proof of Friendship Discord: https://discord.gg/sVVa27Nk

Ed's 1/1 collection: https://opensea.io/collection/crossingthethreshold
Ed's Editions: https://opensea.io/collection/test-allies-and-enemies


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